Phenomenology 2018 Symposium

from Monday, May 7, 2018 (4:00 AM) to Wednesday, May 9, 2018 (6:30 PM)
University of Pittsburgh

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May 7, 2018
May 8, 2018
May 9, 2018
7:45 AM --- Registration and Breakfast ---
8:40 AM
Plenary - Marc Sher (William and Mary College) (until 10:30 AM) (7th Floor Auditorium)
8:40 AM Welcome - Adam Leibovich (University of Pittsburgh)   (7th Floor Auditorium)
8:45 AM SM and Higgs Physics at LHC - Ben Nachman (University of California Berkeley (US))   (7th Floor Auditorium)
9:20 AM Searches for New Physics at LHC - Robin Erbacher (University of California Davis (US))   (7th Floor Auditorium)
9:55 AM Recent Developments in Perturbative QCD - Charalampos Anastasiou (ETH Zurich) Charalampos Anastasiou   (7th Floor Auditorium)
10:30 AM --- Coffee Break ---
11:00 AM
Plenary -Prof. Oscar Eboli (Universidade de São Paulo) (until 12:45 PM) (7th Floor Auditorium)
11:00 AM Physics Beyond the Standard Model - Tim Cohen (University of Oregon)   (7th Floor Auditorium)
11:35 AM News from IceCube - Francis Halzen (University of Wisconsin) Francis Halzen (IceCube/WIPAC)   (7th Floor Auditorium)
12:10 PM Astro-particle Physics in the New Era - John Beacom (Ohio State University)   (7th Floor Auditorium)
8:00 AM --- Breakfast ---
8:45 AM
Plenary - Susanne Westhoff (Heidelberg University) (until 10:30 AM) (7th Floor Auditorium)
8:45 AM Gravitational Waves: the New Window to the Universe - Chad Hanna Chad Hanna   (7th Floor Auditorium)
9:20 AM Mapping Spacetime Across Many Scales with Gravitational Waves - Scott Hughes (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   (7th Floor Auditorium)
9:55 AM Physics at the LHCb - Hassan Jawahery (Elementary Particles and High Energy Physics Groups) Hassan Jawahery (University of Maryland (US))   (7th Floor Auditorium)
10:30 AM --- Symposium Photo & Coffee Break ---
11:00 AM
Plenary - Jen-Chieh Peng (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) (until 12:45 PM) (7th Floor Auditorium)
11:00 AM New Physics with Heavy Flavors - Sebastian Jaeger (University of Sussex (GB))   (7th Floor Auditorium)
11:35 AM Neutrino Physics Experiments: the Present and Future - Elizabeth Worcester Elizabeth Turner Worcester (Brookhaven National Laboratory (US))   (7th Floor Auditorium)
12:10 PM New Physics with Neutrinos - Marco Drewes (Universite Catholique de Louvain (UCL) (BE))   (7th Floor Auditorium)
8:00 AM --- Breakfast ---
8:45 AM
Plenary - Thomas Weiler (KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (DE)) (until 10:30 AM) (7th Floor Auditorium)
8:45 AM News from Dark Matter Direct Searches - Rafael Lang   (7th Floor Auditorium)
9:20 AM Dark Matter: Theory and Practice - Tomer Volansky (Tel Aviv University (IL))   (7th Floor Auditorium)
9:55 AM Cosmology in the New Era - Tesla Jeltema   (7th Floor Auditorium)
10:30 AM --- Coffee Break ---
11:00 AM
Plenary - Hooman Davoudiasl (BNL) (until 12:45 PM) (7th Floor Auditorium)
11:00 AM The Standard Model and Particle Physics - Mikhail Shaposhnikov (EPFL)   (7th Floor Auditorium)
11:35 AM Physics at Future Hadron Colliders - Lian-Tao Wang   (7th Floor Auditorium)
12:10 PM Physics at Future Lepton Colliders - Michael Peskin   (7th Floor Auditorium)
12:45 PM --- . ---
12:45 PM --- Lunch ---
1:00 PM Forum on early career development - Keith Dienes (Unknown) Sara Lynn Dawson (Brookhaven National Laboratory (US)) Keith Dienes (University of Arizona) Keith Dienes (University of Arizona)   (2nd Floor Ballroom)
1:45 PM --- . ---
2:15 PM
BSM I (until 4:00 PM) (G-26)
2:15 PM Double Gauge Boson Production in the SM EFT - Ian Lewis (The University of Kansas)   (G-26)
2:30 PM Precision Measurement with Diboson at the LHC - Da Liu (ITP, CAS/EPFL)   (G-26)
2:45 PM Searches for heavy resonances decaying into Z, W and Higgs bosons at CMS - Mr Yanchu Wang   (G-26)
3:00 PM Measuring the mass, width, and couplings of semi-invisible resonances with the matrix element method - Prasanth Shyamsundar (University of Florida)   (G-26)
