LCWS 2004

Le Carré des Sciences, Paris- France

Le Carré des Sciences, Paris- France

This "Colloque" is the 7th in the Worldwide LCWS series which started at Saariselka, Finland in 1991, continuing in Waikoloa, Hawaii; Morioka-Appi, Japan; Sitges, Spain; Fermilab, USA; and Jeju, Korea. These workshop-style conferences have been the main international forum for developing the physics case and reviewing detector designs and techniques for a linear collider programme in the energy range up to ~1 TeV. LCWS 2004 takes place while the International Technology Recommendation Panel is meeting to decide between the "warm" and "cold" accelerator technologies. Following their recommendation a Global Design Team will be started and preparations will begin for the bid to governments for full funding.

Program Committee: Jim Brau, David Miller, Hitoshi Yamamoto(Co-chairs) Paul Grannis,John Jaros, Dean Karlen, Mark Oreglia, Ritchie Patterson, Akiya Miyamoto, Yoshiaki Fujii, JooSang Kang, ChangGen Yang, Wei-Shu Hou, Tiziano Camporesi, Michael Danilov,Rolf Heuer, Marcello Piccolo, Francois Richard, Ron Settles, Henri Videau.

Local Organizing Committee: Jean-Claude Brient, Pierre Lutz, Francois Richard, Aurore Savoy Navarro, Dominique Schiff , Henri Videau (chair)