PSD11: The 11th International Conference on Position Sensitive Detectors

from Sunday, September 3, 2017 (4:00 PM) to Friday, September 8, 2017 (2:00 PM)
The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK.

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Sep 3, 2017
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Sep 8, 2017
8:45 AM Opening address by Peter Horrocks (VC)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
9:00 AM
Detectors for ground and space-based astronomy, planetary and space science (I) (until 10:30 AM) (Berill Lecture Theatre (OU))
9:00 AM Detectors and imagers for planetary exploration missions - Harald Michaelis (DLR)   (Berill Lecture Theatre (OU))
9:30 AM High-Energy 3D Calorimeter for Use in Gamma-ray Astronomy based on position-sensitive virtual Frisch-grid CdZnTe (CZT) detectors - Dr Alexander Moiseev (CRESST/NASA/GSFC and University of Maryland)   (Berill Lecture Theatre (OU))
9:50 AM The All-sky Medium Energy Gamma-ray Observatory (AMEGO) - Riccardo Rando (University and INFN Padova)   (Berill Lecture Theatre (OU))
10:10 AM High frame rate and low noise CMOS WaveFront imager for E-ELT Adaptative Optics - Jerome Pratlong (Teledyne e2v)   (Berill Lecture Theatre (OU))
10:30 AM --- Tea and coffee ---
11:00 AM
X-ray and gamma-ray detectors (until 12:50 PM) (Berill Lecture Theatre (OU))
11:00 AM Chromatic X-ray imaging with a fine pitch CdTe sensor coupled to a large area photon counting pixel ASIC - Ronaldo Bellazzini (INFN Pisa)   (Berill Lecture Theatre (OU))
11:30 AM Performances of depleted Monolithic Active Pixel Sensor in a high-resistivity CMOS process for X-ray detection - Julian Heymes (IPHC)   (Berill Lecture Theatre (OU))
11:50 AM Processing of Cadmium Telluride (CdTe) X-ray pixel detectors - Ms Akiko Gädda (Helsinki Institute of Physics (HIP), Helsinki, Finland. Advacam Oy, Espoo, Finland)   (Berill Lecture Theatre (OU))
12:10 PM Detector requirements for single mask edge illumination x-ray phase contrast imaging applications - Gibril Kallon (University College London)   (Berill Lecture Theatre (OU))
12:30 PM Detectors for use with high-intensity laser-driven sources of radiation - Sion Richards (Science & Technology Facilities Council)   (Berill Lecture Theatre (OU))
8:30 AM
Position sensitive detectors for extreme and other environments (until 11:25 AM) (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
8:30 AM The Tynode: a new vacuum electron multiplier for ultra fast pixelised particle detectors - Harry Van Der Graaf (Nikhef National institute for subatomic physics (NL))   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
9:00 AM The Capacitive Division Image Readout - Development and Experimental Results - Jon Lapington (University of Leicester)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
9:20 AM A real-time method for particle fall-out detection and monitoring using pixelated silicon sensors - Ms Abigail Shaylor (XCAM Limited)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
9:40 AM SOPHIA: Photon Counting and Time-to-Digital Conversion using Single Photon Avalanche Diodes - Mr Ben Marsh (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
10:00 AM --- Industrial exhibit (with tea and coffee) ---
10:45 AM Characterisation and comparison of detectors for electrons in the range 10-20 keV - Dr John Matheson (STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
11:05 AM Initial results from a cryogenic proton irradiation test campaign of P-channel CCD204s - Ben Dryer (The Open University)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
11:25 AM
Applications in life sciences, biology and medicine: X-ray/Gamma (until 12:25 PM) (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
11:25 AM Hybrid gamma camera for medical applications - Prof. John Lees (University of Leicester)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
11:45 AM Performance of a Photon Counting CdTe detector for different pixel sizes - Dr Sonia Fernandez-Perez   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
12:05 PM Double photon emission coincidence imaging of 111-In using high resolution Ce:GAGG-SiPM pixel detectors - Kenji Shimazoe (The University of Tokyo)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
9:00 AM
Detectors for ground and space-based astronomy, planetary and space science (III) (until 10:30 AM) (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
9:00 AM X-ray Polarimetry Techniques - Dr Hill Joanne (NASA)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
9:30 AM A Flight Photon Counting Camera for the WFIRST Coronagraph - Patrick Morrissey (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
9:50 AM Mitigating Radiation Damage in Photon Counting EMCCDs for the WFIRST Coronagraph: survival in an L2 orbit - Leon Harding (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
10:10 AM Proton Induced Traps within EM-CCDs - Mr Nathan Bush (The Open University)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
10:30 AM --- Tea and coffee ---
