10th LHC Operations "Evian" Workshop

500/1-001 - Main Auditorium (CERN)

500/1-001 - Main Auditorium


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Jorg Wenninger (CERN), Rende Steerenberg (CERN)

The 10th LHC Operations "Evian" Workshop will exceptionally take place in the CERN Main Auditorium. A Zoom connection will be provided for those who cannot attend in person.

Attendance is by invitation only.



The 10th LHC operations workshop aims at preparing the operational scenario for run 3 with particular emphasis on the post-LS2 re-commissioning and the 2022 running scenario. This includes:

  • Examine equipment and system readiness;
  • Provide an overview of major changes to the machine;
  • Establish a plan for the 2022 beam commissioning;
  • Define the operational scenario and parameter ranges for operation in 2022;
  • Develop an outline for the operational scenario for run 3 and examine beam/hardware related challenges and limitations;
  • Prepare input for the Chamonix LHC Performance Workshop scheduled for January  2022.



Chair: Rende Steerenberg Program Committee      
  Theodoros Argyropoulos
Co-Chair: Jörg Wenninger Chiara Bracco
  Enrico Bravin
  Andrea Calia
  Stéphane Fartoukh
  Michi Hostettler
  Giovanni Iadarola
  Delphine Jacquet
  Elias Métral
Workshop Secretary: Sylvia Dubourg Daniele Mirarchi
  David Nisbet
  Tobias Persson
  Stefano Redaelli
  Matteo Solfaroli
  Rende Steerenberg
  Helga Timko
  Rogelio Tomas
  Georges Trad
  Jörg Wenninger
  Daniel Wollmann



10th LHC Operations "Evian" Workshop
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