QCD challenges in pp, pA and AA collisions at high energies

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Other Institutes

ECT*-Trento Villazzano Tambosi TRENTO

ECT* - EMMI/GSI Workshop, Villa Tambosi, Trento

This workshop aims at bringing together experimentalists and theorists for discussions in order to improve the understanding of some QCD  processes for which experimental data have recently become available at the ongoing RHIC and LHC programmes. Theorists and representatives from the RHIC and LHC experiments will be invited to present status reports on the following topics:

-- Particle and multi-particle production  in pp, pA amd AA collisions

-- Signals of gluon shadowing at low-x

-- Central exclusive production in pp collisions

-- Ultra-peripheral physics in pA and AA collisions



-- Guillermo  Contreras, Czech Technical University

-- Victor Goncalves,  Universidade Federal de Pelotas

-- Rainer Schicker, University Heidelberg

-- Antoni Szczurek, Rzeszow University and PAN Cracow




    • 1
      Speaker: Jochen Wambach, ECT* (ECT*)
    • 2
      EPOS overview
      Speaker: Klaus Werner
    • 3
      Origin of QGP like effect in small systems - how to make experimental progress
      Speaker: Peter Christiansen (Lund University (SE))
    • 10:40 AM
    • 4
      QCD challenges in pp scattering at the LHC
      Speaker: Laszlo Jenkovszky
    • 5
      Flow, femtoscopy and correlations in pp, pPb and PbPb collisions at ALICE
      Speaker: Hans Beck (Ruprecht-Karls-Universitaet Heidelberg (DE))
    • 12:30 PM
    • 6
      The Spin Structure of the Soft Pomeron
      Speaker: Carlo Ewerz
    • 7
      An experimentalist's overview of the central exclusive production of $2\pi$ and $4\pi$ systems
      Speaker: Suh-Urk Chung (Pusan National University (KR))
    • 3:00 PM
    • 8
      Production studies in LHCb using proton beams, lead beams and fixed targets
      Speaker: Albert Bursche (Universita e INFN, Cagliari (IT))
    • 9
      Light flavour results in pp, pPb and PbPb collisions at ALICE
      Speaker: Francesca Bellini (Universita e INFN, Bologna (IT))
    • 10
    • 11
      Vector meson photoproduction in in ultra-peripheral p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions at the LHC with the ALICE
      Speaker: Michal Broz (Czech Technical University (CZ))
    • 12
      Photon-pomeron fusion with electromagnetic and diffractive dissociation
      Speaker: Wolfgang Schaefer (Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN)
    • 10:20 AM
    • 13
      Dissociative charmonia photoproduction as a signal of gluon saturation
      Speaker: Jan Cepila (Czech Technical University (CZ))
    • 14
      Gluon saturation effects in UPHIC
      Speaker: Victor Gonçalves (Universidade Federal de Pelotas)
    • 15
      Small x gluon shadowing from LHC data on coherent J/psi photoproduction
      Speaker: Jesus Guillermo Contreras Nuno (Czech Technical University (CZ))
    • 12:30 PM
    • 16
      Forward amplitude analyses in elastic hadron scattering and the TOTEM data
      Speaker: Paulo V.R.G. Silva (State University of Campinas)
    • 17
      Leading Neutron production in ep, pp and pA collisions
      Speaker: Diego Spiering
    • 18
      Exclusive diffractive processes with saturation at NLO accuracy
      Speaker: Renaud Boussarie (IFJ Krakow)
    • 3:00 PM
    • 19
      Saturation of gluon TMDs at small-x probed with forward di-jets in pA collisions
      Speaker: Cyrille Marquet (CPHT - Ecole Polytechnique)
    • 20
      Charm production in association with jets at the LHC
      Speaker: Rafal Maciula (Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN)
    • 21
    • 22
      Heavy-flavor and quarkonia production in STAR
      Speaker: Petr Chaloupka (Czech Technical University in Prague)
    • 23
      Colour dipole approach to Drell-Yan and heavy quarkonia production at RHIC and LHC
      Speaker: Dr Michal Sumbera (Nuclear Physics Institute, Acad. of Sciences of the Czech Rep. (CZ))
    • 10:20 AM
    • 24
      Double parton scattering and Poisson statistics
      Speaker: Rafał Staszewski (IFJ PAN Cracow (PL))
    • 25
      Gluonic hot spots and spatial correlations inside the proton
      Speaker: Alba Soto Ontoso (UGR/FIAS)
    • 26
    • 12:30 PM
    • 27
      Study of Sigma0 production in pp at 7 TeV and resonance studies at ALICE
      Speaker: Alexander Borissov (Pusan National University (KR))
    • 28
      Open heavy flavor and quarkonia results in pp, pA and AA collisions at ALICE
      Speaker: Elena Bruna (Universita e INFN Torino (IT))
    • 29
      The ATLAS forward detector project
      Speaker: Maciej Trzebinski (Polish Academy of Sciences (PL))
    • 3:30 PM
    • 30
      Inclusive production of vector quarkonia at the LHC
      Speaker: Anna Cisek (University of Rzeszow)
    • 31
      Inclusive double J/psi production at the LHC
      Speaker: Antoni Szczurek (Institute of Nuclear Physics)
    • 32
    • 33
      Experimental challenges for central production measurements at the LHC
      Speaker: Rainer Schicker (Ruprecht-Karls-Universitaet Heidelberg (DE))
    • 34
      GenEx - Exclusive Meson Generator
      Speaker: Maciej Trzebinski (Polish Academy of Sciences (PL))
    • 35
      Some new results for central exclusive production in pp collisions
      Speaker: Piotr Lebiedowicz (Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN)
    • 10:30 AM
    • 36
      Three pomeron exchange mechanism of four-pion continuum production in the pp $\rightarrow$ pp $\pi^{+}\pi^{-}\pi^{+}\pi^{-}$ −process
      Speaker: Radosław Kycia (Cracow University of Technology)
    • 37
      Particle production and exclusive production in pp collisions in ATLAS
      Speaker: Valentina Cairo (Universita della Calabria (IT))
    • 12:30 PM
    • 38
      Central exclusive production in LHCb
      Speaker: Murilo Santana Rangel (Federal University of of Rio de Janeiro (BR))
    • 39
      Photoproduction of Upsilon states in UPCs at the LHC within the color dipole approach
      Speaker: Magno Machado (Unknown)
    • 3:00 PM
    • 40
      Double Vector Meson Production in Photon - Induced Interactions at Hadron Colliders
      Speaker: Bruno Moreira
    • 41
      Exotic Charmonium in photon-photon collisions at the LHC
      Speaker: Fernando Navarra
    • 42
      The Challenge of Understanding QCD
      Speaker: Stanislaw Glazek
    • 43
      Jet-gap-jet: studies of gap survival factor
      Speaker: Izabela Babiarz
    • 44
      Diffractive dijet production at the k$_t$ -factorization approach
      Speaker: Marta Luszczak (University of Rzeszow)
    • 45
      Particle production and QGP effects in pp and pA with the DIPSY generator
      Speaker: Christian Bierlich (Lund University (SE))
    • 10:40 AM
    • 46
    • 12:30 PM