Second Topical Workshop on Instabilities, Impedance and Collective Effects (TWIICE 2)

from Monday, 8 February 2016 (08:15) to Wednesday, 10 February 2016 (17:35)
The Cosener's House (The Garden Room)

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8 Feb 2016
9 Feb 2016
10 Feb 2016
Registration (until 08:45) (The Garden Room)
Intro (until 09:00) (The Garden Room)
08:50 Welcome - Prof. Richard Walker (Diamond Light Source)   (The Garden Room)
08:55 Charge - riccardo bartolini (Diamond Light Source and John Adams Institute)   (The Garden Room)
Theory (until 13:05) (The Garden Room)
09:00 Shortly it will be fifty, but it doesn't look like it - Vittorio Vaccaro (Universita e INFN, Napoli (IT))   (The Garden Room)
09:45 Efficiency of feedbacks and Landau damping for low-emittance bunches - Alexey Burov (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US))   (The Garden Room)
10:20 New results in theory of CSR wakefields - Gennady Stupakov (S)   (The Garden Room)
10:55 --- Coffee break ---
11:25 Theoretical results for the CSR-driven instability with negative momentum compaction factor - Dr Peter Kuske (Bessy II)   (The Garden Room)
11:50 Two particle model for studying the effects of space-charge force on strong head-tail instabilities - Yong Ho Chin (KEK)   (The Garden Room)
12:15 Comparison of “quasi instantaneous” measurements of bursting thresholds with bunched beam theory - Ms Miriam Brosi (KIT)   (The Garden Room)
12:40 Operating synchrotron light sources with a high gain free electron laser - Simone Di Mitri (Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste)   (The Garden Room)
Simulation (until 12:50) (The Garden Room)
09:00 The impedance of NEG coating and effects of its thickness - Yong Ho Chin (KEK)   (The Garden Room)
09:25 NEG properties characterization at ultra-high frequencies - Eirini Koukovini Platia (Diamond)   (The Garden Room)
09:50 Instability studies in the CLIC damping rings including radiation damping - Andrea Passarelli (Technische Universitaet Darmstadt (DE))   (The Garden Room)
10:15 Instabilities studies at MAXIV - Dr Francis Cullinan (SOLEIL)   (The Garden Room)
10:40 --- Coffee break ---
11:10 Calculation of Coupled Bunch Effects for BESSY VSR - Martin Ruprecht (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB))   (The Garden Room)
11:35 Simultaneous simulation of single- and multi-bunch collective effects for the APS upgrade - Dr Michael Borland (Argonne National Laboratory)   (The Garden Room)
12:00 Study of resistive wall induced microwave instability for SLS-2 - Haisheng Xu (PSI)   (The Garden Room)
12:25 Latest studies on the stabilization mechanisms of beam coherent motions induced by harmonic cavities - Dr Francis Cullinan (SOLEIL)   (The Garden Room)
Facility reports (until 10:45) (The Garden Room)
09:00 Impedances and collective effects at Elettra - Emanuel Karantzoulis (Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste)   (The Garden Room)
09:25 Collective effects in SOLEIL - Ryutaro Nagaoka (Synchrotron SOLEIL)   (The Garden Room)
09:50 Impedance issues in KEKB and SuperKEKB - Dr Demin Zhou (KEK)   (The Garden Room)
10:15 --- Coffee break ---
Measurements and simulations (until 16:00) (The Garden Room)
10:45 Modeling of the single bunch detuning at ALBA - Thomas Guenzel (CELLS/ALBA)   (The Garden Room)
11:10 Simultaneous detection of longitudinal and transverse signatures of CSR instabilities at ANKA - Benjamin Kehrer (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)   (The Garden Room)
11:35 Multibunch instabilities at DLS - riccardo bartolini (Diamond Light Source and John Adams Institute)   (The Garden Room)
