Diffuse Synchrotron Emission in Clusters of Galaxies - What's Next?

Hortus Botanicus, Leiden

Hortus Botanicus, Leiden

Thanks to the radio data provided by new instruments, such as LOFAR, we expect to fully understand non-thermal phenomena in clusters. However, recent observations revealed details on the non-thermal component that cannot be explained by the previously thought mechanisms. There are several open questions that this field needs to tackle to bring our understanding to a deeper level. The main goal of this workshop is to bring together the community working on non-thermal emission in clusters from different angles – theory, simulations and observations – in order to unveil the origin of this emission and its connection with the structure formation process. We plan for a workshop with about 60 participants, with several invited talks, some slots for contributed talks, and guided discussion sessions well prepared in advance by the SOC in collaboration with the invited experts to tackle relevant questions.
  • Aleksandar Shulevski
  • Alessandro Ignesti
  • Alexander Drabent
  • Anatoly Spitkovsky
  • Andra Stroe
  • Andrea Botteon
  • Annalisa Bonafede
  • Christoph Pfrommer
  • Cosmos Dumba
  • Craig Sarazin
  • Daniel Wik
  • Daniele Dallacasa
  • Denis Wittor
  • Dongsu Ryu
  • Duy Hoang
  • Eleni Vardoulaki
  • Emanuela Orru
  • Emma Storm
  • Fabio Zandanel
  • Federica Govoni
  • Federica Savini
  • Francesco de Gasperin
  • Gabriella Di Gennaro
  • Georgi Kokotanekov
  • Gianfranco Brunetti
  • Hiroki Akamatsu
  • Huib Intema
  • Huub Röttgering
  • Hyesung Kang
  • Igone Urdampilleta
  • Irina Zhuravleva
  • Jakob Gelszinnis
  • Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo
  • Julius Donnert
  • Kamlesh Rajpurohit
  • Kaustuv Basu
  • Kyle Finner
  • Lawrence Rudnick
  • Lorenzo Sironi
  • Manel Perucho
  • Marcus Brüggen
  • Martin Sommer
  • Matthias Hoeft
  • Maxim Markevitch
  • Melanie Johnston-Hollitt
  • Reinout van Weeren
  • Rossella Cassano
  • S. Peng Oh
  • Simona Giacintucci
  • Soumyajit Mandal
  • Stephan Zimmer
  • Svenja Jacob
  • Tessa Vernstrom
  • Timothy Shimwell
  • Tiziana Venturi
  • Tom Jones
  • Tracy Clarke
  • Valentina Vacca
  • Virginia Cuciti
  • Walter Jaffe
    • Registration & Coffee
    • Monday Morning
      Convener: Prof. Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo (Université de Montréal)
    • Lunch
    • Monday Afternoon: I
      Convener: Prof. Marcus Brüggen
    • Coffee Break
    • Monday Afternoon: II
      Convener: Prof. Marcus Brüggen
    • Discussion Session
      Convener: Prof. Marcus Brüggen
    • Tuesday Morning: I
      Convener: Dr Huib Intema (Leiden)
    • Coffee Break
    • Tuesday Morning: II
      Convener: Dr Huib Intema (Leiden)
    • Lunch
    • Tuesday Afternoon: I
      Convener: Daniele Dallacasa
    • Coffee Break
    • Magnetic Fields & Polarization Discussion Session
      Conveners: Federica Govoni, Gianfranco Brunetti (INAF)
      • 23
        Introductory Talk on Magnetic Fields & Polarization
        Speakers: Dr Annalisa Bonafede, Dongsu Ryu (UNIST)
      • 24
        Guided Discussion Session on Magnetic Fields & Polarization
    • Wednesday Morning: I
      Convener: Emma Storm (GRAPPA, University of Amsterdam)
    • Coffee Break
    • Wednesday Morning: II
      Convener: Emma Storm (GRAPPA, University of Amsterdam)
      • 28
        Cluster population studies
        Speaker: Rossella Cassano
      • 29
        Study of non-merging massive clusters at low frequency
        Speaker: Federica Savini
      • 30
