PHYSTAT - Statistics meets ML

Lecture Theatre 2, Blackett Laboratory (Imperial College London)

Lecture Theatre 2, Blackett Laboratory

Imperial College London

Louis Lyons (Imperial College (GB)), Olaf Behnke (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE)), Nicholas Wardle (Imperial College (GB)), Lydia Brenner (Nikhef National institute for subatomic physics (NL)), Sara Algeri (University of Minnesota)

PHYSTAT Workshop on "Statistics meets ML" in Particle Physics & Astrophysics

In recent years, ML has become more and more integrated into many stages of our analyses.  In Particle Physics, it includes data collection and processing (triggering, tracking, etc), classification of different particle types, unfolding, parameter determination, anomaly detection, and even end-to-end processing. In astronomy its use is increasingly widespread in areas such as classification of objects, distance determination, and regression problems. It is used theoretically to enhance simulations, and in emulation of theoretical predictions that are expensive to compute. It is also increasingly used in simulation-based inference, both in finding informative summary statistics, and in variational methods of inference.
PHYSTAT’s “Statistics meets Machine Learning” aims to address some of the statistical issues that arise in these applications in Particle Physics and in Astronomy, with participation also of Statistics and Machine Learning experts. These issues are particularly important as the ML approaches tend to outperform traditional ones in terms of precision; the question is whether they are also more accurate. A problem is that in general it is hard to understand the procedure the ML method is adopting to achieve its result.

Some of the topics to be discussed:

  • Uncertainty quantification
  • Interpretable AI
  • Training samples & mismodelling
  • Generative methods
  • Statistical checks

There will be plenty of time for discussion.

The meeting will be hybrid i.e. particpitation either in person or remotely. In both cases, registration is necessary as the zoom link to the meeting will be sent a few days before the meeting only to people who have registered.
Registration is already open. Please note that there is a limit of 110 for the number of in-person participants. It is also now possible to submit Abstracts for potential contributed talks/posters.

For general enquiries please contact: For questions regarding the content of the workshop, please contact Louis Lyons via:

Local Organising Committee:
Matteo Agostini
Sunita Aubeeluck
Robert Bainbridge (chair)
Jonathon Langford
Louis Lyons (co-chair)
Benedikt Maier
Lucas Makinen
Marvin Pfaff
Nicholas Wardle
Daniel Winterbottom

Scientific Committee:
Pierre Baldi (UC Irvine, ML)
Olaf Behnke (DESY, PP)
Lydia Brenner (NIKHEF, PP)
Patrick Dunne (Imperial, PP)
Alan Heavens (Imperial, AC)
Lukas Heinrich (TUM, PP)
Mikael Kuusela (CMU, Statistics)
Ann Lee (CMU, Statistics)
Louis Lyons (Imperial, PP)
Ben Nachman (LBNL, PP)
Anna Sciafe (Jodrell Bank, AC)
Jesse Thaler (MIT, PP)
Roberto Trotta (Trieste, AC)
Nick Wardle (Imperial, PP)

AC: Astro/Cosmo
PP: Particle Physics

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The PHYSTAT series of Workshops started in 2000. They were the first meetings devoted solely to the statistical issues that occur in analyses in Particle Physics and neighbouring fields.The homepage of PHYSTAT with a list of all Workshops, Seminars and Informal Reviews is at .

