2022 CAP Congress / Congrès de l'ACP 2022

from Sunday, June 5, 2022 (7:30 AM) to Saturday, June 11, 2022 (5:00 PM)
McMaster University

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Jun 5, 2022
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Jun 10, 2022
7:05 AM --- Congress Registration and Information (07h30-17h30) | Inscription au congrès et information (07h30-17h30) ---
7:30 AM
CNILC Breakfast Meeting | Réunion du comité de liaison national canadien de l'UIPPA - Rituparna Kanungo (until 8:30 AM) (MDCL 2230)
8:30 AM
Congress Welcoming Remarks | Ouverture du Congrès (until 8:45 AM) (MDCL 1305/07)
8:45 AM
High School / Cégep Teachers' Day Workshop (08h45-15h15) - Chris Meyer (Toronto District School Board, Canada) Reza Nejat Miranda Schmidt (McMaster University ) (until 4:00 PM) (MDCL Lobby then LRW Building)
8:45 AM
M-PLEN1 - Plenary Session | Session plénière - Jane Heffernan - Cornelia Hoehr (until 9:30 AM) (MDCL 1305/07)
8:45 AM Mathematical Modelling of COVID-19 - Jane Heffernan (York University Department of Mathematics and Statistics)   (MDCL 1305/07)
9:30 AM
M-PLEN2 Plenary Session | Session plénière - Arthi Jayaraman - Robert Wickham (until 10:15 AM) (MDCL 1305/07)
9:30 AM Combining modelling, theory, and simulations with experiments for design and structural characterization of soft materials - Arthi Jayaraman (University of Delaware)   (MDCL 1305/07)
10:15 AM --- Health Break (Travel time to technical sessions) | Pause santé (Transfert vers les sessions techniques) ---
10:45 AM
M1-1 Dark Matter Experiments I (PPD) | Expériences sur la matière sombre I (PPD) - Mark Patrick Hartz (TRIUMF & Kavli IPMU, University of Tokyo) (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1309)
10:45 AM (I) Detecting Dark Matter - Prof. Marie-Cécile Piro (University of Alberta)   (MDCL 1309)
11:15 AM (G*) CUTE: An Overview and Applications to SuperCDMS - Aditi Pradeep   (MDCL 1309)
11:30 AM (G*) 39Ar decay analysis and annual modulation search with DEAP-3600 - Ms Gurpreet Kaur   (MDCL 1309)
11:45 AM SuperCDMS IMPACT: Measuring the sub-keV Ionization Yield in Cryogenic Solid-State Detectors - Tyler Reynolds (University of Toronto)   (MDCL 1309)
12:00 PM (G*) Projected Sensitivities for Future Upgrade Scenarios of SuperCDMS SNOLAB - Eleanor Fascione   (MDCL 1309)
10:45 AM
M1-10 Fields, Particles, and Strings I (DTP) | Champs, particules et cordes I (DPT) - Mark Walton (University of Lethbridge) (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1115)
10:45 AM (G*) New BPS Gravitational Solitons in Anti-de Sitter Spacetimes - Turkuler Durgut   (MDCL 1115)
11:00 AM (G*) Schwinger pair production - from fall to infinity to fall to the centre - Sriram Sundaram (McMaster University)   (MDCL 1115)
11:15 AM (I) String Theory, Antisymmetric Tensor Fields and Dark Matter - Dr Rainer Dick (University of Saskatchewan)   (MDCL 1115)
11:45 AM A Little Excitement Across the Horizon - Dr Keith Ng (Nanyang Technological University)   (MDCL 1115)
12:00 PM Non-standard Inflation and Quantum Gravity - Vahid Kamali   (MDCL 1115)
10:45 AM
M1-2 Gravity and Cosmology I (DTP) | Gravité et cosmologie I (DPT) - Sanjeev Seahra (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1008)
10:45 AM (I) The Hubble tension and the magnetic universe - Levon Pogosian   (MDCL 1008)
11:15 AM (G*) The galactic white-dwarf population from the CLAUDS deep fields - Mr Paul Ripoche   (MDCL 1008)
11:30 AM (G*) On the validity of the quasi-static approximation in scalar-tensor theories of Gravity - Mr Hamid Mirpoorian (Department of Physics, Simon Fraser University)   (MDCL 1008)
11:45 AM (G*) Cosmology of scalar fields coupled to dark matter and to all matter - Zhuangfei Wang (Simon Fraser University)   (MDCL 1008)
10:45 AM
M1-3 Imaging - MRI (DPMB) I Imagerie - IRM (DPMB) - Cornelia Hoehr (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1102)
10:45 AM (I) On oxygen-enhanced MRI in the tumor microenvironment - Stefan Alexander Reinsberg (The University of British Columbia)   (MDCL 1102)
11:15 AM (G*) Multicomponent T1 Magnetic Resonance Relaxometry with Neural Networks - Mr Tristhal Parasram (University of Windsor)   (MDCL 1102)
11:30 AM (G*) Novel Accelerated Imaging Method for 1H and 129Xe MRI with Deep Learning - Samuel Perron (The University of Western Ontario)   (MDCL 1102)
11:45 AM (G*) Optimized Phase Cycling for Coherence Pathway Cancelation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Mark Armstrong (University of Windsor)   (MDCL 1102)
10:45 AM
M1-4 Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics (DNP) | Structure nucléaire et astrophysique (DPN) - Liliana Caballero Suarez (until 12:30 PM) (MDCL 1110)
10:45 AM (I) Parity violation measurements of the neutron skin in $^{208}$Pb and $^{48}$Ca - The PREX/CREX collaboration Paul King (Ohio University)   (MDCL 1110)
11:15 AM (G*) Investigating the Nuclear Shell Evolution in Neutron-Rich Calcium - Robin Coleman   (MDCL 1110)
11:30 AM (G*) Model constraints for degenerate neutron capture rates in neutron star crusts - Bryn Knight   (MDCL 1110)
11:45 AM (G*) Constraining the Neutron Capture Rate for the Short-Lived 91Sr Nucleus - Beau Greaves (University of Guelph)   (MDCL 1110)
12:00 PM (G*) β-decay of 68Mn: Probing the N=40 Island of Inversion - Ms Rashmi Umashankar (TRIUMF/UBC)   (MDCL 1110)
12:15 PM (G*) High-precision half-life measurements of 26Na with GRIFFIN - Mr Eric Gyabeng Fuakye (University of Regina)   (MDCL 1110)
10:45 AM
M1-5 DPE I - Joint with DGEP (DPE/DGEP) | DEP I - conjointement avec DEGP (DEP/DEGP) - Daria Ahrensmeier (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1009)
10:45 AM (I) Diversifying Talent in Quantum Computing - Ella Meyer (University of British Columbia)   (MDCL 1009)
11:15 AM Physical Science in Contemporary Society - Dr Carolyn Sealfon   (MDCL 1009)
11:30 AM The IDEAS Initiative - Benjamin Tam (Queen's University)   (MDCL 1009)
11:45 AM (G*) STEM for Everyone - Results From a Pilot Intervention to Address the Gender Gap in High School Physics - Eamonn Corrigan   (MDCL 1009)
12:00 PM Round Table   (MDCL 1009)
10:45 AM
M1-6 Accelerator Developments in Canada (DAPI) | Progrès dans les accélérateurs au Canada (DPAI) - Alexander Gottberg (TRIUMF (CA)) (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1016)
10:45 AM New CLS e-linac - Mark James Boland (University of Saskatchewan (CA))   (MDCL 1016)
11:00 AM Superconducting RF research in Canada - Robert Edward Laxdal   (MDCL 1016)
11:15 AM A Prototype Compact Accelerator-based Neutron Source for Canada for Medical and Scientific Applications - Dalini D. Maharaj (TRIUMF, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Windsor)   (MDCL 1016)
11:30 AM The New Electron Source Lab at CLS - Dr Xavier Stragier (CLS)   (MDCL 1016)
11:45 AM TRIUMF e-linac as driver for FLASH, DarkLight and ARIEL - Stephanie Diana Rädel (TRIUMF)   (MDCL 1016)
10:45 AM
M1-7 Quantum Materials I (DCMMP) | Matériaux quantiques I (DPMCM) - Mark Gallagher (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1010)
10:45 AM (I) Quantum materials at the atomic scale - Adina Luican-Mayer (University of Ottawa)   (MDCL 1010)
11:15 AM (I) Formation of 1D and 2D carbon-based nanomaterials on surfaces - Maryam Ebrahimi (Lakehead University)   (MDCL 1010)
11:45 AM (I) Charge Transfer Processes in Molecularly Doped Organic Semiconductors - Prof. Ingo Salzmann (Concordia University)   (MDCL 1010)
10:45 AM
M1-8 Statistical physics and biology (DCMMP) | Physique statistique et biologie (DPMCM) - James Polson (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1116)
10:45 AM (I) Dynamical mean-field theory: from ecosystems to reaction networks - Eric de Giuli (Ryerson)   (MDCL 1116)
11:15 AM (G*) Random Asymmetric Markov Models - Faheem Mosam (Ryerson University)   (MDCL 1116)
11:30 AM (G*) Entropy, Networks, and Design - Pheerawich Chitnelawong (Queen's University)   (MDCL 1116)
11:45 AM (G*) Dynamics of exciton polaron in microtubule - Mr Willy Aniset Nganfo Yifoue (Université de Dschang)   (MDCL 1116)
12:00 PM Modelling finger-like pattern formation in a bacteria colony growing at an interface using dynamical self-consistent field theory - Prof. Robert Wickham (University of Guelph)   (MDCL 1116)
10:45 AM
M1-9 Exploring the Energy and Precision Frontier I (PPD) | Exploration de la frontière d'énergie et de précision I (PPD) - Kate Pachal (TRIUMF) (until 12:30 PM) (MDCL 1105)
10:45 AM (G*) Measurement of the W Boson Drell-Yan Angular Coefficients with the ATLAS detector - Alexander Bachiu (Carleton University (CA))   (MDCL 1105)
11:00 AM (G*) A study of hadronic tagged $B\rightarrow D^{(*)}\ell \nu$ at the Belle II experiment - Hannah Wakeling (McGill University)   (MDCL 1105)
11:15 AM (G*) Pion background measurement and correction in the MOLLER Experiment at Jefferson lab - Ms Fatemeh Gorgannejad (University of Manitoba)   (MDCL 1105)
11:30 AM (G*) Search for multiquark states decaying to neutral strange particles: $K_s^0$ and $\Lambda^0$ (or $\bar{\Lambda^0}$ - Antara Paul (McGill University, (CA))   (MDCL 1105)
11:45 AM (G*) Study of the combined performance of the Digital Hadronic Calorimeter and Si-W Electromagnetic Calorimeter for the CALICE R&D Collaboration - Ms Melissa Almanza Soto (McGill University)   (MDCL 1105)
12:00 PM (I) 2022 CAP Thesis Prize Winner -- Dominique Trischuk   (MDCL 1105)
7:30 AM --- Congress Registration and Information (07h30-17h00) | Inscription au congrès et information (07h30-17h00) ---
8:05 AM
Exhibit Booths Open 08:30-16:00 | Salle d'exposition ouverte de 08h30 à 16h00 (until 8:30 AM) (MDCL Hallways)
8:30 AM
T1-1 Advances in Physics in Biology and Medicine Symp.: Protein system dynamics (DPMB) | Symposium sur les progrès en physique dans la biologie et la médecine: dynamique des systèmes de protéines (DPMB) - Valerie Booth (until 10:15 AM) (MDCL 1110)
8:30 AM (I) Limiting noise in biochemical reaction networks - Andreas Hilfinger   (MDCL 1110)
9:00 AM (G*) Force Without Form: Delineating a Disordered Protein Complex with Single-Molecule Fluorescence Spectroscopy - Spencer Smyth   (MDCL 1110)
9:15 AM Near-Infrared Photobiomodulation of Living Cells, Tubulin, and Microtubules in Vitro - Dr Michael Staelens (University of Alberta)   (MDCL 1110)
9:30 AM (G*) Stochastic Simulations of Protein Clustering on Tubular Networks - Liam Kischuck (Ryerson University)   (MDCL 1110)
9:45 AM (U*) Finding Order in Disorder: Modelling the Disordered Protein 4E-BP2 - Thomas Tsangaris   (MDCL 1110)
10:00 AM (G*) Inferring gene regulation from static snapshots of gene expression variability - Euan Joly-Smith (Department of Physics, University of Toronto)   (MDCL 1110)
8:30 AM
T1-2 Plasma Physics Symposium I (DPP) | Symposium de physique des plasmas I (DPP) - Ahmad Hamdan (until 10:15 AM) (MDCL 1010)
8:30 AM (I) Plasma-catalysis: From catalyst synthesis to control of plasma chemistry - Sylvain Coulombe   (MDCL 1010)
9:00 AM (I) Investigation of the Pre-ionization Mechanisms in Atmospheric Pressure Townsend Discharges Obtained in Various Gases - Simon Dap   (MDCL 1010)
9:30 AM Hydrophobic Recovery of Plasma Modified Electro-spun versus Smooth Polymer Surfaces - Cédric Pattyn   (MDCL 1010)
9:45 AM (G*) Time-resolved optical emission spectroscopy of a nanosecond, pulsed microwave plasma ignited by time reversal - Mrs Amaia DRIOLLET (Université de Montréal)   (MDCL 1010)
10:00 AM (G*) Microscale electric field detection improvements: Steps toward tailoring cold atmospheric pressure plasma - Mr Justin Hogue   (MDCL 1010)
8:30 AM
T1-3 New Directions in Accelerator-Based Experiments: Future Collider Experiments - Energy Frontier (PPD) | Nouvelles voies fondées sur des accélérateurs: expériences futures avec collisionneurs - frontière d'énergie (PPD) - Matthias Danninger (Simon Fraser University (CA)) (until 10:15 AM) (MDCL 1105)
8:30 AM (I) Future Collider Pheno talk (invited talk by David McKeen) - David McKeen (TRIUMF)   (MDCL 1105)
8:55 AM (I) Physics in the High-Luminosity Era with the ATLAS Detector - Maximilian J Swiatlowski (TRIUMF (CA))   (MDCL 1105)
9:20 AM (I) The ATLAS Detector Phase-II Upgrades for the HL-LHC - Thomas Koffas (Carleton University (CA))   (MDCL 1105)
9:45 AM (I) Instrumentation and Accelerator Technologies for ILC and Other Future Colliders - Alain Bellerive (Carleton University (CA))   (MDCL 1105)
8:30 AM
T1-4 Hot Topics From Theory Made Accessible (DTP) | Sujets chauds de la théorie rendus accessibles (DPT) - Randy Lewis (until 10:15 AM) (MDCL 1102)
8:30 AM Werner Israel Memorial Session on Gravitation - Luis Lehner Eric Poisson (University of Guelph)   (MDCL 1102)
9:30 AM (I) Active Learning in a Quantum Field Theory Course - Peter Lepage   (MDCL 1102)
8:30 AM
T1-5 Private Sector Physicists - STARTS AT 10:45 (CAP-DAPI) | Physicien(ne)s dans le secteur privé - DÉBUT À 10h45 (ACP-DPAI) - Daniel Cluff (University of Exeter) (until 10:15 AM) (MDCL 1009)
8:30 AM
T1-6 Physics at the EIC Symposium: Electron-Ion Collider, An Overview (DNP) | Symposium sur la physique à l'EIC: collisionneur électrons-ions, un survol (DPN) - Garth Huber (until 10:15 AM) (MDCL 1008)
