from Monday, September 5, 2022 (8:00 AM) to Thursday, September 8, 2022 (8:00 PM)
Brussels (Solvay Room)

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Sep 5, 2022
Sep 6, 2022
Sep 7, 2022
Sep 8, 2022
9:00 AM
Check in - (The check in will also take place next to Solvay room during the coffee breaks and lunch of the Monday) (until 9:30 AM) (Solvay Room)
9:30 AM Welcome   (Solvay Room)
9:40 AM
Talks (until 10:50 AM) (Solvay Room)
9:40 AM Baryon Number, Lepton Number - Goran Senjanovic   (Solvay Room)
10:15 AM Search for Baryon Violation at the LHC - Lauren Melissa Osojnak (University of Pennsylvania (US))   (Solvay Room)
10:50 AM --- Coffee ---
11:15 AM
Talks - Chair: Sacha Davidson (until 12:40 PM) (Solvay Room)
11:15 AM Accidental dark B from scalar/gauge dynamic - Daniele Teresi (CERN)   (Solvay Room)
11:40 AM Baryon Number as a Local Gauge Symmetry - Alexis Plascencia   (Solvay Room)
12:05 PM The muon g-2: present status - Markus Knecht (PSI)   (Solvay Room)
9:30 AM
Talks - Chair: Belen Gavela (until 11:05 AM) (Solvay Room)
9:30 AM Baryogenesis via relativistic bubble walls - Miguel Vanvlasselaer   (Solvay Room)
9:55 AM CPV sources during an electroweak phase transition - Graham White   (Solvay Room)
10:20 AM Lepton FLavour Violation in EFT - Sacha Davidson (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR))   (Solvay Room)
11:05 AM --- Coffee ---
11:30 AM
Talks - Chair: Carlos Arguelles Delgado (until 1:00 PM) (Solvay Room)
11:30 AM Lepton flavour and number violation measurements at Belle II - Justine Serrano   (Solvay Room)
11:55 AM Searches for lepton creation in nuclear double-beta decays - Matteo Agostini   (Solvay Room)
12:30 PM New developments in the the theory of neutrinoless double beta decay - Jordy de Vries   (Solvay Room)
9:30 AM
Talks - Chair: Maxim Pospelov (until 11:05 AM) (Solvay Room)
9:30 AM Developments in sub-GeV dark matter direct detection - Carlos Blanco   (Solvay Room)
10:05 AM Searches for Dark Matter at the LHC - Ellis Kay (University of Victoria (CA))   (Solvay Room)
10:30 AM Updated status of the EW phase transition and EW baryogenesis in minimal composite Higgs models - Geraldine Servant (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE))   (Solvay Room)
11:05 AM --- Coffee ---
11:30 AM
Talks - Jean Orloff (until 12:20 PM) (Solvay Room)
11:30 AM Probing high-scale Baryogenesis with TeV-scale Physics - Dr Julia Harz (Technical University of Munich (TUM))   (Solvay Room)
11:55 AM Neutrino Masses and Lepton Number Violation in Searches for Long-Lived Particles - Marco Drewes (Universite Catholique de Louvain (UCL) (BE))   (Solvay Room)
9:40 AM
Talks - Laura Lopez-Honorez (until 10:55 AM) (Solvay Room)
9:40 AM Search for heavy neutral lepton at the LHC - Didar Dobur (Ghent University (BE))   (Solvay Room)
10:05 AM Long lived particles at LHC - David Rousso (University of Cambridge (GB))   (Solvay Room)
10:30 AM Experimental efforts and future physics capabilities of coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering - Jacob Zettlemoyer   (Solvay Room)
10:55 AM --- Coffee ---
11:20 AM
Talks - Michele Frigerio (until 1:03 PM) (Solvay Room)
11:20 AM Opportunities and Challenges in Current and Next-Generation Neutrino Experiments - Carlos A. Argüelles-Delgado (Harvard University)   (Solvay Room)
11:55 AM Data-driven neutrino floor in DM direct detection experiments - Diego Aristizabal (LNF (INFN)) Diego Aristizabal (Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria (USM))   (Solvay Room)
12:30 PM Neutrino transition in dark matter - Eung-Jin Chun   (Solvay Room)
12:55 PM Junior talk: Predictions for flavorful Z' models from asymptotic safety - Dr Wojciech Kotlarski Enrico Maria Sessolo (NCBJ, Warsaw) Dr Kamila Kowalska (National Centre for Nuclear Research) Mr Abhishek Chikkaballi (National Center for Nuclear Research, Warsaw) Daniele Rizzo (NCBJ)   (Solvay Room)
12:40 PM
Junior session talks: I - Chair: Sacha Davidson (until 1:05 PM) (Solvay Room)
12:40 PM Junior session: Prospects for a flavour violating Z' explanation of Delta a_{\mu,e} - Emanuelle Pinsard   (Solvay Room)
12:48 PM Junior session: Baryogenesis and Dark Matter with an Inert Doublet - Sven Fabian (Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik)   (Solvay Room)
12:56 PM Junior session: Complex scalar singlet assited Leptogenesis - Henrique Brito Câmara   (Solvay Room)
1:05 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM
