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Absolute primary scintillation yield in Xe for electrons and alpha particles

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Dr Carlos Henriques (University of Coimbra)


Xenon scintillation has been widely used in recent particle physics experiments [1-3]. However, information on primary scintillation yield in the absence of recombination is still scarce and dispersed. The mean energy required to produce a VUV scintillation photon (Wsc) in gaseous Xe has been measured in the range of 30-120 eV [4-7]. Lower Wsc-values are often reported for alpha particles compared to electrons produced by gamma or x-rays, being this difference still not fully understood.
We carried out a systematic study of the absolute primary scintillation yield in Xe at 1.2 bar, using a Gas Proportional Scintillation Counter. The simulation model of the detector's geometric efficiency was benchmarked through the primary and secondary scintillation produced at different distances from the photosensor. Wsc-values were obtained for gamma and x-rays with energies in the range 5.9-60 keV, and for 2-MeV alpha particles. No significant differences were found between alpha particles and electrons.

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Primary author

Dr Carlos Henriques (University of Coimbra)


Ms Joana Teixeira (LIBPhys, Physics Department, University of Coimbra, Rua Larga, Coimbra, 3004-516, Portugal) Rui Daniel Mano (LIBPhys-UC) Mr Silva Pedro (University of Coimbra) Diego Gonzalez Diaz (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (ES)) Dr Cristina Bernardes Monteiro (University of Coimbra)

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