17-21 October 2016
US/Pacific timezone

Contribution List

77 / 77
Helge Meinhard (CERN), Tony Wong (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
17/10/2016, 09:00
William Strecker-Kellogg (Brookhaven National Lab)
17/10/2016, 10:10
Site Reports

The site report contains the latest news and updates on
computing at BNL.

Rennie Scott (Fermilab)
17/10/2016, 12:25
Site Reports

News and updates from Fermilab.

Rennie Scott (Fermilab)
17/10/2016, 14:30
End-User IT Services & Operating Systems

Scientific Linux status and news.

Wayne Hendricks (California Institute of Technology (US))
17/10/2016, 17:45
Site Reports

Caltech site report (USCMS Tier 2 site)

Eric Yen (Academia Sinica Grid Computing), Felix.hung-te Lee (Academia Sinica (TW))
18/10/2016, 09:00
Site Reports

report on facility deployment, recent activities, collaborations and plans

Jerome Belleman (CERN)
18/10/2016, 09:15
Site Reports

News from CERN since the DESY workshop.

Martin Bly (STFC-RAL)
18/10/2016, 09:30
Site Reports

Latest news of activities at the RAL Tier1.

Paul Kuipers (Nikhef)
18/10/2016, 09:45
Site Reports

Update from Nikhef

Erik Mattias Wadenstein (University of Umeå (SE))
18/10/2016, 10:45
Site Reports

News and interesting events from NDGF and NeIC.

Andreas Petzold (KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (DE))
18/10/2016, 11:00
Site Reports

News about GridKa Tier-1 and other KIT IT projects and infrastructure.

Johan Henrik Guldmyr (Helsinki Institute of Physics (FI))
18/10/2016, 11:45
Site Reports
  • hardware renewal
  • dCache and OS upgrade
  • ansible
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