Introduction to Accelerator Physics, 18 September - 01 October 2022, Kaunas, Lithuania

VICTORIA hotel Kaunas (Lithuania)

VICTORIA hotel Kaunas


Miško St 11 LT-44321 Kaunas Lithuania
Frank Tecker (CERN)

This Introductory CAS Course represents the core teaching of all CAS courses and also represents the ideal opportunity to be introduced into the field of particle accelerators. This course will be of interest to staff and students from laboratories and universities, as well as companies manufacturing accelerator equipment. The course will focus on various aspects of beam dynamics and will provide an introduction to the underlying accelerator systems. Key topics will be consolidated through a series of discussion sessions and tutorials, while topical seminars will complete the program.
Another important key aspect of the course is the networking. Students will make contact with other students working in the field and can establish connections with the lecturers present at the course.

It is recommended that participants register as soon as possible, first come first served as there may be a limited number of participants due to limitations of the hotel facilities.

The first registration, before end of July, does not represent a full commitment, but rather a confirmation of interest. Beginning of August 2022, the situation will be reviewed and the course will be confirmed (or not). Only then the registration will become a commitment to pay and to organize the travel.

For this reason: Please do NOT book your travel tickets until the confirmation of the course.

As usual we will accept GRANT applications. As big exception this year, it is not sure if we will be able to accept grants for people who will need a visa. The time between confirmation of the course and its beginning might be too short for the visa formalities.   

Registration for "CERN PARTICIPANTS ONLY (validated for BE EN SY TE by department heads)
Registration for Funding Grant Requests (All students applying for a grant AND as normal student will be removed from the grant application)
Registration for PARTICIPANTS
  • Alexander Herrod
  • Andre Dominique Rojan
  • Andrea Gagno
  • Christophe Lannoy
  • Damien Minenna
  • Daniel Prelipcean
  • David Brown
  • Dawid Patrzalek
  • Evin Vinten
  • Filippo Sottocorona
  • Gabor Felcsuti
  • Gabriela Moreno Fernandez-Baillo
  • Giacomo Lavezzari
  • Giuseppe Mazzola
  • Giuseppe Porzio
  • Hannah Wallis
  • Helen H.G.Michael
  • Ivan Slipukhin
  • Javier Bañuelos Sánchez
  • Joao Resina
  • Joel Wulff
  • Jonas Christ
  • Kieran Geiger
  • Kirill Grigoryev
  • Lauren Cooper
  • Leonardo Sito
  • Marjorie Romero
  • Martin Gaughran
  • Michela Neroni
  • Nasser Akkam
  • Oscar Sacristan De Frutos
  • Pablo Lengua
  • Pavlina Trubacova
  • Raquel Monge
  • Romain Vallotton
  • Ross Titmarsh
  • Ross Turnley
  • Sakshi Pahalwan
  • Samuel Niang
  • Sara Sainz Perez
  • Sergio Burioli
  • Teresa Ramos
  • Trevor Olsen
  • Vincent Barbet
  • Vittorio Ferrentino
  • Xavier Bonnin
  • Zoma Scheper
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