8:30 AM (I) Electron-Ion Collider: Project Overview - Renee Fatemi (University of Kentucky)   (MDCL 1008)
9:00 AM (I) The Complementary International EIC Experimental Program - Elke-Caroline Aschenauer (Brookhaven National Lab)   (MDCL 1008)
9:30 AM (I) Canadian Participation in the Electron-Ion Collider - Wouter Deconinck   (MDCL 1008)
8:30 AM
T1-7 Fluctuations and Disorder in Condensed Matter (DCMMP) | Fluctuations et désordre en matière condensée (DPMCM) - Robert Wickham (until 10:15 AM) (MDCL 1309)
8:30 AM (I) Physical mechanisms of regulating mitochondrial protein transport - Aidan Brown (Ryerson University)   (MDCL 1309)
9:00 AM (I) Bacterial condensates under stress - Prof. Stephanie Weber (McGill University)   (MDCL 1309)
9:30 AM (I) Prion propagation and loss dynamics in single cells - Laurent Potvin-Trottier (Center for Applied Synthetic Biology, Concordia University)   (MDCL 1309)
8:30 AM
T1-8 Precision Techniques in Spectroscopy (DAMOPC) | Techniques de précision en spectroscopie (DPAMPC) - Jens Lassen (until 10:15 AM) (MDCL 1016)
8:30 AM --- Detailed program to come ---
10:15 AM --- Health Break with Exhibitors | Pause santé avec exposants ---
10:45 AM
T2 -1 Advances in Physics in Biology and Medicine Symp.: Protein design and diffusion (DPMB) | Symposium sur les progrès en physique dans la biologie et la médecine: conception de protéines et diffusion (DPMB) - Ozzy Mermut (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1110)
10:45 AM (I) Fast and precise: How transcription factors find their targets - Cecile Fradin (Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, McMaster University)   (MDCL 1110)
11:15 AM Probing the Stochastic Properties of DNA Driven by Topology-relaxing Enzyme Activity - Dr Maria Kilfoil (University of Prince Edward Island, Dept of Physics)   (MDCL 1110)
11:30 AM The lawnmower: an artificial protein-based burnt-bridge molecular motor - Chapin Korosec (York University)   (MDCL 1110)
11:45 AM (G*) Protein folding and fold switching of the C-terminal domain of transcription factor RfaH. - Bahman Seifi   (MDCL 1110)
12:00 PM (G*) Tracking Diffusion and Oligomerization of M2 Receptors in Live Cells - Xiaohan Zhou   (MDCL 1110)
10:45 AM
T2-2 Plasma Physics Symposium II (DPP) | Symposium de physique des plasmas II (DPP) - Stephan Reuter (Polytechnique Montreal) (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1010)
10:45 AM (I) Influence of discharge parameters on the mode-coupling instability in two-dimensional complex plasma crystals - Lenaic Couedel   (MDCL 1010)
11:15 AM (I) The century old Langmuir probe inference problem: Beyond analytic approximations with machine learning techniques. - Prof. Richard Marchand (University of Alberta)   (MDCL 1010)
11:45 AM (I) Extreme plasma heating and flows in Earth’s ionosphere - David Knudsen   (MDCL 1010)
10:45 AM
T2-3 New Directions in Accelerator-Based Experiments: Future Collider Experiments - Energy and Precision Frontier (PPD) | Nouvelles voies fondées sur des accélérateurs: expériences futures avec collisionneurs - frontière d'énergie et de précision (PPD) - Marie-Cécile Piro (University of Alberta) (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1105)
10:45 AM (G*) Projection studies of non-resonant Higgs boson pair production in the bb¯bb¯ final state at the HL-LHC using the ATLAS detector - Colm Sam (University of British Columbia (CA))   (MDCL 1105)
11:00 AM (I) The MoEDAL-MAPP Experiment – The Upgrade of the LHC’s 1st Dedicated Search Experiment for LHC’s Run-3 and Beyond - James Pinfold (University of Alberta (CA))   (MDCL 1105)
11:25 AM (I) Prospects for Long Lived Particle searches with MATHUSLA - Steven Robertson (McGill University, (CA))   (MDCL 1105)
11:50 AM (I) Chiral Belle: Upgrading SuperKEKB with a Polarized Electron Beam - Michael Roney   (MDCL 1105)
10:45 AM
T2-4 Hot Topics From Theory Made Accessible (DTP) | Sujets chauds de la théorie rendus accessibles (DPT) - Mariana Frank (Concordia University) (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1102)
10:45 AM (I) Teaching quantum computers to simulate gauge theories for particle physics - Christine Muschik   (MDCL 1102)
11:15 AM (I) Faster-Than-Light Travel and Time Travel: Science or Science Fiction? - Barak Shoshany   (MDCL 1102)
11:45 AM (I) Novel Directions in the Search for New Physics - Asimina Arvanitaki   (MDCL 1102)
10:45 AM
T2-5 Private Sector Physicists (CAP-DAPI) | Physicien(ne)s dans le secteur privé (ACP-DPAI) - Daniel Cluff (University of Exeter) (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1009)
10:45 AM (I) Career Opportunities in Physics - What to do Next? / Opportunités de carrière en physique - Quel chemin prendre ? - Laura-Isabelle Dion-Bertrand   (MDCL 1009)
11:15 AM (I) Optical Communication for Space Based Applications - Danya Hudson (Honeywell Aerospace)   (MDCL 1009)
11:45 AM (I) From Physics to Finance and Risk Management in Times of a Pandemic - Rene Stock (Scotiabank)   (MDCL 1009)
10:45 AM
T2-6 Physics at the EIC Symposium: Accelerator Developments at the EIC (DNP) | Symposium sur la physique à l'EIC: avancées d'accélérateurs à l'EIC (DPN) - David Hornidge (Mount Allison University) (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1305)
10:45 AM (I) Electron-Ion Collider Accelerator Development - Andrei Seryi (Jefferson Lab)   (MDCL 1305)
11:15 AM (I) EIC Accelerator Technology Challenges - Prof. Oliver Kester (TRIUMF)   (MDCL 1305)
10:45 AM
T2-7 Fluctuations and Disorder in Condensed Matter (DCMMP) | Fluctuations et désordre en matière condensée (DPMCM) - An-Chang Shi (McMaster University) (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1309)
10:45 AM (I) Recent Advances on the Glass Problem - Prof. Patrick Charbonneau (Duke University)   (MDCL 1309)
11:15 AM (I) Linking placement of associating groups along polymer chains to phase behavior of polymer blends using PRISM theory and molecular simulations - Prof. Arthi Jayaraman (University of Delaware)   (MDCL 1309)
11:45 AM (I) Building blocks of soft matter crystals: Complex symmetries via frustrated packing of ‘mesoatomic’ elements in block copolymer melts - Prof. Gregory Grason (University of Massachusetts Amherst)   (MDCL 1309)
10:45 AM
T2-8 Precision Techniques in Spectroscopy (DAMOPC) | Techniques de précision en spectroscopie (DPAMPC) - Jens Lassen (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1016)
10:45 AM (I) Probing a Structural Phase Transition of Trapped Ions in the Quantum Regime - Paul C Haljan (Simon Fraser University Physics)   (MDCL 1016)
11:15 AM --- Detailed program to come ---
7:05 AM --- Congress Registration and Information (7h30 - 17h00) | Inscription au congrès et information (7h30 - 17h00) ---
7:30 AM
NSERC Liaison Committee Meeting | Réunion du comité de liaison avec le CRSNG - Rituparna Kanungo (until 8:45 AM) (MDCL 2230)
8:05 AM
Exhibit Booths Open (08h30-16h00) | Salle d'exposition ouverte de 08h30 à 16h00 (until 8:30 AM) (MDCL Hallways)
8:45 AM
W-PLEN1 Plenary Session | Session plénière - Shohini Ghose - Barbara Frisken (until 9:30 AM) (MDCL 1305/07)
8:45 AM The NSERC Chairs for Women in Science and Engineering in Canada - Shohini Ghose (Wilfrid Laurier University)   (MDCL 1305/07)
9:30 AM
W-PLEN2 Plenary Session | Session plénière - Chris Polly - Matthias Danninger (Simon Fraser University (CA)) (until 10:15 AM) (MDCL 1305/07)
9:30 AM First Results from the Muon g-2 Experiment at Fermilab’s Muon Campus - Chris Polly (Fermilab)   (MDCL 1305/07)
10:15 AM --- Health Break with Exhibitors | Pause santé avec exposants ---
10:45 AM
W1-1 Neutrino Experiments (PPD) | Expériences de neutrinos (PPD) - Mark Hartz (TRIUMF & Kavli IPMU, University of Tokyo) (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1105)
10:45 AM (I) Probing the hadronic Universe with high-energy neutrino observations: present and future - Nahee Park   (MDCL 1105)
11:15 AM Constraints on electron neutrino and antineutrino cross sections for the leptonic CP violation search at Hyper-Kamiokande - Dr Ryosuke Akutsu (TRIUMF)   (MDCL 1105)
11:30 AM (G*) Implementation of Cherenkov Physics in Chroma for nEXO's Muon Veto - Emma Klemets (McGill University, UBC)   (MDCL 1105)
11:45 AM (G*) The SNO+ Scintillator Fill - Benjamin Tam (Queen's University)   (MDCL 1105)
12:00 PM Measuring inelasticity distribution of neutrino interactions between $E_\nu$ 100 GeV and 1 TeV with IceCube DeepCore - Maria Liubarska (University of Alberta)   (MDCL 1105)
10:45 AM
W1-10 Building Stronger Physics Departments (CAP) | Construire des départements de physique plus forts (ACP) - Chitra Rangan (University of Windsor) (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1009)
10:45 AM (I) The Ruination of a University: The Sad Tale of the Laurentian University Fiasco - Eduardo Galiano   (MDCL 1009)
11:15 AM (I) Effective Practices for Physics Programs (EP3) - Dr David Craig (Oregon University)   (MDCL 1009)
11:45 AM --- Discussion ---
10:45 AM
W1-2 Quantum Theory (DTP) | Théorie quantique (DPT) - Randy Lewis (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1008)
10:45 AM (I) Quantum Foundations Meets Causal Inference - Robert Spekkens (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics)   (MDCL 1008)
11:15 AM (G*) Locality in quasi-Hermitian quantum theory - Jacob Barnett   (MDCL 1008)
11:30 AM (U*) Non-perturbative Extraction of Tripartite Vacuum Entanglement - Diana Mendez Avalos   (MDCL 1008)
11:45 AM (G*) Channel capacity of relativistic quantum communication with rapid interaction - Kensuke Gallock Yoshimura   (MDCL 1008)
12:00 PM (G*) Variationally Scheduled Quantum Simulation - Samantha Buck (University of Guelph)   (MDCL 1008)
10:45 AM
W1-3 Optical Tools (DAMOPC/DPMB) | Outils optiques (DAMOPC/DPMB) - Jens Lassen Ozzy Mermut (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1102)
10:45 AM (I) Monitoring Humulone Isomerization Using Raman Spectroscopy: A Bitter Problem in the Microbrewing Industry - William M. Whelan (University of Prince Edward Island)   (MDCL 1102)
11:15 AM (G*) Rapid Detection of Bacterial Pathogens in Water and Clinical Specimens Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy - Emma Blanchette (University of Windsor)   (MDCL 1102)
11:30 AM (G*) A novel optical filter-based Raman system operating in strong ambient light for in vivo clinical applications - Mr Hao Guo (Dalhousie University)   (MDCL 1102)
11:45 AM (G*) Using synchrotron radiation techniques as a tool in invertebrate paleontology - Mr Jerit Mitchell (Physics Department, University of Regina.)   (MDCL 1102)
12:00 PM --- discussion & speaker Q&A ---
10:45 AM
W1-4 Nuclear Structure (DNP) | Structure nucléaire (DPN) - Krzysztof Starosta (SFU) (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1110)
10:45 AM (I) First Evidence of Axial Shape Asymmetry and Shape Coexistence in 74Zn: Suggestion for a Northern Extension of the N=40 Island of Inversion - Marco Rocchini (University of Guelph)   (MDCL 1110)
11:15 AM (G*) Investigation of States Populated in the 102Ru(p,t) Two Neutron Transfer Reaction - Samantha Buck (University of Guelph)   (MDCL 1110)
11:30 AM Electromagnetic Transition Rate Studies in 28Mg - Dr Krzysztof Starosta (SFU)   (MDCL 1110)
11:45 AM (G*) Direct Population and Lifetime Measurement of the $2^+_1$ State in $^{40}$Ca via an Alpha-transfer Reaction - Frank (Tongan) Wu (Simon Fraser University)   (MDCL 1110)
12:00 PM (G*) Beam Development and Composition at TRIUMF with the TITAN MR-TOF Mass Spectrometer - Mr Coulter Walls (TRIUMF, University of Manitoba)   (MDCL 1110)
10:45 AM
W1-5 Advances in Instrument Design (DAPI) | Progrès dans la conception d'instruments (DPAI) - Silvia Scorza (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1016)
10:45 AM A Parallel-Transmit Halbach Magnet TRASE MRI System - Prof. Jonathan Sharp (University of Alberta)   (MDCL 1016)
11:00 AM Field Deployable Mass Spectrometer for Rapid Analysis of CBRNE Threats - Emma Macdonald (Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, McMaster University)   (MDCL 1016)
11:15 AM (G*) Characterization of Laser-Driven Photon Emission in Silicon Photomultipliers at TRIUMF - Juliette Martin (The University of Edinburgh, TRIUMF)   (MDCL 1016)
11:30 AM (G*) Fluorescence of optical materials down to 4 K - acrylic, TPB, pyrene - Emma Ellingwood   (MDCL 1016)
11:45 AM (G*) Single Photon Air Analyzer - Mayur Patel   (MDCL 1016)
10:45 AM
W1-6 Nuclei and Neutrinos (DNP) | Noyaux et neutrinos (DPN) - Michael Gericke (University of Manitoba) (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1116)
10:45 AM (I) BSM neutrino physics in weak nuclear decay - Prof. Kyle Leach (Colorado School of Mines)   (MDCL 1116)
11:15 AM Barium Tagging from Xe Gas as an Upgrade to the nEXO Experiment - Dr Christopher Chambers   (MDCL 1116)
11:30 AM (G*) Ba-ion mobility simulations in LXe for Ba-tagging at TRIUMF - Megan Cvitan (McMaster University)   (MDCL 1116)
11:45 AM (G*) Commissioning of a linear Paul ion trap for Ba-tagging - Mr Hussain Rasiwala (McGill University)   (MDCL 1116)
