IDM 2022

from Monday, July 18, 2022 (8:00 AM) to Friday, July 22, 2022 (2:30 PM)

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Jul 18, 2022
Jul 19, 2022
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Jul 22, 2022
8:00 AM
Registration - Brigitte De Monte (until 9:00 AM) ()
9:00 AM
Plenary 1 - Jochen Schieck (Austrian Academy of Sciences (AT)) (until 10:30 AM) (EI7)
9:00 AM Welcome - Florian Reindl (Vienna University of Technology (AT))   (EI7)
9:30 AM Particle Dark Matter - a theoretical overview - Prof. Pospelov Maxim (University of Minnesota)   (EI7)
10:00 AM Dark Matter Halo Simulations/Observations - Prof. Carlos Frenk (Durham University)   (EI7)
10:30 AM --- Coffee ---
11:00 AM
Plenary 1 - Josef Jochum (Universitaet Tuebingen) (until 12:30 PM) (EI7)
11:00 AM Dark Matter at the WIMP scale - Richard Gaitskell (Brown University)   (EI7)
11:30 AM Dark Matter at the GeV scale and below - Raimund Strauss (TU München)   (EI7)
12:00 PM Even lighter DM - Alvaro Chavarria (University of Washington)   (EI7)
8:30 AM
Registration - Brigitte De Monte (until 9:00 AM) ()
9:00 AM
Plenary 2 - Neil Spooner (University of Sheffield) (until 10:30 AM) (EI7)
9:00 AM Directional Dark Matter Searches - Elisabetta Baracchini (Gran Sasso Science Institute)   (EI7)
9:30 AM The TESSERACT Project for Sub-GeV Dark Matter Direct Detection - Daniel Mckinsey   (EI7)
10:00 AM Future dark matter experiments with noble liquids - Michelle Galloway   (EI7)
10:30 AM --- Coffee break ---
11:00 AM
Plenary 2 - Alexey Boyarsky (Leiden University (NL)) (until 1:00 PM) (EI7)
11:00 AM Novel detection strategies for dark matter - Gordan Krnjaic (Fermilab)   (EI7)
11:30 AM Dark Matter at cosmic dawn - Julian Munoz (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)   (EI7)
12:00 PM Primordial Black Holes - Florian Kühnel (Stockholm University)   (EI7)
12:30 PM Bound-state dark matter - Juri Smirnov (Ohio State University, CCAPP)   (EI7)
8:30 AM
Registration - Brigitte De Monte (until 8:55 AM) ()
8:55 AM Information River Cruise - Florian Reindl (Vienna University of Technology (AT))   ()
9:00 AM
Plenary 3 - Pierluigi Belli (until 11:00 AM) (EI7)
9:00 AM The EXCESS initiative: towards understanding the observed rates in sub-keV direct searches - Latest News - Belina von Krosigk (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)) Margarita Kaznacheeva (Technical University of Munich (TUM))   (EI7)
9:30 AM Annual modulation of dark matter signals: Experimental results and new ideas - Felix Kahlhoefer (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)   (EI7)
10:00 AM Searching for Dark Forces with the Mößbauer Effect - Surjeet Rajendran   (EI7)
10:30 AM Axions in the early Universe - Francesco D'Eramo (University of Padua)   (EI7)
11:00 AM --- Coffee ---
11:30 AM
Plenary 3 -Dr Holger Martin Kluck (until 1:30 PM) (EI7)
11:30 AM Axion dark matter searches (experiment) - Karl van Bibber (University of California Berkeley)   (EI7)
12:00 PM Axion electrodynamics (axion-photon) - Camilo Alfredo García-Cely   (EI7)
12:30 PM An axion dark matter-induced echo of supernova remnants - Prof. Katelin Schutz   (EI7)
1:00 PM Direct Detection of Dark Matter — APPEC Committee Report - Prof. Leszek Roszkowski ( Astrocent, Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center PAS and National Centre for Nuclear Research, Warsaw, Poland)   (EI7)
8:30 AM
Registration - Brigitte De Monte (until 9:00 AM) ()
9:00 AM
Plenary 4 - dan hooper (until 10:30 AM) (EI7)
9:00 AM Gamma-ray - Rebecca Leane   (EI7)
9:30 AM Charged-particle - PIERRE SALATI (LAPTh & Université de Savoie Mont Blanc)   (EI7)
10:00 AM Scalable inference: Towards dark matter searches in complex data with deep learning - Christoph Weniger   (EI7)
10:30 AM --- Coffee ---