11:00 AM
Applications in life sciences, biology and medicine: Protons (until 12:20 PM) (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
11:00 AM Development of a range telescope for proton CT - Michela Esposito (University of Lincoln)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
11:20 AM Innovative thin silicon detectors for monitoring of therapeutic proton beams: preliminary beam tests. - Anna Vignati (INFN - National Institute for Nuclear Physics - Torino (IT))   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
11:40 AM Development of a silicon tracker for imaging with protons - Jon Taylor (University of Liverpool (GB))   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
12:00 PM Imaging of prompt gamma emissions during proton cancer therapy for geometric and dosimetric verification - Dr Benjamin Le Crom (University of Liverpool)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
8:30 AM
Detectors for synchrotron and free electron laser radiation (II) (until 11:20 AM) (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
8:30 AM The Development of the LPD Pixel Detector at RAL - Marcus Julian French (STFC - Rutherford Appleton Lab. (GB))   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
9:00 AM Multi-port CCD detector family at SACLA: six-year operation status and future outlook - Takaki Hatsui (RIKEN)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
9:30 AM Development of Gotthard-II Detector for the European X-ray Free-Electron Laser   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
9:50 AM First results of the MYTHEN-III strip detector prototype - Roberto Dinapoli (Paul Scherrer Institut)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
10:10 AM --- Tea and coffee ---
10:40 AM Characterisation of GaAs:Cr Detector Systems for High Flux X-Ray Imaging - Dr Matthew Veale (STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
11:00 AM Performance of the Lancelot Beam Position Monitor at the Diamond Light Source - Hassan Chagani (Diamond Light Source Ltd.)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
11:20 AM
Detectors for high energy physics and astrophysics (II) (until 12:40 PM) (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
11:20 AM FBK-INFN-LPNHE thin n-on-p pixel detectors: beamtest results - Audrey Ducourthial (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR))   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
11:40 AM Diamond Detector Technology: Status and Perspectives - Lukas Baeni ( Department of Physics, ETH Zurich)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
12:00 PM Development of Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors for 4D Tracking - Amedeo Staiano (Universita e INFN Torino (IT))   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
12:20 PM Overview of the latest developments in HV-CMOS detectors for particle physics - Eva Vilella Figueras (University of Liverpool (GB))   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
9:20 AM
Detectors for high energy physics and astrophysics (IV) (until 11:00 AM) (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
9:20 AM Characterisation of capacitively coupled HV/HR-CMOS sensor chips for the CLIC vertex detector - Iraklis Kremastiotis (KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (DE))   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
9:40 AM Test-beam activities and results for the ATLAS ITk pixel detector - Tobias Bisanz (Georg-August-Universitaet Goettingen (DE))   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
10:00 AM Layout and prototyping of the new ATLAS Inner Tracker for the High Luminosity LHC - Dr Ankush Mitra (University of Warwick (GB))   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
10:20 AM Characterization of Novel Thin N-in-P Planar Pixel Modules for the ATLAS Inner Tracker Upgrade - Julien-Christopher Beyer (Max-Planck-Institut fur Physik (DE))   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
10:40 AM Development of a serially powered, prototype pixel stave for the upgrade of the ATLAS Inner Tracker - Jon Taylor (University of Liverpool (GB))   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
11:00 AM --- Tea and coffee ---
11:30 AM
Applications in life sciences, biology and medicine: Electrons and positrons (until 1:20 PM) (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
11:30 AM The direct electron detector driven revolution in structural biology - Greg McMullan (MRC-LMB)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
12:00 PM Performance studies towards a TOF-PET sensor using Compton scattering at plastic scintillators - Takeshi Nakamori (Yamagata University)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
12:20 PM A thin time-of-flight PET scanner based on novel pixel silicon detectors - Yves Bandi (Universitaet Bern (CH))   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Regularized Richardson-Lucy deconvolution of positron range effects in micro-PET studies - Mercedes Rodriguez-Villafuerte (Instituto de Fisica, UNAM)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
