XXXI International workshop on high energy physics "Critical points in the modern particle physics"

NRC "Kurchatov Institute", SRC RF IHEP, Protvino

NRC "Kurchatov Institute", SRC RF IHEP, Protvino

Russian Federation, NRC "Kurchatov Institute", SRC IHEP, Theoretical Division, Protvino
Nikolai Tyurin (Institute for High Energy Physics (RU)), Roman Riutin (Institute for High Energy Physics (RU)), Vladimir Petrov (Institute for High Energy Physics (RU))

National Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute" - Institute for High Energy Physics  is organizing the XXXI-th International Workshop on High Energy Physics “Critical points in the modern particle physics”, July 5-7, 2017, in Protvino, Moscow region, Russia.

 The purpose of this Workshop is to exhibit a more complete and coherent picture of our understanding of the structure and dynamics of the microcosm, the megacosm and its evolution and the relationship between these two extremes of modern physics.

 The Workshop covers both theory and experiment/observations in most actual and critical points.

 We would like to promote, at the meeting, much more critical discussions than is usually the case. We strive to make the meeting not only informative but also to give it a truly working character with the aim to elaborate meaningful and clear conclusions about the actual state of affairs in the main areas of high-energy particle and astroparticle physics, gravitation and cosmology, with an emphasis on difficulties and unresolved problems.

 To this end the meeting will be organized so that regular talks will be accompanied by discussions. The poster exhibition for brief actual notes is also envisaged.

 Topics to discuss contain presumably Higgs boson, hadron spectroscopy, heavy flavour physics, CP-violation, neutrino oscillations and the problem of neutrino mass, quark-gluon plasma and other exotic states of matter, QCD at short and large distances, astroparticle data from exploratory researches on dark matter, dark energy and black holes, early and present Universe, cosmic microwave background radiation, gravitation waves, progress in experimental and accelerator techniques.

 We believe that such a relatively wide scope of subjects for presentation and discussion will be also a good opportunity for participants to learn first hands about the state of art in the fields of common interest where they are not experts.

Talks and discussions

 Presentations are limited to 25 minutes for the talk proper with 4 additional minutes for discussion and 1 minute for transition to the next presentation and introduction of the next speaker.

Participation is by invitation of the Organizing Committee


Payment is upon arrival, please change your currency to rubles before the workshop:
- 19500 rub. (~300 Euro) for participants
9800 rub. (~150 Euro) for accompanied persons.

Includes visa payments, transportation from/to the airport, coffee breaks, conference dinner, welcome and farewell parties, complete set for the participant, publication of proceedings.


February 2, 2017 - start of the registration procedure and abstract submission
April 15, 2017registration deadline for those who needs Russian visa
April 15, 2017 - start of the presentation upload
May 1, 2017! - very final deadline for those who needs Russian visa!
June 10, 2017 - registration deadline for domestic participants
June 30, 2017 - end of the registration procedure and abstract submission  

Since visa formalities may take a long time, please, try to send us the information as early as possible (it is better before April 15, 2017).

Please, send us the title of your talk (even if very preliminary) before June 15, 2017 and try to upload your presentation by the web interface (will be open after February 2, 2017) or send it by e-mail to  before June 15, 2017.

Please, inform organizers about any changes.


Participation is by invitation of the Organizing Committee.
In the case of a proactive request the decision is made by the selection committee.

About 60 scientists from Russia and other countries are expected to participate. The sessions will be held in the Conference Hall of the Theory Division Building.

The Proceedings of the Workshop will be published in the “World Scientific” Publishing Company.


The Workshop will be held in Protvino, a small town 110 km to the south of Moscow. The town is situated nearby the State Research Center of Russia—IHEP (Serpukhov 76 Gev accelerator) inside a pine forest and near the Protva river.

The participants will be accommodated in the “Protva” hotel in single or double rooms. Prices for one night are from 35Euro (~2500 rubles) to 100Euro (~7000 rubles). The total living expenses (including breakfast, lunch, and dinner) will be about 10-15Euro (700-1000 rubles) a day. The participants can have their meal in the restaurant and snack-bar of the Hotel, in the restaurant of the Club of Scientists or in other restaurants of Protvino indicated in the map.


All the participants will be transported from/to the Sheremetievo or Domodedovo airports by the IHEP transport or taxi. The information on flights or trains and the date of arrival should be communicated to the Scientific Secretary of the Organizing Committee a few days in advance.

  • Alberto Cervelli
  • Aleksei Ezhilov
  • Alexander Vorobiev
  • Alexander ZAKHAROV
  • Anton Godizov
  • Atsushi Nakamura
  • Bjarne Stugu
  • Dmitri Peresunko
  • Evgeny Kondratyuk
  • Hamzeh Khanpour
  • Igor Bulyzhenkov
  • Kevin Black
  • Lev Fil'kov
  • Luca Nanni
  • Mohamed Naciri
  • Ng K Francis
  • Oleg Selyugin
  • Roman Riutin
  • Roman Rogalyov
  • Roman Zhokhov
  • Salah Eddine ENNADIFI
  • Sergey Troshin
  • Serguei Sadovskiy
  • Stanislav Poslavskii
  • Stefano Lucat
  • Vadim Ilukin
  • Viacheslav Kuvshinov
  • Vitaly Bornyakov
  • Vladimir E. Rochev
  • Vladimir Petrov
  • Vladimir Soloviev
  • Vladislav Korotkov
  • Yuri Kharlov
  • Yury F. Pirogov