Winter school on Physics with Trapped Charged Particles

Ecole de Physique des Houches

Ecole de Physique des Houches
Martina Knoop (Aix-Marseille Université), Niels Madsen (Swansea University), Richard Thompson (Imperial College London)

The school will cover various topics of physics with trapped charged particles. Lectures will cover basic trap physics and recent developments in Penning traps, Paul traps etc., collective behavior and (non-neutral) plasmas, as well as applications for fundamental physics, precision spectroscopy, quantum information, frequency standards, antimatter. Lectures will be systematically complemented by a series of tutorials/exercice sessions. Two poster sessions where participants present their work, and a half-day visit to CERN will also be organised. It is planned that all lectures, tutorials and exercises will be published as a textbook in 2015.

The school is aimed primarily at PhD students and post docs in the field. Les Houches Physics School has a limited capacity of ~55 participants and interested parties are therefore invited to apply to participate. If the number of applications is beyond the capacity a selection will take place based on perceived utility of participation.


Conference Photo
Preliminary Timetable
  • Alvaro Oliveira
  • Amelia Leite
  • Andree Welker
  • Arindam Kumar Sikdar
  • Balint Radics
  • Ben Cooper
  • Bernhard Maaß
  • Christa Flühmann
  • Christine Maier
  • Daniel Maxwell
  • Dinko Atanasov
  • Eric Hunter
  • Fabian Wolf
  • Frances Crimin
  • HUSSON Audric
  • James Tarlton
  • Jan Christoph Heip
  • Jiamin HOU
  • jian wang
  • Jin-ming Cui
  • Johannes Heinrich
  • Joschka Wolf
  • Juan Mario Michan
  • Katherine McCormick
  • Klemens Schueppert
  • Laura Dreissen
  • Lavkesh Lachhvani
  • Lenny Evans
  • Liam DODD
  • Manu Bajpai
  • Matteo Marinelli
  • Mohammad Sadegh Ebrahimi
  • Mostafa Ahmadi
  • Muhammad Aslam Khan
  • Muhammed Sameed
  • Nicolas Sillitoe
  • Niels Madsen
  • Niranjan Myneni
  • Pauline Yzombard
  • Pavel Hrmo
  • Peter Micke
  • Petr Obšil
  • Pradip Mondal
  • Rodney Orford
  • Rodrigo Lage Sacramento
  • Sandrine Galtier
  • Sarah Woodrow
  • Sayan Patra
  • Sebastian Grondkowski
  • Simon Van Gorp
  • SOUIDI Mael
  • Stefan Knauer
  • Taehyun Kim
  • Teresa Feld
  • Tim Tharp
  • Ursin Solèr
  • Vera Schäfer
  • Vincent Jarlaud
  • William Cairncross