1:00 PM A large-area detector module based on SiPM and pixelated LYSO crystal arrays - Dr Héctor Alva-Sánchez (Instituto de Física, UNAM)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
5:00 PM --- Welcome drinks reception ---
12:50 PM --- Lunch ---
2:10 PM
Detectors for synchrotron and free electron laser radiation (I) (until 3:40 PM) (Berill Lecture Theatre (OU))
2:10 PM Hybrid pixel detector developments for Synchrotrons and Free Electron Lasers at the Paul Scherrer Institut - Dr Gemma Tinti (Paul Scherrer Institute)   (Berill Lecture Theatre (OU))
2:40 PM AGIPD detectors - fast cameras for the experimental stations of the European XFEL - Alexander Klyuev (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron)   (Berill Lecture Theatre (OU))
3:00 PM LAMBDA 2M GaAs – A multi-megapixel hard X-ray detector for synchrotrons - David Pennicard (DESY)   (Berill Lecture Theatre (OU))
3:20 PM Using EMCCDs with centroiding to achieve better than 5 µm spatial resolution for soft X-ray RIXS - Mr David Gopinath (The Open University)   (Berill Lecture Theatre (OU))
3:40 PM --- Industrial exhibit (with tea and coffee) ---
4:30 PM
Sensor development (until 6:30 PM) (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
4:30 PM 3D sensors - Dr Cinzia Da Via (University of Manchester (GB))   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
5:00 PM High Performance Infrared Imaging Sensors, Basic Principles to the State-of-the-Art - Dr James Beletic (Teledyne Imaging Sensors)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
5:30 PM Teledyne-e2v - recent developments in CCD and CMOS sensors and characterisation techniques - Dr Doug Jordan (Teledyne-e2v)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
6:00 PM Sensor Development at MPG HLL - Alexander Bahr (MPG HLL)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
6:30 PM --- Industrial exhibit and drinks reception ---
12:25 PM --- Buffet lunch ---
1:45 PM
Detectors for high energy physics and astrophysics (I) (until 4:25 PM) (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
1:45 PM CHEC: A Compact High Energy Camera for CTA - Dr Richard White (Max-Planck-Institut fur Kernphysik)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
2:15 PM Operational Experience and Performance with the ATLAS Pixel detector - Juanan Garcia (Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP))   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
2:35 PM The construction of the phase 1 upgrade of the CMS pixel detector - Hannsjorg Weber (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US))   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
2:55 PM Monolithic Pixel Development in TowerJazz 180~nm CMOS for the outer pixel layers in the ATLAS experiment - Ivan Berdalovic (CERN)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
3:15 PM A new strips tracker for the upgraded ATLAS ITk detector - Claire David (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE))   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
3:35 PM --- Tea and coffee ---
4:05 PM Limits in point to point resolution of MOS based pixels detector arrays - Dr Nicolas Fourches (CEA/IRFU, Université Paris –Saclay, 91191 Gif/Yvette, France,)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
4:25 PM
Detectors for ground and space-based astronomy, planetary and space science (II) (until 6:05 PM) (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
4:25 PM The SMILE Soft X-ray Imager (SXI) CCD design and development - Matthew Soman (Open University)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
4:45 PM On-Ground and In-Orbit Characterisation Plan for the PLATO CCD Normal Cameras - Jason Gow (University College London)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
5:05 PM Initial trap pumping results from the Euclid CCD273 radiation campaign - Jesper Skottfelt (The Open University)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
5:25 PM Radiation testing of Solid State Detectors flying on the JUICE mission - Dr Richard Gillham Darnley (University College London)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
5:45 PM Calibration Techniques for CCDs in the Presence of the Brighter Fatter Effect - Dr Daniel Weatherill (University of Oxford)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
6:30 PM --- Conference BBQ ---
8:30 PM --- Film: The Imitation Game ---
12:20 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM --- Visit to Bletchley Park Museum and the National Museum of Computing (including buffet dinner and drinks reception) ---
12:40 PM
