Numerical Methods for Analysis, Design and Modelling of Particle Accelerators, Thessaloniki (Greece)

Hotel Nikopolis Thessaloniki (GR-Thessaloniki )

Hotel Nikopolis Thessaloniki


Hotel Nikopolis Thessaloniki Asklipiou 16-18, Thessaloniki P.C.57001 Thessaloniki tel: 2310 401000
Hermann Schmickler (CERN)

The CERN accelerator school organises a course on simulation and modelling tools used for the design, construction and operation of accelerators. It will be of interest to staff and students in accelerator laboratories and universities who wish to increase their expertise in this field and learn about recent progress.
The lectures will cover the fundamentals of modern algorithms and techniques as well as a review of the mathematical background. Strong emphasis is put on the assimilation of the presented concepts by the participants. For this purpose the lectures are complemented by hands-on exercises and tutorials to get acquainted with some modern tools and their working principles.