Correlations in Partonic and Hadronic Interactions - 2020 (CPHI-2020)

from Monday, February 3, 2020 (12:00 AM) to Friday, February 7, 2020 (11:00 PM)
CERN (774/R-013)

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Feb 3, 2020
Feb 4, 2020
Feb 5, 2020
Feb 6, 2020
Feb 7, 2020
8:30 AM --- Registration ---
9:00 AM
Morning - Franco Bradamante (Universita e INFN Trieste (IT)) (until 11:00 AM) (774/R-013)
9:00 AM Welcome - Eckhard Elsen (CERN)   (774/R-013)
9:20 AM Extraction of unpolarized TMDs: successes and problems - Prof. Alessandro Bacchetta (University of Pavia)   (774/R-013)
9:45 AM The transverse spin structure of the nucleon: overview and perspectives of COMPASS SIDIS measurements - Anna Martin (Trieste University and INFN (IT))   (774/R-013)
10:10 AM The Jefferson Lab TMD Studies at 12 GeV - Patrizia Rossi (Jefferson Lab / INFN-LNF)   (774/R-013)
10:35 AM Recent Results from RHIC: Cold QCD & Spin - Dr Oleg Eyser (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   (774/R-013)
11:00 AM --- Coffee break ---
11:20 AM
Morning - Harut Avakian (until 12:35 PM) (774/R-013)
11:20 AM Helicity Distributions and OAM at Small x - Prof. Yuri Kovchegov (The Ohio State University)   (774/R-013)
11:45 AM The origin of single transverse-spin asymmetries in high-energy collisions - Alexey Prokudin   (774/R-013)
12:10 PM Recent HERMES results on polarized semi-inclusive deep-inelastic scattering - Gunar Schnell   (774/R-013)
9:00 AM
Morning - Patrizia Rossi (Jefferson Lab) (until 10:40 AM) (774/R-013)
9:00 AM Transverse momentum weighted transverse spin asymmetries at COMPASS - Jan Matousek (Universita e INFN Trieste (IT))   (774/R-013)
9:25 AM Dihadron beam-spin asymmetries at CLAS12 - Timothy Hayward (The College of William and Mary)   (774/R-013)
9:50 AM SIDIS Single Pion Beam Spin Asymmetry measurements with CLAS 12 - Dr Stefan Diehl (JLU Giessen and UCONN)   (774/R-013)
10:15 AM Transverse Single Spin Asymmetries in the $pp \to p\pi^{0}X$ Process at STAR - Christopher Dilks (Duke University)   (774/R-013)
10:40 AM --- Coffee break ---
11:10 AM
Morning - Anna Martin (Trieste University and INFN (IT)) (until 12:25 PM) (774/R-013)
11:10 AM Inclusion of vector meson production in the Monte Carlo simulation of polarized quark fragmentation - Albi Kerbizi (Universita e INFN Trieste (IT))   (774/R-013)
11:35 AM Two-Photon-Exchange Corrections to SIDIS - Prof. Andrei Afanasev (George Washington University)   (774/R-013)
12:00 PM Radiative corrections in polarized SIDIS - Alexander Ilyichev   (774/R-013)
9:00 AM
Morning - Charlotte Van Hulse (University College Dublin (IE)) (until 10:40 AM) (774/R-013)
9:00 AM Mechanical properties of particles - Maxim V. Polyakov   (774/R-013)
9:25 AM overview of the COMPASS GPD program - Dr Nicole d'Hose (CEA - Université Paris-Saclay)   (774/R-013)
9:50 AM Challenges in Nuclear Femtography - latifa Elouadrhiri (Jefferson Lab)   (774/R-013)
10:15 AM Study of GPDs at HERMES - Prof. Hrachya Marukyan (A.Alikhanyan National Science Laboratory (Yerevan Physics Institute))   (774/R-013)
10:40 AM --- Coffee break ---
11:00 AM
Morning - Gerhard Mallot (Albert Ludwigs Universitaet Freiburg (DE)) (until 12:40 PM) (774/R-013)
11:00 AM Chiral Odd GPDs - Gary Goldstein (Tufts University)   (774/R-013)
11:25 AM Studies of Transversity GPDs - Valery Kubarovsky   (774/R-013)
11:50 AM The proton charge radius from the PRad experiment - Prof. Haiyan Gao (Duke University)   (774/R-013)
12:15 PM Proton radius with COMPASS++/AMBER - Jan Friedrich (Technische Universitaet Muenchen (DE))   (774/R-013)
9:00 AM
Morning - Alexey Vladimirov (until 10:40 AM) (774/R-013)
