The 8th Asian Triangle Heavy-Ion Conference (ATHIC2021)

from Friday, November 5, 2021 (8:00 AM) to Tuesday, November 9, 2021 (8:30 PM)
60th Anniversary Hall , Inha Univ. Incheon, South Korea (Room 107)

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Nov 5, 2021
Nov 6, 2021
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Nov 8, 2021
Nov 9, 2021
8:00 AM
Registration (until 9:50 AM) (Room 107)
9:50 AM
Welcome & Invited Session 1 -Prof. Jin-Hee Yoon (Inha University) (until 12:05 PM) (Room 107)
9:50 AM Welcome from the President of Inha University - Prof. Myeong Woo Cho (Inha University)   (Room 107)
9:55 AM Welcome from the Organizer - Prof. Jin-Hee Yoon (Inha University)   (Room 107)
10:00 AM Charged particle yield evolution in particle multiplicity in pp, pPb and PbPb - Prof. Beomkyu KIM (SKKU)   (Room 107)
10:25 AM Sound velocity in neutron stars: a new quality of dense matter - Toru Kojo (CCNU)   (Room 107)
10:50 AM From Lattice to observables - Masakiyo Kitazawa (Osaka U.)   (Room 107)
11:15 AM Hyper-Nuclei Production in high-energy nuclear collisions - Yue-Hang Leung (LBNL)   (Room 107)
11:40 AM System size and energy dependence of resonance production - Jihye Song (Houston U.)   (Room 107)
10:00 AM
Invited Session 3 -Prof. Nu Xu (LBNL) (until 12:05 PM) (Room 107)
10:00 AM CME: What is the next step after the isobar result? - Jinfeng Liao (Indiana U.)   (Room 107)
10:25 AM Search for CME with STAR experiment - Fuqiang Wang (Purdue U.)   (Room 107)
10:50 AM Studying the QCD phase structure through higher-order cumulants - Toshihiro Nonaka (Tsukuba U)   (Room 107)
11:15 AM Dynamical modeling of high-energy nuclear collisions - Chun Shen (Wayne State/RBRC.)   (Room 107)
11:40 AM Collectivity in small collision systems - Sanghoon Lim (Pusan National University (KR))   (Room 107)
10:00 AM
Invited Session 4 -Prof. Tetsufumi Hirano (until 12:05 PM) (Room 107)
10:00 AM Jet and heavy-flavor physics in heavy-ion collisions - Prof. Shanshan Cao (Wayne State University)   (Room 107)
10:25 AM Experimental results of jet physics in heavy-ion collisions - Dr Saehanseul OH (LBNL)   (Room 107)
10:50 AM Dynamics of quarkonium as an open quantum system - Yukinao Akamatsu (Osaka U)   (Room 107)
11:15 AM Quarkonia in heavy-ion collisions at RHIC and LHC - Jaebeom Park (Korea U.)   (Room 107)
11:40 AM Heavy flavor production in heavy-ion collisions - Yi-Fei Zhang (USTC)   (Room 107)
10:00 AM
Contributed Session 5 -Prof. Xin-Nian Wang (until 12:16 PM) (Room 107)
10:00 AM New opportunities for nuclear shape imaging in high-energy heavy-ion collisions - Jiangyong Jia (Stony Brook University (US))   (Room 107)
10:17 AM Study of the nuclear deformation in relativistic isobar collisions at STAR - Dr Chunjian Zhang (stony brook university)   (Room 107)
10:34 AM Probing early-time longitudinal dynamics with the Λ hyperon's spin polarization in relativistic heavy-ion collisions - Dr Sangwook Ryu (Wayne State University)   (Room 107)
10:51 AM Measurement of global polarization of Λ hyperons in Au+Au √sNN = 7.2 GeV fixed-target collisions at RHIC-STAR experiment - Mr Kosuke Okubo (for the STAR collaboration) (University of Tsukuba)   (Room 107)
11:08 AM Electric charge and strangeness dependent splitting of the rapidity-odd directed flow between quarks and anti-quarks in Au+Au collisions - Ashik Ikbal Sheikh (Kent State University)   (Room 107)
11:25 AM The hypertriton and hyperquadron directed flow measurements in √sNN = 3 GeV Au+Au collisions from STAR - Dr Yapeng Zhang (Institute of Modern Physics, CAS)   (Room 107)
11:42 AM Two-particle long-range correlations in small systems with ALICE - Junlee Kim (Jeonbuk National University (KR))   (Room 107)
11:59 AM DJBUU: A new transport model for RAON experiments - Dr Myungkuk Kim (UNIST)   (Room 107)
10:00 AM
Contributed Session 6 -Prof. Sourendu Gupta (until 12:16 PM) (Room 107)
