Topical Workshop on Injection and Injection Systems

Bessy II Berlin

Bessy II Berlin

BESSY II Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin Albert-Einstein-Str. 15 12489 Berlin Germany
Michael Boge (Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI)), riccardo bartolini (Diamond Light Source and John Adams Institute)

We are pleased to announce that the first Topical Workshop on Injection and Injection systems will be organized by HZB (BESSY II) on the 28th-30th August 2017 as a sub-series of Ring for Low Emittance (RULε) workshops within the newly EU funded ARIES programme (Accelerator Research and Innovation for European Science and Society).

The aim of the workshop is to bring together experts from the scientific community working on Injection and Injections Systems for ultra-low emittance machines, including light source storage rings, damping rings, and future e+/e- circular colliders.

A strong R&D effort has been ongoing in the optimisation of the beam dynamics of such accelerators and devising novel injection scheme to refine and improve the injection process. New schemes for off axis injection and on axis injection with and without accumulation are under development. These include the use of nonlinear kickers, schemes with reduced separation of injected and stored beam, anti-septum, off energy injection, longitudinal off phase injection. At the other end new schemes based on the full swap out of the stored bunches have been proposed and drive the development of the technology of fast kickers with short rise/fall time, long stable flat top, and reduced ringing, with very similar tolerances and requirements as the extraction kickers of damping rings for linear colliders. All these schemes should be compatible with transparent top-up operation and will in any case benefit from an improved optimisation of the nonlinear dynamics to extend the DA and MA as much as possible, which in the case of e+/e- colliders becomes even more critical and complex due to the detrimental impact of beam-beam effects.

The workshop plans to discuss the different schemes, highlighting the relative pros and cons, identifying the R&D needs, gathering expression of interests for common R&D in different laboratories, on different technology including kicker, stripline and pulsers design and performance. The workshop aims at fostering links with the industrial partners interested in sustaining such R&D in EU and beyond.

The workshop will tentatively comprise five sections

  1. Challenges in existing injection schemes (and Top-Up)

  2. Novel injection schemes for ultra-low emittance rings

  3. Challenges in technical subsystems, ongoing and proposed R&D

  4. Involvement of industrial Partners

  5. Report and summaries

Suggestions for presentation should be sent to a member of the Scientific Programme Committee

Riccardo Bartolini (JAI/DLS), Marica Biagini (INFN), Michael Boege (PSI), Michael Borland (APS/ANL), Bob Hettel (SLAC), E. Karantsoulis (ELETTRA), Peter Kuske (BESSY II), Vince Kempson (DLS), Simon Leemann (ALS/LBNL), Ryutaro Nagaoka (SOLEIL), Katsounobu Oide (KEK), Yannis Papaphilippou (CERN), Montse Pont (ALBA), Qing Qin (HEPS), Pantaleo Raimondi (ESRF), Pedro Fernando Tavares (MAX IV), Frank Zimmermann (CERN).

Local Organising Committee
Markus Ries (HZB / BESSY II - Chair)
Peter Kuske (HZB / BESSY II)

Hosting Institute
Institute for Accelerator Physics, HZB
Andreas Jankowiak

  • Aimin Xiao
  • Alexandre Loulergue
  • Anatoly Krasnykh
  • Andre Geiger
  • Andreas Jankowiak
  • Andreas Schälicke
  • Atoosa Meseck
  • Bastian Haerer
  • Bettina Kuske
  • Chikaori Mitsuda
  • Colin Abraham
  • G. Chris Pappas
  • Gang XU
  • Heiko Ehrlichmann
  • Ian Martin
  • Janne Holma
  • Jeff Dooling
  • Ji Li
  • Ji-Gwang Hwang
  • JieXi ZHANG
  • Jinhui Chen
  • Joseph Calvey
  • Klaus Ott
  • Lei Shang
  • Louis Emery
  • Marie-Agnès Tordeux
  • Markus Ries
  • Masamitsu Aiba
  • Mathieu MORATI
  • Michael Boege
  • Montse Pont
  • Olaf Dressler
  • Patrick Alexandre
  • Paul Goslawski
  • Peter Kuske
  • Piergiorgio Tosolini
  • Pierre Lebasque
  • Pierre Schnizer
  • Riccardo Bartolini
  • Seunghwan Shin
  • Simon White
  • Thomas Perron
  • Tobias Tydecks
  • Trevor Hartnett
  • Volker Dürr
  • Xavier Nuel Gavaldà
  • Xiaobiao Huang
  • yu zhao
  • Yuriy Petenev
  • Zhe Duan
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