August 28, 2016 to September 4, 2016
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Relations among spin-1 meson decay widths from an SU(4) emergent symmetry in QCD

Aug 30, 2016, 7:40 PM
Terrace (Makedonia Palace)


Makedonia Palace


Hiroki Nishihara (Nagoya University)


Chiral model with $\mbox{SU}(4)\times\mbox{U}(1)$ HLS
Relations obtained from the emergent symmetry
Numerical analysis


Recently, existence of an SU(4) symmetry in QCD is suggested via the lattice QCD, which is called as "emergent symmetry". The spin-1 mesons $(\rho, \rho,\omega', a_1 , f_1 , b_1, h_1)$ belong to a multiplet of the emergent symmetry. To investigate the interactions of the spin-1 mesons, we construct a chiral model with an $\mbox{SU(4)}\times\mbox{U(1)}$ hidden local symmetry(HLS), where the spin-1 mesons are introduced as an HLS gauge field.
We find extended Goldberger-Treiman relations, relations among one-pion decays of spin-1 mesons, and extended KSRF relations. They give us some predictions which are testable in future experiments, such as ratios of the spin-1 meson decay widths.

Primary author

Hiroki Nishihara (Nagoya University)

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