32nd Winter Workshop on Nuclear Dynamics - WWND2016



Latitude: 16.347191° (16°20’49.89″N) Longitude: -61.775915 (61°46’33.29″O)

The 32nd edition of the Winter Workshop will be held 28 February - 5 March 2016, Hotel Resort Fort Royal Guadeloupe in Guadeloupe a French overseas territory, is an island group in the southern Caribbean Sea. As with previous years, the workshop will bring together scientists from all fields of nuclear physics for engaging and friendly exchanges of ideas. Much emphasis will be on the recent LHC, RHIC and SPS heavy ion results, but advances in the ongoing and future programs at FAIR, FRIB, EIC, JLab and NICA and will also be featured. The meeting will start with a welcome reception on the evening of Sunday, February 28. The workshop program will commence on Monday morning and run until Saturday. We recommend to arrive on Sunday and leave on Sunday. Talks will be as usual 25+5 minutes, there will be no parallel sessions. If you are interested in presenting your work, please fill out the registration form prior to the registration deadline. After the program committee has met we will confirm your talk via individual invitations. We will also work with the talks committees of all relevant experimental collaborations to again provide a well rounded and interesting program.


Joerg Aichelin, Elena Bratkovskaya, Carsten Greiner, Christina Markert


  • Alexandre Lebedev
  • Alvaro Dosil Suarez
  • Andre Veiga Giannini
  • Astrid Vauthier
  • Benjamin Andreas Hess
  • Bikash Sinha
  • Brett Fadem
  • Carsten Greiner
  • Christina Markert
  • Claudia Ratti
  • Deepa Thomas
  • Elena Bratkovskaya
  • Fernando Navarra
  • Hans Martin Ljunggren
  • Hans Rudolf Schmidt
  • Hiroshi Nakagomi
  • Horst Stoecker
  • Isaac Upsal
  • itaru nakagawa
  • Jacquelyn Noronha-Hostler
  • Jamal Jalilian-Marian
  • James Brandenburg
  • Jasper van der Maarel
  • Ji Xu
  • Joel Anthony Mazer
  • joerg aichelin
  • Justin Edward Frantz
  • Kathryn Meehan
  • Klaus Werner
  • Kolja Kauder
  • Larisa Bravina
  • Liang He
  • Livio Bianchi
  • Martino Gagliardi
  • Megan Elizabeth Connors
  • Michael McCumber
  • Pasquale Di Nezza
  • Peter Christiansen
  • Qiao Xu
  • Rene Bellwied
  • Scott Pratt
  • Sean Gavin
  • Sevil Salur
  • Takashi Hachiya
  • Yvonne Leifels