12:00 PM (G*) Commissioning of a Multiple-Reflection Time-of-Flight Mass-Spectrometer for Barium-tagging - Kevin Murray   (MDCL 1116)
10:45 AM
W1-7 Non-Thermal Plasmas (DPP) | Plasmas non thermiques (DPP) - Ahmad Hamdan Stephan Reuter (Polytechnique Montreal) (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1115)
10:45 AM (I) Plasma assisted oxidation of H$_2$ mixtures: from physics to chemistry - Dr Ramses Snoeckx (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST))   (MDCL 1115)
11:15 AM (I) Advanced plasma deposition of organosilicon thin films at atmospheric pressure for innovative eco-friendly devices: tuning the physical mode for different applications - Dr Jacopo Profili (Université Laval)   (MDCL 1115)
11:45 AM (G*) Charaterization of aerosol-assisted low pressure plasma deposition processes - Claire SIMONNET   (MDCL 1115)
12:00 PM (G*) Impact of NH3 consumption in a low frequency Ar-NH3 atmospheric pressure DBD - Raphael Robert (Université de Montréal / université de Perpignan via Domitia)   (MDCL 1115)
10:45 AM
W1-8 Condensed Matter Theory I (DCMMP/DTP) | Théorie de la matière condensée I (DPMCM/DPT) - Olivia Di Matteo (The University of British Columbia) (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1309)
10:45 AM Eigenstate entanglement in integrable collective spin models - Dr Meenu Kumari (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics)   (MDCL 1309)
11:00 AM Quantum computing fidelity susceptibility using automatic differentiation - Olivia Di Matteo (The University of British Columbia)   (MDCL 1309)
11:15 AM Hyperbolic Matter in Electrical Circuits with Tunable Complex Phases - Prof. Igor Boettcher (University of Alberta)   (MDCL 1309)
11:30 AM Computing excitations in a matrix product state with block Lanczos - Thomas Baker   (MDCL 1309)
11:45 AM (G*) Relaxation of non-integrable systems and correlation functions - Jonathon Riddell (McMaster University)   (MDCL 1309)
12:00 PM (G*) Atomic insights into the lattice dynamics driving the relaxation of charged defects - Shuaishuai Yuan (Division of Materials Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, McGill University)   (MDCL 1309)
10:45 AM
W1-9 Quantum Magnetism (DCMMP) | Magnétisme quantique (DPMCM) - Takashi Imai (McMaster University) (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1010)
10:45 AM (G*) Inverse Laplace transform of NMR spin-lattice relaxation data - Jiaming Wang   (MDCL 1010)
11:00 AM (G*) Dynamic and frozen quantum magnetism in the ground states of triangular lattice magnets YbMgGaO4, ErMgGaO4 and YbCoGaO4 from inelastic neutron scattering - Ms Symphony (Hsiao-Yuan) Huang (McMaster University)   (MDCL 1010)
11:15 AM (G*) The case for a U(1)π Quantum Spin Liquid Ground State in the Dipole-Octupole Pyrochlore Ce2Zr2O7 - Evan Smith (Department of Physics and Astronomy, McMaster University)   (MDCL 1010)
11:30 AM (G*) IDMRG study of the J-Gamma Ladder: Shy of a Bakers Dozen - Sebastien Avakian (McMaster University)   (MDCL 1010)
11:45 AM (U*) Electrical Control of Magnetism in Kitaev Materials - Mr Griffin Howson (University of Windsor)   (MDCL 1010)
7:00 AM --- Visit CAP Congress website (https://www.cap.ca/congress-conference/cap2022/) for information about meetings scheduled outside of Congress week, eg AGM, NSERC Community Update, Division business meetings ---
7:05 AM --- Congress Registration and Information (7h30-13h30) | Inscription au congrès et information (7h30-13h30) ---
7:30 AM
CINP Board Meeting | Réunion du conseil de l'ICPN - Garth Huber (until 8:45 AM) (MDCL 2230)
8:45 AM
Best Student Poster Competition Finals Judging (Closed to delegates) | Jugement des finales de la compétition d'affiches étudiantes (session fermée) - William Whelan (until 10:45 AM) (MDCL 1116)
8:45 AM
R1-1 Precision and Dark Matter Experiments (PPD) | Expériences de précision et sur la matière sombre (PPD) - Rainer Dick (until 10:15 AM) (MDCL 1105)
8:45 AM Magnetic Holding Field Requirements for UCN Precession in the TUCAN EDM Experiment - Mark McCrea   (MDCL 1105)
9:00 AM Radioactive Background Characterization of the Cryogenic Underground TEst Facility (CUTE) - Dr Silvia Scorza   (MDCL 1105)
9:15 AM DEAP-3600 Hardware Upgrades - Sean Daugherty (Carleton University)   (MDCL 1105)
9:30 AM Searching for Dark Matter with Liquid Argon: DEAP-3600, DarkSide-20k, and Argo - Chris Jillings   (MDCL 1105)
9:45 AM Calibration and characterisation of an “achinos” multi-anode sensor for the SNOLAB commissioning of the NEWS-G experiment - George Savvidis (Queen's University)   (MDCL 1105)
10:00 AM Light-only Liquid Xenon (LoLX) Experiment for Cherenkov and Scintillation Light - Dr Bernadette Maria Rebeiro (McGill University)   (MDCL 1105)
8:45 AM
R1-2 Gravity and Cosmology II (DTP) | Gravité et cosmologie II (DPT) - Randy Lewis (until 10:15 AM) (MDCL 1009)
8:45 AM (I) Deciphering the Baryonic Universe: A New Window Into the Cosmos - Hamsa Padmanabhan   (MDCL 1009)
9:15 AM Equivalence of gravity theories in the covariant phase space - Juan Margalef (Memorial University)   (MDCL 1009)
9:30 AM Quantum Gravity Phenomenology - Arundhati Dasgupta   (MDCL 1009)
9:45 AM The gravitational field of a non-local superposition - Prof. Manu Paranjape   (MDCL 1009)
10:00 AM Holographic Thermodynamics of AdS Black Holes: Central Charge Criticality - Robert Mann   (MDCL 1009)
8:45 AM
R1-3 DPMB 101 Lectures (DPMB) | Conférences DPMB 101 (DPMB) - Cornelia Hoehr (until 10:15 AM) (MDCL 1102)
8:45 AM (I) Advanced Near Infrared Spectroscopy Techniques for Biophotonics Applications - Prof. Mamadou Diop (Lawson)   (MDCL 1102)
9:30 AM (I) Single-molecule mechanical studies of unstable protein building blocks - Nancy Forde   (MDCL 1102)
8:45 AM
R1-4 Precision Nuclear Processes and Beyond (DNP) | Processus nucléaires de précision et au delà (DPN) - Svetlana Barkanova (Grenfell Campus of Memorial University) (until 10:15 AM) (MDCL 1110)
8:45 AM (I) Using statistical methods to determine the astrophysical origins of heavy nuclei - Nicole Vassh (TRIUMF)   (MDCL 1110)
9:15 AM Cluster recognition using Machine Learning applied to Neutron star crusts - Dr Jaime Bohorquez (University of Guelph)   (MDCL 1110)
9:30 AM Study of cross-shell excitations near the 'island of inversion' using fusion-evaporation and Doppler shift methods - Krzysztof Starosta (SFU)   (MDCL 1110)
9:45 AM A Capillary Probe for Ion Extraction from Liquid Xenon - Robert Collister (Carleton University)   (MDCL 1110)
8:45 AM
R1-5 Polymer Physics Theory (DCMMP) | Théorie physique des polymères (DPMCM) - Robert Wickham (until 10:15 AM) (MDCL 1016)
9:00 AM Stabilizing Binary Mesocrystals via Block Copolymer Blends - Jiayu Xie   (MDCL 1016)
9:15 AM Multiphase Transitions Involving Confined Polymers in Solution​ ​ - Setarehalsadat Changizrezaei   (MDCL 1016)
9:30 AM Formation of Complex Spherical Packing Phases in Binary Blends of Diblock Copolymers - Yu Li   (MDCL 1016)
9:45 AM Fluctuation Effects on Diblock Copolymer Melts using Field-Theoretic Simulations - Dr Tom Beardsley (University of Waterloo)   (MDCL 1016)
10:00 AM Memory effect in simulations of asymmetric diblock copolymers under thermal processing - Yang Yang   (MDCL 1016)
8:45 AM
R1-6 Testing the Standard Model and Searches for New Physics at Intermediate Energies (DNP) | Tests du modèle standard et recherche de nouvelle physique aux énergies intermédiaires (DPN) - Wouter Deconinck (until 10:15 AM) (MDCL 1008)
8:45 AM (I) Deep Exclusive $\mathrm\pi^-$ Production using a Transversely Polarized $\mathrm{^{3}He}$ Target and the Solenoidal Large Intensity Device (SoLID) - Prof. Garth Huber   (MDCL 1008)
9:15 AM (I) Beyond-Standard-Model Physics using Rare Eta and Eta-prime Neutral Decays - Zisis Papandreou   (MDCL 1008)
9:45 AM (I) Global Extraction of Nucleon Generalized Parton Distributions from Deeply Virtual Compton scattering - Dr Kyle Shiells (Center for Nuclear Femtography)   (MDCL 1008)
8:45 AM
R1-7 Materials for Energy Applications (DCMMP) | Matériaux pour applications en énergie (DPMCM) - Patrick Clancy (McMaster University) (until 10:15 AM) (MDCL 1010)
9:15 AM (I) The asymmetric charge-discharge kinetics in Li$_{1-x}$Ni$_{1+x}$O$_2$ from first principles - Prof. Penghao Xiao (Dalhousie University)   (MDCL 1010)
9:45 AM (I) High Performance Nano-Engineered Ion-Exchange Membranes for Clean Energy Systems - Prof. Jasneet Kaur (Brock University)   (MDCL 1010)
10:15 AM --- Health Break | Pause santé ---
10:45 AM
R2-0 Joint CINP-IPP Sessions (DNP/PPD) | Réunion conjointe de l'ICPN et de l'IPP (DPN-PPD) - Garth Huber (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1305/07)
10:45 AM NSERC SAPES Chair Report - Jeffery Martin (The University of Winnipeg)   (MDCL 1305/07)
11:10 AM CFI Report   (MDCL 1305/07)
11:22 AM TRIUMF Director Report - Nigel Smith (SNOLab)   (MDCL 1305/07)
11:40 AM SNOLAB Director Report - Clarence Virtue   (MDCL 1305/07)
11:52 AM McDonald Institute Report - Tony Noble (Queen's University)   (MDCL 1305/07)
10:45 AM
R2-1 Applied Physics II (DAPI) | Physique appliquée II (DPAI) - Steffon Luoma (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1016)
10:45 AM (I) Confirming internal microwave resonances in grape-sized aqueous objects using calorimetry, thermography, and FEM simulations - Aaron Slepkov (Trent University)   (MDCL 1016)
11:15 AM Catch basin rating curves - Dr Louis Poirier (National Research Council Canada)   (MDCL 1016)
11:30 AM Tempological Control: Stable Synchronization through Time-Varying Networks - Sean Cornelius   (MDCL 1016)
11:45 AM Active Region Extent Assessment with X-rays (AREA-X) shown for the example of sensors for the ATLAS ITk tracker - Luise Poley (Simon Fraser University (CA))   (MDCL 1016)
10:45 AM
R2-2 Frontiers in Theoretical Physics II (DTP) | Frontières en physique théorique II (DPT) - Mohammad Ahmady (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1009)
10:45 AM Ultralight Dark Matter and Cosmological Condensed Matter Physics - Evan McDonough   (MDCL 1009)
11:15 AM Structural Aspects of Quasi-Topological Gravity - Dr Robie Hennigar (Institute for Cosmos Sciences, University of Barcelona)   (MDCL 1009)
11:30 AM Unification of Quantum and Relativistic Measurements - Prof. Jonathan Sharp (University of Alberta)   (MDCL 1009)
11:45 AM Fermionic FIMP dark matter models providing low-scale leptogenesis. - Prof. Poulose Poulose (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati)   (MDCL 1009)
12:00 PM Solar Cells_and the Lambert W Function - Prof. Sreeram Valluri (University of Western Ontario (UWO))   (MDCL 1009)
10:45 AM
R2-3 DPMB Trainee Networking (DPMB) | Réseautage de stagiaires DPMB (DPMB) - Valerie Booth (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1102)
10:45 AM
R2-4 Quantum Materials II (DCMMP) | Matériaux quantiques II (DPMCM) - Tamar Pereg-Barnea (McGill University) (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1010)
10:45 AM Probing a Novel Low Temperature State in Cs2AgBiBr6 via Resonance Raman Spectroscopy and Photoluminescence - Collin Tower (Brock University)   (MDCL 1010)
11:00 AM Psudogap formation at the β to β’ phase transition in the Chalcogenide As2Te3 - Mr Jeremy Dion   (MDCL 1010)
11:15 AM WITHDRAWN Atomically Defined Wires on P-Type Silicon - Furkan Altincicek (University of Alberta)   (MDCL 1010)
11:30 AM Density changes in amorphous silicon provoked by swift heavy ions - Prof. Sjoerd Roorda   (MDCL 1010)
11:45 AM Beta-SRF at TRIUMF - A Unique Facility to Characterize SRF Materials Near Fundamental Limits - Edward Thoeng (TRIUMF)   (MDCL 1010)
10:45 AM
R2-5 Materials Synthesis and Characterization (DCMMP) | Synthèse et caractérisation de matériaux (DPMCM) - Al-Amin Dhirani Al-Amin Dhirani (University of Toronto) (until 12:15 PM) (MDCL 1008)
10:45 AM Surface Conduction Measurement of Si Nanostructures by Ohmic Two Probes in a Multi-probe Scanning Tunneling Microscope - Dr Ali Khademi (Metrology Research Centre, National Research Council of Canada) Dr Jason Pitters (Nanotechnology Research Centre, National Research Council Canada)   (MDCL 1008)
11:15 AM “Nanoengineering” 2-D nanosheets - Al-Amin Dhirani   (MDCL 1008)
11:30 AM Transient nonlinear optical properties of nanostructures made of quantum dots and metallic nanoparticles - Ningyan Fang   (MDCL 1008)
11:45 AM SiGe nanocrystals in SiO2: optical and materials properties - Matheus Adam   (MDCL 1008)
12:00 PM A scanning tunneling microscopy study of a two dimensional organometallic network on the Ag(111) surface - Mark Gallagher   (MDCL 1008)
9:00 AM
IPP AGM | AGA de l'IPP - Michael Roney (until 12:00 PM) (MDCL 1110)
11:00 AM --- Break ---
2:35 PM --- Congress Registration | Inscription au congrès (12:00 - 15:00 and 18h30 - 21h00) ---
3:00 PM
Graduate Student Workshop (TBD) | Atelier pour les étudiant(e)s diplômé(e)s - Cissy Suen (University of British Columbia (Quantum Matter Institute), Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Advanced Light Source (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)) (until 6:00 PM) (Building ABB 136, Physics & Astronomy Dept.)