9:00 AM Large Transverse Momentum - Dr Ted Rogers (Old Dominion University/Jefferson Lab)   (774/R-013)
9:25 AM TMDs and collinear twist-3 functions in the CSS formalism - Leonard Gamberg (Penn State University Berks)   (774/R-013)
9:50 AM Comparing single spin asymmetries in hadronic and heavy-ion collisions - Oleg Teryaev (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (RU))   (774/R-013)
10:15 AM Hadron structure and dynamics in Minkowski space - Tobias Frederico (Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica)   (774/R-013)
10:40 AM --- Coffee break ---
11:10 AM
Morning - Leonard Gamberg (Penn State University Berks) (until 12:25 PM) (774/R-013)
11:10 AM QCD factorization and hadron production near threshold - Dr Jianwei Qiu (Jefferson Lab)   (774/R-013)
11:35 AM The spin content of the nucleon sea - Prof. Bo-Qiang Ma (Peking University)   (774/R-013)
12:00 PM The Strong Conjecture for Confinement - Prof. Dennis Sivers (Portland Physics Institute)   (774/R-013)
9:00 AM
Morning - Alexey Prokudin (until 10:40 AM) (774/R-013)
9:00 AM EIC: the science program and machine designs - Robert McKeown (Jefferson Lab)   (774/R-013)
9:25 AM The LHCspin project - Dr Pasquale Di Nezza (INFN e Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati (IT))   (774/R-013)
9:50 AM Physics with charmonia at the SPD and AMBER experiments - Igor Denisenko (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (RU))   (774/R-013)
10:15 AM Probing Gluon Sivers Function in J/Psi Production at EIC - Dr Asmita Mukherjee   (774/R-013)
10:40 AM --- Coffee break ---
11:10 AM
Morning - Marco Contalbrigo (INFN - National Institute for Nuclear Physics) (until 12:50 PM) (774/R-013)
11:10 AM Advancing hadronization: From inclusive production to multiparticle correlations - Christine Aidala (University of Michigan (US))   (774/R-013)
11:35 AM Concluding remarks - Franco Bradamante (Universita e INFN Trieste (IT))   (774/R-013)
12:00 PM From the QCD Lagrangian to Hadron Structure and Interactions: A 55-Year Experience - Stanley J. Brodsky (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Stanford University)   (774/R-013)
12:35 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM
Afternoon - Alessandro Bacchetta (University of Pavia) (until 3:40 PM) (774/R-013)
2:00 PM Extraction of Sivers and Transversity: access to the exotics of polarized parton densities - Dr Marco Radici (INFN)   (774/R-013)
2:25 PM Description of unpolarized DY and SIDIS data within TMD factorization - Alexey Vladimirov   (774/R-013)
2:50 PM Accessing TMDs with an unpolarised target at HERMES - Charlotte Van Hulse (University College Dublin (IE))   (774/R-013)
3:15 PM TMD observables in unpolarised SIDIS at COMPASS - Andrea Moretti (Universita e INFN Trieste (IT))   (774/R-013)
3:40 PM --- Coffee break ---
4:10 PM
Afternoon - Gunar Schnell (until 5:50 PM) (774/R-013)
4:10 PM COMPASS results on pion and kaon multiplicities in DIS and ratios of K-/K+ and pbar/p multiplicities. - Fabienne Kunne (Université Paris-Saclay (FR))   (774/R-013)
4:35 PM unpolarized fragmentation related measurements at Belle - Ralf Seidl (RIKEN)   (774/R-013)
5:00 PM Hadronization with polarization degrees of freedom - Anselm Vossen (Duke University)   (774/R-013)
5:25 PM Universality-breaking effects in e+e- hadroproduction - Andrea Simonelli (University of Torino and INFN Torino)   (774/R-013)
6:30 PM --- Welcome drink ---
12:25 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM
Afternoon - Fulvio Tessarotto (Universita e INFN Trieste (IT)) (until 3:40 PM) (774/R-013)
2:00 PM Probing nucleon’s structures using Drell-Yan process with unpolarized/polarized targets at Fermilab - Dr Andrew (aka Yen-Chu) Chen (UIUC)   (774/R-013)