11:00 AM
Plenary 4 - Josef Pradler (Austrian Academy of Sciences (AT)) (until 12:30 PM) (EI7)
11:00 AM The Dark Dimension and the Swampland (STRINGS @ IDM2022) - Cumrun Vafa (Harvard University)   (EI7)
11:30 AM Dark Matter through neutrino telescopes - Juan de Dios Zornoza Gomez (IFIC (UV-CSIC))   (EI7)
12:00 PM The Status of the Galactic Center Gamma-Ray Excess - Dan Hooper (Fermilab/University of Chicago)   (EI7)
8:30 AM
Registration - Brigitte De Monte (until 9:00 AM) ()
9:00 AM
Plenary 5 - Gudrid Moortgat-Pick (until 11:00 AM) (EI7)
9:00 AM Role of dark Higgs Boson in DM physics and Higgs Inflation - Prof. Pyungwon Ko (KIAS)   (EI7)
9:30 AM Searches for dark sector particles (including long-lived mediators and missing ET signatures) in ATLAS and CMS - Binbin Dong (Shanghai Jiao Tong University (CN))   (EI7)
10:00 AM Searches for dark sector particles in LHCb/Belle 2 - Marcello Campajola (INFN - National Institute for Nuclear Physics)   (EI7)
10:30 AM Searches for dark sector particles in future dedicated experiments at LHC - Lesya Shchutska (EPFL - Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne (CH))   (EI7)
11:00 AM --- Coffee break ---
11:30 AM
Plenary 5 - Manfred Krammer (CERN) (until 2:00 PM) (EI7)
11:30 AM Progress of the XENONnT experiment - Knut Moraa   (EI7)
12:00 PM Underground Laboratories and Dark Matter direct detection - Aldo Ianni (INFN LNGS)   (EI7)
12:30 PM The Einstein Telescope and Dark Matter Studies with Gravitational Waves - Chris Van Den Broeck   (EI7)
1:00 PM Concluding talk - Ciaran O'Hare (Sydney)   (EI7)
1:30 PM Award ceremony and closing remarks - Florian Reindl (Vienna University of Technology (AT))   (EI7)
12:30 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM
Parallel 1A - Direct detection I - Vanessa Zema (until 4:00 PM) (EI7)
2:00 PM The DAMIC-M Experiment: Status and First Results - Danielle Norcini (Univerity of Chicago, KICP)   (EI7)
2:20 PM The low-energy spectrum in DAMIC at SNOLAB - Alvaro Chavarria (University of Washington)   (EI7)
2:40 PM SENSEI: Sub-GeV Dark Matter Search with Skipper CCDs - Mariano Cababie (SENSEI Collaboration)   (EI7)
3:00 PM The Oscura experiment – searching for low-mass dark matter with a very-large array of skipper-CCDs - Nathan Saffold   (EI7)
3:20 PM First 100 eV nuclear recoil ionization yield measurement in silicon - Dr Valentina Novati (Northwestern University)   (EI7)
3:40 PM Measurement of low-energy Compton and neutron scattering in Si CCDs for dark matter searches - R Smida   (EI7)
2:00 PM
Parallel 1B - Further experiments - Klaus Eitel (until 4:00 PM) (EI8)
2:00 PM Forecasting dark showers at Belle II - Elias Bernreuther (Fermilab)   (EI8)
2:20 PM Search for sterile neutrons with the HIBEAM/NNBAR experimet - David Anthony Milstead (Stockholm University (SE))   (EI8)
2:40 PM Recent progress on BSM and dark matter searches in CUORE - Antonio Branca (INFN - National Institute for Nuclear Physics) CUORE Coll.   (EI8)
3:00 PM Searches for exotic dark matter with the Majorana Demonstrator - Reyco Henning (U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)   (EI8)
3:20 PM Probing light new physics via proton bremsstrahlung - Saeid Foroughi-Abari (University of Victoria)   (EI8)
3:30 PM Searching for Vector Dark Matter at Beam Dump Experiments - Taylor Gray   (EI8)
3:40 PM Direct Detection Constraints on Axion-photon-photon Coupling via Inverse Primakoff Scattering - Dr Chih-Pan Wu   (EI8)
2:00 PM
Parallel 1C - Direct detection II - Michelle Galloway (University of Zürich) (until 4:00 PM) (EI9)
2:00 PM Neutron yield calculation with SOURCES4 and comparison with other codes and experimental data - Prof. Vitaly Kudryavtsev   (EI9)
