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Rio de Janeiro

Vice-Governador Rúbens Berardo street, 100 - Gávea Rio de Janeiro - 22451-070
Miguel Quartin (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro)

NEW: Contribution List (accepted abstracts) and Participant List (registered participants)

Abstract acceptance can be found in Contribution List. We received around twice as many talk requests as there were available slots, and could not accommodate all who deserved a slot.

Note that due to a problem with the system, abstracts accepted for Posters sometimes originated 2 confirmation emails, the first for the selected submission type, the second confirming it was accepted as a Poster. So if you received both emails, your submission was accepted as a poster. If there are cancellations in the future some posters may be promoted to parallel talks.

Everyone who submitted abstracts must also register in order to be able to participate in COSMO'22.

The 25th annual International Conference on Particle Physics and Cosmology (COSMO'22) will be held fully in-person at the Planetarium of Rio de Janeiro from 22 to 26 of August. As in previous editions, the conference main topics are:

  • Dark Matter, Neutrinos and Astroparticle Physics
  • Gravitational Waves and Black Holes
  • Inflation and the primordial universe
  • Large Scale Structure
  • Modified Gravity and Dark Energy
  • Radiocosmology: CMB and 21cm
  • Statistical Methods and Tensions in Cosmology

Invited speakers:

See this link

Importante deadlines:

  • Abstract submission: from 16 March until 11 June
  • Acceptance of abstract submissions: 20 June
  • Acceptance of grant requests: until 23 June
  • Registration: until 6 July (early bird) and 7-25 July (normal registration)
  • Payment: from 24 June

Registration fee:

  • 1300 BRL (~230 EUR / ~250 USD) until 30 June
  • 1550 BRL (~270 EUR / ~300 USD) 1-25 July

Grant application: Students, post-docs and researchers without personal grants may apply for two options of grants: (i) 50% discount on the registration fee; (ii) 50% discount on the registration fee plus accommodation for 5 nights (shared room with another participant). Funds for grants are limited, and acceptance of abstract for presentation is a pre-requisite for grant concession. The deadline for grant application is the same as for abstract submission.

Childcare: We have limited spaces available for childcare in-situ during the conference lectures. Recreational activities will be provided for the kids and there will be English speaking staff.

Important note: COSMO will be a fully in-person conference. The conference committee is carefully monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic developments. We will take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the participants, as guided by the pandemic levels around July and August. Current local regulations demand the full vaccination with at least 2 doses from all participants. We will post updates here in the coming months. 


Registration to Cosmo'22
  • Alex Soto
  • Amanda dos Santos
  • Andras Kovacs
  • Andreas Nygaard
  • Andrew Miller
  • Angel Rincon
  • Anoma Ganguly
  • Archisman Ghosh
  • Aritra Kumar Gon
  • Armando Bernui
  • Arthur Camara Mesquita
  • Arthur Câmara Mesquita
  • Ayodeji Ibitoye
  • Basundhara Ghosh
  • Bayron Orjuela-Quintana
  • Beatriz Blanco Siffert
  • Bivudutta Mishra
  • Bowen Fu
  • Camila Novaes
  • Carlos Hernández-Monteagudo
  • Carlos Melo Carneiro
  • Caroline Guandalin
  • Chee Sheng Fong
  • Chiara Moretti
  • Cássia Nascimento
  • César Daniel Peralta González
  • Daniela Grandón
  • Davi Rodrigues
  • Eduardo Fraga
  • Eduardo Valadão
  • Elena Pierpaoli
  • Elena Sellentin
  • Elismar Lösch
  • Elizabeth Gonzalez
  • Eunice Omwoyo
  • Felipe Falciano
  • Felipe Oliveira Franco
  • Fermi National Laboratory
  • Franciele Manoel da Silva
  • Francisco Maion
  • Gabriel Hoerning
  • Giulya Souza
  • Gonzalo Palma
  • Guimarães Sousa
  • Hajime Sotani
  • Igor Chernykh
  • Isabel Lopes
  • Isabela Santiago de Matos
  • Isabella Lima Leite de Freitas
  • Isidro Gómez Vargas
  • J Alberto Vazquez
  • Javier Silva Lafaurie
  • Jessica Muir
  • Jiatianfu Qu
  • Jinn-Ouk Gong
  • Joran Remco Angevaare
  • Josiel Mendonça Soares de Souza
  • Josiel Mendonça Soares de Souza
  • João Alberto de Moraes Barretos
  • João Cavedagne Lobato
  • João Paulo França
  • Juan Cabello
  • Juan Calderon Bustillo
  • Juan Manuel Gonzalez
  • Julian Bautista
  • Julio Fabris
  • Jullianna Denes Couto
  • Karin Menendez-Delmestre
  • Kate Scholberg
  • Kenza Zeghari
  • Ki-Young Choi
  • Larissa Santos
  • Louis Legrand
  • Lucas Fontana Formigari
  • Luis Enrique Padilla Albores
  • Luis Escamilla
  • Marcos A. Garcia Garcia
  • Maria Mylova
  • Marina Àvila
  • Martin Makler
  • Matheus Paixão
  • Miguel A. Sánchez-Conde
  • Miguel Luis Peñafiel Ramirez
  • Miguel Quartin
  • Moira Venegas
  • Nameeqa Firdous
  • Nelson Pinto-Neto
  • Nilanjandev Bhaumik
  • Osamu Seto
  • Pablo César Benevides de Carvalho Rossas Motta
  • Paul De Jong
  • Paula Silva Ferreira
  • Pedro da Silveira Ferreira
  • Pedro Dutra
  • Pedro Riba Mello
  • Perseas Christodoulidis
  • Phearun Rithy
  • Piero Molinari
  • Pritam Das
  • Qaisar Shafi
  • Rahima Mokeddem
  • Rahul Shah
  • Ranier Menote Lemes Silva
  • Raul Abramo
  • Renan Alves de Oliveira
  • Ribamar Reis
  • Ricardo Zambujal Ferreira
  • Riccardo Sturani
  • Riccardo Sturani
  • Rodrigo Ferreira Pinheiro
  • Rodrigo Lipparelli Fernandez
  • Rodrigo Voivodic
  • Rodrigo von Marttens
  • Ronaldo C Batista
  • Sandipan Bhattacherjee
  • Sanjeeda Sultana
  • Santiago Casas
  • Santiago Garcia Serna
  • Sergey Shevchenko
  • Sergio Jorás
  • Shaswata Chowdhury
  • Shoukat Bhatti
  • Simon Riquelme
  • Sina Hooshangi
  • Spyros Sypsas
  • Stefano Borgani
  • Subha Majumdar
  • subhabrata majumdar
  • Sudip Jana
  • Tiago Batalha de Castro
  • Tomoya Tachinami
  • Valerio Marra
  • Victor Bosca Navarro
  • Victor Robles
  • Wan-Il Park
  • Yeinzon Rodriguez Garcia