June 27, 2021 to July 1, 2021
Europe/Brussels timezone

Invited speakers

We are glad to announce already a few invited speakers. More speakers will follow!


Dr. Matt C. Veale (UKRI STFC - United Kingdom) is responsible for the development of the MERCURY ASIC, the successor of the HEXITEC hyperspectral imaging ASIC. He will talk about X-ray imaging and spectroscopy at MHz frame rates.

Dr. Archana Sharma (CERN - Switzerland) is a senior staff scientist at CERN, mainly working on instrumentation. She is currently leading the Muon GEM group inside the CMS Collaboration. She will present the current status, trends and applications of gaseous detectors.

Dr. Marco Endrizzi (UCL - United Kingdom) is a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellow working on X-ray phase-contrast imaging. He will talk about Edge Illumination, its recent challenges and achievements, and how the technique can be tailored to match the capabilities of counting and energy-discriminating detectors.   

Dr. Zhehui (Jeph) Wang (LANL - United States) is the team leader of the High-Speed Imaging Team at Los Alamos National Laboratory. He will present high-speed pixelated detector development for synchrotrons and near-future upgrades.

Dr. Ir. Jan Garrevoet (DESY - Germany) is the experiment manager of the Hard X-ray micro/nano Probe P06 at PetraIII. He is specialised in methodological developments in the field of X-ray fluorescent imaging using pixelated spectroscopic detectors.

Dr. Cristina Carloganu (Clermont-Ferrand - France) is CNRS senior scientists at the Laboratoire de Physique de Clermont-Ferrand. She is the PI of the ToMuVol collaboration which aims at imaging volcanoes using cosmic radiation.

Dr. Darren Batey (Diamond Light Source - United Kingdom) & Dr. Silvia Cipiccia (UCL - United Kingdom) are post-doctoral researchers working on coherent diffraction imaging. In recent work, they demonstrated the possibility of performing X-ray ptychography at a lab source for the first time.