2:20 PM Muon-induced background in a next-generation dark matter experiment based on liquid xenon - Viktor Pec (Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences)   (EI9)
2:40 PM Neutron tagging with gadolinium-loaded PMMA - Alessio Caminata (INFN e Universita Genova (IT))   (EI9)
3:00 PM Towards a Gas Filtration Setup for Ultra-Sensitive SF$_6$ Gas Based Dark Matter Searches - Robert Renz Marcelo Gregorio   (EI9)
3:10 PM Reduction in radioactivity-induced backgrounds using a novel active veto detector for rare event search experiments - Ms Mouli Chaudhuri (School of Physical Sciences, National Institute of Science Education and Research, Jatni 752050, India and Homi Bhabha National Institute, Training School Complex, Anushaktinagar, Mumbai 400094, India)   (EI9)
3:20 PM The LZ Outer Detector - Dr Alissa Monte (UCSB)   (EI9)
3:40 PM Background model and statistical analysis in the LUX-ZEPLIN experiment - Ibles Olcina Samblas   (EI9)
2:00 PM
Parallel 1D - Dark sector - Xiaoyong Chu (Institute of High Energy Physics (Vienna, Austria)) (until 3:50 PM) (EI10)
2:00 PM Global Fits of Dirac Dark Matter Effective Field Theories - Dr Ankit Beniwal (King’s College London)   (EI10)
2:20 PM Light thermal relics enabled by a second Higgs - Johannes Herms (Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik)   (EI10)
2:40 PM Dark Matter from Exponential Growth - Dr Paul Frederik Depta (Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik)   (EI10)
3:00 PM Inelastic Dirac Dark Matter - Sam Junius   (EI10)
3:10 PM Blazar-Boosted Dark Matter - Alessandro Granelli (SISSA)   (EI10)
3:20 PM Dark matter and lepton flavour phenomenology and leptogenesis in a singlet-doublet scotogenic model - Maud SARAZIN   (EI10)
3:30 PM Neutrino point source searches for dark matter spikes - Dr Patrick Stengel (SISSA)   (EI10)
4:00 PM --- Coffee ---
4:30 PM
Parallel 1A - Direct detection I - Matthew Jake Stukel (Gran Sasso Science Institute) (until 6:20 PM) (EI7)
4:30 PM Sub-GeV Dark Matter Searches with EDELWEISS: New results and prospects - Hugues LATTAUD   (EI7)
4:50 PM Overview of the SuperCDMS SNOLAB Experiment - Matthew James Wilson   (EI7)
5:10 PM The CRESST-III Dark Matter Search: Status and Outlook - Christian Strandhagen (Eberhards Karls Universiy Tubingen (DE))   (EI7)
5:30 PM Probing Lithium targets in CRESST-III - Mr Shubham Gupta   (EI7)
5:40 PM A low-threshold diamond cryogenic detector for sub-GeV Dark Matter searches - Anna Bertolini (Max Planck Society (DE))   (EI7)
5:50 PM DELight: a Direct search Experiment for Light dark matter with superfluid helium - Belina von Krosigk (Universität Hamburg)   (EI7)
6:10 PM Gusts in the Headwind: Uncertainties in Direct Dark Matter Detection - Grace Lawrence   (EI7)
4:30 PM
Parallel 1B - Further experiments - Florian Kühnel (Stockholm University) (until 6:20 PM) (EI8)
4:30 PM Attenuation of Cosmic-Ray Up-Scattered Dark Matter - Helena Kolešová (University of Stavanger)   (EI8)
4:50 PM Exploring coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering with NUCLEUS experiment - Chloé Goupy   (EI8)
5:10 PM A crystalline xenon path to the neutrino detection limit - Daniel Mckinsey   (EI8)
5:30 PM Ruling out QCD phase transition as a PBH origin of LIGO/Virgo events - Quim Iguaz Juan (CNRS-LAPTh)   (EI8)
5:50 PM Primordial Black Hole Dark Matter evaporating on the Neutrino Floor - Antonio Palazzo (University of Bari and INFN)   (EI8)
6:10 PM Laboratory limits on the annihilation or decay of dark matter particles - Tim Michael Heinz Wolf (MPIK)   (EI8)
4:30 PM
Parallel 1C - Direct detection II - Elisabetta Baracchini (until 6:40 PM) (EI9)
4:30 PM The NEWSdm experiment for directional dark matter searches - Valeri Tioukov (Universita e sezione INFN di Napoli (IT))   (EI9)
4:50 PM DM directionality approach using ZnWO$_4$ crystal scintillators - Vincenzo Caracciolo   (EI9)
