Aug 5 – 9, 2024
Kuldīga center high-school
Europe/Riga timezone


BSHEPAT'24 is co-organised with both the scientific and financial support of CA22130 - COMETA.

COST Action CA22130 - COMETA (COmprehensive Multiboson Experiment-Theory Action) is an Action focused on working towards a deepened understanding of the fundamental building blocks of our Universe and the laws of physics governing their behaviour.

Specifically, COMETA seeks to shed light onto the nature of the mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking (EWSB) by examining the physics behind the Higgs, W and Z bosons in a coherent way.  The identification of inconsistencies with the Standard Model in measurements such as multiboson production processes would represent a major achievement in the field, that would be decisive in defining its research targets for the next decades. COMETA plans to play a major role in these developments.

COMETA aims to create a tightly interconnected scientific community that will bring substantial improvements to this quest by fostering communication between diverse research groups and enabling the development of dedicated advanced technology. The network involves world-leading experts from theory and experimental HEP groups, as well as artificial intelligence practitioners within and outside academia.

The three scintific working groups of COMETA are dedicated to:

  • Theoretical framework, precision calculations and simulation (WG1);
  • Technological innovation in data analysis (WG2);
  • Experimental Measurements (WG3).

If you are interested in joining this COST Action and contribute to the efforts of COMETA, you can apply via the Action's COST website.