HPNP2017 - The 3rd Toyama International Workshop on "Higgs as a Probe of New Physics 2017"

from Wednesday, 1 March 2017 (08:30) to Sunday, 5 March 2017 (16:15)
University of Toyama

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1 Mar 2017
2 Mar 2017
3 Mar 2017
4 Mar 2017
5 Mar 2017
Opening session (until 09:30) ()
09:00 Opening Address and Charge of HPNP2017 - Shinya Kanemura   ()
Oral session (until 10:30) (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
09:30 A Theorist's Outlook for Higgs physics beyond the Standard Model - Howard Haber (University of California,Santa Cruz (US))   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
10:00 Higgs Couplings Measurements and New Physics - Carlos E.M. Wagner (University of Chicago)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
10:30 --- Break ---
Oral session (until 12:30) (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
11:00 Measurements & BSM Searches in the Higgs Sector at the LHC - Hideki Okawa (University of Tsukuba (JP))   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
11:45 ILC, project status and physics with focus on electroweak symmetry breaking - Keisuke Fujii (High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (JP))   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
Oral session (until 10:30) (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
08:45 SUSY Higgs Bosons in the Light of LHC Data - Sven Heinemeyer (CSIC (Madrid, ES))   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
09:15 Complete Renormalisation of the NMSSM at One-Loop - Fawzi Boudjema (LAPTh Annecy)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
09:45 Signals at LHC and dark matter in a supersymmetric left-right model - Katri Huitu (University of Helsinki)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
10:15 Coupled system of two ~125 GeV Higgs bosons in the (complex) NMSSM - Dr Shoaib Munir (KIAS, Seoul)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
10:30 --- Break ---
Oral session (until 12:30) (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
11:00 Origin of Higgs: gauge-Higgs unification at LHC/ILC and beyond - Prof. Yutaka Hosotani (Osaka University)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
11:30 Theory and Phenomenology of Composite 2-Higgs Doublet Models - Dr Stefania De Curtis (INFN & Phys. Dept. Florence )   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
12:00 Light Higgs from Pole Attractor - Oleksii Matsedonskyi (DESY)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
12:15 Bound States via Higgs Exchanging and Heavy Resonant Di-Higgs - Dr zhaofeng Kang (KIAS)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
Oral session (until 10:15) (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
08:45 Neutrino experiments at Kamioka - Prof. Masayuki Nakahata (Kamioka Observatory, ICRR, Univ. of Tokyo)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
09:30 Gravitational wave astronomy - Prof. Seiji Kawamura (ICRR, U. of Tokyo)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
10:15 --- Break ---
Oral session (until 12:00) (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
10:45 LISA as a probe of the Higgs sector and TeV-scale particle physics - Germano Nardini (Universitaet Bern)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
11:15 Probing physics behind the electroweak symmetry breaking at future gravitational wave interferometers and future collider experiments - Mitsuru Kakizaki (University of Toyama)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
11:45 Analytic approach to gravitational waves from bubble collisions - Dr Ryusuke Jinno (IBS-CTPU)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
Oral session (until 10:30) (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
08:45 Electroweak Baryogenesis - Michael Ramsey-Musolf (U. Massachusetts Amherst)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
09:15 Electroweak Baryogenesis with Flavor Violation - Dr Eibun Senaha (National Taiwan University)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
09:45 Electroweak baryogenesis and flavor physics - Thomas Markus Konstandin (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE))   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
10:15 The hierarchical two-Higgs-doublet model: probing the EW phase transition at the LHC - Ken Mimasu (University of Sussex)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
10:30 --- Break ---
Oral session (until 12:30) (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
11:00 The Multiple Point Principle (TBC) - Holger Nielsen (University of Copenhagen-Unknown-Unknown)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
11:30 Renormalization-Scale Uncertainty in the Decay Rate of False Vacuum - Dr Yutaro Shoji   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
11:45 Higgs-portal assisted Higgs inflation - Jinsu Kim (KIAS)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
12:00 Dark matter and bounds on the reheating temperature - Tomo Takahashi (Saga University)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
Oral session (until 10:30) (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
