MITP Workshop on Low-Energy Precision Physics

Medienraum (03-431) (MITP - Mainz)

Medienraum (03-431)

MITP - Mainz

The scientific program will be focussed on the theory of low-energy precision physics relevant to the MESA and TRIGA initiatives. Topics include searches for TeV-scale physics beyond the Standard Model via ultra-precise measurements of parity-violating electron scattering asymmetries, determinations of neutron decay parameters via precision measurements of its lifetime and decay asymmetries, and searches for EDMs of nucleons, nuclei and atoms. The necessary high-precision theoretical tools to analyse these experiments, which include advanced calculations of radiative corrections, will be explored and developed. Local organizers: Jens Erler, Harvey Meyer, Hubert Spiesberger External organizers: Krishna Kumar, Michael Ramsey-Musolf
Summary of afternoon discussion sessions
  • Aleksandrs Aleksejevs
  • Andreas Kronfeld
  • Andreas Wirzba
  • Andrey Volotka
  • Barry Holstein
  • Benjamin Rislow
  • Cheng-Pang Liu
  • Craig Roberts
  • Edward Daniel Reyes Ramirez
  • Eigo Shintani
  • Gerald Miller
  • Harvey Meyer
  • Hubert Spiesberger
  • Ian Cloet
  • Jan Bsaisou
  • Jens Erler
  • Jing Shu
  • Jonathan Engel
  • Jordy de Vries
  • Krishna Kumar
  • Krzysztof Pachucki
  • Marc Vanderhaeghen
  • Mario Pitschmann
  • Michael Ramsey-Musolf
  • Mikahil Gorshteyn
  • Oscar Moreno Diaz
  • Paul Indelicato
  • Peter Blunden
  • Richard Hill
  • Rob Timmermans
  • Satoru Inoue
  • Sonny Mantry
  • Sophie Schlesser
  • Vladimir Dzuba
  • We-Fu Chang
  • William Marciano