Talks - Chair: Sébastien Descotes-Genon (until 4:00 PM) (Solvay Room)
2:00 PM Experimental Overview of Charged Lepton Flavour Violation - Yoshitaka KUNO   (Solvay Room)
2:35 PM Search for L violating and lepton flavor violating processes at LHC - Norbert Neumeister (Purdue University (US))   (Solvay Room)
3:10 PM Searches with the MEG-II Experiment - Gianluca Cavoto (Sapienza Universita e INFN, Roma I (IT))   (Solvay Room)
3:35 PM Search for Lepton number and flavor violation at LHCb - Kristof de Bruyn   (Solvay Room)
4:00 PM --- Coffee ---
4:25 PM
Talks - Chair: Bhupal Dev (until 5:35 PM) (Solvay Room)
4:25 PM Novel Cosmological Roles and Experimental Searches of (QCD) Axions - Dr Raymond Co (University of Minnesota)   (Solvay Room)
5:00 PM Unconventional axions and ALPs - Belen Gavela Legazpi (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (ES))   (Solvay Room)
5:35 PM
Junior session talks II - Chair: Bhupal Dev (until 6:08 PM) (Solvay Room)
5:35 PM Junior session: Mapping the viable parameter space for testable leptogenesis - Yannis Georis   (Solvay Room)
5:43 PM Junior session: Unitarity constraints, thermal masses, and their cylindrical diagrammatic representation in leptogenesis - Viktor Zaujec (Comenius University in Bratislava)   (Solvay Room)
5:51 PM Junior session: Light vectors from baryonic and lepton family numbers with harmless Wess-Zumino terms - Claudio Toni   (Solvay Room)
5:59 PM Imprint of the seesaw mechanism on feebly interacting dark matter and the baryon asymmetry - Arghyajit Datta   (Solvay Room)
6:15 PM --- Reception ---
1:00 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM
Talks - Chair: Eung-Jin Chun (until 4:10 PM) (Solvay Room)
2:00 PM New avenues to the baryon asymmetry: wash-in leptogenesis, leptoflavorgenesis, and beyond - Kai Schmitz (Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universitaet Muenster (DE))   (Solvay Room)
2:35 PM Leptogenesis in minimal models for neutrino masses: some recent ideas" - Rabindra Mohapatra   (Solvay Room)
3:10 PM Mesogenesis - Gilly Elor   (Solvay Room)
3:35 PM CP-violating quantum transport in electroweak baryogenesis - Kimmo Juhani Kainulainen (University of Jyvaskyla (FI))   (Solvay Room)
4:10 PM --- Coffee ---
4:35 PM
Talks - Gianluca Cavoto (until 6:10 PM) (Solvay Room)
4:35 PM Stellar probes of dark matter - Dr Raghuveer Garani Ramesh (INFN, Florence)   (Solvay Room)
5:10 PM Lepton Flavor Violation and Dilepton Tails at the LHC - Dr Olcyr Sumensari (University of Zurich)   (Solvay Room)
5:35 PM The muEDM search at PSI - Angela Papa   (Solvay Room)
12:20 PM
Junior session talks III (until 1:00 PM) (Solvay Room)
12:20 PM Junior session: CUORE experiment results - Mr Shihong Fu (Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso (LNGS) - INFN)   (Solvay Room)
12:28 PM Junior session: Characterisation of Germanium Detectors for LEGEND-200 - Abigail M Alexander   (Solvay Room)
12:36 PM Junior session: The HIBEAM/NNBAR Experiment for the European Spallation Source - Sze Chun Yiu   (Solvay Room)
12:44 PM Junior session: Heavy Neutrinos at Future Linear e+e- Colliders - Mr Krzysztof Mekala   (Solvay Room)
12:52 PM Junior session: Lyman-alpha constraints on Freeze-in and SuperWIMP's - Quentin Decant (ULB)   (Solvay Room)
1:00 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM
Talks - Géraldine Servant (until 3:35 PM) (Solvay Room)
2:00 PM The landscape of baryon number violation - Julian Heeck   (Solvay Room)
2:35 PM Baryon Number Violation in Neutrino Experiments - Dr Bhupal Dev (Washington University in St. Louis)   (Solvay Room)
3:10 PM Confronting GUTs with proton decay and gravitational waves - Jessica Turner   (Solvay Room)
4:30 PM --- Social Event: Atomium guided visit ---
7:00 PM --- Dinner at Atomium top restaurant ---
1:05 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM
Talks - Chair: Marc Knecht (until 3:35 PM) (Solvay Room)
2:00 PM B anomalies - Sebastien Descotes-Genon (IJCLab)   (Solvay Room)
2:35 PM Interpreting the flavour anomalies: New Physics at the TeV scale - Clara Murgui   (Solvay Room)
3:10 PM Search for leptoquarks at the LHC - Ben Kilminster (University of Zurich (CH))   (Solvay Room)
3:35 PM --- Coffee ---
4:00 PM
Talks - Chair: Yoshitaka Kuno (until 6:00 PM) (Solvay Room)
4:00 PM Dark QED from Inflation - Marios Galanis   (Solvay Room)
4:35 PM Aspects of dark QED - Michel Tytgat   (Solvay Room)
5:10 PM SM CP violation and EDMs + Concluding Remarks - Maxim Pospelov   (Solvay Room)