2:25 PM Drell-Yan measurements at COMPASS - Riccardo Longo (Univ. Illinois at Urbana Champaign (US))   (774/R-013)
2:50 PM Power corrections at moderate qT from Reggeized Partons - Vladimir Saleev (Samara National Research University)   (774/R-013)
3:15 PM Measurement of pion induced Drell-Yan at AMBER experiment - Marcia Quaresma (LIP Laboratorio de Instrumentacao e Fisica Experimental de Part)   (774/R-013)
3:40 PM --- Coffee break ---
4:10 PM
AKM-70 - Bakur Parsamyan (CERN, University of Turin and INFN) (until 5:50 PM) (774/R-013)
4:10 PM Aram’s no-nonsense TMD’s - Piet Mulders (VU/Nikhef)   (774/R-013)
4:30 PM SSAs in Electroproduction - Dr Harut Avakian   (774/R-013)
4:50 PM Physics at the back of an envelope - Alexey Prokudin   (774/R-013)
5:10 PM Exploring the spin effects in dihadrons with Aram - Dr Hrayr Matevosyan (University of Adelaide)   (774/R-013)
5:30 PM Nucleon-spin-dependent azimuthal asymmetries and beyond: AKM 55-70 - Bakur Parsamyan (CERN, University of Turin and INFN)   (774/R-013)
6:30 PM --- AKM-70 celebration ---
12:40 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM
Afternoon - Jan Friedrich (Technische Universitaet Muenchen (DE)) (until 3:40 PM) (774/R-013)
2:00 PM Prompt photon production in the $k_T$-factorization: parton Reggeization approach} - Prof. Vladimir Saleev (Samara National Research University)   (774/R-013)
2:25 PM Gluon structure of hadrons with prompt photons at COMPASS-AMBER and NICA-SPD. - Dr Alexey Guskov (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (RU))   (774/R-013)
2:50 PM The transverse single spin asymmetry in photon SIDIS - Marc Schlegel (New Mexico State University)   (774/R-013)
3:15 PM Has vector meson polarization the impact on its interaction with matter? - Dr Sergey Gevorkyan (JINR)   (774/R-013)
3:40 PM --- Coffee break ---
4:10 PM
Afternoon - Harut Avakian (until 6:15 PM) (774/R-013)
4:10 PM New Results on PDFs in Nucleons and Nuclei - Misak Sargsian (Florida International University)   (774/R-013)
4:35 PM Present and Future Studies of Color Transparency and Hadronization in Hall B - Dr Michael Wood (Canisius College)   (774/R-013)
5:00 PM Baryon-to-meson Transition Distribution Amplitudes: basic properties, physical interpretation and experimental perspectives - Dr Kirill Semenov-Tian-Shansky (PNPI)   (774/R-013)
5:25 PM Bound and Free Nucleon Structure - Prof. Eli Piasetzky (Tel Aviv University)   (774/R-013)
12:25 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM
SJB-80 - Gunar Schnell (until 3:40 PM) (774/R-013)
2:00 PM Nuclei as Laboratories for QCD - Prof. Liuti Simonetta   (774/R-013)
2:25 PM Stan Brodsky and the 1974 November Revolution - Dennis Sivers (Portland Physics Institute)   (774/R-013)
2:50 PM From Light-Cone Wave Functions to Generalized Parton Distributions - Markus Diehl (DESY)   (774/R-013)
3:15 PM The ultimate free lunch: the light-front vacuum - Prof. Matthias Burkardt (New Mexico State University)   (774/R-013)
3:40 PM --- Coffee break ---
4:10 PM
SJB-80 - Matthias Burkardt (until 6:30 PM) (774/R-013)
4:10 PM Fock expansion of Bound States - Paul Hoyer (University of Helsinki)   (774/R-013)
4:35 PM Light-Front Holographic QCD: From counting rules to a unified description of parton distributions - Prof. Guy de Teramond (UCR)   (774/R-013)
5:00 PM A Fixed-Target Program at the LHC: the genesis - Jean-Philippe Lansberg (Université Paris-Saclay (FR))   (774/R-013)
5:25 PM A Gauge Principle in Financial Markets - Alex Langnau   (774/R-013)
7:00 PM --- Conference dinner and SJB-80 celebration ---
12:50 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM --- Visit to COMPASS experiment ---