4:00 PM
CAP Board, Council and Friends Social | Réunion du conseil d'administration, du conseil et des amis de l'ACP - Manu Paranjape (Université de Montréal) (until 6:00 PM) (The Phoenix Bar and Grill)
6:00 PM
CAP Past Presidents' Working Dinner Meeting | Réunion et souper des ancien(ne)s président(e)s de l'ACP - Manu Paranjape (until 8:00 PM) (The Phoenix Bar and Grill, Alcove)
12:15 PM --- Break for Lunch (12h15-13h15) | Pause pour dîner (12h15-13h15) ---
12:15 PM
Science Policy Workshop | Atelier de science politique - Eric Donovan (University of Calgary) (until 1:15 PM) (MDCL 1305/07)
1:15 PM
M2-1 Exploring the Energy and Precision Frontier II (PPD) | Exploration de la frontière d'énergie et de précision II (PPD) - Dominique Anderson Trischuk (Brandeis University (US)) (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1105)
1:15 PM (I) ATLAS Highlights - Ellis Kay (University of Victoria (CA))   (MDCL 1105)
1:45 PM (G*) Relative luminosity measurement and long-term stability studies with ATLAS-TPX network during LHC Run-2. - Muhammad Usman (Universite de Montreal (CA))   (MDCL 1105)
2:00 PM (G*) Most precise measurement of the top-quark pair production cross-section in the single-lepton channel - Sahibjeet Singh (University of Toronto (CA))   (MDCL 1105)
2:15 PM Search for single production of a vector-like T quark decaying into a Higgs boson and top quark with fully hadronic final states using the ATLAS detector - Joel Hengwei Foo (University of Toronto (CA))   (MDCL 1105)
2:30 PM (G*) Measurements of the production cross section for the collinear emission of a Z boson from a jet in pp collisions at 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector - Alexandre Laurier (Carleton University (CA))   (MDCL 1105)
1:15 PM
M2-10 Black Holes (DTP) | Trous noirs (DPT) - Daniel Siegel (Univ. of Guelph) (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1008)
1:15 PM (I) Black hole mergers and internal geometry - Ivan Booth   (MDCL 1008)
1:45 PM (G*) Marginally Outer-trapped Surfaces Act Up with Inner Horizons in Black Holes - Kam To Billy Chan   (MDCL 1008)
2:00 PM (G*) Evolution of exotic marginally outer trapped surfaces in an accreting black hole - Matin Tavayef (Memorial University of Newfoundland)   (MDCL 1008)
2:15 PM (G*) Negative Mass de Sitter Black Holes - Brayden Hull   (MDCL 1008)
2:30 PM (G*) Probing BTZ Black Hole via Fisher Information - Everett Patterson (University of Waterloo)   (MDCL 1008)
1:15 PM
M2-2 Mathematical and Theoretical Physics (DTP) | Physique mathématique et physique théorique (DPT) - Olivia Di Matteo (The University of British Columbia) (until 2:30 PM) (MDCL 1115)
1:15 PM Applying the Conjugate Gradient Method in an Infinite Dimensional Hilbert Space - Robert Petry   (MDCL 1115)
1:30 PM (I) Markovian master equation for correlated initial states - Marco Merkli (Memorial University)   (MDCL 1115)
1:15 PM
M2-3 Functional Biophysics (DPMB) | Biophysique fonctionnelle (DPMB) - Ozzy Mermut (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1102)
1:15 PM (I) Single-molecule perspectives of GPCRs - Prof. Claudiu Gradinaru (University of Toronto)   (MDCL 1102)
1:45 PM The Effects of Dietary Ingestion of Nickel Recovery Slag as a Grit Source on Avian Bone - Eduardo Galiano   (MDCL 1102)
2:00 PM (U*) Whispers from the active inner ear - Zena Khadour   (MDCL 1102)
2:15 PM (G*) Title: To Emit or Not to Emit: Collective Dynamics of the Inner Ear - Olha Fedoryk   (MDCL 1102)
2:30 PM FUNCTIONAL AND FUNCTIONALIZED RED BLOOD CELL MEMBRANES - Dr Sebastian Himbert (McMaster University)   (MDCL 1102)
1:15 PM
M2-4 Precision Techniques in Nuclear and Particle Physics (DNP) | Techniques de précision en physique des particules et des noyaux (DPN) -Prof. Elie Korkmaz (UNBC) (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1110)
1:15 PM (G*) Higher-Order Leptonic Corrections in Covariant Approach - Mahumm Ghaffar (Memorial University of Newfoundland)   (MDCL 1110)
1:30 PM (G*) Applications of ab initio nuclear theory to tests of fundamental symmetries - Michael Gennari   (MDCL 1110)
1:45 PM (G) Novel Conditional Generative Approach and Applications in Nuclear and Particle Physics - James Giroux (University Of Regina, University Of Ottawa)   (MDCL 1110)
2:00 PM (G*) Developing the Integrating Detector Electronics Chain for the MOLLER Experiment - Brynne Blaikie   (MDCL 1110)
2:15 PM (G*) First principles calculations of 7Li+p radiative capture - Mr Peter Gysbers   (MDCL 1110)
2:30 PM Mirror Symmetry in the f7/2 Shell Below 56Ni, Excited States and Electromagnetic Transition Rates in 55Ni and 55Co - Krzysztof Starosta (SFU)   (MDCL 1110)
1:15 PM
M2-5 Degenerate Quantum Gases and Cold Atoms and Molecules (DAMOPC/DCMMP) | Gaz quantiques dégénérés, molécules et atomes froids (DPAMPC/DPMCM) - Jens Lassen (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1309)
1:15 PM (I) anti-hydrogen spectroscpy ALPHA @ CERN - Prof. Tim Friesen (U Calgary)   (MDCL 1309)
1:45 PM Caustics in quantum many-body dynamics - Duncan O'dell   (MDCL 1309)
2:00 PM Caustics, Chaos, and Branched flow in a Kicked Bose-Einstein Condensate - Joshua Hainge   (MDCL 1309)
2:15 PM (G*) Indistinguishable Photon Generation on Hybrid Photonic Integrated Circuits - Ms Edith Yeung (University of Ottawa)   (MDCL 1309)
1:15 PM
M2-6 Soft condensed matter I (DCMMP) | Matière condensée molle I (DPMCM) - Robert Wickham (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1116)
1:15 PM Formation of Complex Spherical Packing Phases in Hard Spheres with SALR Interactions - Mr Cameron Burns (McMaster University)   (MDCL 1116)
1:30 PM Flatness and Intrinsic Curvature of Linked-Ring Membranes - James Polson   (MDCL 1116)
1:45 PM (G*) Surface Relaxation of Vapor Deposited Polystyrene Glasses - Junjie Yin (University of Waterloo)   (MDCL 1116)
2:00 PM Osmotic Pressure and Swelling of Permeable Ionic Microgels - Alan Denton (North Dakota State University)   (MDCL 1116)
2:15 PM Transition in the glassy dynamics of melts of acid hydrolyzed phytoglycogen nanoparticles - Hurmiz Shamana   (MDCL 1116)
2:30 PM (G*) Changes to the Stiffness and Compressibility of Soft Phytoglycogen Nanoparticles Through Acid Hydrolysis - Yasmeen El-Rayyes (University of Guelph)   (MDCL 1116)
1:15 PM
M2-7 Low Dimensional Materials and Heterostructures (DCMMP) | Matériaux à basse dimension et hétérostructures (DPMCM) - Adina Luican-Mayer (University of Ottawa) (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1010)
1:15 PM (G*) Gated quantum structures in 2D semiconductors - Justin Boddison-Chouinard   (MDCL 1010)
1:30 PM (G*) Method for exfoliating large area monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides - Antoine Labbé (University of Ottawa)   (MDCL 1010)
1:45 PM (G*) Stacking order domains in twisted transition metal dichalcogenides - Laurent Molino   (MDCL 1010)
2:00 PM (G) Fine Structure of Excitons in TMD Type-II Heterostructures - Katarzyna Sadecka (Wrocław University of Science and Technology)   (MDCL 1010)
2:15 PM (G*) The charge characterization of atomic wires on hydrogen passivated silicon - Max Yuan   (MDCL 1010)
2:30 PM Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy of a Graphene-rhenium Disulfide Heterostructure at Low Temperature - Ryan Plumadore (University of Ottawa)   (MDCL 1010)
1:15 PM
M2-8 Quantum and Strongly Interacting Electron Systems (DCMMP) | Systèmes quantiques d'électrons interagissant fortement (DPMCM) - Bill Atkinson (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1016)
1:15 PM WITHDRAWN (I) Multi-orbital SYK models of non-Fermi liquids - Arun Paramekanti (University of Toronto)   (MDCL 1016)
1:45 PM Effect of Metallicity on Ferroelectric Thin Films - Bill Atkinson   (MDCL 1016)
2:00 PM (G) Intermediate Valence state in $\mathrm{YbB_4}$ revealed by RXES - Felix Frontini   (MDCL 1016)
2:15 PM (G) Broken Sublattice Symmetry Effects and Phase Transitions in Triangular Artificial Graphene Quantum Dots - Yasser Saleem (University of Ottawa)   (MDCL 1016)
2:30 PM (G*) Pushing the length and time scales of AIMD - Daniel Abarbanel   (MDCL 1016)
1:15 PM
M2-9 DPE II (DPE) | DEP II (DEP) - Daria Ahrensmeier (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1009)
1:15 PM (I) Data Science and Modern Astronomy, a match made in the heavens - Elaina Hyde (York University)   (MDCL 1009)
1:45 PM Self-Evaluation Tools in Canadian STEM Outreach Programs - Dr Svetlana Barkanova (Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland)   (MDCL 1009)
2:00 PM Integrating Group Discussion and Inquiry-Guided Learning into Physics TA Training - Benjamin Dringoli   (MDCL 1009)
2:15 PM (U*) Student Preparedness and Motivations in Introductory Physics Courses - Nitara Fernando   (MDCL 1009)
2:30 PM Round Table   (MDCL 1009)
2:30 PM --- Break for Teachers' Workshop | Pause pour l'atelier des enseignants ---
2:45 PM --- Health Break | Pause santé ---
3:15 PM
M-PLEN3 Plenary Session | Session plénière - Krishna Rajagopal - Daria Ahrensmeier (until 4:00 PM) (MDCL 1305/07)
3:15 PM From MOOCs to Magic: Using Digital Tools to Enhance the On-Campus Learning Experience - Krishna Rajagopal (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (US))   (MDCL 1305/07)
4:00 PM
M3-1 Advances in Nuclear and Particle Theory (DTP/DNP/PPD) | Progrès en théorie des particules et des noyaux (DPT/DPN/PPD) - Marco Merkli (Memorial University) Matthias Danninger (Simon Fraser University (CA)) Michael Gericke (University of Manitoba) (until 5:30 PM) (MDCL 1105)
4:00 PM (G*) The S-wave pairing gap in neutron matter - Georgios Palkanoglou   (MDCL 1105)
4:15 PM (G*) FeynArtsHelper- a Mathematica package for phenomenological calculations - Reefat   (MDCL 1105)
4:30 PM (I) Neutrinos from the past, present and future: passage through compact objects - Dr Liliana Caballero   (MDCL 1105)
5:00 PM Plane-wave and wave-packet neutrino oscillations in GR, f(R) and in conformal coupling models - Fayçal Hammad (Bishop's University)   (MDCL 1105)
5:15 PM Meson spectroscopy using holographic QCD plus 't Hooft equation - Mohammad Ahmady   (MDCL 1105)
4:00 PM
M3-2 Unconventional superconductivity and topology (DCMMP) | Supraconductivité non conventionnelle et topologie (DPMCM) - Robert Wickham (until 5:30 PM) (MDCL 1010)
4:00 PM (I) Topological physics with light and matter: new horizons - Prof. Philippe St-Jean (Universite de Montreal)   (MDCL 1010)
4:30 PM Surface Bogoliubov-Dirac cones and helical Majorana hinge modes in superconducting Dirac semimetals - Dr Majid Kheirkhah (University of Alberta)   (MDCL 1010)
4:45 PM (G*) Transport of Majorana Zero Modes in 1D Topological Superconductors - Mr Bill Truong   (MDCL 1010)
5:00 PM Charge Density Wave Order and Fluctuations above T_CDW and below Superconducting T_c in the Kagome Metal CsV3Sb5 - Dr Qiang Chen (Department of Physics and Astronomy, McMaster University)   (MDCL 1010)
5:15 PM Muon Spin Rotation Study of Superconducting CsV3Sb5 - Jonah Gautreau   (MDCL 1010)
4:00 PM
M3-3 Molecular and Soft Matter Biophysics (DPMB/DCMMP) | Biophysique moléculaire et de la matière molle (DPMB/DPMCM) - Cornelia Hoehr (until 5:00 PM) (MDCL 1102)
4:00 PM (I) Learning from Life: Understanding and Design of Complex Biophysical Systems through Multiscale Modeling and Machine Learning - Prof. Re Mansbach (Concordia University)   (MDCL 1102)
4:30 PM The electrostatic gating of carbon nanotube field-effect biosensors characterized at the molecular scale using simulations - Sebastien Cote   (MDCL 1102)
4:45 PM Bringing a Compact Accelerator-based Neutron Source (CANS) to Canada - Drew Marquardt   (MDCL 1102)
4:00 PM
M3-4 Strong Gravity and Black Holes (DTP) | Gravité forte et trous noirs (DPT) - Ivan Booth (until 5:30 PM) (MDCL 1116)
4:00 PM (I) Strong Gravity and the Synthesis of Heavy Elements in the Universe - Daniel Siegel   (MDCL 1116)
4:30 PM (G*) Marginally Outer Trapped (Open) Surfaces in Rotating 5D Black Holes - Sarah Muth   (MDCL 1116)
4:45 PM (G*) Evaporating Black Holes in 2D Models of Gravity - Jonathan Barenboim   (MDCL 1116)
5:00 PM (U*) Extracting mutual information from a BTZ black hole spacetime - Ms Kendra Bueley   (MDCL 1116)
4:00 PM
M3-5 DPE III (DPE) | DEP III (DEP) - Daria Ahrensmeier (until 5:30 PM) (MDCL 1009)
4:00 PM (I) Physics Education Commission of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics - Dr Tetyana Antimirova   (MDCL 1009)