08:45 Toward the Origin of the Neutrino Mass - Hiroaki Sugiyama (University of Toyama)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
09:15 Scale Invariant, Dark Matter and Neutrino Mass - Amine Ahriche (University of aJijel)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
09:45 Physics of right-handed neutrinos with GeV-scale masses - Dr Takehiko Asaka (Niigata University)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
10:15 Displaced heavy neutrinos from Higgs decay in abelian extensions of the Standard Model - Luigi Delle Rose (Rutherford Appleton Lab and University of Southampton)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
10:30 --- Break ---
Oral session (until 12:30) (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
11:00 A consistency check for new resonance at the LHC and beyond - Seongchan Park (Yonsei University)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
11:30 Electroweak production of multiple scalars in the two-Higgs doublet model - Rikard Enberg (Uppsala University)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
12:00 Gravitational waves for exploring the first order phase transition with Higgs portal dark matter - Dr Toshinori Matsui (KIAS)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
12:15 Models of radiatively induced Quark and Lepton Masses with extra U(1) gauge symmetry - Dr Takaaki Nomura (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Oral session (until 16:00) (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
14:00 Charged Higgs bosons in 2HDMs at the LHC - Stefano Moretti (STFC - Rutherford Appleton Lab. (GB))   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
14:30 The alignment limit in two-Higgs-doublet models - Sabine Kraml (LPSC Grenoble)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
15:00 Comparing extended scalar sectors at the LHC - Rui Alberto Serra Ribeiro Dos Santos (ISEL Instituto Superior de Engenharia (PT))   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
15:30 Threshold corrections to the heavy Higgs decay - Hiroshi Yokoya (KIAS, QUC)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
15:45 Exploring a heavy charged Higgs using jet substructure at the LHC - Pankaj Sharma (CoEPP, Adelaide)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
16:00 --- Break ---
Oral session (until 18:30) (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
16:30 Probing the Higgs self coupling via single Higgs production at the LHC - Pier Paolo Giardino   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
17:00 Higgs boson couplings in the non-minimal Higgs sectors - Dr Kei Yagyu (INFN)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
17:30 Higgs characterisation: spin and parity properties - Dr Kentarou Mawatari (LPSC Grenoble)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
18:00 Heavy Higgs boson lineshape in the ttbar final state - Cen Zhang (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
18:15 Vacuum Structure of the complex singlet-doublet model - Pedro Ferreira (ISEL and CFTC)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Oral session (until 16:00) (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
14:00 Doublet and singlet extensions of the SM - Maria Krawczyk (Institute of Theoretical Physics, Warsaw University)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
14:30 Topics in extended Higgs sector Models - Abdesslam Arhrib (AbdelMalek Essaadi university)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
15:00 Higgs boson pair production in the Georgi-Machacek model at the LHC - Prof. Cheng-Wei Chiang   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
15:30 New physics deviations in Higgs pair production at the LHC - Ramona Groeber (IPPP Durham)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
15:45 Enhanced di-Higgs signals at hadron colliders probe singlet scalar, coupled to colored sector - Dr Kenji Nishiwaki (KIAS)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
16:00 --- Break ---
Poster Session I (until 18:30) ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:30 A search for a light $L_{\mu}-L_{\tau}$ gauge boson at Belle-II - Shihori Hoshino (Saitama University)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:30 Dark Matter Annihilating into Sterile Neutrino - Dr Yi-Lei Tang (Center for High Energy Physics, Peking University)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:30 Derivative interpretation of matrix model and gravity - Mr Kiyoharu Kawana (Kyoto University)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:30 Destabilization of the electroweak vacuum from preheating - Stanislav Rusak (Osaka University)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:30 Discrimination of extended Higgs models using the synergy between measurements of gravitational waves and colliders experiments - Katsuya Hashino (University of Toyama)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:30 Double Higgs production at the 14 TeV LHC and the 100 TeV pp-collider - Mr Gang Li (Peking University)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:30 Exotic Higgs Decays at the LHeC - Mr Chen Zhang (Peking