5:10 PM Anisotropic ionization threshold and directional sensitivity in solid state DM detectors - Matti Heikinheimo (University of Helsinki and Helsinki Institute of Physics)   (EI9)
5:30 PM Venturing into the neutrino fog - Ciaran O'Hare (Sydney)   (EI9)
5:50 PM Dark matter searches using levitated optomechanics - Mr Robert James (UCL)   (EI9)
6:10 PM The CYGNO/INITIUM experiment - Giorgio Dho   (EI9)
6:20 PM Directional performances of MIMAC in the keV-range: the reconstruction of 8 keV and 27 keV neutron spectra - Cyprien BEAUFORT   (EI9)
6:30 PM Mesh Transparency of Electrons in a MMThGEM Gain Stage Device for Directional Dark Matter Searches - Alasdair McLean (University of Sheffield)   (EI9)
4:30 PM
Parallel 1D - Dark sector - Camilo Alfredo García-Cely (until 5:50 PM) (EI10)
4:30 PM Sommerfeld-enhanced and subhalo-boosted dark-matter annihilation - Gaëtan Facchinetti   (EI10)
4:50 PM Resummation Effects in Semi-Inclusive neutralino Annihilation - Mr Stefan Lederer (Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM))   (EI10)
5:00 PM SUSY-QCD corrections to squark annihilation into gluons and light quarks - Luca Paolo Wiggering (University of Münster)   (EI10)
5:10 PM Dark Matter Annihilations in Massive Stars: A New Lease on Life? - Joshua Ziegler   (EI10)
5:20 PM The SU(2)D lepton portals for muon g−2, W boson mass and dark matter - Adriana Guerrero Menkara   (EI10)
5:30 PM Muon (g − 2) and Thermal WIMP DM in U(1)Lµ−Lτ Models - Jongkuk Kim   (EI10)
5:40 PM Dark Matter and muon g-2 in the MSSM - Sebastian Baum (Stanford University)   (EI10)
6:40 PM --- Welcome Reception ---
1:00 PM --- Lunch ---
2:30 PM
Parallel 2A - Direct detection I - Jochen Schieck (Austrian Academy of Sciences (AT)) (until 4:30 PM) (EI7)
2:30 PM The Scintillating Bubble Chamber Experiment - Dr Ben Broerman (Queen's University)   (EI7)
2:50 PM PICO: dark matter searches using bubble chambers - Eric Vazquez-Jauregui   (EI7)
3:10 PM Status and future prospects of the NEWS-G experiment - Patrick Ryan Knights   (EI7)
3:30 PM Low mass dark matter searches with NEWS-G: Results with a methane target - Francisco Andres Vazquez de Sola   (EI7)
3:50 PM Overview and recent results from the DEAP-3600 experiment - Andrew Erlandson   (EI7)
4:10 PM The Future LXe Observatory DARWIN - Klaus Eitel   (EI7)
2:30 PM
Parallel 2B - Axions -Dr Holger Martin Kluck (until 4:30 PM) (EI8)
2:30 PM Status and Future of the HAYSTAC Experiment - Karl van Bibber   (EI8)
2:50 PM The Sensitivity of Spin-Precession Axion Experiments - Jacob Michael Leedom (DESY)   (EI8)
3:10 PM First Results from the Taiwan Axion Search Experiment with Haloscope at 19.6μeV - Dr Hien Doan (Academia Sinica)   (EI8)
3:30 PM Approaching a first science run with ALPS II - Aaron Dean Spector (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY)   (EI8)
3:50 PM MADMAX - Towards a Dielectric Axion Haloscope - Christoph Krieger (Hamburg University (DE))   (EI8)
4:10 PM Status of DMRadio 50L and m$^3$ - Nicholas M. Rapidis (Stanford University)   (EI8)
2:30 PM
Parallel 2C - Direct detection II - Christian Strandhagen (Eberhards Karls Universiy Tubingen (DE)) (until 4:10 PM) (EI9)
2:30 PM Precise Predictions for Atomic Ionisation from the Migdal Effect - Dr Christopher McCabe (King's College London)   (EI9)
2:50 PM The MIGDAL experiment: towards observation of the Migdal effect in nuclear scattering - Henrique Araujo   (EI9)
3:10 PM qBounce using Gravity Resonance Spectroscopy Dark Energy and Dark Matter searches - Jakob Micko   (EI9)
3:20 PM Searching for Light Dark Matter with Aligned Carbon Nanotubes: the ANDROMeDa Project - Alice Apponi (Università Roma Tre)   (EI9)
3:30 PM Graphene-based Light Invisible Particle Search (GLIPS) - Prof. Jong-Chul Park (Chungnam National University)   (EI9)
