9th LHC Operations Evian Workshop

Hotel Ermitage

Hotel Ermitage

Rende Steerenberg (CERN)


The 9th LHC Operations Evian Workshop will take place at the Hotel Ermitage in EVIAN (74), France, from January 30th to February 1st, 2019.

Attendance is by invitation only.

The 9th LHC operations workshop aims at reviewing and documenting the whole run 2, from the re-commissioning after LS1 until the last beam dump in December 2018, and take lessons learned for the re-commissioning after LS2. This includes:

  • Review of the Run II LHC operation, performance and availability, including hardware and beam commissioning, both after LS1 and the YETS’;
  • Perform a critical review of individual system performance and address main issues encountered together with their mitigation;
  • Examine beam related issues for the adopted operational scenarios and outline the chosen solutions;
  • Highlight known open points related to hardware and/or beam operation and performance that remain to be addressed before or during the re-commissioning after LS2;
  • List principal work and changes foreseen for LS2 that need to be taken into account for the re-commissioning;
  • A preliminary outlook to the possible Run III performance reach. 



Chair: Rende Steerenberg Program Committee      
  - Wolfgang Bartmann
Co-Chair: Jorg Wenninger - Enrico Bravin
  - Markus Brugger
Editors of the Proceedings - Elias Metral
- Michaela Schaumann - David Nisbet
- David Walsh - Yannis Papaphilippou
- Sylvia Dubourg - Stefano Redaelli
  - Rende Steerenberg
Informatics & Infrastructure support - Helga Timko
- Hervé Martinet - Jorg Wenninger
  - Markus Zerlauth
Workshop Secretary: Sylvia Dubourg