University)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:30 Fine-Tuning in the BLSSM - Simon King (University of Southampton)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:30 Higgs-flavon mixing and Dark Matter - Venus Keus (University of Helsinki)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:30 Indirect search of additional Yukawa interactions by precision measurements of Higgs boson couplings - Mariko Kikuchi   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:30 Non-minimal quartic inflation in classically conformal U(1)' extended standard model - Dai-suke Takahashi (OIST)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:30 Thermal Freeze-Out of Two-Component Dark Matter - Mayumi Aoki (Kanazawa University)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:30 Two-loop effective potential for a scale-invariant Higgs sector - Yoshio Fujitani (Tohoku University)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
12:00 --- Excursion ---
19:00 --- Conference dinner ---
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Oral session (until 15:30) (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
14:00 Breit-Wigner resonance in cosmology - Bohdan Grzadkowski (University of Warsaw)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
14:30 DM models with (pseudo)scalar mediators - Pyungwon Ko (Korea Inst. for Advanced Study (KIAS))   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
15:00 Dark matter physics, flavor physics and LHC constraints in the dark matter model with a bottom partner - Dr Yuji Omura   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
15:15 Bosonic seesaw portal dark matter - Hiroyuki Ishida (NCTS)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
15:30 --- Break ---
Poster Session II (until 18:00) ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:00 A Dirac neutrino mass model with dark matter and electroweak bariogenesis - Kodai Sakurai (University of Toyama)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:00 Collider signals of W′ and Z′ bosons in the gauge-Higgs unification - Dr Shuichiro Funatsu (KEK)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:00 Constraints on mixed complex scalar WIMP dark matter scenarios - Akiteru Santa (University of Toyama)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:00 D-brane instantons for Kähler moduli stabilization in semi-realistic magnetized orbifold models - Shohei Uemura (Kyoto University)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:00 Direct and indirect searches of MeV scale gauge boson in $L_\mu - L_\tau$ symmetry - Mr Yuya Kaneta (Niigata Univ.)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:00 Gravitational relaxation of electroweak hierarchy problem - Yoshio Matsumoto (KEK Theory Center, IPNS, KEK)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:00 Hidden QCD Phase Transition in a Scale Invariant Theory - Mr Hiromitsu Goto (Kanazawa University, Institute for Theoretical Physics)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:00 Light Stop, Heavy Higgs, and Heavy Gluino in Supersymmetric Standard Models with Extra Matters - Wataru Kuramoto (Nagoya University)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:00 Loop-Induced Neutrino Masess in Gauged U(1)_{B-L} Extensions with Dark Matter - KOJI TSUMURA (Kyoto University)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:00 Perturbative Unitarity vs. Electroweak precision tests in Extend Higgs Sectors - Mr Ryo Nagai (Nagoya University)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:00 Renormalized Field Vacuum Fluctuations and Inflationary Electroweak Vacuum Instability - Hiroki Matsui (KEK)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:00 Strongly interacting theories and various structure of Yukawa couplings (in progress) - Michio Hashimoto (Chubu University)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:00 The long-lived gluino displaced verities search at LHC - Mr Hayato Ito   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
16:00 WW scattering in a radiative electroweak symmetry breaking scenario - Kazuhiro Endo (Tohoku University)   ( Kaigi-Shitsu (Room B136))
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Oral session (until 15:30) (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
14:00 Linking LFV Higgs couplings and CP violation beyond the SM - Lorenzo Diaz-Cruz (Benemerita Universida Autonoma de Puebla)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
14:30 Muon specific two-Higgs doublet model - Dr Tomohiro Abe (Nagoya University)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
14:45 Splitting Mass Spectra and Muon g-2 in Higgs-Anomaly Mediation - Dr Norimi Yokozaki (Tohoku University)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
15:00 e+e- to httbar as a probe of Higgs CP property - Ya-Juan Zheng   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
15:15 Production of neutral and charged Higgs bosons at the future collider ep LHeC - Jaime Hernández (Benemerita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla)   (Tamokuteki Hall (Room B243))
15:30 --- Break ---
Summary session (until 16:15) ()
15:45 Workshop Summary and Concluding Remark - Shinya Kanemura   ()