4:30 PM Growing Your Undergraduate Physics Program – Insights from the Effective Practices for Physics Programs Initiative - David Craig (Oregon State University)   (MDCL 1009)
4:45 PM (G*) Creating Positive Learning Experiences with Constructive and Active Learning Approaches in Quantum Mechanics for Adolescents - Mrs Solmaz Khodaeifaal (Simon Fraser University)   (MDCL 1009)
5:00 PM Panel Discussion   (MDCL 1009)
4:00 PM
M3-6 Accelerator Applications (DAPI) | Applications des accélérateurs (DPAI) - Robert Edward Laxdal (until 5:30 PM) (MDCL 1016)
4:30 PM (G*) Design Considerations for a Proton Linac for a Compact Accelerator Based Neutron Source - Mina Abbaslou   (MDCL 1016)
4:45 PM (G*) Accelerator Mass Spectrometry measurements of chlorine-36 using the Isobar Separator for Anions - Erin L. Flannigan (A.E.Lalonde AMS Laboratory, University of Ottawa)   (MDCL 1016)
4:00 PM
M3-7 Fundamental Symmetries and New Physics at Low Energy I (DNP) | Symétries fondamentales et nouvelle physique à basse énergie (DPN) - Gerald Gwinner (University of Manitoba) (until 5:30 PM) (MDCL 1110)
4:00 PM (I) The Nab experiment: A precise measurement of the neutron beta decay parameters “little a” and “little b” at Oak Ridge National Lab. - Russell Mammei   (MDCL 1110)
4:30 PM The TUCAN magnetics lab at TRIUMF – research and development towards a neutron electric dipole moment search - Beatrice Franke   (MDCL 1110)
4:45 PM (G*) Mapping the Magnetically Shielded Room for the Neutron Electric Dipole Moment Experiment at TRIUMF - Maedeh Lavvaf   (MDCL 1110)
5:00 PM Magnetic resonance requirements and shim coil design for the TUCAN EDM experiment - Prof. Jeffery Martin (The University of Winnipeg)   (MDCL 1110)
5:15 PM (G*) The Search for a Permanent Electric Dipole Moment - Rane Alexander Simpson (TRIUMF (CA))   (MDCL 1110)
4:00 PM
M3-8 Dark Matter Experiment II (PPD) | Experiences de matière sombre II (PPD) - Marie-Cécile Piro (University of Alberta) (until 5:30 PM) (MDCL 1309)
4:00 PM (G*) The NEWS-G light Dark Matter search experiment: Current status and preparation for experiment at SNOLAB - Mr Daniel Durnford (University of Alberta)   (MDCL 1309)
4:15 PM (G*) First direct detection constraints on Planck-scale mass dark matter using DEAP-3600 detector - Shivam Garg   (MDCL 1309)
4:30 PM (G*) Measuring alpha quenching factors in liquid argon using Argon-1 - Michael Perry   (MDCL 1309)
4:45 PM (G*) Toward understanding the nuclear efficiency threshold of bubble chamber detectors - Xiang Li (University of Alberta)   (MDCL 1309)
5:00 PM (G*) detector response simulation for NEWS-G experiment - Yuqi Not Supplied   (MDCL 1309)
5:15 PM (G*) Laser Absorption Spectroscopy for Methane Sensing in SPCs for the NEWS-G Experiment - Mr Carter Garrah (University of Alberta)   (MDCL 1309)
4:00 PM
M3-9 Atomic and Molecular Physics - Laser Spectroscopy (DAMOPC) | Physique atomique et moléculaire - spectroscope laser (DPAMPC) - Jens Lassen (until 5:30 PM) (MDCL 1008)
4:00 PM Parametric Amplification of Few-cycle Laser Pulses - TJ Hammond (University of Windsor)   (MDCL 1008)
4:15 PM Rapid Ultrashort Pulse Characterization using Neural Networks - Tristhal Parasram   (MDCL 1008)
4:30 PM (G*) Focal Cone High Harmonic Generation in a Gas Sheet - Mr John Matthew Gjevre (University of Alberta)   (MDCL 1008)
4:15 PM
High School Day Extra Workshop | Atelier supplémentaire de la journée du secondaire - Miranda Schmidt (McMaster University ) Chris Meyer (Toronto District School Board, Canada) Reza Nejat (until 5:15 PM) (LRW Building)
5:00 PM
High School Day Social | Activité sociale de la journée du secondaire - Reza Nejat Chris Meyer (Toronto District School Board, Canada) Miranda Schmidt (McMaster University ) (until 7:30 PM) (MUSC Marketplace)
5:30 PM
Welcome Reception with BBQ | Réception d'accueil avec BBQ (until 7:15 PM) (MUSC Marketplace)
7:30 PM
M-HERZ Herzberg Memorial Public Lecture | Conférence publique commémorative Herzberg - D. Strickland, U. Waterloo - Manu Paranjape (until 9:00 PM) (MDCL 1305/07)
7:30 PM Generating High-Intensity, Ultra-short Optical Pulses - Donna Strickland (University of Waterloo)   (MDCL 1305/07)
8:30 PM --- Questions ---
9:00 PM
Lecture Hall Available for Mingling / Salle de conférence disponible pour échanges (until 10:00 PM) (MDCL 1305/07)
9:00 PM --- Sidewalk Astronomy │Astronomie de trottoir ---
12:00 PM
CJP Editorial Board Meeting | Réunion du comité de rédaction de la RCP - Robert Mann (until 1:30 PM) (MDCL 2230)
12:15 PM --- Break for Lunch (12h15-13h15) | Pause pour dîner (12h15-13h15) ---
1:15 PM
T3-1 Advances in Physics in Biology and Medicine Symp.: Physics in Medicine (DPMB) | Symposium sur les progrès en physique dans la biologie et la médecine: la physique en médecine (DPMB) - Cornelia Hoehr (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1110)
1:15 PM (I) Novel cancer treatment in a FLASH – development towards reducing side effects of cancer therapy using X-rays, electrons and protons at TRIUMF - Alexander Gottberg (TRIUMF (CA))   (MDCL 1110)
1:45 PM (G*) Analysis of cytotoxicity trends in breast cancer cells using total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF) - Natasha Hedden (Ryerson University)   (MDCL 1110)
2:00 PM (U*) An augmented-reality setup to improve accuracy in surgical chronic kidney mice model - Udbhav Ram   (MDCL 1110)
2:15 PM Monte Carlo Simulation of FFF Photon Beam in Radiotherapy - Dr James Chow (University of Toronto)   (MDCL 1110)
2:30 PM Creating a Chatbot for Radiation Safety Training in Radiotherapy - Dr James Chow (University of Toronto)   (MDCL 1110)
1:15 PM
T3-2 Plasma Physics Symposium III (DPP) | Symposium de physique des plasmas III (DPP) - Ahmad Hamdan Stephan Reuter (Polytechnique Montreal) (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1010)
1:15 PM (I) Advances in Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Assisted with Laser Induced Fluorescence - Dr Mohamad Sabsabi (Energy, Mining and Environment Research Center, National Research Council Canada)   (MDCL 1010)
1:45 PM (G*) Production of emulsion by discharges at the interface of two immiscible liquids - Audren Dorval   (MDCL 1010)
2:00 PM (G*) Combined High-Voltage Pulse and Radiofrequency Excitation for Large-Volume High-Pressure Non-Thermal Plasma Generation - Dante Filice   (MDCL 1010)
2:15 PM (G*) Streamer Propagation at Water Surface: Influence of Gap Distance and Quantification of Injected Charge. - Mr Antoine Herrmann   (MDCL 1010)
2:30 PM (G*) Plasma activated water treatment in hydroponic culture: from seedling to mature growth - Sean Watson (Polytechnique Montreal)   (MDCL 1010)
1:15 PM
T3-3 New Directions in Accelerator-Based Experiments: Future Experiments at TRIUMF and Brookhaven (PPD) | Nouvelles voies fondées sur des accélérateurs: expériences futures à TRIUMF et Brookhaven (PPD) - Oliver Stelzer-Chilton (TRIUMF (CA)) (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1105)
1:15 PM (I) Measurement of Beam Polarization at an $e^+e^-$ B-Factory with New Tau Polarimetry Technique - Caleb Miller   (MDCL 1105)
1:30 PM (I) Hunting for new particles at TRIUMF with the DarkLight experiment   (MDCL 1105)
1:55 PM (I) The cyclotron based high-yield ultracold neutron source and neutron electric dipole moment experiment - Dr Rüdiger Picker (TRIUMF)   (MDCL 1105)
2:20 PM (I) The Electron-Ion Collider: A New Microscope for Nuclear Matter - Wouter Deconinck   (MDCL 1105)
1:15 PM
T3-4 Hot Topics From Theory Made Accessible (DTP) | Sujets chauds de la théorie rendus accessibles (DPT) - Robert Petry (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1102)
1:15 PM (I) Entering a new, data-driven era for precision cosmology: opportunities and challenges for machine learning. - Laurence Perreault Levasseur   (MDCL 1102)
1:45 PM (I) Formation and dynamics of extreme mass ratio inspirals with environmental effects - Huan Yang   (MDCL 1102)
2:15 PM (I) Planets Big and Small - Prof. Eve Lee   (MDCL 1102)
1:15 PM
T3-5 Private Sector Physicists (CAP-DAPI) | Physicien(ne)s dans le secteur privé (ACP-DPAI) - Daniel Cluff (University of Exeter) (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1009)
1:15 PM Energy Management and Mine Cooling via Cryogenics - Sujit Sengupta Daniel Cluff (University of Exeter)   (MDCL 1009)
1:45 PM Panel Session - Ian D'Souza   (MDCL 1009)
1:15 PM
T3-6 Physics at the EIC Symposium: Theoretical Physics at the EIC (DNP) | Symposium sur la physique à l'EIC: physique théorique à l'EIC (DPN) - Stephen Kay (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1305)
1:15 PM (I) Theoretical Opportunities at the EIC - Marco Radici   (MDCL 1305)
1:45 PM (I) Canadian Theory Community and the Electron-Ion Collider - Dr Svetlana Barkanova (Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland)   (MDCL 1305)
2:15 PM Predicting pion and kaon EM form factors with spin-improved holographic light-front wavefunctions. - Mohammad Ahmady   (MDCL 1305)
1:15 PM
T3-7 Fluctuations and Disorder in Condensed Matter (DCMMP) | Fluctuations et désordre en matière condensée (DPMCM) - Sung-Sik Lee (McMaster University) (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1309)
1:15 PM (I) Understanding the role of entropy in disordered crystalline materials - Prof. Alannah Hallas (University of British Columbia)   (MDCL 1309)
1:45 PM (I) Disordered Phases in quasi-1D models of Kitaev Materials - Erik Sorensen (McMaster University)   (MDCL 1309)
2:15 PM (I) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance as a Local Probe of the Disordered Ground State of Proximate Quantum Spin Liquid Materials - Takashi Imai (McMaster University)   (MDCL 1309)
1:15 PM
T3-8 Precision Techniques in Spectroscopy (DAMOPC) | Techniques de précision en spectroscopie (DPAMPC) - Jens Lassen (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1016)
1:15 PM --- Detailed program to come ---
2:45 PM --- Health Break (with exhibitors) | Pause santé (avec exposants) ---
3:15 PM
T4-1 Advances in Physics in Biology and Medicine Symp.: Novel diagnosis and therapy (DPMB) | Symposium sur les progrès en physique dans la biologie et la médecine: nouveaux diagnostics et thérapies (DPMB) - Valerie Booth (until 5:15 PM) (MDCL 1110)
3:15 PM (I) Stemless Plastic Scintillation Detectors - A Novel Radiation Dosimeter with a Bright Future - Allan Hupman   (MDCL 1110)
3:45 PM (U*) Retinal Image quality decreases in those with diabetes with increasing duration of disease and inversely with the level of disease control - Mr Rahim Dhalla (Physics and Astronomy, University of Waterloo)   (MDCL 1110)
4:00 PM (G*) Dosimetric characterization of modified radiochromic materials: Comparison of photon to proton beam irradiation - Rohith Kaiyum (York University, University Health Network )   (MDCL 1110)
4:15 PM Optical Coherence Tomography as a Screening Tool for Oral Cancers - Dr Christopher Schruder (York University, Department of Physics and Astronomy)   (MDCL 1110)
4:30 PM Iron Microparticle Cluster Quantification In Vitro Using Pure Phase Encoding Magnetic Resonance Imaging - Layale Bazzi (University of Windsor)   (MDCL 1110)
3:15 PM
T4-2 Plasma Physics Symposium VI : Networking (DPP) | Symposium de physique des plasmas VI: Réseautage (DPP) - Ahmad Hamdan Stephan Reuter (Polytechnique Montreal) (until 5:15 PM) (MDCL 1010)
3:15 PM
T4-3 New Directions in Accelerator-Based Experiments: Future Experiments - From Collider to neutrinos (PPD) | Nouvelles voies fondées sur des accélérateurs: expériences futures - de collisionneur à neutrinos (PPD) - Claire David (York University (CA)) (until 5:15 PM) (MDCL 1105)
3:15 PM (I) The MOLLER experiment - Prof. David Armstrong (William & Mary)   (MDCL 1105)
3:40 PM (I) Proton Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment at CERN - Victor Verzilov (TRIUMF (CA))   (MDCL 1105)
4:05 PM (I) DUNE and PIP-II - Lia Merminga (TRIUMF)   (MDCL 1105)
4:30 PM (I) Neutrino Physics and Beyond at T2K and Hyper-Kamiokande - Mark Patrick Hartz (TRIUMF & Kavli IPMU, University of Tokyo)   (MDCL 1105)
4:55 PM (I) Photogrammetry Calibration of the Super-Kamiokande and Hyper-Kamiokande Detectors - Rhea Gaur   (MDCL 1105)
3:15 PM
T4-4 Hot Topics From Theory Made Accessible (DTP) | Sujets chauds de la théorie rendus accessibles (DPT) - Carlo Maria Scandolo (University of Calgary) (until 5:15 PM) (MDCL 1102)
