WPCF 2013 - IX Workshop on Particle Correlations and Femtoscopy

Acireale (Catania), Italy

Acireale (Catania), Italy

San Biagio Resort, Via Guido Gozzano, 2 - 95024 Acireale (CT), Italy
Giuseppe Verde
WPCF 2013 – IX Workshop on Particle Correlations and Femtoscopy

We are pleased to announce the upcoming IX Workshop on Particle Correlations and Femtoscopy, WPCF 2013. The workshop will be held in the Sicilian town of Acireale (Italy), near Catania, on Nov 5-8, 2013. The meeting is organized by the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN), Sezione di Catania and Laboratori Nazionali del Sud (LNS) and by the Dipartimento di Fisica ed Astronomia of the University of Catania.
Scientific information and topics
This event follows the tradition of previous editions by bringing together experts and other interested researchers in the field of particle-particle correlations and “femtoscopy” in nuclear and particle physics. The topics covered by the WPCF workshop concern dynamical and thermo-dynamical properties of emitting sources produced in heavy-ion collisions, including links to phase transitions and equation of state properties. Moreover, two- and multi-particle correlation measurements provide tools to reveal the existence of new resonances (both at high and at low energies) and phenomena such as nuclear clusters and molecules and spectroscopic properties of unbound states.
The scope of the meeting will include correlation and femtoscopy research at RHIC/LHC energies and at low and intermediate energies as well.
  • Femtoscopy at RHIC and LHC: links to QGP physics
  • Femtoscopy in A+A, p+p , p+A and e+-e- collisions at relativistic energies
  • Femtoscopy at intermediate energies: links to the EoS of asymmetry nuclear matter
  • Charge fluctuations and correlations
  • Fluctuation in initial conditions
  • Collective flow and correlations
  • Resonance decays at RHIC and LHC
  • Resonance decay spectroscopy in low and intermediate energy reactions
  • Correlations, cluster states, nuclear molecules and production of boson condensates in nuclei
  • New methods and facilities
These topics will be covered with invited and contributed talks, selected from received abstracts. Participation and abstract submission by students and postdocs are strongly encouraged. More details on the program will be provided on the second circular and on the conference web site, http://www.ct.infn.it/wpcf2013.

Sessions and conveners:
  • Femtoscopy for widely varying systems A. Chbihi (GANIL, France), A. Kisiel (WUT, Poland), S. S. Padula (UNESP, Brazil), E. Sarkisyan-Grinbaum(UTA, USA/CERN, Switzerland)
  • Balance functions, charge correlations, isospin separation and diffusion P. Danielewicz (MSU, USA), S. Pratt (MSU, USA), S. Yennello (TAMU, USA)
  • Entrance channel effects on final-state anisotropies E. Greco (Un. Of Catania/INFN-LNS, Italy), B.A. Li (TAMU Commerce, USA), R. Snellings (Utrecht Univ., Netherlands)
  • Spectroscopy or Femtoscopy? Primordial versus final-state correlations M. Freer (Univ. of Birmingham, M.A. Lisa (OSU, USA), R. Nania (INFN-BO), M. Sumbera (ASCR, Czech Rep.)
  • Perspective facilities and detectors M. Bleicher (FIAS, Germany), D. Miskowiec (GSI, Germany), A. Pagano (INFN-CT)
Workshop site and venue to Acireale
The meeting will be held at the San Biagio Resort, located in the baroque town of Acireale, near the Etna volcano and the city of Catania (Italy). Acireale is located on the coastline of Catania (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acireale). Acireale can be easily reached by train or by bus from downtown Catania. Catania airport is well connected to all main Italian and European hubs. Transportation and accommodation details will be provided on the second circular and on the conference website. A number of single rooms (80 Euros per night including breakfast) and double rooms (90 Euros per night hosting two guests and including breakfast) are available at the same location of the conference sessions (San Biagio Resort Hotel). These rooms may already be booked on the conference web site using the hotel reservation link.
Organizing committees
International Advisory Committee (IAC): M. Bleicher (ITP & FIAS Un. of Frankfurt, Germany), W. Broniowski (IFJ PAN and UJK, Poland), P. Christakoglou (NIKHEF, Netherlands), T. Csorgo (Budapest, Hungary), P. Danielewicz (MSU, USA), W. Florkowski (IFJ PAN and UJK, Poland), Y. Foka (CERN, Switzerland), M. Freer (Birmingham, UK), T. Humanic (OSU, USA), A. Kisiel (WUT, Poland), R. A. Lacey (Stony Brook, USA), R. Lednicky (Dubna, Russia), M. A. Lisa (OSU, USA), D. Miskowiec (GSI, Germany), R. Nania (INFN-Bologna), S. S. Padula (UNESP, Brazil), J. Pluta (WUT-Krakow, Poland), A. Pagano (INFN-Catania, Italy), S. Pratt (MSU, USA), Y. Sinyukov (BTPI-NAS, Ukraine), R. Snellings (Utrecht Univ., Netherlands), M. Sumbera (ASCR, Czech Rep.), G. Verde (INFN-Catania Italy), S. Voloshin (WSU, USA), B. Zajc (Columbia Univ., USA)