10:00 AM Dibaryon searches and future prospects in the ALICE experiment - Ryoka Tokumoto for the ALICE Collaboration (Hiroshima University (JP))   (Room 107)
10:17 AM Measurements of Λ-Λ and Ξ-Ξ correlations in Au+Au collisions at √sNN = 200 GeV at RHIC-STAR - Ms Moe Isshiki (for the STAR Collaboartion) (University of Tsukuba)   (Room 107)
10:34 AM Higher-Order Cumulants of Net-Proton Multiplicity Distributions in √sNN = 200 GeV Zr+Zr and Ru+Ru Collisions by the STAR Experiment - Ho-San Ko (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   (Room 107)
10:51 AM The anomalous enhancement of dilepton production from diquark correlations in dense quark matter - Toru Nishimura (Osaka University)   (Room 107)
11:08 AM Low-mass dielectron measurement in ALICE at the LHC - Daiki Sekihata (University of Tokyo (JP))   (Room 107)
11:25 AM Thermal photons as a sensitive probe of α-cluster in C+Au collisions at the BNL Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider - Dr Pingal Dasgupta (Key Laboratory of Nuclear Physics and Ion-beam Application (MOE), Institute of Modern Physics, Fudan University,China)   (Room 107)
11:42 AM Effect of radiative hadronization on thermal photons - Katsunori Miyachi (Nagoya Univ.)   (Room 107)
11:59 AM LAMPS experiment -Status and plan- - Dr Jongwon Lee (Korea Univ.)   (Room 107)
12:05 PM
Lunch (until 2:00 PM) ()
2:00 PM
Invited Session 2 -Prof. ShinIchi Esumi (Tsukuba University) (until 4:05 PM) (Room 107)
2:00 PM Relativistic magnetohydrodynamics in heavy-ion collisions - Prof. Victor Roy (HBNI)   (Room 107)
2:25 PM Hydrodynamics: the best data machine of heavy-ion collisions - Prof. Long-Gang Pang (CCNU)   (Room 107)
2:50 PM Collectivity in high energy heavy-ion collisions - Dr Md. Nasim (IISER)   (Room 107)
3:15 PM Traces of nonequilibrium effects in the charm observables & quarkonia - Taesoo Song (GSI)   (Room 107)
3:40 PM Jet-induced medium response in heavy-ion collisions - Tan Luo (Santiago de Compostela U.)   (Room 107)
4:05 PM
Invited Session 2 (until 6:05 PM) (Room 107)
12:05 PM
Lunch (until 1:30 PM) ()
1:30 PM
Contributed Session 1 -Prof. Kenji Fukushima (until 3:29 PM) (Room 107)
1:30 PM Deconfining Phase Boundary of Rapidly Rotating Hot and Dense Matter and Analysis of Moment of Inertia - Yuki Fujimoto   (Room 107)
1:47 PM QCD phase structure in strong magnetic fields - Dr Shengtai Li   (Room 107)
2:04 PM Kinetic theory based expressions of five shear viscosity components in presence of a magnetic field - Jayanta Dey (IIT Bhilai)   (Room 107)
2:21 PM Investigation of the sensitivities of observables for CME search by the STAR experiment using AVFD framework - Dr Yufu Lin (Guangxi Normal University,)   (Room 107)
2:38 PM Vacuum birefringence and dichroism in strong magnetic fields - Koichi Hattori (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics)   (Room 107)
2:55 PM Covariant Spin Statistical Mechanics with Torsion and Its Applications on Spin Hydrodynamics and Chiral Transports - Yu-Chen Liu (Fudan University)   (Room 107)
3:12 PM Search for the Chiral Magnetic Wave using the ALICE detector in Pb--Pb collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeV - Prottay Das (National Institute of Science Education and Research (IN))   (Room 107)
3:30 PM --- Coffee break ---
4:00 PM
Contributed Session 2 -Prof. In-Kwon Yoo (until 5:59 PM) (Room 107)
4:00 PM Detection feasibility evaluation of ultra-intense magnetic field with dimuons at ALICE in Runs 2 and 3 - Kento Kimura for the ALICE collaboration (Hiroshima University (JP))   (Room 107)
4:17 PM Renormalization of equation of state by hydrodynamic fluctuations within dynamical model - Dr Koichi Murase (Kyoto University)   (Room 107)
4:34 PM The coupled approach to solving the RAA-v2 puzzle in high-energy heavy-ion collisions - Wenbin Zhao (Central China Normal University)   (Room 107)
4:51 PM Interplay between core and corona components from p--p to Pb--Pb collisions at LHC energies - Yuuka Kanakubo (Sophia Univ.)   (Room 107)
