2016 Annual US LHC Users Association Meeting

from Wednesday, November 2, 2016 (8:00 AM) to Friday, November 4, 2016 (6:50 PM)
CERN (40/R-C10)

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Nov 2, 2016
Nov 3, 2016
Nov 4, 2016
8:30 AM Welcome to LBNL - Natalie Roe (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   (40/R-C10)
8:50 AM US LUEC Chair's Report - Harvey Newman (California Institute of Technology (US))   (40/R-C10)
9:20 AM Status and Outlook of the LHC - Enrico Bravin (CERN)   (40/R-C10)
9:50 AM LARP Report - GianLuca Sabbi (LBNL)   (40/R-C10)
10:15 AM COFFEE BREAK   (40/R-C10)
10:35 AM ATLAS Status and Outlook - Ian Hinchliffe (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (US))   (40/R-C10)
11:05 AM CMS Status and Outlook - Lothar Bauerdick (FERMILAB)   (40/R-C10)
11:35 AM LHCb Status and Run2 Results - Sheldon Stone (Syracuse University (US))   (40/R-C10)
8:30 AM Introduction; 2016 Trip to Washington - Harvey Newman (California Institute of Technology (US))   (40/R-C10)
9:00 AM CERN and US LUA - Eckhart Elsen (CERN)   (40/R-C10)
9:15 AM DOE Office of HEP Report - Anwar Bhatti (Rockefeller University (US))   (40/R-C10)
9:40 AM DOE Office of NP Report - Tim Hallman (DOE/NP)   (40/R-C10)
10:05 AM NSF Office of EPP Report - Randy Ruchti (University of Notre Dame (US))   (40/R-C10)
10:30 AM Dark Matter Planetarium Show - Michael Barnett (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (US))   (40/R-C10)
10:40 AM COFFEE BREAK   (40/R-C10)
11:00 AM
Young Physicists' Lightning Round - Darin Acosta (University of Florida (US)) (until 12:25 PM) (40/R-C10)
11:00 AM Search for Heavy ttbar Resonances with CMS at 13 TeV - Christine Angela Mc Lean (University of California Davis (US))   (40/R-C10)
11:10 AM Dark Matter, the Higgs, and Jet Substructure: What more could one want? - Samuel Ross Meehan (University of Washington (US))   (40/R-C10)
11:20 AM Search for dark matter in hadronic final state in CMS - Zeynep Demiragli (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (US))   (40/R-C10)
11:30 AM Dark photons at LHCb - Philip Ilten (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (US))   (40/R-C10)
11:40 AM Search for Higgs Pair Production with two photons and two b-jets at 13 TeV - Rafael Teixeira De Lima (Northeastern University (US))   (40/R-C10)
11:50 AM Searches for natural supersymmetry in multi-b final states using sqrt(s) = 13 TeV data from the ATLAS detector - Maximilian J Swiatlowski (University of Chicago (US))   (40/R-C10)
12:00 PM The UT upgrade project - Will Parker (University of Maryland (US))   (40/R-C10)
12:10 PM HCAL Energy Reconstruction - Jay Lawhorn (California Institute of Technology (US))   (40/R-C10)
4:00 PM Executive Committee Meeting - Harvey Newman (California Institute of Technology (US))   (Building 59, Room 4101)
5:30 PM Welcome Reception   (Building 59, Room 3101)
12:00 PM GROUP PHOTO   (40/R-C10)
12:10 PM LUNCH   (40/R-C10)
1:00 PM
Perspectives on Our Field - Natalie Roe (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Nigel Lockyer (until 2:00 PM) (40/R-C10)
2:00 PM
Young Physicists' Lightning Round - Jessica Metcalfe (Argonne National Laboratory (US)) (until 2:50 PM) (40/R-C10)
2:00 PM QCD/jets/jet substructure at the LHC - Ian Moult (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab) Ian Moult   (40/R-C10)
2:10 PM Machine Learning beyond Classification in High Energy Physics - Dr Sergei Gleyzer (University of Florida (US))   (40/R-C10)
2:20 PM Radiation Effect Studies on ALPIDE at the 88-Inch Cyclotron - Joanna Szornel (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (US))   (40/R-C10)
2:30 PM Measurement of the pp-b bbar cross-sections at 7 & 13 TeV - Matthew Jordan Kelsey (Syracuse University (US))   (40/R-C10)
2:40 PM In–Situ Jet Energy Scale Calibration of Large–Radius Jets - Matthew Epland (Duke University (US))   (40/R-C10)
