PSAS'2024 - International Conference on Precision Physics of Simple Atomic Systems

from Monday, June 10, 2024 (8:30 AM) to Friday, June 14, 2024 (5:00 PM)
ETH Zurich- Hönggerberg Campus

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9:00 AM --- Registration and Coffee ---
10:00 AM Welcome - Paolo Crivelli (ETH Zurich (CH))   ()
10:20 AM
Session 1 - Savely Karshenboym (LMU, MPQ, Pulkovo) (until 12:15 PM) ()
10:20 AM Precision mass ratio measurements of light ions at Florida State University - Edmund Myers (Florida State University)   ()
10:55 AM Penning Trap Measurement of the $^{3}\mathrm{He}$ Mass - Olesia Bezrodnova (Max-Planck-Institute für Kernphysik, Heidelberg)   ()
11:20 AM Precise Zeeman structure measurements of light ions at μTEx - Annabelle Kaiser (Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik)   ()
11:45 AM Laserspectroscopic determination of the nuclear charge radii of $^{12,13}\mathrm{C}$ - Patrick Müller (Technische Universitaet Darmstadt (DE))   ()
9:00 AM
Session 3 - Eberhard Widmann (Austrian Academy of Sciences (AT)) (until 10:20 AM) ()
9:00 AM Hyperfine structure calculations in hydrogenlike and heliumlike atoms - Dr Vojtěch Patkóš (Charles University)   ()
9:25 AM Finite nuclear mass correction to the hyperfine splitting in hydrogenic systems - Prof. Krzysztof Pachucki   ()
9:50 AM Bound state energy levels from trace anomaly - Prof. Michael Eides (University of Kentucky)   ()
10:20 AM --- Coffee break ---
10:50 AM
Session 3 - Eberhard Widmann (Austrian Academy of Sciences (AT)) (until 12:30 PM) ()
10:50 AM Precision spectroscopy of helium atoms - Dr Yu Sun   ()
11:15 AM Precision spectroscopy of Rydberg states in $^4$He and $^3$He - Gloria Clausen (ETH Zürich)   ()
11:40 AM Towards XUV Frequency Comb Spectroscopy of the 1s-2s Transition in He+ - Florian Egli (Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics)   ()
12:00 PM Precision Measurement of Vibrational Quanta in Tritium Hydride - Valentin Hermann (IAP/TLK)   ()
9:00 AM
Session 5 - Masaki Hori (Imperial College London) (until 10:15 AM) ()
9:00 AM Constraints on the electric charge of the neutrino and the neutron from atomic physics and cosmology - Savely Karshenboym (LMU, MPQ, Pulkovo)   ()
9:25 AM Measuring the neutron electric charge with time-of-flight grating interferometry - Marc Persoz   ()
9:50 AM The neutron lifetime experiment τSPECT - Dieter Achim Ries   ()
10:15 AM --- Coffee break ---
10:45 AM
Session 5 - Masaki Hori (Imperial College London) (until 12:30 PM) ()
10:45 AM Antihydrogen laser spectroscopy to 13 significant figures and beyond - Claudio Lenz Cesar (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (BR))   ()
11:20 AM Precision measurements on protons and antiprotons in the BASE collaboration - Christian Smorra (Heinrich Heine University Dusseldorf (DE))   ()
11:50 AM Towards the controlled formation of antiprotonic atoms at AEGIS - Fredrik Olof Andre Parnefjord Gustafsson (CERN)   ()
12:10 PM Production of a 6 keV antihydrogen beam in the GBAR experiment - Philipp Peter Blumer (ETH Zurich (CH))   ()
9:00 AM
Session 7 -Prof. Stephan Schiller (Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf) Stephan Schiller (Institut für Experimentalphysik, Univ. Düsseldorf) (until 10:20 AM) ()
9:00 AM Searching for a fifth fundamental force using isotope-shift spectroscopy of trapped ions - Dr Diana Prado Lopes Aude Craik (ETH Zürich)   ()
9:30 AM Hyper-EBIT: A source for heavy highly charged ions - Ms Athulya Kulangara Thouttungal George (Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, Heidelberg)   ()
9:55 AM Latest results and status update from the Fermilab Muon g-2 experiment - Mohammad Ubaidullah Hassan Qureshi (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz)   ()
10:20 AM --- Coffee break ---
10:50 AM
Session 7 - Stephan Schiller (Institut für Experimentalphysik, Univ. Düsseldorf) Prof. Stephan Schiller (Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf) (until 12:20 PM) ()
10:50 AM Testing quantum electrodynamics in extreme fields using helium-like uranium - Martino Trassinelli (CNRS, Sorbonne Université, Institut des NanoSciences de Paris, France)   ()
