XV Black Holes Workshop

from Monday, December 19, 2022 (8:15 AM) to Tuesday, December 20, 2022 (8:00 PM)
ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon

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Dec 19, 2022
Dec 20, 2022
8:15 AM
Registration (until 8:45 AM) (Auditório J. J. Laginha's foyer)
8:45 AM
Opening (until 9:15 AM) (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
9:15 AM
Session 1 (until 10:30 AM) (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
9:15 AM J. Lemos: Thermodynamics of Schwarzschild-de Sitter and Nariai spaces in the 50 years of Bekenstein’s black hole entropy   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
9:30 AM P. Luz: The effects of intrinsic spin of matter in relativistic cosmology and black holes formation   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
9:45 AM P. Fernandes: A new approach and code for spinning black holes in modified gravity   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
10:00 AM H. Rüter: Hyperbolic-like encounters of binary black holes with the numerical relativity code SpEC   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
10:15 AM J. G. Rosa: Determining the spin of light primordial black holes with Hawking radiation   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
10:30 AM --- Coffee break ---
11:00 AM
Session 2 (until 12:45 PM) (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
11:00 AM C. Herdeiro: The fate of the light-ring instability   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
11:15 AM P. Cunha: Fundamental photon orbits and spacetime instabilities   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
11:30 AM A. Frassino: Quantum black holes and holographic complexity   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
11:45 AM L. Annulli: Spin-induced scalarization and magnetic fields   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
12:00 PM G. Raposo: Elastic stars and compactness bounds   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
12:15 PM R. Panosso Macedo: Pseudospectrum and quasinormal mode (in)stability   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
12:30 PM P. Garcia: Recent results from the GRAVITY collaboration on SgrA* supermassive black hole   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
9:00 AM
Session 5 (until 10:30 AM) (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
9:00 AM R. Brito: Floating orbits, superradiant scattering and the black-hole bomb: 50 years after   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
9:15 AM E. Radu: Curing conical singularities with scalar hair   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
9:30 AM R. Vicente: First constraints on binary black hole environments from LIGO-Virgo observations   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
9:45 AM E. Gasperín: The GBU system close to spatial infinity: a log story   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
10:00 AM E. Giangrandi: Stability and gravitational collapse of dark matter admixed neutron stars   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
10:15 AM R. Mishra: Radiative GRMHD simulations of black hole accretion with KORAL   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
10:30 AM --- Coffee break ---
11:00 AM
Session 6 (until 12:45 PM) (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
11:00 AM G. L. Cardoso: Holographic aspects of four-dimensional asymptotically flat N = 2 black holes   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
11:15 AM S. Barsanti: Detecting massive scalar fields with Extreme Mass-Ratio Inspirals and LISA   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
11:30 AM B. Juraev: Acceleration and radiation of cosmic rays nearby astrophysical black holes   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
11:45 AM M. Boskovic: Probing scalar particles and forces with compact objects   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
12:00 PM T. Ledvinka: Universality of curvature invariants in critical collapse of axisymmetric gravitational waves   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
12:15 PM M. Lenzi: Black hole greybody factors from Korteweg-de Vries integrals   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
12:30 PM U. Sperhake: The Stochastic background from core collapse supernovae in massive scalar-tensor gravity   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
12:45 PM --- Lunch ---
2:30 PM
Session 3 A (until 4:00 PM) (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
2:30 PM A. Foschi: Using S2 motion to constrain a scalar field cloud around SgrA*   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
2:45 PM J. Calderón Bustillo: Measuring the direction of a black-hole gravitational recoil   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
3:00 PM F. Serrano: Superradiance and Hawking evaporation in the string axiverse   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
3:15 PM M. Oi: Constraining regular black holes with S2 star data   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
3:30 PM C. Pasiecznik: Eikonal approximation in black hole dynamics and gravitational wave experiments   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
3:45 PM J. Pasiecznik: Prospects for gravitational wave detection with CubeSats   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
2:30 PM
Session 3 B (until 4:00 PM) (Auditório B2.03)
2:30 PM N. Santos: A little hair can make a big difference: local thermodynamic stability of hairy black holes   (Auditório B2.03)