12:00 Experimental and numerical studies at SOLEIL on incoherent tune shifts - Ryutaro Nagaoka (Synchrotron SOLEIL)   (The Garden Room)
12:25 --- Lunch ---
13:50 Single bunch instabilities at DLS: experimental and simulation studies - Eirini Koukovini Platia (Diamond)   (The Garden Room)
14:15 First time observed radiation effects for protons in LHC - Giovanni Iadarola (CERN)   (The Garden Room)
14:40 Pushing the space charge limit in the CERN LHC injectors - Hannes Bartosik (CERN)   (The Garden Room)
15:05 Ion effects in the APS injector and storage ring - Dr Joseph Calvey (APS)   (The Garden Room)
15:30 --- Coffee break ---
13:05 --- Lunch break ---
Simulation (until 18:05) (The Garden Room)
14:30 Review on collective effects - Dr Karl Bane (SLAC)   (The Garden Room)
15:05 Overview of collective effects for the ESRF upgrade - Simon White (ESRF)   (The Garden Room)
15:30 Impedance and single-bunch instabilities for the APS upgrade - Mr Ryan Lindberg (APS)   (The Garden Room)
15:55 Analysis of single- and multi-bunch collective effects in NSLS-II - Gabriele Bassi (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   (The Garden Room)
16:20 --- Coffee break ---
16:50 Progress on macro-particle simulations of fast beam ion instabilities in the framework of the PyHEADTAIL code - Lotta Mether (CERN)   (The Garden Room)
17:15 Wakefield Code ECHO: Algorithms and Applications - Dr Igor Zagorodnov (DESY)   (The Garden Room)
17:40 A Parallelized Vlasov-Fokker-Planck Solver for Desktop PCs - Mr Patrik Schoenfeldt (KIT)   (The Garden Room)
Discussion (until 18:30) (The Garden Room)
Welcome drinks and buffet (until 20:00) (Dining room)
12:50 --- Lunch break ---
Diagnostics and instrumentation (until 18:05) (The Garden Room)
14:15 Beam dynamics meets diagnostics - Giuliano Franchetti   (The Garden Room)
14:40 Longitudinal bunch-by-bunch feedback at DLS - Guenther Rehm (Diamond Light Source)   (The Garden Room)
15:05 Triangle and concave pentagon electrodes for an improved broadband frequency response of stripline beam position monitors - Yong Ho Chin (KEK)   (The Garden Room)
15:30 Bunch-by-bunch feedback: advanced control and diagnostic techniques - Dmitry Teytelman (SLAC)   (The Garden Room)
15:55 --- Coffee Break ---
16:25 Progress on intra-bunch feedback for the SPS - beam measurements and dynamics with feedback - John Fox   (The Garden Room)
16:50 Experimental investigations of CSR instabilities at SOLEIL: recent results using high-repetition rate electro-optical sampling - Dr Serge Bielawski (LILLE)   (The Garden Room)
17:15 Diagnostics for collective effect studies at ESRF - Eric PLOUVIEZ (ESRF)   (The Garden Room)
17:40 Investigation of turn-by-turn micro-bunch instabilities using an ultra-fast Schottky barrier diode detector array - Aiveen Finn (Royal Holloway, University of London)   (The Garden Room)
Workshop dinner (until 22:30) ()
19:00 Departure for Trinity College   ()
19:30 Reception drinks   (Danson Room)
20:00 Dinner at Trinity College   (Dining Hall)
Discussions and summaries (until 17:15) (The Garden Room)
16:00 Summary on Theory session - Dr Karl Bane (SLAC)   (The Garden Room)
16:15 Summary on Simulation I session - Ryutaro Nagaoka (Synchrotron SOLEIL)   (The Garden Room)
16:30 Summary on Simulation II session - Giovanni Rumolo (CERN)   (The Garden Room)
16:45 Summary on Diagnostics and Instrumentation - Peter Kuske (HZB, Humboldt-innovation GmbH)   (The Garden Room)
17:00 Summary on Facility reports and first part of Measurements and Simulations sessions - Benoit Salvant (CERN)   (The Garden Room)
TWIICE 2 photos - Eirini Koukovini Platia (Diamond) (until 17:25) (The Garden Room)
17:15 Cosener's TWIICE 2 photos   (The Garden Room)
17:20 Trinity College Dinner   (The Garden Room)