South-Caucasus Grid & Cloud Computing Workshop

Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi (Georgia)

Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi (Georgia)

77, Kostava Str. 0175 Tbilisi Georgia
Alexander Sharmazanashvili (Computer Aided Design Center (GE)), Dario Barberis (Università e INFN Genova (IT))

This event follows on from the workshops held in October 2010 and 2012 that brought together for the first time the ATLAS groups from the South Caucasus countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia) to discuss common computing related issues. It aims at fostering contacts between ATLAS collaborators and computing people in these countries and experts in ATLAS software and Grid and Cloud computing technologies. The workshop will take place in the rich and pleasant cultural environment of Tbilisi. 


 Distributing Computing and Cloud Computing for scientific applications: 

• Scientific Clouds 

• Global Networking Architecture 

• Cloud Middleware 

• Algorithms for Cloud Computing 

• Cloud Projects in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia 

 ATLAS and CERN Technologies and Applications: 

• WLCG Grid past, present and future 

• Big Data: challenges and perspectives 

• Data Monitoring 

• Collaborative projects 

• CERN Accelerator Technologies

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    • Registration
    • Welcome and Workshop Introduction
    • Distributing Computing and Cloud Computing for scientific applications
      Convener: Alexander Sharmazanashvili (Georgian Technical University (GE))
      • 1
        The multi agents architecture of the reasoning system on base grid computing
        Speaker: Prof. Zurab Bosikashvili (GTU (GE))
      • 2
        Overview of infrastructure of computer networks in Georgia
        Speaker: Alexander Tivadze (GTU/ (GE))
      • 3
        Networking at GTU
        Speaker: Zaza Tsiramua (GTU (GE))
      • 11:00 AM
        Coffee Break
      • 4
        New tweakable block cipher
        Speaker: Levan Julakidze (GTU (GE))
      • 5
        Parallel Algorithm of the Solution of Boundary Problem for System of the First Order Ordinary Differential Equations
        Speakers: Prof. Hamlet Meladze (GTU (GE)), Prof. Paata Tsereteli (StAGU (GE)), Prof. Tinatin Davitashvili (TSU (GE)), Prof. Vladimir Sahakyan (IIAP NAS RA (AM))
      • 6
        Application of Compact Vector Summation to Reroute Sequence Planning in Telecommunication Networks
        Speaker: Prof. Sergey Chobanyan (GTU (GE))
      • 7
        An Algorithmic Solution to the Problem of Compact Vector Summation with an Application to Scheduling Theory
        Speakers: Prof. Levon Chobanyan (GTU (GE)), Prof. Sergey Chobanyan (GTU (GE)), Prof. Vakhtang Kvaratskhelia (GTU (GE))
    • 1:00 PM
      Lunch Break
    • Distributing Computing and Cloud Computing for scientific applications
      Convener: Alexander Sharmazanashvili (Georgian Technical University (GE))
      • 8
        Greedy Algorithm Fails in Compact Vector Summation
        Speakers: Prof. George Chelidze (TSU (GE)), Dr George Giorgobiani (GTU (GE)), Prof. Sergey Chobanyan (GTU (GE)), Prof. Vakhtang Kvaratskhelia (GTU (GE))
      • 9
        A Central Algorithm for the Calculation of Radon's Inverse Transform in Computerized Tomography
        Speakers: Prof. David Zarnadze (GTU (GE)), Prof. Duglas Ugulava (GTU (GE))
      • 10
        Information Based Complexity and Grid Computing
        Speaker: Prof. Vazha Tarieladze (GTU (GE))
      • 11
        Development of Cloud Environment for Accumulation and Distribution of Analytical Information Resource on a National Scale
        Speakers: Dr Giorgi Ghlonti (GTU (GE)), Hasan Kayman (Int. Black Sea Univ.), Dr Zurab Kipshidze (GTU (GE))
    • 4:00 PM
      Coffee Break
    • Networking for scientific applications
      Convener: Dr Dario Barberis (Università e INFN Genova (IT))
      • 12
        Evolution of networks at CERN and in Europe
        Speaker: Edoardo Martelli (CERN)
      • 13
        Armenian AM-04-YERPHI site: challenges and perspectives
        Speaker: Hovhannes Oganezov (ANSL (Yerevan Physics Institute) (AM))
      • 14
        Networks and computing infrastructures for scientific applications in Georgia
        Speaker: Ramaz Kvatadze (GRENA (GE))
      • 15
    • 7:00 PM
    • Cultural activities
    • ATLAS Distributed Computing and Applications
      Convener: Dr Dario Barberis (Università e INFN Genova (IT))
      • 16
        ATLAS Distributed Computing: from LHC Run1 to Run2
        Speakers: Dr Dario Barberis (Università e INFN Genova (IT)), Dr Simone Campana (CERN)
      • 17
        Site Infrastructure: Cloud Computing in Action
        Speaker: Dr Silvio Pardi (INFN)
      • 18
        Monitoring ATLAS Distributed Computing Tools and Productions
        Speaker: Laura Sargsyan (ANSL (Yerevan Physics Institute) (AM))
      • 10:45 AM
        Coffee Break
      • 19
        Use of Databases for ATLAS and Evolution of Conditions Database Infrastructure
        Speaker: Dr Dario Barberis (Università e INFN Genova (IT))
      • 20
        ATLAS Conditions Status - Report from Conditions Coordination
        Speaker: Michael Boehler (Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet Freiburg (DE))
    • 12:30 PM
      Lunch Break
    • CERN Technologies and Applications
      Convener: Alexander Sharmazanashvili (Georgian Technical University (GE))
      • 21
        CERN Perspectives in Accelerator Technology
        Speaker: Raymond Veness (CERN)
      • 22
        ELENA ring beam instrumentation – BTV project
        Speaker: Nikoloz Sharmazanashvili (Georgian Technical University (GE))
      • 23
    • 3:00 PM
      Coffee Break
    • ATLAS Software & Computing Collaborative Projects
      Convener: Alexander Sharmazanashvili (Georgian Technical University (GE))
      • 24
        Consideration of Results of ATLAS-Georgian Team Collaborative Agreement AA366/10
        Speaker: Alexander Sharmazanashvili (Georgian Technical University (GE))
      • 25
        Development of Tag Browser Software Tool for ATLAS COOL Database
        Speakers: Davit Varamashvili (Georgian Technical University (GE)), Giorgi Avaliani (Georgian Technical University (GE)), Nikoloz Udzilauri (Georgian Technical University (GE))
      • 26
        Development of Simulation Loop for the ATLAS Geant4 Packages
        Speaker: Niko Tsutskiridze (Georgian Technical University (GE))
      • 27
        Investigation of Geometry Discrepancies in ATLAS End-CAP Toroid Structures
        Speaker: Archil Surmava (Georgian Techincal University (GE))
      • 28
        3D Graphical Representation of ATLAS Detector in Web Browsers
        Speakers: Besik Kekelia (Georgian Technical University (GE)), Lasha Phataridze (Georgian Technical University (GE))
      • 29
        Development of MDT/TGC as-Built Descriptions for Investigation of Data/Monte-Carlo Discrepancies
        Speaker: Besik Kekelia (Georgian Technical University (GE))
    • Workshop Conclusions
    • 8:00 PM