11:25 AM Quantum Electrodynamics and Quantum Cyclotron Energy Levels - Ulrich Jentschura (Missouri University of Science and Technology)   ()
9:00 AM
Session 9 - Aldo Antognini (Paul Scherrer Institute) (until 10:15 AM) ()
9:00 AM Proton Structure in and out of muonic hydrogen - Franziska Hagelstein (JGU Mainz & PSI)   ()
9:25 AM Nuclear contributions to two-photon exchange in muonic deuterium - Vadim Lensky (JGU Mainz)   ()
9:50 AM Searching for ultralight scalar dark matter with muonium and muonic atoms - Dr Yevgeny Stadnik (The University of Sydney)   ()
10:15 AM --- Coffee break ---
10:45 AM
Session 9 - Aldo Antognini (Paul Scherrer Institute) (until 12:30 PM) ()
10:45 AM Precision Measurements of Muonium and Muonic Helium Hyperfine Structure at J-PARC - Dr Patrick Strasser (KEK)   ()
11:15 AM Towards improved charge radii from Lithium to Neon - Prof. Ben Ohayon (Technion IIT)   ()
11:45 AM Status of the FAMU experiment - Cecilia Pizzolotto   ()
12:05 PM The ground state hyperfine splitting in muonic hydrogen (Hyper-mu) experiment at PSI. - Mr Ahmed Ouf (johannes gutenberg universität mainz)   ()
12:15 PM --- Lunch break at Bellavista ---
2:00 PM
Session 2 - Fabian Schmid (until 3:45 PM) ()
2:00 PM Metrology of Rydberg-Stark states in the hydrogen atom - Simon Scheidegger (ETH Zurich/ JILA)   ()
2:30 PM Hydrogen spectroscopy as a test of the Standard Model to below 1 part per trillion - Lothar Maisenbacher (University of California, Berkeley)   ()
3:00 PM Precision spectroscopy of the 2S-6P transition in atomic deuterium - Vitaly Wirthl   ()
3:20 PM Two-loop self-energy without expansion in binding field: present status and recent developments - Vladimir Yerokhin (Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics)   ()
3:45 PM --- Coffe break ---
4:15 PM
Session 2 - Fabian Schmid (until 5:55 PM) ()
4:15 PM How to trap atomic hydrogen without laser cooling - Thomas Udem   ()
4:45 PM Development of (anti)hydrogen fountains and interferometers with the HAICU project at TRIUMF - Makoto Fujiwara (TRIUMF (CA))   ()
5:15 PM Low energy hydrogen anions source for matter/antimatter precision experiments - Levi Oliveira De Araujo Azevedo (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (BR))   ()
5:35 PM GRASIAN: Improved measurements with cold hydrogen and deuterium for the forthcoming first demonstration of gravitational quantum states of atoms - Carina Killian (Stefan Meyer Institute for Subatomic Physics, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Kegelgasse 27, Vienna, 1030, Austria)   ()
6:00 PM
Poster Session 1 (until 8:00 PM) ()
6:00 PM Calculating the many-potential vacuum polarization density of the Dirac equation in the finite-basis approximation - Dr Maen Salman (CNRS)   ()
6:00 PM Calculation of spin-dependent relativistic corrections in small atoms with one and two p-electrons using explicitly correlated Gaussians - Pavel Rzhevskii (Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan)   ()
6:00 PM Calculations of the even parity P and D states of the carbon atom. - Toreniyaz Shomenov (Nazarbayev University)   ()
6:00 PM Calculations of the one-loop self-energy correction in one-electron systems with a numerical Green function - Hugo Demattos Nogueira   ()
6:00 PM Characterisation of an energetic beam of metastable positronium atoms for precision spectroscopy - Donovan Newson   ()
6:00 PM Experiments with hydrogen atoms at ultra-low energies - Sergey Vasiliev (Wihuri Physical Laboratory, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Turku) Aleksei Semakin (Wihuri Physical Laboratory, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Turku)   ()
6:00 PM High precision calculation of structural properties of three-body molecular ions - Santanu Mondal (Department of Chemical Sciences, IISER Kolkata, Mohanpur 741246, Nadia, India)   ()
6:00 PM High Precision Spectroscopy of the Hydrogen Molecule and its Ion - Daniel Ochoa (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)   ()
6:00 PM Hybrid Penning-Linear-Paul trap for ion recapture spectroscopy of hydrogen/antihydrogen in a near-zero bias magnetic trap - Levi Oliveira De Araujo Azevedo (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (BR))   ()