2:50 PM ALICE Status and Run2 Results - Christine Nattrass (University of Tennessee (US))   (40/R-C10)
3:20 PM CMS Run2 Results - Toyoko Orimoto (Northeastern University (US))   (40/R-C10)
3:45 PM ATLAS Run2 Results - Sarah Marie Demers Konezny (Yale University (US))   (40/R-C10)
4:10 PM LHCb Upgrade - Marina Artuso (Syracuse University (US))   (40/R-C10)
4:25 PM AFTERNOON BREAK   (40/R-C10)
4:45 PM
Careers Session - Toyoko Orimoto (Northeastern University (US)) Christine Nattrass (University of Tennessee (US)) (until 6:15 PM) (40/R-C10)
6:30 PM CONFERENCE DINNER   (Building 54, Cafeteria)
12:25 PM LUNCH and Discussion with Distinguished Guests   (40/R-C10)
1:20 PM
Perspectives on Our Field - Berndt Mueller (Brookhaven National Laboratory) (until 1:50 PM) (40/R-C10)
1:50 PM Supporting Young Physicists; ACCU - Usha Mallik (Iowa)   (40/R-C10)
2:15 PM APS and US LUA - Julia Lynne Gonski (Harvard University (US))   (40/R-C10)
2:35 PM
Young Physicists' Lightning Round - Corrinne Mills (University of Illinois at Chicago (US)) (until 4:00 PM) (40/R-C10)
2:35 PM Protecting High Field Magnets with the Coupling-loss Induced Quench System – CLIQ - Dr Emmanuele Ravaioli (LBNL)   (40/R-C10)
2:45 PM Pixel Cluster Counting Luminosity Measurement in ATLAS - William Patrick Mccormack (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (US))   (40/R-C10)
2:55 PM Measuring Jets with the EMCal Detector in the ALICE experiment - Patrick John Steffanic (California Polytechnic State Univ. (US))   (40/R-C10)
3:05 PM Multivariate Jet Calibration Using Neural Networks - Enrique Kajomovitz Must (Duke) Matthew Tyler Tobin (Duke University (US)) Joseph Stanford Ennis (University of Warwick (GB)) Dayton Parker Grogan (Duke University (US))   (40/R-C10)
3:15 PM Heavy resonance search using b-tagged di-jet in Run - Rui Wang (Argonne National Laboratory (US))   (40/R-C10)
3:25 PM Search for dijet resonances and constraints on dark matter from pp collisions in CMS at 13 TeV - Javier Mauricio Duarte (California Institute of Technology (US))   (40/R-C10)
3:35 PM Search for new physics in high multiplicity hadronic final states with the ATLAS detector at the LHC - Haichen Wang (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (US))   (40/R-C10)
3:45 PM A collider search for Dark Matter produced in association with a Higgs boson in the four-lepton final state at the 13 TeV LHC with CMS - Dustin Ray Burns (University of California Davis (US)) Dustin Ray Burns (University of California Davis (US))   (40/R-C10)
4:00 PM AFTERNOON BREAK   (40/R-C10)
4:20 PM
Young Physicists' Lightning Round - GianLuca Sabbi (LBNL) (until 5:50 PM) (40/R-C10)
4:20 PM Discovering Hidden Sectors with Long-Lived Particles - Brian Shuve (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)   (40/R-C10)
4:30 PM Ultra-peripheral collisions with the ALICE detector - Jaroslav Adam (Creighton University (US))   (40/R-C10)
4:40 PM Invisible Higgs Decays - Nicholas Charles Smith (University of Wisconsin (US))   (40/R-C10)
4:50 PM Analysis strategy/tools for low a mass H->2a->4b search - Mazin Woodrow Khader (Univ. Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (US))   (40/R-C10)
5:00 PM A Search for Low Mass Dark Photons in the Standard Model Photon + Jet Final State at CMS - Dustin Stolp (University of California Davis (US))   (40/R-C10)
5:10 PM Search for a high mass diphoton resonance at the ATLAS detector - Rachel Jordan Hyneman (University of Michigan (US))   (40/R-C10)
5:20 PM Search for Additional Higgs Boson via Higgs cascades - Zhangqier Wang (University of California Davis (US))   (40/R-C10)
5:30 PM Searches for Resonance Decaying to VH/HH in the all hadronic final states at 13 TeV with ATLAS detector - Qi Zeng (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (US))   (40/R-C10)
6:10 PM
Young Physicists' Lightning Round (until 6:20 PM) (40/R-C10)
6:20 PM AOB   (40/R-C10)
6:30 PM Adjourn   (40/R-C10)