3:15 PM (I) Hyperbolic Band Theory - Prof. Joseph Maciejko (University of Alberta)   (MDCL 1102)
3:15 PM --- Break for DNP John D'Auria Memorial Talk ---
3:45 PM (I) Electron Hydrodynamics - Thomas Scaffidi   (MDCL 1102)
4:15 PM (I) The physics of aging: embracing complexity - Andrew Rutenberg   (MDCL 1102)
3:15 PM
T4-5 Private Sector Physicists (CAP-DAPI) | Physicien(ne)s dans le secteur privé (ACP-DPAI) - Daniel Cluff (University of Exeter) (until 5:15 PM) (MDCL 1009)
3:15 PM (I) Transitioning Quantum Technologies to a Business - Thomas Jennewein (University of Waterloo)   (MDCL 1009)
3:45 PM Professional Development / P Phys - Daniel Cluff (University of Exeter)   (MDCL 1009)
3:15 PM
T4-6 Physics at the EIC Symposium: Experimental Opportunities at the EIC (DNP) | Symposium sur la physique à l'EIC: opportunités expérimentales à l'EIC (DPN) - Zisis Papandreou (until 5:15 PM) (MDCL 1305)
3:15 PM (I) AI-assisted design of the EIC Detector - Cristiano Fanelli (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   (MDCL 1305)
3:45 PM (I) Pion and Kaon Form Factor Measurements at the EIC - Dr Stephen Kay (University of Regina)   (MDCL 1305)
4:15 PM (G*) AI-Assisted Design of the ECCE Tracking System at the Electron Ion Collider - Mr Karthik Suresh   (MDCL 1305)
3:15 PM
T4-7 Fluctuations and Disorder in Condensed Matter (DCMMP) | Fluctuations et désordre en matière condensée (DPMCM) - Erik Sorensen (McMaster University) (until 5:15 PM) (MDCL 1309)
3:15 PM (I) The quest for quantum spin liquids in frustrated rare-earth pyrochlores - Dr Nicolas Gauthier (Universite de Sherbrooke)   (MDCL 1309)
3:45 PM (I) Disorder and spin fluctuations: the case of electron-doped cuprates - Chloé Gauvin-Ndiaye (Université de Sherbrooke)   (MDCL 1309)
4:15 PM (I) Emergence of discrete relative ordering in coupled XY models - Victor Drouin-Touchette (Rutgers University)   (MDCL 1309)
3:15 PM
T4-8 Precision Techniques in Spectroscopy (DAMOPC) | Techniques de précision en spectroscopie (DPAMPC) - Jens Lassen (until 5:15 PM) (MDCL 1016)
3:15 PM --- Detailed program to come ---
5:15 PM --- NOTE re Poster session programming: The 2 min time allotted to each poster is SIMPLY used to have each poster display more conveniently in the schedule. There is NO specific presentation time for posters. All presenters should be at their posters for the duration of the poster session. ---
5:30 PM
DAMOPC Poster Session & Student Poster Competition (9) | Session d'affiches DPAMPC et concours d'affiches étudiantes (9) (until 7:00 PM) (MUSC Marketplace)
5:30 PM (G*) (POS-1) Femtosecond Pulse Compression Using Liquid Alcohols - Jake Stephen   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:32 PM (G*) (POS-2) High-Harmonic Sidebands for Time-Resolved Spectroscopy - Nathan Drouillard (University of Windsor)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:34 PM (G*) (POS-3) Quantum catastrophes in a rotating Bose-Einstein condensate - Denise Kamp   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:36 PM (G*) (POS-4) Wavelength-multiplexed entanglement-based quantum key distribution - Stephane Vinet   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:38 PM (G*) (POS-5) Transmission of near-infrared time bin encoded entangled photons through a 3.5km telecom fiber - Ramy Tannous (University of Waterloo)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:40 PM (G*) (POS-6) Active Phase Compensation of Polarization Encoded Photons in Quantum Key Distribution - Kimia Mohammadi Wilson Wu   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:42 PM (G*) (POS-7) Search for Light Bosons with King and Super-King Plots Optimized for Li$^+$. - Victor Marton Harvir Dhindsa   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:44 PM (G*) (POS-8) Quantum Control of Trapped Ions Using Krotov's Algorithm - Zachary Manson   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:46 PM (G*) (POS-9) Demonstrating Novel Quantum Control With Ultracold Atoms - Logan Cooke (University of Alberta)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:30 PM
DAPI Poster Session & Student Poster Competition (4) | Session d'affiches DPIA et concours d'affiches étudiantes (4) (until 7:00 PM) (MUSC Marketplace)
5:30 PM (POS-17) PET Image Denoising and Enhancement Based on Partial Differential Equation - Ms Xue Wang (Anhui University)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:32 PM (G*) (POS-18) Dynamic Mechanical Analysis with Portable NMR - Will Selby (University of New Brunswick)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:34 PM (POS-19) Evaluating high-velocity particle motion with dynamic magnetic resonance scattering - Duncan Osmond (University of New Brunswick)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:36 PM (G*) (POS-65) A Monte Carlo simulation of the feasibility of detecting bone tungsten using X-ray fluorescence - Mr Sajed Mcheik (Ryerson University)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:30 PM
DASP Poster Session & Student Poster Competition (0) | Session d'affiches DPAE et concours d'affiches étudiantes (0) (until 7:00 PM) (MUSC Marketplace)
5:30 PM
DCMMP Poster Session & Student Poster Competition (8) | Session d'affiches DPMCM et concours d'affiches étudiantes (8) (until 7:00 PM) (MUSC Marketplace)
5:30 PM (G*) (POS-10) Angle-Resolved Photoemission (ARPES) on the Current-Induced Metallic State of Ca2RuO4 - Cissy Suen (University of British Columbia (Quantum Matter Institute), Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Advanced Light Source (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory))   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:32 PM (POS-11) Spin Ice Spectrum with Finite Temperature in Pyrochlores - Chen Wei   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:34 PM (G*) (POS-12) The Piezoelectric Contribution in the Catalytic Activities of BaTiO3 Nanoparticles - Hossein Kalhori   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:36 PM (POS-13) Ultrasound and Transport Measurements in the Weyl Semimetal NbP - Marianne Ward (Université de Sherbrooke)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:38 PM (G*) (POS-14) Triangular Pair-Density Wave in Confined Superfluid 3-He - Mr Pramodh Senarath Yapa (University of Alberta)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:40 PM (POS-15) 19F NMR investigation of barlowite kagome lattice Heisenberg antiferromagnet Zn1-xCu3+x(OD)6FBr (x ~ 0.05, 0.5, and 1) - Dr Weishi Yuan (McMaster University)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:42 PM (POS-16) Lattice Dynamical Study of High-Entropy Oxides - Connor Wilson   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:44 PM (POS-64) Revival of Neutron Scattering Capabilities at the McMaster Nuclear Reactor - Dr James Beare (McMaster University)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:30 PM
DGEP Poster Session & Student Poster Competition (0) | Session d'affiches DEGP et concours d'affiches étudiantes (0) (until 7:00 PM) (MUSC Marketplace)
5:30 PM
DHP Poster Session & Student Poster Competition (0) | Session d'affiches DHP et concours d'affiches étudiantes (0) (until 7:00 PM) (MUSC Marketplace)
5:30 PM
DNP Poster Session & Student Poster Competition (4) | Session d'affiches DPN et concours d'affiches étudiantes (4) (until 7:00 PM) (MUSC Marketplace)
5:30 PM (G*) (POS-20) High-precision experimental nuclear physics with the upgraded TITAN Penning trap - Ms S. Kakkar (University of Manitoba, TRIUMF)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:32 PM (POS-21) Development of an In-Gas Laser Ablation source - Laura Gonzalez Escudero   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:34 PM (G*) (POS-62) A comprehensive Monte Carlo simulation of the neutron response of multi-element microdosimetric detectors based on thick gas electron multiplier. - Rachna Singh (McMaster University)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:36 PM (G*) (POS-63) Optimization and Characterization of Bi-Detector Coincidence Beta-Ray Spectrometry System - Mr Ruoyu Sun (McMaster University)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:30 PM
DPE Poster Session & Student Poster Competition (0) | Session d'affiches DEP et concours d'affiches étudiantes (0) (until 7:00 PM) (MUSC Marketplace)
5:30 PM
DPMB Poster Session & Student Poster Competition (17) | Session d'affiches DPMB et concours d'affiches étudiantes (17) (until 7:00 PM) (MUSC Marketplace)
5:32 PM (U*) (POS-45) Measuring Axon Diameters in Mice Using Oscillating Gradient Spin Echo MRI Sequences - Madison Chisholm (Neuroscience, The University of Winnipeg)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:34 PM (G*) (POS-46) Inferring axon diameters in white matter tracts of the live mouse brain - Melissa Anderson (Biomedical Engineering, University of Manitoba)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:36 PM (POS-48) Developments in the Rapid Diagnosis of Bacterial Pathogens Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy - Emma Blanchette (University of Windsor)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:38 PM (G*) (POS-49) Segmentation in Quantitative Dynamic Nuclear Medicine: The Insufficiency of the TG-211 of the AAPM - Philippe Laporte   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:40 PM (U*) (POS-50) Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Emission Enhancement from Bacteria on a Silver Thin Film - Emily Tracey (University of Windsor)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:42 PM (G*) (POS-51) Achieving robust perfect adaptation while suppressing stochastic fluctuations in biochemical reaction networks - Brayden Kell   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:44 PM (G*) (POS-52) Atomic Force Microscopy and Molecular Dynamics to Study the Structure of Nanodomains of Model Lipid Membranes in Relation to Alzheimer’s Disease. - Nanqin Mei   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:46 PM (G*) (POS-53) Protective Effect of Trehalose Sugar Against Amyloid β Toxicity in Model Lipid Membranes - Yue Xu   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:48 PM (G*) (POS-54) The Feasibility of the Xenon Ventilatory ADC Approach Using 129Xe MRI - Elnaz Parniyany   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:50 PM (U*) (POS-55) HEDGEHOG: a ridge filter design for FLASH proton therapy - David Roddy (TRIUMF, University of Edinburgh)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:52 PM (G*) (POS-56) Comparing perturbation responses of complex biological processes to their stochastic correlations - Seshu Iyengar   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:54 PM (POS-57) MSCDNet:A Multi-Scale and Cross-Dimension Feature Fusion Attention Network for Alzheimer's Disease Prediction With Structural MRI - Fei LIU (Anhui University)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:56 PM (POS-58) Needle Tip Identification in Clinical Power Doppler Ultrasound Using Induced Vibrations by an Innovative Mechanical Oscillator - David Tessier   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:58 PM (U*) (POS-59) Using Ultrasound Imaging for Quantifying Kidney Fibrosis - Ms Helen Melino (Ryerson University)   (MUSC Marketplace)
6:00 PM (U*) (POS-60) Sex Differences in Airway Metrics & Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease - Ms Neha Nasir (Department of Physics, Ryerson University)   (MUSC Marketplace)
6:02 PM (G*) (POS-61) Drug design of small molecules implementing a deep learning model. - Ms Vrinda Nair (Concordia University)   (MUSC Marketplace)
6:04 PM (G*) (POS-73) Effect of cuff-induced occlusion on muscle oxygenation - Timothy Burton (Department of Biomedical Engineering, Toronto Metropolitan University, Canada)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:30 PM
DPP Poster Session & Student Poster Competition (4) | Session d'affiches DPP et concours d'affiches étudiantes (4) (until 7:00 PM) (MUSC Marketplace)