3:50 PM New Directions in Direct Detection: Towards the Mesoscale - Carlos Blanco   (EI9)
4:00 PM Fuelling the search for light dark matter-electron scattering - Louis Hamaide (King's College London)   (EI9)
2:30 PM
Parallel 2D - Simulations/Cosmology - Julian Munoz (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) (until 4:30 PM) (EI10)
2:30 PM Lyman-alpha constraints on non-cold dark matter - Deanna Hooper   (EI10)
2:50 PM Can we see dark matter substructure with stellar streams? - James Alvey (University of Amsterdam)   (EI10)
3:10 PM Fundamental dark matter physics with strong gravitational lenses - Daniel Gilman Dr Daniel Gilman   (EI10)
3:30 PM Shedding light on low-mass subhalo survival with numerical simulations - Alejandra Aguirre-Santaella (IFT UAM-CSIC)   (EI10)
3:50 PM Self-interacting dark matter on small and large scales - Dr Camila Correa (University of Amsterdam)   (EI10)
4:10 PM Characterizing DM substructures in strong lensing images with targeted simulation-based inference - Noemi Anau Montel   (EI10)
4:20 PM Vortice Classification in Ultra-light Dark Matter Halos - Pedro Bittar   (EI10)
4:30 PM --- Coffee break ---
5:00 PM
Parallel 2A - Direct detection I - Valentyna Mokina (HEPHY) (until 6:50 PM) (EI7)
5:00 PM Calibrating XENONnT and its novel water Cherenkov neutron-veto using tagged neutrons - Daniel Wenz (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)   (EI7)
5:10 PM iDM@IDM: Electron recoils from terrestrial upscattering of inelastic dark matter - Jonas Frerick   (EI7)
5:20 PM LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) status - Alden Fan (SLAC/Stanford)   (EI7)
5:40 PM The DarkSide-20k TPC and underground argon cryogenic system - Thomas Nathan Thorpe (University of California Los Angeles (US))   (EI7)
6:00 PM Search for low mass WIMP dark matter with DarkSide-50 - Masato Kimura (AstroCeNT, CAMK/PAN)   (EI7)
6:20 PM Constraints on dark matter-nucleon effective couplings with DEAP-3600 and prospects for the next campaign - Vicente Pesudo Fortes (Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas Medioambientales y tecnológicas (CIEMAT))   (EI7)
5:00 PM
Parallel 2B - Axions - Karl van Bibber (University of California Berkeley) (until 6:40 PM) (EI8)
5:00 PM Probing ALPs at the LUXE experiment - Federico Meloni (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE))   (EI8)
5:20 PM Axion-like particle as Cold Dark Matter candidate via the misalignment mechanism with the PQ symmetry unbroken during inflation - Paweł Kozów   (EI8)
5:40 PM Searching for Wave-like Dark Matter with QSHS - Mitchell Perry   (EI8)
6:00 PM The Investigating Solar Axion by Iron-57 - Tomonori Ikeda (Kyoto University)   (EI8)
6:10 PM A search for 7Li solar axions with Li2MoO4 crystals in the AMoRE experiment - Jee Won Seo (University of Science and Technology (UST))   (EI8)
6:20 PM Can we really detect relic neutrinos? - Alexey Boyarsky (Leiden University (NL))   (EI8)
5:00 PM
Parallel 2C - Direct detection II - Alexander Fuss (until 7:00 PM) (EI9)
5:00 PM Dark matter: DAMA/LIBRA and its recent perspectives - Pierluigi Belli   (EI9)
5:20 PM Some mysterious puzzles and the Axion Quark Nugget Dark Matter Model - Ariel Zhitnitsky   (EI9)
5:40 PM ANAIS-112 annual modulation results and prospects to test DAMA/LIBRA beyond three-sigma - María Luisa Sarsa (University of Zaragoza)   (EI9)
6:00 PM COSINUS - Progressing towards shining light on the long-standing claim of DAMA/LIBRA - Karoline Julia Schaeffner (Max-Planck Institute for Physics)   (EI9)
6:20 PM A systematic study on the effects of Tl dopant contribution to quenching factor measurements in NaI crystals - Mukund Raghunath Bharadwaj   (EI9)