Chair: G. Verde (INFN-Sez. di Catania)

Local Committee: C. Agodi (INFN-LNS), E. De Filippo (INFN-Sez. di Catania), L. Francalanza (Univ. of Catania, INFN-LNS), V. Greco (Univ. of Catania, INFN-LNS), T. Minniti (Univ. of Catania), E.V. Pagano (Univ. of Catania, INFN-LNS), S. Pirrone (INFN-Catania), P. Russotto (INFN-Catania)
Registration and abstract submission
The registration fee of 220 Euros will cover coffee breaks, lunches, the social dinnerdinner and expenses for administration, conference hall and presentation equipment. The fee will be reduced to 140 Euros for students. 

Important dates:
- June 15, 2013: Abstract submission and registration open
- September 30, 2013: Deadline for registration and abstract submission
Contacts and information
​More information about the WPCF-2013 can be found on the following
web site: http://www.ct.infn.it/wpcf2013. 
For further questions and information please contact the organizing committee by email at

      We look forward to meeting you in Acireale!
  • Abdou Chbihi
  • Adam Kisiel
  • Aditya Nath Mishra
  • Alberto Grasso
  • Aleksandra Cvetinović
  • Alessia Di Pietro
  • Alis Rodriguez Manso
  • Angela Badala
  • Angelo Pagano
  • Antonio Trifirò
  • Bernard Borderie
  • Betty Tsang
  • Carlos Pajares
  • Christian Lang
  • Christina Markert
  • Christopher Plumberg
  • Clementina Agodi
  • concettina maiolino
  • Cristina Tuvè
  • Danuce Dudek
  • Dariusz Miskowiec
  • Dhevan Gangadharan
  • Diego Gruyer
  • Emanuele Vincenzo Pagano
  • Enrico De Filippo
  • Fabrizio Miano
  • Francesca Rizzo
  • Francesco Noferini
  • Gabriele Coci
  • Gaetano Lanzalone
  • Gary Westfall
  • Giacomo De Angelis
  • Giacomo Randisi
  • giuseppe cardella
  • Giuseppe POLITI
  • Giuseppe Verde
  • Grigory Nigmatkulov
  • Grzegorz Stefanek
  • Grzegorz Wilk
  • Hanna Zbroszczyk
  • Hidetoshi Akimune
  • Ilya Selyuzhenkov
  • Ioannis Bouras
  • Iurii Karpenko
  • Jai Salzwedel
  • Jorge Mercado
  • Katarzyna Grebieszkow
  • Katarzyna Poniatowska
  • Kris Hagel
  • Laszlo Jenkovszky
  • Laura Fabbietti
  • Laura Francalanza
  • Lauren Heilborn
  • Lee Sobotka
  • Leonard Re
  • Leonardo Tinti
  • Livio Bianchi
  • Lucia Quattrocchi
  • Lucrezia Auditore
  • Lukasz Graczykowski
  • M. Elena Tejeda-Yeomans
  • Maciej Pawel Szymanski
  • Maciej Rybczynski
  • Malgorzata Anna Janik
  • Marcus Bleicher
  • Marina Trimarchi
  • Marlène Assié
  • Martin Freer
  • Martin Girard
  • Massimiliano Battello
  • Massimo Papa
  • Mate Csanad
  • Matthew Steinpreis
  • Michael Lisa
  • Miguel Marques
  • Mircea Dan Cozma
  • Moritz Greif
  • Nicolas Borghini
  • Nunzia Martorana
  • Oleg Lysenko
  • Oliver Arnold
  • Panos Christakoglou
  • Paolo Russotto
  • Payal Mohanty
  • Petr Chaloupka
  • Qingfeng Li
  • Quan Wang
  • Rafał Najman
  • Raimond Snellings
  • Ramni Gupta
  • Richard Lednicky
  • Robert Astalos
  • Robert Vertesi
  • Roman Planeta
  • rosario nania
  • Rudy Marty
  • Salvatore Plumari
  • Sandeep Chatterjee
  • Sandra S. Padula
  • Sandro Bjelogrlic
  • Sara Pirrone
  • Scott Pratt
  • Sebastiano Spinali
  • Stefano Calì
  • Sunil Manohar Dogra
  • Takafumi Niida
  • Tamas Csörgő
  • Thomas Humanic
  • Thomas Lilienkamp
  • Triestino Minniti
  • Tzanka Kokalova
  • Vera Loggins
  • Vincenzo Greco
  • Volha Charviakova
  • Volodya Konchakovski
  • Wojciech Broniowski
  • Wojciech Florkowski
  • Yinghua Pan
  • Yogiro Hama
  • Yuriy Sinyukov
  • Zbigniew Wlodarczyk
  • Zhi-Gang Xiao