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Hands on Quantum Mechanics 2015

P9 (Dep. Matemática) (IST, Lisbon)

P9 (Dep. Matemática)

IST, Lisbon


The main goal of this activity is to gather a group of students currently at the 3rd and 4th year of MEFT to work on topics related with Quantum Mechanics. The activities will be supervised by Filipe Joaquim. Several progress meetings will be organised and short courses/talks will be given.

Preliminary list of speakers:

- Pedro Bicudo (CFTP)

- Gustavo C. Branco (CFTP)

- David Costa (CFTP)

- Duarte Fontes (CFTP)

- Filipe Joaquim (CFTP)

- Sofia Leitão (CFTP)

- João Penedo (SISSA, Trieste)

- Margarida Rebelo (CFTP)

This event is supported by Centro de Física Teórica de Partículas (CFTP)

  • Alberto Nicolicea
  • André Melo
  • Bernardo Gonçalves
  • Bruno Alves
  • Duarte Gonçalves
  • Débora Barreiros
  • Filipe Rafael Joaquim
  • Frederico Sousa
  • Gonçalo Catarina
  • Inês Terrucha
  • João Lourenço
  • João Sabino
  • João Seabra
  • Leonel Queimada
  • Mariana Araújo
  • Marta Reis
  • Miguel Levy
  • Nuno Santos
  • Paulo Gomes
  • Pedro Cal
  • Rodrigo Vicente
  • Rui Torres
  • Sofia Freitas