6:30 PM Hidden dependencies in model independent tests of DAMA - Madeleine Zurowski   (EI9)
6:40 PM Direct search of Dark Matter through the SABRE South experiment - Madeleine Zurowski   (EI9)
6:50 PM Status and prospects of SABRE North - Dr Ambra Mariani (Princeton University / INFN-LNGS)   (EI9)
5:00 PM
Parallel 2D - Simulations/Cosmology - Xiaoyong Chu (Institute of High Energy Physics (Vienna, Austria)) (until 7:00 PM) (EI10)
5:00 PM Coherent to incoherent structures in fuzzy dark matter halos - Dr I-Kang (Gary) Liu (School of Mathematics, Statistics and Physics, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7RU, United Kingdom)   (EI10)
5:20 PM Testing the mean field description of scalar field dark matter - Andrew Eberhardt (Stanford University)   (EI10)
5:40 PM Self-similar solutions for Fuzzy Dark Matter - Raquel Galazo (IPhT - CEA)   (EI10)
5:50 PM DarkHistory NN: Computing early universe exotic energy injection imprints with Neural Network - Yitian Sun   (EI10)
6:00 PM Improved Treatment of Dark Matter Capture in Compact Stars - Dr Sandra Robles (King's College London)   (EI10)
6:20 PM Bouncing Dark Matter - Bibhushan Shakya   (EI10)
6:40 PM Mergers as a Probe of Particle Dark Matter - Anupam Ray   (EI10)
7:00 PM
Poster session (until 8:00 PM) ()
7:00 PM A high performance piston pump for ultra-clean noble gas experiments - Philipp Schulte (Institut für Kernphysik , Westfälische Wilhelms Universität Münster)   ()
7:00 PM Background model fitting in the LUX-ZEPLIN experiment - Aiham Al Musalhi (University of Oxford)   ()
7:00 PM COSINUS projections for the cross-check of DAMA/LIBRA results - Vanessa Zema   ()
7:00 PM COSINUS water Cherenkov muon veto status and material screening results - Matthew Jake Stukel (Gran Sasso Science Institute)   ()
7:00 PM Density functional theory guides the search for dark matter particles in direct detection experiments - Marek Matas   ()
7:00 PM Disentangling Sub-GeV DM from the Diffuse Supernova Neutrino Background using Hyper-Kamiokande - Dr Sandra Robles (King's College London)   ()
7:00 PM ELOISE – Reliable background simulation at sub-keV energies - Dr Holger Martin Kluck   ()
7:00 PM Energy accumulation and releases in materials: general expectations and current results for NaI(Tl) - sergey pereverzev (LLNL)   ()
7:00 PM Energy calibration of the XENONnT Experiment - Mr Henning Schulze Eißing (University of Münster)   ()
7:00 PM First measurement Results from DANAE – Demonstrating DePFET RNDR on a prototype Matrix - Dr Holger Martin Kluck   ()
7:00 PM How do the dynamics of the Milky Way - Large Magellanic Cloud system affect gamma-ray constraints on particle dark matter? - Christopher ECKNER   ()
7:00 PM Identification and Removal of Coincidence Backgrounds in the LUX-ZEPLIN experiment - Daniel Hunt   ()
7:00 PM Impact of nuclear structure on nuclear responses to WIMP elastic scattering - Ms Raghda Abdel Khaleq (Australian National University (ANU))   ()
7:00 PM Influence of GEANT4 Physics List​ - Dr Holger Martin Kluck   ()
7:00 PM Levitated Systems for Directional Direct Dark Matter Detection - Ms Fiona Alder (UCL)   ()
7:00 PM Low-energy effective description of dark Sp(4) theories - Marco Nikolic   ()
7:00 PM Multi-component dark sectors: the role of asymmetries and conversions - Mr Drona Vatsyayan (Instituto de Fisíca Corpuscular, UV)   ()
7:00 PM Neutron simulation studies and their implications for CRESST - Alexander Fuss   ()
7:00 PM Paleo detectors for Dark Matter and Neutrinos - Sebastian Baum (Stanford University)   ()
7:00 PM Photomultiplier Characterisation and its Impact on Background for SABRE South - Madeleine Zurowski   ()
7:00 PM Results from a broadband search for Hidden-Photon dark matter using a cryogenic dish and kinetic inductance parametric amplifiers - Dr Karthik Ramanathan   ()
