The Mitchell Conference on Collider, Dark Matter, and Neutrino Physics 2024

from Thursday, May 23, 2024 (7:00 AM) to Sunday, May 26, 2024 (7:00 PM)
Mitchell Institute, Texas A&M University (Hawking Auditorium)

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May 23, 2024
May 24, 2024
May 25, 2024
May 26, 2024
8:00 AM --- Breakfast ---
8:50 AM
Welcome Remarks - Doojin Kim (until 9:00 AM) (Hawking Auditorium)
9:00 AM
Collider: Machine Learning, Quantum Information -Prof. Joel Walker (Sam Houston State University) (until 10:15 AM) (Hawking Auditorium)
9:00 AM Phenomenlogy of $b$-associated TeV scale scalar production with baryon-number violation in $t\phi$ final states at the LHC - Denis Rathjens (Texas A & M University (US))   (Hawking Auditorium)
9:25 AM Beyond Kinematics for Optimal Hadronic Top Quark Polarimetry - Zhongtian Dong (University of Kansas)   (Hawking Auditorium)
9:50 AM Testing quantum entanglement and violation of the Bell inequality from the top-quark decay at the LHC - Tao Han   (Hawking Auditorium)
10:15 AM --- Coffee break ---
10:45 AM
Dark Matter - Tao Xu (The University of Oklahoma) (until 12:25 PM) (Hawking Auditorium)
10:45 AM A Lower Bound on Dark Matter Mass - Mustafa Amin   (Hawking Auditorium)
11:10 AM Superheavy Decaying Dark Matter - Rouzbeh Allahverdi (University of New Mexico)   (Hawking Auditorium)
11:35 AM Minimal Dark Matter Freeze-in with Low Reheating Temperatures and Implications for Direct Detection - Barmak Shams Es Haghi (University of Texas at Austin)   (Hawking Auditorium)
12:00 PM Light axions with kinetic coupling - Prof. Savvas Koushiappas (Brown University)   (Hawking Auditorium)
8:00 AM --- Breakfast ---
9:00 AM
Collider: Belle, PDF - dorival Gonçalves (Oklahoma State University) (until 10:15 AM) (Hawking Auditorium)
9:00 AM Recent results from Belle and Belle II - Angelo Di Canto (Brookhaven National Laboratory (US))   (Hawking Auditorium)
9:25 AM Revealing the fundamental character of the strong force: From PDFs to the underlying QCD.” - Prof. Fred Olness (Southern Methodist University (US))   (Hawking Auditorium)
9:50 AM Proton structure in precision calculations for colliders - Prof. Pavel Nadolsky (Southern Methodist University)   (Hawking Auditorium)
10:15 AM --- Coffee break ---
10:45 AM
Neutrino -Prof. Frank F Deppisch (until 12:25 PM) (Hawking Auditorium)
10:45 AM Ab initio Nuclear Calculations for Dark Matter Detection and CEvNS - Baishan Hu   (Hawking Auditorium)
11:10 AM What’s the wave packet size of neutrinos? - Shirley Li (UC Irvine)   (Hawking Auditorium)
11:35 AM Unleashing the Power of EFT in Neutrino–Nucleus Scattering - Zahra Khajeh Tabrizi   (Hawking Auditorium)
12:00 PM Revisiting Reactor Anti-Neutrino 5 MeV Bump with 13C Neutral-Current Interaction - Min-Gwa Park (Jeonbuk National University)   (Hawking Auditorium)
8:00 AM --- Breakfast ---
9:00 AM
BSM, Dark Matter - Andrew Long (Rice University) (until 10:15 AM) (Hawking Auditorium)
9:00 AM Constraints on Baryon Number Violation from Neutron Stars to the Lab - Adrian Thompson   (Hawking Auditorium)
9:25 AM A quantum description of wave dark matter - Nicholas Rodd   (Hawking Auditorium)
9:50 AM Direct Collapse Black Holes from Dark Matter Annihilation - Prof. Flip Tanedo (UC Riverside)   (Hawking Auditorium)
10:15 AM --- Coffee break ---
10:45 AM
Dark Matter - Kuver Sinha (University of Oklahoma) (until 12:25 PM) (Hawking Auditorium)
10:45 AM Dark Matter and Dark Sectors at the LHC - Luca Lavezzo (MIT)   (Hawking Auditorium)
11:10 AM Dark-Matter Mass from Angular Dependence - Prof. Jong-Chul Park (Chungnam National University (KR))   (Hawking Auditorium)
11:35 AM The cosmology of ultralight scalar dark matter coupled to right-handed neutrinos - Ryan Plestid   (Hawking Auditorium)
12:00 PM Detecting Rare Species of Dark Matter with Terrestrial Detectors - Anupam Ray   (Hawking Auditorium)
8:00 AM --- Breakfast ---
9:00 AM
Dark Matter, Axion - Barmak Shams Es Haghi (University of Texas at Austin) (until 10:40 AM) (Hawking Auditorium)
9:00 AM Addressing the Axion Quality Problem - Kaladi Babu   (Hawking Auditorium)
9:25 AM New Constraints on Axion-Like Particles from IXPE Polarization Data for Magnetars - Fazlollah Hajkarim (University of Oklahoma)   (Hawking Auditorium)
9:50 AM CMB Birefringence from Axion Strings - Andrew Long (Rice University)   (Hawking Auditorium)