5:30 PM (POS-22) 2D fluid modelling of a magnetron discharge - Mr Jong Hern MUN (University of Saskatchewan, Aix-Marseille University)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:32 PM (POS-66) Experimental investigation of 1 inch End-Hall Ion Source for surface processing applications - Noureddine Oudini (Plasmionique Inc, 1650 Lionel-Boulet, Varennes, J3X 1P7, QC, Canada)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:34 PM (POS-67) Disinfection of Bacteria Contaminated Water Using Plasma Jet of Argon and Oxygen - Houssem Eddine Bousba (Laboratory of Microsystems and Instrumentation (LMI), Electronic department, Faculty of Technology Sciences, Frères Mentouri Constantine 1 University, Constantine, Algeria)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:36 PM (G*) (POS-68) Pulsed spark discharges in deionized water: influence of the magnetic field - Korentin Géraud   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:30 PM
DSS Poster Session & Student Poster Competition (0) | Session d'affiches DSS et concours d'affiches étudiantes (0) (until 7:00 PM) (MUSC Marketplace)
5:30 PM
DTP Poster Session & Student Poster Competition (4) | Session d'affiches DPT et concours d'affiches étudiantes (4) (until 7:00 PM) (MUSC Marketplace)
5:30 PM (G*) (POS-23) Logarithmic Wave Catastrophes: Hawking Radiation, Tidal Bores, and Radio Astronomy - Liam Farrell   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:32 PM (G*) (POS-24) Emergent cosmology from matrix theory - Samuel Laliberté (McGill University)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:34 PM (G*) (POS-25) Quantum signatures of black hole mass superpositions - Cemile Senem Arabaci   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:36 PM (U*) (POS-26) Gravitational Stability of Black Hole Mimickers - Joshua Cadogan   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:30 PM
PPD Poster Session & Student Poster Competition (21) | Session d'affiches PPD et concours d'affiches étudiantes (21) (until 7:00 PM) (MUSC Marketplace)
5:30 PM (G*) (POS-27) The KDK Experiment: A Measurement of 40K Relevant for Rare-Event Searches - Lilianna Hariasz (Queen's University, Kingston, ON) P.C.F. Di Stefano (Queen's University, Kingston, ON)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:32 PM (POS-28) Systematic Investigation of the TRIUMF Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source Charge State Booster - Mr Joseph Adegun   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:34 PM (G*) (POS-29) Triggering on Atmospheric Muons in STRAW - Braeden Veenstra (University of Alberta)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:36 PM (G*) (POS-30) Muon Veto System for Mini-HALO Neutrino Detector - Shayaan Sajid   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:38 PM (U*) (POS-31) Toward understanding the nuclear efficiency threshold of bubble chamber detectors - Xiang Li (University of Alberta)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:40 PM (G*) (POS-32) A mirror study in an ARICH detector for a hadron production experiment - Mr Bruno Ferrazzi (University of Regina )   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:42 PM (G*) (POS-33) Optical Calibration of the SNO+ Detector using Internal Backgrounds - Anthony Allega (Queen's University) Dr Serena Riccetto (Queen's University) Ms Rayhaneh Dehghani (Queen's University)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:44 PM (POS-34) Optimizing IWCD's Outer Detector using optical simulations - Dr Deepak Tiwari (Hyper-K, University of Regina & TRIUMF)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:46 PM (U*) (POS-35) C14 in SNO+ - Keegan Paleshi   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:48 PM (U*) (POS-36) Commissioning and Calibration of a High Purity Germanium (HPGe) Detector at SNOLAB - Hassan Subhi   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:50 PM (G*) (POS-37) Toward a Veto Mechanism to Reduce Background for the Hyper-Kamiokande’s Intermediate Water Cherenkov Detector - Luan Koerich   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:52 PM (POS-38) Analysis on A Large HPGe PPC Detector with Machine Learning - Tianai Ye (Queen's University)   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:54 PM (U*) (POS-39) PMT Response Simulation and Long-Term Reliability Studies for nEXO's Muon Veto - Liam Retty   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:56 PM (U*) (POS-40) Cosmogenic Muon Background Characterization for nEXO - Regan Ross   (MUSC Marketplace)
5:58 PM (G*) (POS-41) SNO+ backgrounds: Po210 on the acrylic vessel surface and Rn222 in cavity water - Shengzhao Yu (Laurentian University)   (MUSC Marketplace)
6:00 PM (G*) (POS-42) Simulating nEXO's Outer Detector with Chroma - Soud Al Kharusi   (MUSC Marketplace)
6:02 PM (G*) (POS-43) Searches for double beta decay of Xe-134 with EXO-200 - Allan Perna (Carleton University)   (MUSC Marketplace)
6:04 PM (U*) (POS-44) Simulating an Active Target Time Projection Chamber - Alicia Postuma   (MUSC Marketplace)
6:06 PM (POS-70) Upgrading the radiopurity.org materials database - Dr Silvia Scorza   (MUSC Marketplace)
6:08 PM (POS-71) Radon Content in Cover-Gas Systems at SNOLAB - Syed M Adil Hussain   (MUSC Marketplace)
6:10 PM (POS-72) Probing lepton flavour universality with PIONEER - Katherine Pachal   (MUSC Marketplace)
7:00 PM
CJP Editorial Board Dinner | Souper du comité de rédaction de la RCP - Robert Mann (until 9:00 PM) (Off campus venue)
7:00 PM
Departmental Leaders Meeting / Réunion des directeurs(directrices) de département - Chitra Rangan (University of Windsor) (until 10:00 PM) (Off campus venue - McMaster Innovation Park (across main street))
7:00 PM
Student Industry Meet & Mingle (until 8:00 PM) (MUSC, Marketplace)
12:15 PM --- Break for Lunch (12h15-13h15) | Pause pour dîner (12h15-13h15) ---
12:15 PM
New Faculty Lunch Meeting with NSERC | Dîner rencontre des nouveaux professeurs avec le CRSNG - Chitra Rangan (University of Windsor) (until 1:15 PM) (MDCL 2230)
12:15 PM --- Student Lunch Session │ Dîner-rencontre des étudiants ---
1:15 PM
W2-1 Machine Learning in HEP and Novel Reconstruction Tools (PPD) | Apprentissage automatique en PHE et nouveaux outils de reconstruction (PPD) - Max Swiatlowski (TRIUMF) (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1110)
1:15 PM Machine learning techniques to enhance event reconstruction in water Cherenkov detectors - Nick Prouse   (MDCL 1110)
1:45 PM (G*) New background discrimination methods for the NEWS-G dark matter search experiment - Jean-Marie Coquillat   (MDCL 1110)
2:00 PM (G*) Improving Muon-Pion & Electron-Pion Separation at Belle II with Machine Learning Using the Novel Pulse Shape Discrimination in CsI(Tl) - Alexandre Beaubien (University of Victoria)   (MDCL 1110)
2:15 PM (G*) Machine learning to denoise pulses from a p-type point contact germanium detector - Mark Anderson   (MDCL 1110)
2:30 PM (G*) Machine Learning for Noise Removal in NEWS-G - Noah Rowe   (MDCL 1110)
1:15 PM
W2-10 DAMOPC I (DAMOPC) | DPAMPC I (DPAMPC) - Jens Lassen (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1008)
1:15 PM (G*) Atomic Shell Structure of the Entire Periodic Table Using an Alternative Approach to Orbital-Free Density-Functional Theory - Phil LeMaitre   (MDCL 1008)
1:30 PM (G*) A Projection Operator Approach to Charge-State Distributions following the beta-Decay of $^6$He - Aaron Bondy   (MDCL 1008)
1:45 PM Relativistic corrections to helium two-photon decay rates - Aaron Bondy   (MDCL 1008)
2:00 PM (U*) Diagnostic technique to identify collision site in an ion trap - Itzal De Urioste Terrazas   (MDCL 1008)
2:15 PM Suppression of Raman Interaction due to destructive interference in Alkali Atoms - Arina Tashchilina (University of Alberta)   (MDCL 1008)
2:30 PM --- session end discussion, Q&A ---
1:15 PM
W2-2 Fields, Particles, and Strings II (DTP) | Champs, particules et cordes II (DPT) - Arundhati Dasgupta (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1016)
1:15 PM (I) Quantum finite elements - Sanjeev Seahra   (MDCL 1016)
1:45 PM (G*) One problem in a ‘melon’ (milion) - Mathieu Giroux (McGill University)   (MDCL 1016)
2:00 PM (G*) The complex symmetron: global strings in non-minimally coupled scalar-tensor theories - Ali Nezhadsafavi   (MDCL 1016)
2:15 PM (G*) Interaction of Gravitational waves with Yang-Mills waves - Narasimha Gosala (University of Lethbridge)   (MDCL 1016)
2:30 PM (G*) Sorkin-Johnston Effective Field Theory - Mr Shafayat Shawqi (University of Alberta)   (MDCL 1016)
1:15 PM
W2-3 Biophysics Outside the Box (DPMB) | Biophysique hors de la boîte (DPMB) - Melanie Campbell (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1102)
1:15 PM (I) Functional and Functionalized Membranes - Maikel Rheinstadter   (MDCL 1102)
1:45 PM (G) Diversity-generating host-disease coevolution with CRISPR adaptive immunity - Madeleine Bonsma-Fisher   (MDCL 1102)
2:00 PM (G*) The role of ammonium ions in prebiotic RNA polymerization in hot-cold and hydration-dehydration cycles - Alix Dujardin   (MDCL 1102)
2:15 PM (G*) The roles of secondary metabolite production in sustaining microbial diversity - Mr Ga Ching Lui (University of Toronto)   (MDCL 1102)
2:30 PM (G*) Using Phytoglycogen as an Agent to Improve the Water Solubility of Bioactive Compounds - Nicholas van Heijst   (MDCL 1102)
1:15 PM
W2-4 Fundamental Symmetries and new physics at low energy II (DNP) | Symétries fondamentales et nouvelle physique à basse énergie II (DPN) - Russell Mammei (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1009)
1:15 PM (I) Progress towards atomic parity violation measurements in francium - Gerald Gwinner (University of Manitoba)   (MDCL 1009)
1:45 PM (G*) First Measurement of the 7s−8s M1 Transition in Francium - Timothy Hucko (University of Manitoba)   (MDCL 1009)
2:00 PM (G) Optical pumping of francium atoms for the measurement of the 7S-8S scalar to vector transition polarizability ratio. - Anima Sharma   (MDCL 1009)
2:15 PM Advances in the Spectroscopy of the 1S-2S Transition in Antihydrogen - Art Olin (TRIUMF (CA))   (MDCL 1009)
2:30 PM (G*) Precision Antihydrogen Annihilation Reconstructions using the ALPHA-g Detector - Ms Pooja Woosaree (University of Calgary Dep. of Phys. and Astronomy (CA))   (MDCL 1009)
1:15 PM
W2-5 DPE IV (DPE) | DEP IV (DEP) - Daria Ahrensmeier (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1116)
1:15 PM (I) Engaging diverse student interests through independent projects - Nancy Forde   (MDCL 1116)
1:45 PM (I) Development of hybrid assessments for a electricity and magnetism service courses - Ania Harlick (University of Toronto) Rebecca Booth (University of Toronto) Elijah Adams (University of Toronto)   (MDCL 1116)
2:15 PM Bringing physics to life with experiential learning - Alexandra Terrana (Minerva University)   (MDCL 1116)
2:30 PM Case Studies for Small-Group Student Collaboration in Large-Enrollment Introductory Physics Classes - Dr Tetyana Antimirova   (MDCL 1116)
1:15 PM
W2-6 Neutrino Experiment and Related Calibrations II (PPD) | Expériences de neutrinos et calibration reliée II (PPD) - Nahee Park (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1105)
1:15 PM (G*) Spatially resolved laser scanning for the performance characterization of silicon photomultipliers - Chloe Gingras   (MDCL 1105)
1:30 PM (G*) Characterization of VUV sensitive silicon photomultipliers - Bindiya Chana   (MDCL 1105)
1:45 PM (G*) Improving the Super-Kamiokande systematics uncertainties by characterizing single PMT response at the photosensor test facility - Vincent Gousy-Leblanc   (MDCL 1105)
2:00 PM (G*) Cryogenic Distillation for Xe Isotopic Enrichment - Abo-bakr Emara   (MDCL 1105)
2:30 PM Measuring light distribution of LED sources for Hyper-Kamiokande detector calibration - Mr Nicholas Booth (TRIUMF)   (MDCL 1105)
1:15 PM
W2-7 Plasma-Matter interactions (DPP) | Interactions plasma-matière (DPP) - Stephan Reuter (Polytechnique Montreal) Ahmad Hamdan (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1115)
1:15 PM (I) Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation: Physics & Applications - Michael Bradley   (MDCL 1115)
1:45 PM (I) Homogeneous, Micron-scale High Energy Density Matter Generated by Relativistic Laser-solid Interactions - Nicholas Beier (University of Alberta)   (MDCL 1115)
2:15 PM (G*) High-Fluence Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation (PIII) for Fusion PFC Materials Testing - Ms tahreem Yousaf (University of Saskchewan )   (MDCL 1115)
2:30 PM (G*) Nanosecond Pulsed Discharge in Air with the Presence of Micrometre Particles: Investigation of the Electrical and Optical Properties - James Diamond   (MDCL 1115)