7:00 PM Testing spin-dependent dark matter with lithium targets in CRESST-III - Felix Wagner (HEPHY Vienna)   ()
7:00 PM The COSINUS experimental facility at Gran Sasso - Dr Martin Stahlberg (Max Planck Institute for Physics)   ()
7:00 PM The Second Love Number of Dark Compact Planets and Neutron Stars with Dark Matter - Yannick Dengler   ()
7:00 PM Warm dark matter searches from the Galactic halo - Ariane Dekker (University of Amsterdam)   ()
7:00 PM What surfaces in dark matter detectors - sergey pereverzev (LLNL)   ()
3:00 PM --- Danube River Cruise ---
12:30 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM
Parallel 3A - Direct detection (calibration and new approaches) -Dr Valentyna Mokina (HEPHY) (until 3:40 PM) (EI7)
2:00 PM At the 100 eV Frontier: Calibrating Nuclear Recoils with CRAB - Victoria Wagner (Technical University Munich)   (EI7)
2:20 PM KDK: Measurement of the potassium-40 ground state electron capture for backgrounds in rare-event searches - Matthew Jake Stukel (Gran Sasso Science Institute)   (EI7)
2:40 PM Characterization of a Low Background CaWO4 Crystal for CRESST-III - Angelina Kinast   (EI7)
2:50 PM Low energy calibration and characterization of novel dark matter detectors with a scanning laser device - Kelly Stifter (Fermilab)   (EI7)
3:00 PM Deficit hawks: robust new physics searches with unknown backgrounds - Jelle Aalbers (Stanford University / SLAC)   (EI7)
3:20 PM Neutrinos in direct detection experiments: obstacle or aid to new physics? - Dr Andrew Cheek (Astrocent, CAMK)   (EI7)
2:00 PM
Parallel 3B - Axions - Christopher ECKNER (until 3:40 PM) (EI8)
2:00 PM Hunting for axions in the solar basin - William DeRocco   (EI8)
2:40 PM Neutron stars as photon double-lenses: constraining resonant conversion into ALPs - Anastasia Sokolenko   (EI8)
3:00 PM Neutron Stars as Axion Laboratories - Samuel Witte   (EI8)
3:20 PM Sourcing axions in the magnetospheres of neutron stars - Dion Noordhuis (University of Amsterdam)   (EI8)
3:30 PM Earth as a transducer for dark-photon and ALP dark-matter detection - Dr Michael A. Fedderke (Johns Hopkins University)   (EI8)
2:00 PM
Parallel 3C - Indirect searches - PIERRE SALATI (LAPTh & Université de Savoie Mont Blanc) (until 3:40 PM) (EI9)
2:00 PM Multi-messenger constraints on the dark matter interpretation of the Fermi-LAT Galactic center excess - Mattia Di Mauro (INFN Torino)   (EI9)
2:20 PM Revisiting the Galactic Center Excess with Multi-Messenger Observations - Dr Ilias Cholis (Oakland University, Department of Physics)   (EI9)
2:40 PM Assessing the Impact of Hydrogen Absorption on the Characteristics of the Galactic Center Excess - Dr Oscar Macias (GRAPPA (University of Amsterdam))   (EI9)
3:00 PM Sensitivity of the CTA to Dark Matter induced emission from the Perseus galaxy cluster - Judit Pérez-Romero (IFT UAM-CSIC)   (EI9)
3:10 PM Annihilating Dark Matter Search with 12 Years of Fermi LAT Data in Nearby Galaxy Clusters - Charles Thorpe-Morgan (IAAT- University of Tübingen)   (EI9)
3:20 PM 511 keV line constraints on feebly interacting particles from supernovae - Giuseppe Lucente (Bari University & INFN Bari)   (EI9)
3:30 PM Reference measurements for indirect dark matter searches with p+C collisions at the NA61/SHINE experiment. - Michal Naskret (University of Wroclaw (PL))   (EI9)
2:00 PM
Parallel 3D - Dark sector - Lesya Shchutska (EPFL - Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne (CH)) (until 3:30 PM) (EI10)
2:00 PM Searches for dark matter with the ATLAS detector - Rute Costa Batalha Pedro (LIP - Laboratorio de Instrumentação e Física Experimental de Partículas (PT)) Rute Costa Batalha Pedro (LIP Laboratorio de Instrumentacao e Fisica Experimental de Part)   (EI10)
