14th International Workshop on Boosted Object Phenomenology, Reconstruction, Measurements and Searches in HEP

from Monday, August 15, 2022 (9:00 AM) to Friday, August 19, 2022 (9:45 PM)
University of Hamburg (Auditorium VMP8)

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Aug 15, 2022
Aug 16, 2022
Aug 17, 2022
Aug 18, 2022
Aug 19, 2022
10:30 AM
Long talks - Roman Kogler (DESY (DE)) (until 12:00 PM) (Auditorium VMP8)
10:30 AM Introduction to BOOST - Andreas Hinzmann (Hamburg University (DE)) Roman Kogler (DESY (DE))   (Auditorium VMP8)
10:40 AM Experimental introduction - Matt LeBlanc (CERN)   (Auditorium VMP8)
11:20 AM Machine Learning for Jet Substructure - Marat Freytsis (Rutgers University)   (Auditorium VMP8)
9:00 AM
QCD - Giovanni Stagnitto (University of Zurich) (until 10:20 AM) (Auditorium VMP8)
9:00 AM First measurement of anti-kT jet spectra and jet substructure using the archived ALEPH e+e- data at 91.2 GeV - Yi Chen (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (US))   (Auditorium VMP8)
9:20 AM Celestial Non-Gaussianities in Collider Energy Flux - Hao Chen   (Auditorium VMP8)
9:40 AM Collinear Parton Dynamics Beyond DGLAP - Yibei Li   (Auditorium VMP8)
10:00 AM Jet substructure and constraining non-perturbative effects in pp collisions with ALICE - Gian Michele Innocenti (CERN)   (Auditorium VMP8)
10:20 AM
Breaks (until 11:00 AM) (Foyer of VMP8)
11:00 AM
QCD -Dr Aditya Pathak (University of Manchester) (until 12:20 PM) (Auditorium VMP8)
11:00 AM Jet angularities in Z+jet and dijet production - Daniel Reichelt (Durham University, IPPP)   (Auditorium VMP8)
11:20 AM New Flavours of Jet Flavor - Andrew Larkoski (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory) Dr Simone Marzani   (Auditorium VMP8)
11:40 AM Going off topics to demix quarks and gluons when extracting alphaS - Matt LeBlanc (CERN)   (Auditorium VMP8)
12:00 PM A dress of flavour to suit any jet - Giovanni Stagnitto (University of Zurich)   (Auditorium VMP8)
9:00 AM
Taggers - Chris Malena Delitzsch (Technische Universitaet Dortmund (DE)) (until 10:40 AM) (Auditorium VMP8)
9:00 AM Boosted W/Z boson and top tagging in ATLAS - Tobias Fitschen (University of Manchester)   (Auditorium VMP8)
9:20 AM Jet SIFT-ing - Prof. Joel Walker (Sam Houston State University)   (Auditorium VMP8)
9:40 AM Particle Transformer for Jet Tagging - Congqiao Li (Peking University (CN))   (Auditorium VMP8)
10:00 AM Substructure tagging with mass and pt dependent variable-R jet clustering and a soft drop veto - Anna Albrecht (Hamburg University (DE))   (Auditorium VMP8)
10:20 AM Tagging with substructure: Designing robust taggers with high-level observables - Alberto Rescia (DESY (DE) & Università di Genova (IT))   (Auditorium VMP8)
10:50 AM
Breaks (until 11:20 AM) (Foyer of VMP8)
11:20 AM
Taggers - Jennifer Roloff (Brookhaven National Laboratory (US)) (until 1:20 PM) (Auditorium VMP8)
11:20 AM Modified Matrix Elements for Enhanced Decorrelation in Boosted Resonance Identification, Regression, and Calibration - Jeffrey Krupa (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   (Auditorium VMP8)
11:40 AM Towards discrimination and improved modelling of dark sector showers - Sukanya Sinha (University of Witwatersrand)   (Auditorium VMP8)
12:00 PM Feature selection using Distance Correlation - RANIT DAS   (Auditorium VMP8)
12:20 PM Autoencoders for semivisible jet detection - Jeremi Niedziela (ETH Zurich (CH))   (Auditorium VMP8)
12:40 PM DeXTer: Deep Sets based Neural Networks for Low-pT X->bbbar Identification in ATLAS - Yuan-Tang Chou (University of Massachusetts (US))   (Auditorium VMP8)
1:00 PM Jet tagging algorithm respecting Lorentz group symmetry - Congqiao Li (Peking University (CN))   (Auditorium VMP8)
9:00 AM
Heavy Ions - Carlota Andres (Ecole Polytechnique, CPHT) (until 10:20 AM) (Auditorium VMP8)
9:00 AM Beautiful and Charming Energy Correlators - Kyle Lee   (Auditorium VMP8)
9:20 AM Measurement of multijet events with ATLAS - Manuel Alvarez Estevez (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (ES))   (Auditorium VMP8)
9:40 AM Jet quenching in evolving anisotropic matter - Xoan Mayo Lopez (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (ES))   (Auditorium VMP8)
10:00 AM ALICE results on the dead cone effect - Nima Zardoshti (CERN)   (Auditorium VMP8)
10:20 AM