5:08 PM Suppressed flow harmonics: A signature of the QCD critical point? - Mr Md Hasanujjaman (Darjeeling Govt. College)   (Room 107)
5:25 PM Light nuclei production and QCD critical point - Shanjin Wu (Peking University)   (Room 107)
5:42 PM Characterizing the initial conditions of ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collisions at the LHC - You Zhou (Niels Bohr Institute (DK))   (Room 107)
12:05 PM
Lunch (until 1:30 PM) ()
1:30 PM
Contributed Session 3 -Prof. Su Houng Lee (until 3:29 PM) (Room 107)
1:30 PM Multi-charmed and exotic hadron production in heavy ion collisions - Sungtae Cho (Kangwon National University)   (Room 107)
1:47 PM Charm-baryon production and fragmentation fractions in pp collisions with ALICE - Jinjoo Seo (Inha University (KR))   (Room 107)
2:04 PM Quarkonium spectral functions in a bulk viscous QGP medium - Dr Lata Thakur (APCTP)   (Room 107)
2:21 PM Beauty production with ALICE - Jonghan Park (Inha University (KR))   (Room 107)
2:38 PM Review of quarkonia measurements in CMS - Soohwan Lee (Korea University (KR))   (Room 107)
2:55 PM Gradient tomography in heavy-ion collisions - Dr Yayun He (South China Normal University)   (Room 107)
3:12 PM MIS*: towards describing jet-medium response in the extended hydrodynamic regime - Weiyao Ke   (Room 107)
3:30 PM --- Coffee break ---
4:00 PM
Contributed session 4 -Prof. Anju Bhasin (until 5:59 PM) (Room 107)
4:00 PM Imaging nuclear modifications on parton distributions with triple-differential dijet cross sections in pA collisions - Dr Peng Ru (Central China Normal University / South China Normal University)   (Room 107)
4:17 PM Fractional momentum loss of high-pT hadrons in QGP at RHIC-PHENIX - Mika Shibata (Nara Women's University)   (Room 107)
4:34 PM Analysis of thermalization of semiclassical Yang-Mills field in expanding geometry with use of Husimi function - Hidefumi Matsuda (Kyoto University)   (Room 107)
4:51 PM Why chemical freezeout is at the QCD cross over ? - JAJATI K. NAYAK (V)   (Room 107)
5:08 PM 𝐾1/𝐾∗ enhancement as a signature of chiral symmetry restoration in heavy ion collisions - Haesom Sung (Yonsei University)   (Room 107)
5:25 PM Hadronic resonance production in small colliding systems with ALICE at the LHC - Dukhishyam Mallick (National Institute of Science Education and Research (IN))   (Room 107)
5:42 PM Berry phase and color superconductivity with topology - Yi Yin   (Room 107)
7:00 PM
Banquet (until 10:00 PM) (Room 107)
12:16 PM
Lunch (until 2:00 PM) ()
2:00 PM
Invited Session 5 -Prof. Peng-fei Zhuang (until 3:40 PM) (Room 107)
2:00 PM The Electromagnetic probes from coherent photon induced reactions in heavy-ion collisions - Wang-Mei Zha (USTC)   (Room 107)
2:25 PM Photo-production in heavy-ion collisions - Yongsun Kim (Sejong University (KR))   (Room 107)
2:50 PM Flavored hadron correlations and interactions from heavy ion collisions - Akira Ohnishi (Kyoto U.)   (Room 107)
3:15 PM Recent measurements of hadron interactions from the Heavy-Ion Collision Experiments - Neha Shah (IIT Patna)   (Room 107)
3:40 PM --- Coffee break ---
4:00 PM
IAC meeting (until 6:00 PM) (Room 107)
12:16 PM
Lunch (until 2:00 PM) ()
2:00 PM
Invited Session 6 -Prof. Byungsik Hong (until 4:10 PM) (Room 107)
2:00 PM Prospective physics study at EIC - Dr Yuji Goto (RIKEN)   (Room 107)
2:25 PM Future measurements from ALICE Run 3 and Run 4 - Taku Gunji (University of Tokyo (JP))   (Room 107)
2:50 PM Future facilities and experiments: RISP at RAON - Dr Taeksu Shin (RISP)   (Room 107)
3:15 PM The FAIR project, status and prospects - Paolo Giubellino (GSI - Helmholtzzentrum fur Schwerionenforschung GmbH (DE))   (Room 107)
3:40 PM ATHIC 2023 Presentation - Kenta Shigaki (Hiroshima University (JP))   (Room 107)
4:00 PM ATHIC 2021 Closing - Min Jung Kweon (Inha University (KR)) Min Jung Kweon (Inha University (KR))   (Room 107)
4:10 PM --- Coffee break ---
4:30 PM
LOC meeting (until 7:30 PM) (Room 107)