1:15 PM
W2-8 Condensed matter theory II (DCMMP/DTP) | Théorie de la matière condensée II (DPMCM/DPT) - Tamar Pereg-Barnea (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1309)
1:15 PM (G*) Artificial electric field and electron hydrodynamics - Omid Tavakol   (MDCL 1309)
1:30 PM Fractonic quantum phases in breathing pyrochlore lattice - SangEun Han (University of Toronto)   (MDCL 1309)
1:45 PM Thermal Conductivity of Square Ice - Jeffrey Rau   (MDCL 1309)
2:00 PM Self-consistent study of topological superconductivity in quasicrystals - Prof. K. Tanaka (University of Saskatchewan)   (MDCL 1309)
2:15 PM Magnetic-field Induced Topological Transitions and Thermal Conductivity in a Generalized Kitaev Model - Heqiu Li   (MDCL 1309)
1:15 PM
W2-9 Fluids and Granular Matter (DCMMP) | Fluides et matière granulaire (DPMCM) - Colin Denniston (University of Western Ontario) (until 2:45 PM) (MDCL 1010)
1:45 PM (G*) Colloidal suspensions near the fluid phase interface of coupled Lattice-Boltzmann and molecular-dynamics simulations - Daniel Cresta   (MDCL 1010)
2:00 PM (G*) The Pendant Drop Experiment for Aggregates of Adhesive Granular Particles - Mrs Yasaman Heshmatzadeh (McMaster University)   (MDCL 1010)
2:15 PM (G*) Coiling and Buckling Instabilities in Moving Chains of Droplets - Carmen Lee   (MDCL 1010)
2:30 PM (G*) Dynamic properties of a 2D granular analogue of a liquid puddle predicted through a ‘granular capillary length’ - Johnathan Hoggarth   (MDCL 1010)
2:45 PM --- Health Break with Exhibitors | Pause santé avec exposants ---
3:15 PM
W3-1 New Physics and Dark Sector (DTP/PPD) | Nouvelle physique et secteur sombre (DPT/PPD) - Evan McDonough Matthias Danninger (Simon Fraser University (CA)) (until 4:45 PM) (MDCL 1105)
3:15 PM (G*) Dark Matter-neutrino interactions through one-loop diagrams - Karen Macías Cárdenas (Queen's University)   (MDCL 1105)
3:30 PM Spin-dependent dark matter-electron interactions - Dr Chih-Pan Wu (Université de Montréal)   (MDCL 1105)
3:45 PM (I) Z' Bosons in Supersymmetry: Mass Limits, Dark Matter, Anomalous Magnetic Moments, and Flavour Anomalies - Mariana Frank (Concordia University)   (MDCL 1105)
4:15 PM Dark Sector Production via Proton Bremsstrahlung - Saeid Foroughi-Abari (University of Victoria)   (MDCL 1105)
4:30 PM Searching for Minicharged Particles at the LHC's Run-3 with the Phase-I MoEDAL-MAPP Detector - Dr Michael Staelens (University of Alberta)   (MDCL 1105)
3:15 PM
W3-10 Applied Physics I (DAPI) | Physique appliquée I (DPAI) - Louis Poirier (until 4:30 PM) (MDCL 1016)
3:15 PM (G*) Universality in Prediction Markets - Keanu Mason Rock   (MDCL 1016)
3:30 PM (U*) Earth-Like Stratospheric Clouds Do Not Impede Transit Spectroscopy with JWST - Dhvani Chetan Doshi   (MDCL 1016)
3:45 PM (G*) Quantifying radiolysis effects for in-situ Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry (RBS) - Hunter Feltham   (MDCL 1016)
4:00 PM (U*) A Joint Chirp-Rate-Time-Frequency Transform for Non-templated BBH Merger Gravitational-Wave Signal Detection Using Spectrograms - Xiyuan Li (The University of Western Ontario)   (MDCL 1016)
4:15 PM An investigation of power loss in a thickness-mode piezoelectric transducer - Orlando Rodríguez (Departamento de Física, Instituto de Ciencias Básicas, Universidad Tecnológica de la Habana, “José Antonio Echeverría” (CUJAE), La Habana, Cuba)   (MDCL 1016)
3:15 PM
W3-2 Frontiers in Theoretical Physics I (DTP) | Frontières en physique théorique I (DPT) - Robert Spekkens (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics) (until 4:30 PM) (MDCL 1115)
3:15 PM (I) Causality and modifications to Einstein's gravity - Simon Caron-Huot (McGill University)   (MDCL 1115)
3:45 PM (G*) Quantum Corrections to Hawking Radiation - Mathew Schneider (McMaster University)   (MDCL 1115)
4:00 PM Gravitational time dilation, free fall, and matter waves - Andrzej Czarnecki   (MDCL 1115)
3:15 PM
W3-3 Cell and Membrane Biophysics (DPMB) | Biophysique de la cellule et des membranes (DMPB) - Melanie Campbell (until 4:30 PM) (MDCL 1102)
3:15 PM (G*) Vesicle Viewer: Online visualization and analysis of small-angle scattering from lipid vesicles - Aislyn Laurent   (MDCL 1102)
3:45 PM (U*) Can Confocal Microscopes Detect Transcriptional Condensates? - Lydia Hodgins   (MDCL 1102)
4:00 PM (G*) Erythro-PmBs: A Novel Polymyxin B Delivery System Using Antibody-Conjugated Hybrid Erythrocyte Liposomes - Hannah Krivic   (MDCL 1102)
4:15 PM (G*) Dynamic behaviour of microtubules around the critical temperature and effect of the electric field produced by these vibrations on its environment - Dr Willy Aniset Nganfo Yifoue (Université de Dschang)   (MDCL 1102)
3:15 PM
W3-4 DPE V (DPE) | DEP V (DEP) - Daria Ahrensmeier (until 4:30 PM) (MDCL 1009)
3:15 PM (I) Teaching quantum computing through quantum software - Olivia Di Matteo (The University of British Columbia)   (MDCL 1009)
3:45 PM Fully Immersive VR in Teaching and Science Outreach - Mr Jonathan Barrett (MUN)   (MDCL 1009)
4:00 PM (G*) Virtual Learning Resources for Education and Training in Neutron Scattering - Yijia Zi (McMaster University)   (MDCL 1009)
4:15 PM (U*) Novel methods to model the spread of COVID-19 in Kingston and inform public health policy - Ashley Micuda (Queen's University)   (MDCL 1009)
3:15 PM
W3-5 Panel Report on ICWiP Mtg + DGEP Networking Session (DGEP) | Rapport sur la réunion CIFEP et session de réseautage DGEP (DGEP) - Svetlana Barkanova (Grenfell Campus of Memorial University) (until 4:30 PM) (MDCL 1309)
3:15 PM (I) Panel Report from 7th IUPAP International Conference for Women in Physics - Chitra Rangan (University of Windsor) Melanie Campbell   (MDCL 1309)
3:45 PM --- DGEP Networking Session ---
3:15 PM
W3-6 ML in HEP and Rare Background Searches (PPD) | Apprentissage automatique en PHE et recherche d'interférences rares (PPD) - Matthias Danninger (Simon Fraser University (CA)) (until 4:30 PM) (MDCL 1110)
3:15 PM (G*) A method to understand the effects of pileup in the DEAP-3600 detector - Catherine Bina   (MDCL 1110)
3:30 PM Ex-situ Measurement of Radon Emanation for Ultralow-background Experiments - Dr Pushparaj Adhikari (Carleton University)   (MDCL 1110)
3:45 PM Alpha Quenching Factor in Liquid Argon - Susnata Seth (Department of Physics, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 5B6, Canada, Arthur B. McDonald Canadian Astroparticle Physics Research Institute, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario K7L 3N6,Canada)   (MDCL 1110)
4:00 PM Calibrating eV-Sensitive Detectors at the Université de Montréal Tandem Accelerator - Francois De Brienne (Université De Montreal) Emile Michaud   (MDCL 1110)
4:15 PM Developing a simulation for estimation of SiPM optical crosstalk levels - Dmytro Minchenko (University of Alberta)   (MDCL 1110)
3:15 PM
W3-7 Light and Matter (DCMMP) | Lumière et matière (DPMCM) - Michael Bradley (until 4:30 PM) (MDCL 1010)
3:15 PM (G*) Towards an on-demand, all electrical single-photon source - Stephen Harrigan (University of Waterloo)   (MDCL 1010)
3:30 PM Optical Properties of SiGeSn Alloys Fabricated by Ion Implantation - Mrs Chinenye Ekeruche (The University of Western Ontario)   (MDCL 1010)
3:15 PM
W3-8 Soft Condensed Matter II (DCMMP) | Matière condensée molle II (DPMCM) - John Dutcher (until 4:30 PM) (MDCL 1116)
3:15 PM (G*) Bending a floating film using capillary forces - Lauren Dutcher   (MDCL 1116)
3:30 PM (G*) Measuring elastocapillary dissipation in droplets moving along soft elastomer films - Hamza Khattak   (MDCL 1116)
3:45 PM (G*) Dispersion and Orientation Patterns in Nanorod-infused Polymer Melts - Navid Afrasiabian   (MDCL 1116)
4:00 PM (G*) Lifshitz Critical Point in Diblock Copolymer Blends - James Daniel Willis   (MDCL 1116)
4:15 PM (G*) Dynamical self-consistent field theory simulation of dendritic phytoglycogen nanoparticles - Benjamin Morling (University of Guelph)   (MDCL 1116)
3:15 PM
W3-9 Laser Development (DAMOPC) | Progrès dans les lasers (DPAMPC) - Jens Lassen (until 4:30 PM) (MDCL 1008)
3:30 PM Metamaterials and the Lambert W functio - Prof. Najeh Jisrawi (Department of Physics and Astronomy and King's University College, Western University)   (MDCL 1008)
3:45 PM Coherence, nonclassicality and entanglement of continuous-variable states - Dr Anaelle Hertz (University of Toronto)   (MDCL 1008)
4:00 PM (G*) Stellar representation of extremal Wigner-negative spin states - Jack Davis   (MDCL 1008)
4:15 PM --- session discussion, Q&A ---
4:30 PM
Division Judges Meeting - Oral and Poster Competition | Rencontre des juges des divisions - compétition orale et compétition affiche - William Whelan (until 5:30 PM) (MDCL 2230)
4:45 PM
CAP President's Report | Rapport du président de l'ACP - Manu Paranjape - Robert Thompson (University of Calgary) (until 5:45 PM) (MDCL 1305/07)
5:30 PM
CAP-level BSOC and BSPC Judges Meeting | Réunion des juges (niveau ACP) pour MCOE et MCAE - William Whelan (until 5:45 PM) (MDCL 2230)
6:00 PM --- Break for Dinner (18h00-20h00) | Pause pour souper (18h00-20h00) ---
6:00 PM --- Break: (for those who purchased tickets) Take Rented Bus, or personal car, to Banquet Dinner (18h00-19h10) | Pause: (pour ceux qui ont acheté des billets) prendre le bus loué, ou une voiture personnelle vers le banquet (18h00-19h10) ---
6:30 PM
CAP Banquet + Fellows Recognition Dinner - Limited seating. Tickets will not be sold at the door | Banquet et reconnaissance des Fellows de l'ACP - Sièges limités; aucun billet vendu à l'entrée - Manu Paranjape (Université de Montréal) (until 9:30 PM) (Off campus venue - Royal Botannical Gardens)
12:15 PM --- Break for Lunch (12h15-13h15) | Pause pour dîner (12h15-13h15) ---
12:15 PM
CINP Annual General Meeting (with lunch) | Assemblée générale annuelle de l'ICPN (dîner inclus) - Garth Huber (until 1:15 PM) (MDCL 1009)
1:15 PM
R-STUD-COMP CAP Best Student Oral Presentations Final Competition | Compétition finale de l'ACP pour les meilleures communications orales d'étudiantes - William Whelan (until 3:15 PM) (MDCL 1305/07)
1:15 PM --- Competitor 1 ---
1:30 PM --- Competitor 2 ---
1:45 PM --- Competitor 3 ---
2:00 PM --- Competitor 4 ---
2:15 PM --- Competitor 5 ---
2:30 PM --- Competitor 6 ---
2:45 PM --- Competitor 7 ---
3:00 PM --- Competitor 8 ---
3:15 PM --- Health Break | Pause Santé ---
3:15 PM
Judges Meeting and Announcement Preparation l Rencontre des juges et préparation d'annonce - William Whelan (until 4:30 PM) (MDCL 2230)
3:45 PM
R-PLEN1 Plenary Session | Session plénière - Cliff Burgess - Randy Lewis (until 4:30 PM) (MDCL 1305/07)
3:45 PM Thinking Effectively About Gravity (the view from below) - Clifford Burgess (High Energy Physics Group - McGill University)   (MDCL 1305/07)
4:30 PM
Student Awards Ceremony | Cérémonie de reconnaissance d'étudiant(e)s - William Whelan Manu Paranjape (Université de Montréal) (until 5:15 PM) (MDCL 1305/07)
5:15 PM
Close of Congress | Clôture du congrès - Manu Paranjape (Université de Montréal) (until 5:30 PM) (MDCL 1305/07)
5:30 PM
4D detector workshop | Atelier sur les détecteurs 4D - Luise Poley (Simon Fraser University (CA)) Fabrice Retiere (TRIUMF) (until 7:00 PM) (MDCL 2230)
5:30 PM Introduction + 4D Digital Detector concept - Fabrice Retiere (TRIUMF)   (MDCL 2230)
5:40 PM Photon to digital converter - Jean-Francois Pratte   (MDCL 2230)
5:50 PM The tracking detector side - Luise Poley (Simon Fraser University (CA))   (MDCL 2230)
6:00 PM NA62 silicon pixel testing - Thomas Koffas (Carleton University (CA)) Nigel Hessey (TRIUMF) Douglas Andrew Bryman (University of British Columbia (CA)) Bob Velghe (TRIUMF (CA))   (MDCL 2230)
6:10 PM Development of radiation-hard semi-conductor devices for future collider experiments - Thomas Koffas (Carleton University (CA))   (MDCL 2230)
6:20 PM EIC needs and monolithic active pixel sensor solution - Michael Gericke   (MDCL 2230)
6:30 PM GridPix: timepix for 4D gas detectors - Alain Bellerive (Carleton University (CA))   (MDCL 2230)
6:40 PM Discussion   (MDCL 2230)
1:00 PM
IPP Scientific Council Meeting | Réunion du comité scientifique de l'IPP - Michael Roney (until 2:00 PM) (MDCL 1010)
2:00 PM
IPP Inst. Members and Board of Trustees Meetings | Réunions des membres inst. et du conseil de l'IPP - Michael Roney (University of Victoria) Adam Ritz (until 5:00 PM) (MDCL 1010)