Poster session (until 2:30 PM) (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM A Novel gain stage for Microchannel Plate Imaging Photomultipliers - Jon Lapington (University of Leicester)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM A Novel Multi-SiPM Position Sensitive Detector for Neutron-Gamma Discrimination - Dr Matt Taggart (University of Surrey)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM A Segmented Anode Vacuum Phototriode with Position Sensitivity - Sema Zahid (Brunel University (GB))   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Ageing and Proton Irradiation Effects on an EMCCD Manufactured in a CMOS Process - Ms Alice Dunford (The Open University)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Characterisation of a CdTe detector for medical imaging applications - Prof. John Lees (University of Leicester)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Characterisation of the Charge Transport Properties of High-Flux Capable CdZnTe - Brett Thomas (Science and Technology Facilities Council)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Characterization of a new HV/HR CMOS sensor in LF150nm technology for the ATLAS Inner Tracker Upgrade - Mohamed Lachkar (CEA/IRFU,Centre d'etude de Saclay Gif-sur-Yvette (FR))   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Characterization of Detector Modules for the CMS Pixel Phase 1 Upgrade - De Hua Zhu (Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule Zuerich (CH))   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Clock Induced Charge in EM-CCD Image Sensors - Nathan Bush (The Open University)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Deep Diffused Avalanche Photo Diodes for Timing at the High Luminosity LHC - Matteo Centis Vignali (CERN)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Design and characterization of pixelated needle probe for molecular neuroimaging on awake and freely moving rats - Julian Heymes (IPHC)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Design of image quality phantoms to evaluate positron emission mammography systems - Mr Luis Fernando Torres-Urzúa (Instituto de Física, UNAM)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Development of a bump cathode element for two-dimensional neutron detection - Kentaro Toh (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Development of position-sensitive scintillation neutron detector for a new protein crystal diffractometer at J-PARC MLF - Dr Tatsuya Nakamura (Japan Atomic Energy Agency, J-PARC, MLF)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Development of slew rate limited time-over-threshold (ToT) ASIC for multi-channel silicon based ion detector - Ms Mizuki Uenomachi (The University of Tokyo)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Four-quadrant Silicon and Silicon Carbide Photodiodes for Beam Position Monitor Application: Electrical Characterization and Electron Irradiation Effects - Dr Joan Marc Rafí (Instituto de Microelectrónica de Barcelona, IMB-CNM (CSIC))   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Fully Depleted, Monolithic Pinned Photodiode CMOS Image Sensor Using Reverse Substrate Bias - Konstantin Stefanov (The Open University)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Gas gain and secondary processes in Ne – N2 mixtures – concentration and pressure scaling. - Dr Tadeusz Z. Kowalski (Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science, AGH University of Science and Technology,)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM ICP etched position sensitive silicon sensors on silicon and SOI substrates - Mr Ralf Röder (CiS Forschungsinstitut für Mirkosensorik GmbH)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Improving radiation hardness in space-based Charge Coupled Devices through the narrowing of the charge transfer channel - David Hall (The Open University)   ()
12:40 PM Integrated readout electronics for Belle II pixel detector - Mr Roberto Blanco (KIT)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Measurements and calculations of gas gain in Xe – 5% TMA mixture – pressure scaling. - Dr Tadeusz Z. Kowalski (Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science, AGH University of Science and Technology,)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Measurements of a Multi-anode Microchannel Plate Detector System with 100 picosecond event timing - Jon Lapington (University of Leicester)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Mitigation Strategies against Radiation-Induced Background for the Athena Wide Field Imager (WFI) - Chris Davis (The Open University)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Modeling Radiation Damage to Pixel Sensors in the ATLAS Detector - Clara Troncon (Milano Universita e INFN (IT))   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Module production tests and integration of the Belle II pixel detector - Botho Paschen (University of Bonn)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Monte Carlo based System Matrix calculation for iterative reconstruction in X-ray Luminescence Optical Tomography - Dr Arnulfo Martínez-Dávalos (Instituto de Física, UNAM) Mr Raúl Osorio Durán (Instituto de Física, UNAM)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM MTF and QE Characterisation of a CMOS Imager for the