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Future Challenges in Non-Leptonic B Decays -------------- Theory and Experiment

Physikzentrum Bad Honnef

Physikzentrum Bad Honnef

Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft e. V. Hauptstraße 5 53604 Bad Honnef http://www.dpg-physik.de/dpg/pbh/index.html
Javier Virto (Universitat Siegen), Thomas Mannel (Siegen University), Tobias Huber (University of Siegen)

Future Challenges in Non-Leptonic B Decays: Theory and Experiment

610th WE Heraeus-Seminar 

Testing the Standard Model and searching for New Physics are among the main priorities in High-Energy Physics. Whether or not new particles are directly produced at the LHC, indirect searches will remain crucially important to test the Standard Model, search for new physics, and if found, to fingerprint it. Quark flavor processes are central to this enterprise. Of these, non-leptonic decays of B mesons offer unique opportunities, and large amounts of experimental data will be produced in the coming years, mainly at the LHC and Belle-II.

The objective of this workshop is to bring together theorists and experimentalists to devise a Future Strategy for the analysis of non-leptonic B decays, joining efforts coherently to make the most out of the new experimental data.

Organization pannel:  Javier Virto, Tobias Huber, Thomas Mannel. Theoretische Physik 1, Naturwissenschaftlich-Technische Fakultät, Universität Siegen, 57068, Deutschland

This workshop is generously funded by the WE-Heraeus Stiftung and corresponds to the 610th Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Seminar. It will take place at the Physikzentrum Bad Honnef.


  • Alakabha Datta
  • Alexander Khodjamirian
  • Alexei Pivovarov
  • Ana Bárbara Rodrigues Cavalcante
  • Bastian Kubis
  • Bhubanjyoti Bhattacharya
  • Christoph Bobeth
  • Christopher Sachrajda
  • Danny van Dyk
  • dilege gulmez
  • Guido Bell
  • Hai-Yang Cheng
  • Ignacio De Bediaga Hickman
  • Javier Virto
  • Johanna Daub
  • Jorge Nogueira
  • Luis Alejandro Perez Perez
  • Martin Beneke
  • Martin Gorbahn
  • Martin Jung
  • Miguel Nebot
  • Pablo Roig
  • Patricia Magalhães
  • Pere Masjuan
  • Philipp Böer
  • Sebastien Descotes-Genon
  • Steffen Schwertfeger
  • Susanne Kränkl
  • Thomas Latham
  • Thomas Mannel
  • Thorsten Feldmann
  • Tobias Huber
  • Ulrich Nierste
  • Veronika Chobanova
  • Xin-Qiang Li
  • Yu-Ming Wang
    • Welcome Address
      • 1
        Welcome Address
        Speaker: Javier Virto (Universitat Siegen)
    • Review: Theory and Experiment
      • 2
        Non-leptonic B decays in QCD Factorisation
        Speaker: Guido Bell
      • 3
        Experimental overview of hadronic B decays
        Speaker: Veronika Georgieva Chobanova (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (ES))
    • 10:10 AM
      Coffee Break
    • Two-Body I
      • 4
        Global CKM fits and nonleptonic B decays
        Speaker: Sébastien Descotes-Genon (CNRS)
      • 5
        Precise predictions for penguin contributions to CP asymmetries in B decays
        Speaker: Ulrich Nierste (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT))
    • 12:10 PM
    • Two-Body II
      • 6
        Precision determinations of the weak B meson mixing phases including penguin pollution
        Speaker: Martin Jung (TUM IAS / Excellence Cluster Universe)
      • 7
        Probing CP violation in two-body nonleptonic decays
        Speaker: Alakabha Datta
    • 3:30 PM
      Coffee Break
    • Non-Leptonic K decays
      • 8
        Lattice computations of non-leptonic kaon decay amplitudes and the lessons for hadronic B-decays
        Speaker: Christopher Sachrajda (University of Southampton)
      • 9
        Perturbative calculations for epsilon'/epsilon
        Speaker: Martin Gorbahn (Liverpool University)
    • Three-Body I
      • 10
        Experimental results from B decays to charmless and open-charm 3-body final states
        Speaker: Thomas Edward Latham (University of Warwick (GB))
      • 11
        Three-body Non-Leptonic B decays and QCD Factorization
        Speaker: Thomas Mannel (Siegen University)
    • 10:10 AM
      Coffee Break
    • B to pipi form factors
      • 12
        B to pi pi form factors: Overview and Results at Large Dipion Masses
        Speaker: Danny van Dyk (University of Zurich (CH))
      • 13
        Form factors of B to 2pi transitions form QCD light-cone sum rules
        Speaker: Alexander Khodjamirian (University of Siegen)
    • 12:10 PM
    • Two-pion systems
      • 14
        Two-meson form factors from dispersion relations
        Speaker: Pablo Roig Garcés
      • 15
        Padé Theory: A toolkit for hadronic form factors
        Speaker: Pere Masjuan Queralt (u)
    • 3:30 PM
      Coffee Break
    • Three-Body II
      • 16
        Dispersive methods in heavy-meson decays
        Speaker: Bastian Kubis (Bonn University)
      • 17
        CP violation and CPT invariance in charmless three-body B decays
        Speaker: Ignacio De Bediaga Hickman (Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas (CBPF))
      • 18
        Branching fractions and CP violation in hadronic three-body B decays
        Speaker: Hai-Yang Cheng (Academia Sinica)
      • 19
        Final state interaction on B+ → pi+pi-pi+
        Speaker: Patricia Magalhães (IFUSP)
    • 7:15 PM
    • Mixed Two/Three Body
    • 10:10 AM
      Coffee Break
    • Two-Body III
      • 22
        Power corrections in B decays
        Speaker: Yu-Ming Wang (TU Munich)
      • 23
        Charmless B -> MM in QCDF: weak annihilation from data
        Speaker: Christoph Bobeth (Technical University Munich)
    • Closing session
      • 24
        Speakers: Javier Virto (Universitat Siegen), Tobias Huber (University of Siegen)
    • 12:40 PM