2:45 PM T. Fernandes: The canonical ensemble of a d-dimensional Reissner-Nordström black hole in a cavity   (Auditório B2.03)
3:00 PM S. Nampuri: Wormholes from automorphic forms in string theory: A black hole counting story   (Auditório B2.03)
3:15 PM K. Uzawa: Dynamical branes on expanding orbifold and complex projective space   (Auditório B2.03)
3:30 PM A. García-Quismondo: Polymeric quantisation of the interior of a Schwarzschild black hole   (Auditório B2.03)
3:45 PM A. Sanna: Effective models of nonsingular quantum black holes   (Auditório B2.03)
4:00 PM --- Coffee break ---
4:30 PM
Session 4 A (until 6:00 PM) (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
4:30 PM H. Witek: CSI: Gravity -- investigating fundamental physics with black holes   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
4:45 PM Z. Zhong: Piercing of a boson star by a black hole   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
5:00 PM N. Sanchis-Gual: The impact of the wavelike nature of Proca stars on their gravitational-wave emission   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
5:15 PM M. Vaglio: Parameter estimation on boson-star binary signals with a model-based coherent inspiral template   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
5:30 PM R. Luna: Kicks in charged black hole binaries   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
5:45 PM A. Vaño-Viñuales: Towards causal visualization of collapsing hyperboloidal slices   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
4:30 PM
Session 4 B (until 6:00 PM) (Auditório B2.03)
4:30 PM M. Minamitsuji: General relativistic solutions in the Minimal Theory of Bigravity   (Auditório B2.03)
4:45 PM J. Gigante Valcarcel: New black hole solutions with a dynamical traceless nonmetricity tensor in Metric-Affine Gravity   (Auditório B2.03)
5:00 PM R. Garattini: Yukawa Casimir wormholes   (Auditório B2.03)
5:15 PM M. Brito: Stable excited scalar boson-stars and astrophysical consequences   (Auditório B2.03)
5:30 PM A. Pombo: Virial identities in relativistic gravity   (Auditório B2.03)
5:45 PM A. Rincón: The effects of running gravitational coupling on three dimensional black holes   (Auditório B2.03)
6:30 PM
SPRG Assembly (until 8:00 PM) (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
8:30 PM --- Social dinner ---
12:45 PM --- Lunch ---
2:30 PM
Session 7 A (until 4:00 PM) (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
2:30 PM R. Z. Ferreira: Primordial black holes and axions: a tale of (galactic and extragalactic) light   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
2:45 PM M. Zhu: Primordial black holes from bouncing cosmology   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
3:00 PM J. L. Rosa: Recent developments on observational properties of bosonic stars from hot-spots and accretion disks   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
3:15 PM I. Sengo: Shadows of Kerr black holes with synchronised Proca hair   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
3:30 PM E. Maggio: Testing general relativity in the nonlinear regime: a parametrized plunge-merger-ringdown waveform model   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
3:45 PM H. Silva: Tests of general relativity at the merger of black-hole binaries   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
2:30 PM
Session 7 B (until 4:00 PM) (Auditório B2.03)
2:30 PM R. Konoplya: First few overtones probe the event horizon geometry   (Auditório B2.03)
2:45 PM F. Duque: The elephant and the flea redux: Stability of the fundamental quasinormal mode in time-domain observations   (Auditório B2.03)
3:00 PM V. Gennari: Observing black hole’s vibrations   (Auditório B2.03)
3:15 PM V. Boyanov: Pseudospectrum of horizonless compact objects   (Auditório B2.03)
3:30 PM G. Castro: Rotational tidal Love numbers and their impact on compact object inspirals   (Auditório B2.03)
3:45 PM G. Creci: Tidal deformability from scattering and the role of analytic continuation   (Auditório B2.03)
4:00 PM --- Coffee break ---
4:30 PM
Session 8 A (until 6:00 PM) (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
4:30 PM M. Reintjes: On the regularity implied by the assumptions of geometry   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
4:45 PM M. de Cesare: Evolving black hole with scalar field accretion   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
5:00 PM E. Costa Filho: Abelian-Higgs balls and stars: a UV completion for Proca self-interactions   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
5:15 PM A. Bokulic: Can nonlinear electromagnetic fields regularize black hole singularities?   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
5:30 PM P. Kotlarik: Gravity of static thin discs around black holes   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
5:45 PM C. Peterson Bórquez: Numerical evolution of Good-Bad-Ugly-F system as a toy model for hyperboloidal numerical relativity   (Auditório J. J. Laginha)
4:30 PM
Session 8 B (until 6:00 PM) (Auditório B2.03)
4:30 PM O. Zaslavskii: Radially moving frames and flows under the black hole horizon   (Auditório B2.03)
4:45 PM D. Silva: Signatures of spherically symmetric distributions of dust   (Auditório B2.03)
5:00 PM J. Delgado: Epicyclic frequencies for a generic ultracompact object   (Auditório B2.03)
5:15 PM C. Caputo: Geodesic chaos-stationary case   (Auditório B2.03)
5:30 PM J. Redondo Yuste: Binaries in a box   (Auditório B2.03)
5:45 PM J. Novo: Circular orbits from 2D effective metrics   (Auditório B2.03)
6:00 PM
Closing (until 6:15 PM) ()