JUICE JANUS Instrument - Mr Edgar Allanwood (The Open University)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Performance verification of the CMS Phase 1 Upgrade pixel detector with collision data - Viktor Veszpremi (Wigner RCP, Budapest (HU))   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Prototypes of planar n-in-n quad modules for the ATLAS ITk upgrade at HL-LHC - Andreas Gisen (Technische Universitaet Dortmund (DE))   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Pulsed-Neutron Imaging by a High-Speed Camera and Center-of-Gravity Processing - Prof. Koh-ichi Mochiki (Tokyo City University)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Radiation induced damage analysis of CCD47-20 at room temperature - Mr Anton Lindley-DeCaire   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Simulated spectrum of the OGRE X-ray camera system - Matthew Lewis (The Open University)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Simulation and characterisation of low gain avalanche detector for particle physics and synchrotron applications - Dr Richard Bates (University of Glasgow (GB))   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM The LUVMI Imaging System - Mr Joseph Rushton (Dynamic Imaging Analytics Limited)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM The Point Spread Function in CIS113 - Mr James Ivory (The Open University)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Thermal Annealing Response following Total Ionizing Dose of a CMOS Imager for the JUICE JANUS Instrument - Daniel-Dee Lofthouse-Smith (Open University)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM Time resolved crystallography at ELI Beamlines facility - Borislav Angelov (Institute of Physics, AVCR)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
12:40 PM X-ray metrology of a close packed array of 'edgeless' Medipix3 detectors. - Dr Richard Plackett (University of Oxford (GB))   (Hub Theatre (OU))
1:00 PM Multi-leaf Collimator (MLC) Edge Reconstruction for Radiotherapy Using Large Area CMOS Image Sensor - Mr Nicola Carlo Guerrini (STFC-RAL)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
1:00 PM Quantum and charge collection efficiency measurements back illuminated CCDs in the soft X-ray regime - Dr Jonathan Keelan (The Open University)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
1:00 PM The Radiation Gas Detectors with Novel Nano Porous Converter For Medical Imaging Applications - Hajar zarei (Energy Engineering and Physics Department, Amirkabir University of Technology, Hafez Ave., Tehran, Iran)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
2:10 PM Position sensitive radiation detectors for high temperature environments using single crystal diamond - Dr David Smith (Brunel University London)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
2:10 PM The ZnO Nanowires in AAO Membrane as a Novel High Spatial Resolution Position Sensitive X-ray Detector - Prof. Shahyar Saramad (Amirkabir University of Technology)   (Hub Theatre (OU))
2:30 PM
Applications in nuclear physics (until 4:20 PM) (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
2:30 PM Silicon Photomultipliers: introducing the digital age in low light detection - Prof. Massimo Caccia (University' dell'Insubria)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
3:00 PM Development of a pin-hole collimated camera: The CoNG (Compact Neutron-Gamma) Imager - Dr Matt Taggart (University of Surrey)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
3:20 PM Development of the Glass Micro-Well Detector (g-MWD) - Dr Stanley Hunter (NASA/GSFC)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
3:40 PM Characterisation of small electrode HPGe detectors - Dr Carl Unsworth (University of Liverpool)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
4:00 PM Automatic Detection of Recoil Proton Track and Separation from Radiation Induced Background - Dr Ilan Mor (Soreq NRC)   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
4:20 PM --- Tea and coffee ---
4:50 PM
Detectors for high energy physics and astrophysics (III) (until 6:20 PM) (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
4:50 PM Silicon microstrip detector for space-borne astroparticle experiments - Dr Giovanni Ambrosi (Universita e INFN, Perugia (IT))   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
5:20 PM A High-Granularity Timing Detector for the Phase-II upgrade of the ATLAS Calorimeter system - Sebastian Grinstein (IFAE - Barcelona (ES))   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
5:40 PM CMOS pixel development for the ATLAS experiment at HL-LHC - Marco Rimoldi (Universitaet Bern (CH))   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
6:00 PM Study of prototypes of LFoundry active and monolithic CMOS pixels sensors for the ATLAS detector - Luigi Vigani (University of Oxford (GB))   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))
7:00 PM --- Conference dinner ---
1:20 PM Closing remarks   (Berrill Lecture Theatre (OU))