Parton Distributions and Lattice Calculations (PDFLattice 2019)

Other Institutes

Other Institutes

Michigan State University at the Kellog Biological Station 3700 E Gull Lake Dr, Hickory Corners, MI 49060
Huey-Wen Lin (MSU), Emanuele Roberto Nocera (The University of Edinburgh), Fred Olness

The second workshop on Parton Distributions and Lattice Calculations (PDFLattice2019) will be hosted at the MSU Kellogg Biological Station (near Kalamazoo MI). Sessions will start at 9am on Wednesday 25 September and will end at 1pm on Friday 27 September 2019. 

The workshop continues the series started at the University of Oxford in 2017 and aims at bringing together the global PDF analysis and lattice-QCD communities to explore ways to improve the current understanding of the distributions of partons in the nucleon.

The format of the workshop will be similar to the one adopted in the previous edition, that is few short talks and ample time for discussions will be scheduled. In addition to a follow-up on the topics discussed in Oxford, one full day will be dedicated to talk about issues and opportunities in the determination of transversity. The rest of the workshop will include a brainstorming session on what lattice QCD could do to help determine Generalized Parton Distributions (GPDs), and a session to plan how the output of the workshop will be documented.

The link  to the 2017 workshop is here: PDFLattice-2017

The link to the PDFLattice2017 White Paper is here: White Paper

Workshop participation is by invitation only

Organized by:

  • Abha Rajan
  • Alberto Accardi
  • Anatoly Radyushkin
  • Aurore Courtoy
  • C.-P. Yuan
  • Davison Soper
  • Emanuele Roberto Nocera
  • Fred Olness
  • Gerrit Schierholz
  • Huey-Wen Lin
  • Jian Liang
  • Jianhui Zhang
  • Jianwei Qiu
  • Jorge Benel
  • Ke-Fei Liu
  • Marco Radici
  • Markus Ebert
  • Martha Constantinou
  • Michael Engelhardt
  • Michael Wagman
  • Nikhil Karthik
  • Paul Reimer
  • Pavel Nadolsky
  • Rui Zhang
  • Simonetta Liuti
  • Ted Rogers
  • Timothy Hobbs
  • Tommaso Giani
  • Zhite Yu
  • Zhouyou Fan
Contact: Huey-Wen Lin
    • 1
      Speaker: Prof. Huey-Wen Lin (MSU)
    • Session 1
      Convener: Prof. Huey-Wen Lin (MSU)
      • 2
        New CTEQ-TEA Global Analysis with High Precision Data from the LHC
        Speaker: C.-P. Yuan (Michigan State University)
      • 3
        JAM: Update on universal QCD analysis
        Speaker: Alberto Accardi (Hampton U. and Jefferson Lab)
      • 4
        Nuclear parton distribution functions from NNPDF
        Speaker: Emanuele Roberto Nocera (Nikhef)
      • 5
    • 10:30 AM
      Coffee Break
    • Session 1
      Convener: Jianwei Qiu (Jefferson Lab)
      • 6
        Overview of Lattice Computations of PDF
        Speaker: Nikhil Karthik (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
      • 7
        Parton distributions from lattice data: the nonsinglet case
        Speaker: Tommaso Giani
      • 8
        PDFs from first principles
        Speaker: Gerrit Schierholz (DESY)
      • 9
    • 12:30 PM
    • Session 2
      Convener: Gerrit Schierholz (DESY)
    • 3:30 PM
      Coffee Break
    • Session 2
      Convener: Fred Olness
    • Session 4
      Convener: Alberto Accardi (Hampton U. and Jefferson Lab)
    • 10:45 AM
      Coffee Break
    • Session 4
      Convener: TIMOTHY J HOBBS (Southern Methodist University)
    • 12:30 PM
    • Session 3
      Convener: Simonetta Liuti
    • 3:30 PM
      Coffee Break
    • Session 3
      Convener: Pavel Nadolsky (Southern Methodist University)
      • 28
        Factorization with TMD PDFs
        Speaker: Ted Rogers (Old Dominion University)
      • 29
        Mapping the coming PDF-Lattice synergy
        Speaker: TIMOTHY J HOBBS (Southern Methodist University)
      • 30
        Hadronic tensor on the lattice: idea, status and prospect
        Speaker: Jian Liang (University of Kentucky)
      • 31
    • 5:45 PM
      Kellog House Tour
    • 6:45 PM
      Workshop Banquet
    • Session 5
      Convener: Fred Olness (Southern Methodist University (US))
    • 10:30 AM
      Coffee Break
    • Session 5
      Convener: Emanuele Roberto Nocera (The University of Edinburgh)
      • 34
        Examining parton distribution functions
        Speaker: Davison Soper (University of Oregon)
      • 35
        Whitepaper discussion
        Speaker: Fred Olness
    • 12:30 PM