Winter school on Physics with Trapped Charged Particles

Ecole de Physique des Houches

Ecole de Physique des Houches
Martina Knoop (Aix-Marseille Université) , Niels Madsen (Swansea University) , Richard Thompson (Imperial College London) , William Alan Bertsche (University of Manchester (GB))

The school will cover various topics of physics with trapped charged particles. Lectures will cover basic trap physics and recent developments in Penning traps, Paul traps etc., collective behavior and (non-neutral) plasmas, as well as applications for fundamental physics, precision spectroscopy, quantum information, frequency standards, antimatter. Lectures will be systematically complemented by a series of tutorials/exercice sessions. Two poster sessions where participants present their work, and a half-day visit to CERN will also be organised. The participants will each receive a copy of the textbook that is written for the school and is based on the last school in 2015.

The school is aimed primarily at PhD students and post docs in the field. Les Houches Physics School has a limited capacity of ~55 participants and interested parties are therefore invited to apply to participate. If the number of applications is beyond the capacity a selection will take place based on perceived utility of participation.


  • Alexander Egl
  • Alice Schmidt-May
  • Amy Hughes
  • Angela Gligorova
  • Barbara Maria Latacz
  • Bethan Nichol
  • Bruno Ximenez Rodrigues Alves
  • Celeste Carruth
  • Charlaine Roth
  • Chiara Decaroli
  • Christian Zimmer
  • Christoph Schweiger
  • Clemens Loschnauer
  • Costas Christoforou
  • Cyril Chatou
  • Daniel Pijn
  • Elia Perego
  • Elmer Gründeman
  • Ethan Clements
  • Hanne Heylen
  • Ingmari Christa Tietje
  • Ivana Belosevic
  • Jack Mccauley Jones
  • Jake Lishman
  • James Anthony Harrington
  • Janine Nicodemus
  • Janko Nauta
  • Jesus del pozo
  • Johannes Mielke
  • Johannes Thielking
  • Jonas Karthein
  • Juliane Horn-Stanja
  • Kai Krimmel
  • Kangda Wu
  • Lucas Groult
  • Lukas Postler
  • Mark Andrew Johnson
  • Markus Wiesinger
  • Martin Meraner
  • Marylise Marchenay
  • Matthew Bohman
  • Maxime Mougeot
  • Minjae Lee
  • Nicolás Adrián Nuñez Barreto
  • Nishant Joshi
  • Norman Ewald
  • Oliver Corfield
  • Patrick Stephen Mullan
  • Peter Knapp
  • Richard Lange
  • Robert Wild
  • Samuel Niang
  • Sascha Rau
  • Simon Lechner
  • Soumen Ghosh
  • Steffen Kühn
  • Steven Bromley
  • Steven Jones
  • thomas louvradoux
  • Tiff Brydges
  • Vojtěch Krčmarský
  • Yunjae Park