Jun 19 – 25, 2022
Split, Croatia
Europe/Zagreb timezone

School guide

School rules

For the benefit of everyone, we kindly ask you to respect the following basic rules of the school:

  1. Participate: Attendance at all lectures and exercises is mandatory; social and sport activities are optional but strongly recommended
  2. Be on time for classes, transport etc. If you are late, we won't wait.
  3. Wear your badge: It will help you and everyone to know who is who!

COVID-19 measures

All restrictions and sanitary measures related to COVID-19 pandemic are available on a dedicated "COVID-19 measures" page. Please make sure you familiarise yourself with them and respect them.


Lectures are the main component of the school. They are marked in yellow in the timetable (week view).

Lecture quizzes

After each lecture, we will invite you to take a short quiz (2-3 questions) that will help you confirm what you have learned during that lecture. These lecture quizzes will be available on "Quizzes and surveys" page.

Hands-on exercises

Rolling up your sleeves and trying things yourself is a great way to learn and practice what you have heard during the lectures. For that purpose, most classes include hands-on exercises (marked in magenta in the weekly timetable). During the exercises, you will work on your laptop, and connect to exercise infrastructure on a provided local virtual machine, or on a remote system (using your CERN account).


Self-presentation session (recommended)

Getting to know fellow participants, and exchanging with them, is a major added value of our schools. To facilitate this, we will have a self-presentation session on the first day of the school. Each participant, lecturer and organiser will have a possibility to present him-/herself during one minute, using a single slide. You may want to use this opportunity to mention where you come from, your current work, your professional interests - but also your hobbies, things you've done and you're proud of (or not 🙂) etc. The slides will be visible only to other participants of the school, but not public. See some examples here.


Student lightning talks (optional)

The student lightning talks on Monday afternoon (TBC) session will include a few short presentations (5-7 minutes max.) presented by school participants. It is an occasion for you to present briefly some scientific or technical topic related to the school programme. This could be an interesting technology, tool or service that you are using; overview of the experiment or project you're working on etc. (However, please avoid presenting an in-depth topic that requires extensive prior knowledge to understand). For some inspirations, see examples from the previous years.

If you want to propose a lightning talk, then please submit your proposal here by Thursday June 16th. We will come back to you shortly afterwards to confirm (or not) your talk. (Depending on the number of proposals, we may not be able to accept all talks, and may need to make a selection.)


The school concludes with a final examination on Friday afternoon. The exam covers all lectures (except the guest and special evening lectures). There will be two questions per lecture, so around 20-26 questions. Each of them is a multiple choice question, with four possible answers provided, but only one of them correct. The passing threshold is 50% of correct answers.

Diploma and Certificate of Attendance

Participants who pass the exam, and who have participated in the school as expected, will be granted an official CSC Diploma. Those who have actively participated but have not passed the exam will be provided with a Certificate of Attendance.

Feedback questionnaire

After the school ends, we will ask you to fill in the anonymous feedback questionnaire. Please take the time to respond to the questions, and tell us what you think about various aspects of the school. This really helps us getting (even) better!