10:15 AM Opening windows with Isospin-Violating Dark Matter - Jason Kumar   (Hawking Auditorium)
10:40 AM
Concluding Remarks - Doojin Kim (until 10:55 AM) (Hawking Auditorium)
10:55 AM --- Coffee break ---
12:25 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM
Accelerator Exp.: BSM -Prof. Seodong Shin (Jeonbuk National University) (until 3:40 PM) (Hawking Auditorium)
2:00 PM Neutrino and Muon physics at Forward Detectors at LHC - Roshan Mammen Abraham (University of California Irvine (US))   (Hawking Auditorium)
2:25 PM Dark QCD: the Next Frontier in Dark Matter - Kevin Pedro (Fermi National Accelerator Lab. (US))   (Hawking Auditorium)
2:50 PM Introduction to DAMSA, A Novel Dark Sector Particle Search Experiment - Prof. Jae Yu (University of Texas at Arlington (US))   (Hawking Auditorium)
3:15 PM Flavor-violating new physics at the intensity frontier - Matheus Hostert   (Hawking Auditorium)
3:40 PM --- Coffee break ---
4:10 PM
Higgs, Astrophysics/Cosmology -Dr Chee Sheng Fong (Universidade de São Paulo) (until 6:15 PM) (Hawking Auditorium)
4:10 PM Measurements of Higgs boson properties with the ATLAS and CMS experiments - Viviana Cavaliere (Brookhaven National Lab)   (Hawking Auditorium)
4:35 PM Searches for BSM Higgs at the LHC - Hyunyong Kim (Texas A & M University (US))   (Hawking Auditorium)
5:00 PM Searching for scalar boson pairs at the Large Hadron Collider - Jason Veatch (California State University (US))   (Hawking Auditorium)
5:25 PM New Cosmological Data Presents ν Opportunities - Joel Meyers (Southern Methodist University)   (Hawking Auditorium)
5:50 PM A comprehensive analysis of supernova neutrino-dark matter interactions - Deepak Sathyan   (Hawking Auditorium)
6:30 PM --- Reception ---
12:25 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM
Cosmology - Mudit Rai (Texas AM University) (until 3:40 PM) (Hawking Auditorium)
2:00 PM Opportunities for Dark Matter Searches in Cosmology - Prof. Kimberly Boddy (University of Texas at Austin)   (Hawking Auditorium)
2:25 PM "Stasis, Stasis, Stasis" - Keith R. Dienes (University of Arizona)   (Hawking Auditorium)
2:50 PM Cosmological Stasis from Dynamical Scalars - Brooks Thomas   (Hawking Auditorium)
3:15 PM Primordial black holes and mattergenesis - Dr Chee Sheng Fong (Universidade de São Paulo)   (Hawking Auditorium)
3:40 PM --- Coffee break ---
4:10 PM
Gravitational Wave, Phase Transition - James Dent (until 5:50 PM) (Hawking Auditorium)
4:10 PM BSM Physics with Future Gravitational Wave Detectors - Kuver Sinha (University of Oklahoma)   (Hawking Auditorium)
4:35 PM Dark Matter in the Time of Gravitational Waves - Tao Xu (The University of Oklahoma)   (Hawking Auditorium)
5:00 PM Multi-Messenger Probes of First-Order Phase Transitions - Cash Hauptmann   (Hawking Auditorium)
5:25 PM Collider and gravitational wave signals for electroweak phase transition - Dorival Gonçalves (Oklahoma State University)   (Hawking Auditorium)
6:30 PM --- Excursion ---
12:25 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM
Neutrino - Zahra Tabrizi (Northwestern University) (until 3:40 PM) (Hawking Auditorium)
2:00 PM Novel Neutrino Self-interaction Can Save Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter - Prof. Yue Zhang   (Hawking Auditorium)
2:25 PM New Physics Opportunities at Tau Neutrino Experiments - Prof. Seodong Shin (Jeonbuk National University)   (Hawking Auditorium)
2:50 PM Matter Effect on the Flavor Composition of Astrophysical Neutrinos - Bhupal Dev (Washington University in St. Louis)   (Hawking Auditorium)
3:15 PM Probing New Physics with Double Beta Decay - Prof. Frank F Deppisch   (Hawking Auditorium)
3:40 PM --- Coffee break ---
4:10 PM
Collider: BSM - Hyunyong Kim (Texas A & M University (US)) (until 5:50 PM) (Hawking Auditorium)
4:10 PM Long-Lived Particles at the LHC - Todd Adams (Florida State University (US))   (Hawking Auditorium)
4:35 PM Recent BSM Highlights from ATLAS and CMS: VLQ, LQ, W' and Z' - Hector De La Torre Perez (Northern Illinois University (US))   (Hawking Auditorium)
5:00 PM (Generalized) Tri-Boson Signals from a Warped Extra Dimension - Kaustubh Agashe   (Hawking Auditorium)
5:25 PM A guide to diagnosing colored resonances at hadron colliders - Ian Lewis (The University of Kansas)   (Hawking Auditorium)
6:00 PM --- Conference dinner ---