6:00 PM Injection of State-Selectively Prepared Molecular Ions into a Radiofrequency Trap - Daniel Knapp (VU Amsterdam)   ()
6:00 PM Long-range asymptotics of $\alpha^3$-order QED corrections in H$_2$ and H$_2^+$ - Grzegorz Łach (University od Warsaw)   ()
6:00 PM Low Repetition Rate Optical Frequency Combs for Precision Spectroscopy - Muhammad Thariq (Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics)   ()
6:00 PM New apparatus for single-photon Doppler-free VUV/XUV spectroscopy - Matthew H. Rayment (ETH Zürich)   ()
6:00 PM New Physics contributions to atomic spectra - Sotiris Pitelis (JGU Mainz)   ()
6:00 PM Pair corrections to the no-pair Dirac–Coulomb(–Breit) energy of heliumlike systems - Ádám Nonn (ELTE, Eötvös Loránd University, Institute of Chemistry, Budapest, Hungary)   ()
6:00 PM Realization of an XUV comb and measurement on its linewidth with frequency comb spectroscopy - Linqiang Hua (Innovation Academy for Precision Measurement Science and Technology, CAS)   ()
6:00 PM Regularized relativistic corrections for polyelectronic and polyatomic systems with explicitly correlated Gaussians - Balázs Rácsai (ELTE, Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem)   ()
6:00 PM Status of laser spectroscopy of metastable antiprotonic helium atoms at CERN - Masaki Hori (Imperial College London)   ()
6:00 PM Time and frequency standards at METAS and their applications for precision measurements - Dr Jacques Morel (METAS) Dr Dominik Husmann (METAS) Dr Antoine Jallageas (METAS)   ()
6:00 PM Towards laser cooling of negative molecular ions - Matthias Germann   ()
6:00 PM Towards the self-energy correction of the no-pair Dirac$-$Coulomb energy for two-electron systems - Adam Margocsy (ELTE, Budapest)   ()
12:30 PM --- Lunch break at Bellavista ---
2:15 PM
Session 4 - Frédéric Merkt (ETH Zurich) (until 3:35 PM) ()
2:15 PM Precision measurements on the (2-0) quadrupole transitions in H<sub>2</sub> - Wim Ubachs (VU University Amsterdam)   ()
2:45 PM Precise Spectroscopy of the Fundamental Vibrational Band in a Trapped Single Molecular Nitrogen Ion - Meissa Diouf   ()
3:10 PM Accurate theoretical predictions of the rovibrational energy levels of the helium hydride ion - Michal Silkowski (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland)   ()
3:35 PM --- Coffee break ---
4:05 PM
Session 4 - Frédéric Merkt (ETH Zurich) (until 5:10 PM) ()
4:05 PM Laser excitation of the low-energy nuclear transition in 229Th - Maksim Okhapkin (PTB)   ()
4:40 PM Tabletop particle physics and cosmology with precision quantum-logic spectroscopy - David Leibrandt (UCLA)   ()
12:30 PM --- Lunch break (Bellavista) ---
2:15 PM
Session 6 - Daniel Kienzler (until 4:00 PM) ()
2:15 PM A new frontier in fundamental physics: precision vibrational spectroscopy of H$_2^+$ - Soroosh Alighanbari (Institut für Experimentalphysik, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf)   ()
2:40 PM Molecular hydrogen ion spectroscopy: prospects for determination of fundamental constants and for theory improvements - Jean-Philippe Karr (Laboratoire Kastler Brossel (FR))   ()
3:05 PM Quantum Logic Spectroscopy of the Hydrogen Molecular Ion - David Holzapfel   ()
3:30 PM Spin-Rovibrational Structure of the Molecular Hydrogen Ion from Spectroscopy of Rydberg States - Ioana Doran (ETH Zurich)   ()
4:00 PM --- Coffee break ---
4:30 PM
Session 6 - Daniel Kienzler (until 5:45 PM) ()
4:30 PM Rovibrational energy levels of the hydrogen molecule and its isotopologues from relativistic nonadiabatic calculations - Jacek Komasa (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland)   ()
4:55 PM Stringent tests of ab initio QED calculations in the ALPHATRAP experiment - Jonathan Morgner (Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, Heidelberg)   ()
5:20 PM Cavity-enhanced spectroscopy of $\rm \mathbf{H_2}$ in a deep cryogenic regime - Kamil Stankiewicz (Nicolaus Copernicus University)   ()
6:00 PM
Poster Session 2 (until 8:00 PM) ()
6:00 PM A new approach for a precise measurement of the Ortho-Positronium lifetime - Valentin Jascha Schmidt (ETH Zurich (CH))   ()