Zoom Meeting ID
Olaf Behnke
Alternative host
Nicholas Wardle
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PHYSTAT 2024 Registration (IN PERSON)
37 / 110
PHYSTAT 2024 Registration (REMOTE)
  • Agnieszka Oblakowska-Mucha
  • Aishik Ghosh
  • Aman Desai
  • Arsenii Gavrikov
  • Artur, Artemij Monsch
  • Aurora Singstad Grefsrud
  • Ben Nachman
  • Biao Wang
  • Biswaranjan Behera
  • Brianna Isola
  • Carlos Romero Mejia
  • Carys Garvey
  • Caue Evangelista De Sousa
  • Chandramauli Agrawal
  • Chayan Majumdar
  • Dalmo Da Silva Dalto
  • Dean Hansen
  • Diana Patricia Mendez Mendez
  • Eda Erdogan
  • Edgar Fernando Carrera Jarrin
  • Eduardo Ploerer
  • Elvira Rossi
  • Emanuele Villa
  • Franz Glessgen
  • Gaia Grosso
  • Giuseppe costantino
  • Haydee Hernandez
  • Heshy Roskes
  • Hirak Kumar Koley
  • Ivana Hristova
  • Jack Harrison
  • Jack Y. Araz
  • Jawaher Altork
  • Jesse Thaler
  • Jieun Yoo
  • John Strologas
  • Jonathon Mark Langford
  • Liv Helen Vage
  • Louis Lyons
  • Luca Tabarroni
  • Luisa Lucie-Smith
  • Luiz Regis Emediato
  • Lydia Brenner
  • Marcelo Gameiro Munhoz
  • Marvin Pfaff
  • Matteo Agostini
  • Mauro Donega
  • Maxim Virta
  • Maximilian Dax
  • Metin Yalvac
  • Michael Kent Wilkinson
  • Mohamed Aly
  • Mohamed Ismail
  • Mohammad Abrar Wadud
  • Nilay Bostan
  • Octavio Pacheco Vazquez
  • Patricia Rebello Teles
  • Paul Felix Kruper
  • Pietro Vischia
  • Ramon Winterhalder
  • Raymond Wynne
  • Rob Bainbridge
  • Roger Wolf
  • Rui Zhang
  • Samuel Sebastian
  • Samuele Grossi
  • Sandeep Pradhan
  • Shivam Raj
  • Shreya Sharma
  • Sophia Dorothy Scarano
  • Spyros Nessis
  • Stephen Watts
  • Sunny Seo
  • Syaefudin Jaelani
  • Thiago Badaró Saramela
  • Vasilis Belis
  • Wilson David Buitrago Ceballos
  • Wouter Verkerke
  • Zubair Bhatti
  • +57
    • Registration
    • Introductory talks


      • 1
        Intro to statistics (Speaker TBC)
      • 2
        Intro to ML (Speaker TBC)
      • 3
        Astro/Cosmology for others
    • Break: Coffee
    • Introductory talks


      • 4
        Introduction to ML in Astro/Cosmo (Speaker TBC)
      • 5
        Particle Physics for others
        Speaker: Daniel Winterbottom (Imperial College (GB))
      • 6
        Introduction to ML in Particle Physics
        Speaker: Jonathon Mark Langford (Imperial College (GB))
    • Registration
    • Talks
      • 7
      • 8
        (KASIECZKA) ML in PP
    • Break: Coffee
    • Talks
      • 9
        (WANDELT) ML in A/C
      • 10
        (DAX) Gravitation Waves
      • 11
        [Contributed talk]
    • Break: Lunch
    • Talks
      • 12
        (THALER) Interpretability
      • 13
        (KUUSELA) Interpretability
    • Break: Coffee
    • Talks
      • 14
        (ZHANG) Anomalies
      • 15
        (GROSSO) Anomalies
      • 16
        [Contributed talk]
    • Social: Posters and welcome drinks
    • Talks
      • 17
        (BALDI) ML
      • 18
        (THIYAGALINGAM) Benchmarks
    • Break: Coffee
    • Talks
      • 19
        [Contributed talk]
      • 20
        [Contributed talk]
      • 21
        [Contributed talk]
      • 22
        [Contributed talk]
    • Break: Lunch
    • Talks
      • 23
        (GHOSH) Simulation-based inference (SBI)
      • 24
        (MIKUNI) Unfolding
      • 25
        (CHAKRAVARTI) Decorrelation
    • Break: Coffee
    • Talks
      • 26
        (WINTERHALDER) Generative
      • 27
        (CRANMER) Systematics
    • Social: Workshop dinner at Ognisko
    • Talks
      • 28
        Mis-modelling (Speaker TBC)
      • 29
        [Contributed talk]
    • Break: Coffee
    • Talks
      • 30
        (PIERIS) Interpretability
      • 31
        (ELLER) Title TBC
      • 32
        (Golling) Title TBC
      • 33
        [Contributed talk]
    • Break: Lunch
    • Talks
      • 34
        (KUUSELA) Highlights
      • 35
        (LOUPPE) Highlights
    • Break: Coffee
    • Talks
      • 36
        (LUCIE-SMITH) Highlights
      • 37
        (HEINRICH) Highlights
      • 38
        Closing discussion