        Ultra-steep spectrum radio relics in clusters
        Speaker: Tracy Clarke
      • 31
        Ultra Steep Spectrum Sources in Galaxy Clusters
        Speaker: Soumyajit Mandal
    • Lunch
    • Wednesday Afternoon: I
      Convener: Julius Donnert (University of Minnesota)
    • Coffee Break
    • Wednesday Afternoon: II
      Convener: Julius Donnert (University of Minnesota)
      • 35
        Diffusive Shock Acceleration Model with Postshock Turbulence for Radio Relics
        Speaker: Hyesung Kang
      • 36
        Turbulent acceleration and magnetic field amplification in galaxy clusters
        Speaker: Peng Oh
    • Discussion Session
      Convener: Julius Donnert (University of Minnesota)
    • Social Dinner: Restaurant Buddhas
    • Thursday Morning: I
      Convener: Craig Sarazin
      • 37
        Cool-core clusters: thermal - non-thermal connection
        Speaker: Simona Giacintucci
      • 38
        Radio mode feedback: theory and simulations
        Speaker: Manel Perucho
      • 39
        Statistical study of radio halos in a mass-selected sample of galaxy clusters
        Speaker: Virginia Cuciti (National Institute for Astrophysics - INAF)
      • 40
        Results from a radio halo search in high-mass SZE selected clusters
        Speaker: Dr Martin Sommer (Argelander-Institut fuer Astronomie)
    • Coffee Break
    • Thursday Morning: II
      Convener: Craig Sarazin
      • 41
        Cosmic-ray heating and mini-halos
        Speaker: Svenja Jacob
      • 42
        State-of-the-art JVLA observations of clusters of galaxies: revealing new physics about the non-thermal particles
        Speaker: Prof. Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo (Université de Montréal)
      • 43
        Inverse-Compton hard X-ray emission from clusters: NuStar
        Speaker: Daniel Wik
      • 44
        Indirect turbulence measurements in galaxy clusters with Hitomi and Chandra
        Speaker: Irina Zhuravleva
    • Lunch
    • Thursday Afternoon: I
      Convener: Andra Stroe
      • 45
        X-ray study of the merging double-radio-relic cluster Abell 3376 with Suzaku
        Speaker: Igone Urdampilleta (SRON)
      • 46
        An ABC estimate of the CR electron content in galaxy clusters through radio relics
        Speaker: Jakob Gelszinnis (Thüringer Landessterwarte, Tautenburg)
      • 47
        The Corona Borealis supercluster seen with LOFAR
        Speaker: Dr Alexander Drabent (TLS Tautenburg)
      • 48
        A combined JVLA and Chandra study of the “Kite” radio source in Abell 2626
        Speaker: Alessandro Ignesti
    • Coffee Break
    • Theroy VS Observations Discussion Session
      Conveners: Dr Annalisa Bonafede, Dr Matthias Hoeft (Thüringer Landessternwarte)
      • 49
        Introductory Talk on Theory VS Observations
        Speaker: Gianfranco Brunetti (INAF)
      • 50
        Guided Discussion Session on Theory VS Observations
    • Friday Morning: I
      Convener: Christoph Pfrommer
      • 51
        Merging clusters and star-formation
        Speaker: Andra Stroe
      • 52
        On the connection between turbulent motions and particle acceleration in galaxy clusters
        Speaker: Stephan Zimmer (Universite de Geneve (CH))
      • 53
        Cosmic radio background and its discovery potential
        Speaker: Tessa Vernstrom
      • 54
        FR-type radio sources in COSMOS: relation to the large-scale environment
        Speaker: Eleni Vardoulaki (Argelander-Institut für Astronomie, Bonn)
    • Coffee Break
    • Friday Morning: II
      Convener: Christoph Pfrommer
    • Lunch: Goodbye