Breaks (until 10:50 AM) (Foyer of VMP8)
10:50 AM
Heavy Ions - Philip Coleman Harris (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (US)) (until 12:30 PM) (Auditorium VMP8)
10:50 AM Recent advances in jet substructure as a probe for jet quenching with ALICE - Ezra Douglas Lesser (University of California Berkeley (US))   (Auditorium VMP8)
11:10 AM Recent jet substructure measurements in heavy-ion collisions with the CMS experiment - Jussi Viinikainen (Vanderbilt University (US))   (Auditorium VMP8)
11:30 AM Measuring energy correlations on jets in heavy-ion collisions - Carlota Andres (Ecole Polytechnique, CPHT)   (Auditorium VMP8)
11:50 AM Jet substructure measurements in heavy-ion collisions with ATLAS - Dhanush Anil Hangal (Lawrence Livermore Nat. Laboratory (US))   (Auditorium VMP8)
12:10 PM A unified picture of medium-induced radiation - Adam Takacs (University of Bergen)   (Auditorium VMP8)
10:00 AM
Long talks - Petar Maksimovic (Johns Hopkins University (US)) (until 11:00 AM) (Auditorium VMP8)
10:00 AM Experimental summary - Cristina Ana Mantilla Suarez (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US))   (Auditorium VMP8)
11:00 AM
Breaks (until 11:30 AM) (Foyer of VMP8)
11:30 AM
Long talks - Petar Maksimovic (Johns Hopkins University (US)) (until 12:45 PM) (Auditorium VMP8)
11:30 AM Theory summary - Dr Andrea Banfi (University of Sussex)   (Auditorium VMP8)
12:30 PM Closing - Roman Kogler (DESY (DE)) Andreas Hinzmann (Hamburg University (DE))   (Auditorium VMP8)
12:00 PM --- Lunch ---
1:30 PM
BSM - Clemens Lange (Paul Scherrer Institute (CH)) (until 3:10 PM) (Auditorium VMP8)
1:30 PM Search for heavy BSM particles coupling to third generation quarks at CMS - Dr Denis Rathjens (Texas A & M University (US))   (Auditorium VMP8)
1:50 PM Searches for heavy resonances decaying into Z, W and Higgs bosons at CMS - Sotiroulla Konstantinou (University of Cyprus (CY))   (Auditorium VMP8)
2:10 PM Searches for resonances decaying to pairs of heavy bosons in ATLAS - Ali El Moussaouy (Universite Hassan II, Ain Chock (MA))   (Auditorium VMP8)
2:30 PM Searches for boosted resonances (non-diboson) with the ATLAS detector - Lars Henkelmann (University of Cambridge (GB))   (Auditorium VMP8)
2:50 PM Testing the Standard Model in boosted top quark production with the ATLAS experiment at the LHC - Kevin Sedlaczek (Technische Universitaet Dortmund (DE))   (Auditorium VMP8)
3:10 PM
Breaks (until 4:00 PM) (Foyer of VMP8)
4:00 PM
ML - Gregor Kasieczka (Hamburg University (DE)) (until 5:40 PM) (Auditorium VMP8)
4:00 PM Bridge between Classical & Quantum Machine Learning - Jack Araz (IPPP - Durham University)   (Auditorium VMP8)
4:20 PM Symmetries, Safety, and Self-Supervision - Lorenz Vogel (Heidelberg University)   (Auditorium VMP8)
4:40 PM Embedding quarks and gluons in a lower dimensional space for learning the latent structure - Sang Eon Park (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (US))   (Auditorium VMP8)
5:00 PM Can You Hear the Shape of a Jet? - Rikab Gambhir (MIT)   (Auditorium VMP8)
5:20 PM NAE bother, anomalies - Luigi Favaro   (Auditorium VMP8)
7:00 PM Reception   ()
12:20 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM
QCD - Juergen Reuter (DESY Hamburg, Germany) (until 3:20 PM) (Auditorium VMP8)
2:00 PM Lund and Cambridge multiplicity for precision physics - Rok Medves   (Auditorium VMP8)
2:20 PM NNLL QCD resummation of additive observables computed on groomed jets - Jack Helliwell   (Auditorium VMP8)
2:40 PM Dissecting groomed soft radiation with factorization at the LHC - Anna Ferdinand Aditya Pathak (University of Manchester)   (Auditorium VMP8)
3:00 PM Conformal colliders meet the LHC - Ian Moult (Yale University) Kyle Lee (Berkeley National Laboratory ) Bianka Mecaj   (Auditorium VMP8)
3:20 PM
Breaks (until 3:50 PM) (Foyer of VMP8)
3:50 PM
Poster session (until 4:40 PM) (Foyer of VMP8)
3:50 PM Boost-Invariant Polynomials: an efficient and interpretable approach to jet tagging - Jose Miguel Munoz Arias   (Foyer of VMP8)
3:50 PM Calomplification: The Power of Generative Calorimeter Models - Daniel Hundhausen (Hamburg University (DE))   (Foyer of VMP8)
3:50 PM Classifying Anomalies THrough Outer Density Estimation (CATHODE) - Tobias Quadfasel (Hamburg University (DE)) Manuel Sommerhalder (Hamburg University (DE))   (Foyer of VMP8)