2:20 PM Searches for exotic decays of the Higgs boson as a window to the dark sector with the ATLAS detector - Victoria Sanchez Sebastian (Univ. of Valencia and CSIC (ES))   (EI10)
2:40 PM Search for Dark Matter with mono-X Signatures in CMS - Reham Aly (Politecnico - Universita e INFN, Bari (IT))   (EI10)
3:00 PM The MoEDAL-MAPP Experiment at the LHC - Searching for Exotic Dark Matter at the LHC - James Pinfold (University of Alberta (CA))   (EI10)
3:20 PM Boosting DM searches at the LHC with deep learning - Thorben Finke   (EI10)
3:40 PM --- Coffee ---
4:10 PM
Parallel 3A - Direct detection (calibration and new approaches) - Victoria Wagner (Technical University Munich) (until 5:50 PM) (EI7)
4:10 PM Search for dark matter in solid state devices using radiation damage. - Steven Juhyung Lee (University of Zurich (CH))   (EI7)
4:20 PM remoTES: A new design for the cryogenic NaI detectors of the COSINUS experiment - Leonie Einfalt (HEPHY & TU Vienna)   (EI7)
4:30 PM Development of kinetic inductance phonon sensors for phonon-mediated dark-matter detection - Dr Karthik Ramanathan   (EI7)
4:50 PM Leveraging Quantum Sensors for Dark Matter Detection - Daniel Baxter (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)   (EI7)
5:10 PM Parallel plate force metrology as tool to probe the dark sector - Rene Sedmik (TU Wien)   (EI7)
5:30 PM Searches for Ultralight Dark Matter and New Forces with MAGIS-100 - Dylan Temples (Fermilab)   (EI7)
4:10 PM
Parallel 3B - Axions - Anastasia Sokolenko (until 5:40 PM) (EI8)
4:10 PM Constraining Axion-Like Particles with HAWC Observations of TeV Blazars - Sunniva Jacobsen   (EI8)
4:20 PM Photon-ALP oscillations at CTA energies - Jonas Tjemsland   (EI8)
4:30 PM First constraints on axion-like particles from Galactic sub-PeV gamma rays - Christopher ECKNER   (EI8)
4:50 PM Cosmological constraints on decaying axion-like particles: a global analysis - Sebastian Hoof   (EI8)
5:10 PM Core oscillations in fuzzy dark matter - Mr Milos Indjin (Newcastle University)   (EI8)
4:10 PM
Parallel 3C - Indirect searches - PIERRE SALATI (LAPTh & Université de Savoie Mont Blanc) (until 6:25 PM) (EI9)
4:10 PM Pulsars do not produce sharp spectral features in the cosmic-ray positron flux - Isabelle John (Stockholm University)   (EI9)
4:30 PM Constraints on Heavy Dark Matter Annihilation and Decay from Electron and Positron Cosmic Ray Spectra - Holger Motz (Waseda University)   (EI9)
4:50 PM Dark matter or millisecond pulsars? A deep learning-based analysis of the Fermi Galactic Center Excess - Florian List   (EI9)
5:10 PM The GAPS experiment - a search for light cosmic ray antinuclei - Tsuguo Aramaki   (EI9)
5:30 PM The GRAMS (Gamma-Ray and AntiMatter Survey) Project - Tsuguo Aramaki   (EI9)
5:50 PM Studying dark matter with MadDM: Recent developments - Mr Daniele Massaro (Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna / Université Catholique de Louvain)   (EI9)
4:10 PM
Parallel 3D - Dark sector - Lesya Shchutska (EPFL - Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne (CH)) (until 5:50 PM) (EI10)
4:10 PM Phenomenology of the Dark Matter sector in the Two Higgs Doublet Model with Complex Scalar Singlet extension - Prof. Gudrid Moortgat-Pick (University of Hamburg and DESY)   (EI10)
4:30 PM Recent dark sector results from Belle II - Giacomo De Pietro (INFN Roma Tre)   (EI10)
4:50 PM Oblique Lessons from the W Mass Measurement at CDFII - Cari Cesarotti (Harvard University)   (EI10)
5:10 PM SND@LHC experiment at CERN - Giovanni De Lellis (Universita e INFN sezione di Napoli (IT))   (EI10)
5:30 PM Dark sector studies with the PADME experiment - Elizabeth Sarah Long (INFN - National Institute for Nuclear Physics)   (EI10)
7:00 PM --- Social dinner @ Heuriger (wine tavern) Fuhrgassl-Huber ---