CAS Advanced Accelerator Physics, 6-18 November 2022, Sevrier, France

Les Balcons du lac d'Annecy (France)

Les Balcons du lac d'Annecy


1487 Route de Cessenaz 74320 Sevrier
Frank Tecker (CERN)

The course will be of interest to physicists and engineers who wish to extend their knowledge of accelerator physics and technologies and expand their professional network. The program offers core lectures on accelerator physics in the mornings and a practical course with hands-on tuition in the afternoons. Participants will select one afternoon course from the three available.

A successful participation at this course requires some basic knowledge of accelerator physics or experience acquired through professional work.  As this course introduces advanced and contemporary concepts, knowledge of classical mechanics, electrodynamics, as well as mathematics for physics or engineering at the university entrance level is expected.

It is recommended that participants register as soon as possible, first come first served as there may be a limited number of participants due to limitations of the hotel facilities.

As usual we will accept GRANT applications. As big exception this year, it is not sure if we will be able to accept grants for people who will need a visa. The time between confirmation of the course and its beginning might be too short for the visa formalities.   


Registration for "CERN PARTICIPANTS ONLY (validated for BE EN SY TE by department heads)
Registration for LECTURERS
Registration for PARTICIPANTS (NO Funding Grant Requests )
  • Adnan Kurtulus
  • Aine Kobayashi
  • Alejandro Garcia Sosa
  • Alexander Krimm
  • Andrea Morales Rodríguez
  • Andreas Schloegelhofer
  • Andrei Trebushinin
  • Annemarie Lauterbach
  • Anny Gora
  • Anton Ryzhov
  • Arnold Kruschinski
  • Artem Novokshonov
  • Barbara Humann
  • Bayu Adi Nugraha Putra
  • Benjamin Appleyard
  • Benjamin Appleyard
  • Bernd Michael Stechauner
  • Cafer Bayar
  • Chiara Antuono
  • Clemens Maderböck
  • Corey Lehmann
  • Cristopher Cortés
  • Damien Minenna
  • Davide Di Croce
  • El-Abbas Endaisha
  • Elaf Musa
  • Elena de la Fuente Garcia
  • Elleanor Lamb
  • Eva Montbarbon
  • Fabian Batsch
  • Fahad Alharthi
  • Ghanshyambhai Khatri
  • hana Joudallah
  • Hemantika Sengar
  • Ignasi Bellafont
  • Inaki Ortega Ruiz
  • Ingrid Mases Sole
  • Irma Shmidt
  • Isleydys Silva Torrecilla
  • Javier Olivares Herrador
  • Joanna Wanczyk
  • Jonathan Christie
  • Kacper Lasocha
  • Kai-Oliver Demmler
  • Lina Abu-karaki
  • Lode Vanhecke
  • Lorenzo Giacomel
  • Mael Le Garrec
  • Marc-Hervé Stodel
  • Marco Alberto Ayala Torres
  • Marco Marongiu
  • Marjorie Romero
  • Mert Yucemoz
  • Michael Stephen Sullivan
  • Mohammed Abujami
  • nafiseh messbah
  • Nashat sawai
  • Natthawut Chaisueb
  • Niky Bruchon
  • Ondrej Sedlacek
  • Pablo Andreas Arrutia Sota
  • Peter Kicsiny
  • Raziyeh Dadashi Motlagh
  • Sajjad Hussain Mirza
  • Sebastien Joly
  • Shubham Bangalia
  • Sofia Carolina Johannesson
  • Stuart Derek Walker
  • Suhas Siddarama
  • Swapnil Singh
  • Tirsi Prebibaj
  • Toufic Haddad
  • Vera Cilento
  • Vera Shmakova
  • Vilde Rieker
  • Watanyu Foosang
  • Wietse Van Goethem
  • Yi-Kai Kan
  • Zheqiao Geng