3:50 PM Constituent-Based Top-Quark Tagging with the ATLAS Detector - Kevin Thomas Greif (University of California Irvine (US))   (Foyer of VMP8)
3:50 PM Displaced fat-jets and tracks to probe boosted right-handed neutrinos in the $U(1)_{B-L}$ model - Ms ROJALIN PADHAN (Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar)   (Foyer of VMP8)
3:50 PM Ephemeral Learning - Augmenting Triggers with Online-Trained Normalizing Flows - Sascha Daniel Diefenbacher (Hamburg University (DE))   (Foyer of VMP8)
3:50 PM Generative Models for Fast Simulation of Electromagnetic and Hadronic Showers in Highly Granular Calorimeters - Engin Eren (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE))   (Foyer of VMP8)
3:50 PM Graph Neural Network (GNN) based Truth-tagging Tool in ATLAS - Lakmin Wickremasinghe (Osaka University (JP))   (Foyer of VMP8)
3:50 PM Jet tagging with the Boosted Event Shape Tagger at CMS - Brendan Regnery (University of California Davis (US))   (Foyer of VMP8)
3:50 PM Machine learning approaches for parameter reweighting in MC samples of top quark production in CMS - Valentina Guglielmi (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE))   (Foyer of VMP8)
3:50 PM Neural network-based differential equation solver and application to medium induced radiation - Chang Wu (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)   (Foyer of VMP8)
3:50 PM Point Cloud Deep Learning Methods for Pion Reconstruction in the ATLAS Detector - Jan Tuzlic Offermann (University of Chicago (US))   (Foyer of VMP8)
3:50 PM Point Cloud Generation for Collider Events - Erik Buhmann (Hamburg University (DE))   (Foyer of VMP8)
3:50 PM Search for new resonances decaying into a Higgs boson and a generic new boson X in the XH -> qqbb final state with the ATLAS detector - Silvia Auricchio (Universita e INFN sezione di Napoli (IT))   (Foyer of VMP8)
3:50 PM Search for single production of a vector-like T quark decaying into a Higgs boson and top quark with fully hadronic final states using the ATLAS detector - Sahibjeet Singh (University of Toronto (CA))   (Foyer of VMP8)
3:50 PM Unified Flow performance in ATLAS - Nathan Lalloue (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR))   (Foyer of VMP8)
4:40 PM
Long talks -Dr Simone Marzani (until 5:40 PM) (Auditorium VMP8)
4:40 PM 16 Years of Boosting - Andrew Larkoski (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)   (Auditorium VMP8)
1:30 PM
IAC meeting (until 2:30 PM) (Seminar room 106, VMP8)
7:00 PM Dinner   ()
12:30 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM
Top/EW/QCD -Prof. Freya Blekman (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE)) (until 3:40 PM) (Auditorium VMP8)
2:00 PM Measurement of ttbar charge asymmetry in highly boosted events in the single lepton channel at 13 TeV - Titas Roy (University of Illinois at Chicago (US))   (Auditorium VMP8)
2:20 PM Identifying the many faces of EW jets - Marc Riembau Saperas   (Auditorium VMP8)
2:40 PM Weighing the Top with Energy Correlators - Dr Jack Holguin (CPHT, Ecole Polytechnique)   (Auditorium VMP8)
3:00 PM Measurement of the jet mass distribution of boosted top quarks and the top quark mass with CMS - Alexander Paasch (Hamburg University (DE))   (Auditorium VMP8)
3:20 PM Prospects for strong coupling measurement using jet grooming at hadron colliders - Hofie Hannesdottir   (Auditorium VMP8)
3:40 PM
Breaks (until 4:30 PM) (Foyer of VMP8)
4:30 PM
Performance - Peter Loch (University of Arizona (US)) (until 5:45 PM) (Auditorium VMP8)
4:30 PM Jet performance and pileup mitigation in CMS - Garvita Agarwal (The State University of New York SUNY (US))   (Auditorium VMP8)
4:50 PM Jet and MET reconstruction and calibration in ATLAS - Christopher Young (Albert Ludwigs Universitaet Freiburg (DE))   (Auditorium VMP8)
5:10 PM Safely Eating Junk: Pileup and Infrared Radiation Annihilation (PIRANHA) - Samuel Alipour-fard   (Auditorium VMP8)
5:30 PM The global Feature Extractor: Hardware Triggers for Jets in Run 3 and Beyond - Emily Ann Smith (University of Chicago (US))   (Auditorium VMP8)
5:45 PM
Long talks - Robin Erbacher (University of California Davis (US)) (until 7:20 PM) (Auditorium VMP8)
5:50 PM Jets and Jet Substructure at Future Colliders - Clemens Lange (Paul Scherrer Institute (CH))   (Auditorium VMP8)
6:20 PM Discussion: Future directions and goals   (Auditorium VMP8)