6:00 PM Accurately obtaining muonic hydrogen hyperfine splitting from the electronic result - Carl Carlson (William & Mary)   ()
6:00 PM Alpha and helion particle nuclear charge determination from precision measurements in quantum degenerate helium - Kees Steinebach (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)   ()
6:00 PM Casimir forces on atoms in dielectric cavities. - Mr Stanisław Rakowski (University od Warsaw)   ()
6:00 PM Developments of a computational relativistic QED framework for two-spin-1/2-particle systems - Péter Jeszenszki (ELTE, Eötvös Loránd University)   ()
6:00 PM Electric field sensing in a rectangular waveguide using microwave spectroscopy of Rydberg helium - Samuel Reeder   ()
6:00 PM Evaluation of self-energy correction in a finite-basis approximation - David Ferenc (CNRS – University Toulouse III)   ()
6:00 PM Free-space microwave spectroscopy of the positronium $n=2$ fine structure intervals - Ross Sheldon (UCL)   ()
6:00 PM From the measurement of the Lamb Shift in Muonium towards its Fine Structure - Svenja Geissmann   ()
6:00 PM High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Muonic Lithium - First Steps and Prospects of the QUARTET Experiment - Katharina von Schoeler   ()
6:00 PM Low-excitation transport and separation of high-mass-ratio mixed-species ion chains - Francesco Lancellotti   ()
6:00 PM Muonic Atom Spectroscopy of $^{238}$U - Anastasia Doinaki   ()
6:00 PM One-Particle Operator Representation over Two-Particle Basis Sets for Relativistic QED Computation - Peter Hollosy   ()
6:00 PM Positron binding to neutral beryllium atom: relativistic effects and fine structure - Sergiy Bubin (Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan)   ()
6:00 PM Progresses towards positronium 1S-2S spectroscopy - Lucas de Sousa Borges   ()
6:00 PM Pulsed CW laser for spectroscopic precision measurements in deep-UV - Edward Thorpe-Woods (Swansea University (GB))   ()
6:00 PM Rydberg atom interferometry for testing the Weak Equivalence Principle with positronium - Louise McCaul   ()
6:00 PM Spin-Dependent Exotic Interactions - Lei Cong   ()
6:00 PM Status of the Hydrogen 1S-3S Direct Frequency Comb Spectroscopy Experiment - Derya Taray (MPQ)   ()
6:00 PM The ASACUSA-Cusp experiment - Andreas Lanz (UCL - Department of Physics and Astronomy)   ()
6:00 PM The Hydrogen 1S-3S Direct Frequency Comb Spectroscopy Experiment - Overview and Update of the Detection Scheme - Vincent Weis (Max-Planck-Institute for Quantum Optics - Hydrogen Spectroscopy)   ()
6:00 PM The Mu-MASS Experiment - Status and Outlook - Marcus Mähring   ()
6:00 PM The S-wave H$^-$ resonances by Lagrange-mesh methods - Prof. Jérémy DOHET-ERALY (Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB))   ()
6:00 PM Towards XUV Frequency Comb Spectroscopy of the 1s-2s Transition in He+ - Jorge Moreno (Max-Planck-Institute for Quantum Optics)   ()
6:00 PM Two photon optical Ramsey spectroscopy of positronium and muonium - Evans Javary (ETH Zurich)   ()
6:00 PM Two-photon exchange in light muonic atoms. - Vladyslava Sharkovska   ()
6:00 PM Weighted average of scattered data: a Bayesian approach - Martino Trassinelli (CNRS, Sorbonne Université, Institut des NanoSciences de Paris)   ()
12:30 PM --- Lunch break (Bellavista) ---
2:15 PM
Session 8 - Paolo Crivelli (ETH Zurich (CH)) (until 3:30 PM) ()
2:15 PM Measurement of the C-forbidden 2 $^3$S$_1$ $\rightarrow$ 2 $^1$P$_1$ transition in positronium - Rebecca J Daly (University College London)   ()
2:40 PM One-dimensional chirp cooling of positronium - Dr Kenji Shu (The University of Tokyo)   ()
3:05 PM Laser Cooling of Positronium - Benjamin Rienacker (University of Liverpool (GB))   ()
3:30 PM --- Coffee break ---
4:00 PM
Session 8 - Paolo Crivelli (ETH Zurich (CH)) (until 5:20 PM) ()
4:00 PM Progress in the calculation of order $\alpha^7$ radiative-recoil corrections to the energy levels of muonium and positronium - Gregory Adkins   ()
4:30 PM LEMING - Cold muonium for atomic physics and gravity - Anna Soter (ETH Zürich)   ()
4:55 PM Rydberg atom interferometry for testing the Weak Equivalence Principle with antimatter - Louise McCaul   ()
12:30 PM --- Lunch break (Bellavista) ---
2:15 PM
Lab visits (until 4:00 PM) ()