3:15 PM Searching for W' using b-tagging, hadronic taus, and missing energy - Mohammad Abdullah (Texas A&M University)   (G-26)
3:30 PM Searches for long-lived particles and other non-conventional signatures at CMS - Francesca Ricci-Tam (University of Maryland (US))   (G-26)
3:45 PM New physics opportunities for long-lived particles at electron-proton colliders - Kaustubh Deshpande (University of Maryland, College Park)   (G-26)
2:15 PM
DM I (until 4:00 PM) (G-30)
2:15 PM Dark Matter searches with the ATLAS Detector - Sarah Louise Barnes (Shanghai Jiao Tong University (CN))   (G-30)
2:30 PM Searches for dark matter at CMS - Darien Wood (Northeastern University (US))   (G-30)
2:45 PM Dark matter from electroweak top-quark production - Susanne Westhoff (Heidelberg University)   (G-30)
3:00 PM Electroweak Dark Matter at Future Hadron Colliders - Xing Wang (University of Pittsburgh)   (G-30)
3:15 PM LHC phenomenology of invisibly decaying dark matter "candidates": is what we observe dark matter? - Doojin Kim (CERN)   (G-30)
3:30 PM Complementarity for Dark Sector Bound States - Hongwan Liu (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   (G-30)
3:45 PM Searching for dark matter bound states at the LHC - Tao Xu (Zhejiang Univ.)   (G-30)
2:15 PM
Dark Sector & ALPs (until 4:00 PM) (G-31)
2:15 PM Supernova 1987A Constraints on Low-Mass Dark Sectors - Jae Hyeok Chang (YITP, Stony Brook)   (G-31)
2:30 PM Terrestrial effects on sub-GeV dark matter detection via electron scatterings for heavy and ultralight mediators - Mukul Sholapurkar (Stony Brook University) Mukul Sholapurkar   (G-31)
2:45 PM Reverse Direct Detection: Cosmic Ray Tests of Light Dark Matter Elastic Scattering - Christopher Cappiello (Ohio State University)   (G-31)
3:00 PM Dark Matter Substructure and Axion Astronomy - Mr Joshua Foster (University of Michigan)   (G-31)
3:15 PM Axion Production and Detection using Superconducting RF Cavities - Ryan Janish (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Ryan Janish (UC Berkeley)   (G-31)
3:30 PM SIMPs through the axion portal - Robert McGehee (University of California, Berkeley)   (G-31)
3:45 PM Classical Nonrelativistic Effective Field Theories for a Real Scalar Axion Field - Abhishek Mohapatra (The Ohio State University)   (G-31)
2:15 PM
SUSY I (until 4:00 PM) (G-29)
2:15 PM Supersymmetry after 80 fb^-1 - Matthew Buckley (Rutgers University)   (G-29)
2:45 PM Searches for strong production of supersymmetry in CMS - Nathaniel Joseph Pastika (Baylor University (US))   (G-29)
3:00 PM Inclusive searches for squarks and gluinos with the ATLAS detector - Peter Tornambe (Albert Ludwigs Universitaet Freiburg (DE))   (G-29)
3:15 PM Digging Deeper for a Monojet Excess in the LHC Data - Dr Anthony DiFranzo (Rutgers)   (G-29)
3:30 PM Searches for direct pair production of third generation squarks with the ATLAS detector - Julia Lynne Gonski (Harvard University (US))   (G-29)
3:45 PM Searches for supersymmetric partners of third-generation quarks in CMS - Hui Wang (University of Illinois at Chicago (US))   (G-29)
2:15 PM
Theoretical Developments (until 4:00 PM) (G-28)
2:15 PM The Constructive SM: Part I - Dr Neil Christensen (Illinois State University)   (G-28)
2:30 PM Global $SU(2)_L \otimes$BRST symmetry and its LSS theorem: Ward-Takahashi identities governing Green's functions, on-shell T-Matrix elements, and the effective potential, in the scalar-sector of certain spontaneously broken non-Abelian gauge theories - Ozenc Gungor (Case Western Reserve University)   (G-28)
2:45 PM A linked cluster expansion for the Functional Renormalization Group of the Legendre effective action - Mr Rudrajit Banerjee (University of Pittsburgh)   (G-28)
3:00 PM Finding an EFT for Nearly Conformal Gauge Theories - James Ingoldby (Yale University)   (G-28)
3:15 PM Towards an Asymptotically Safe Standard Model - Dr Zhi-Wei Wang (CP3-Origins and University of Waterloo)   (G-28)
3:30 PM Soft-Collinear Effective Theory for Gravity - Arash Yunesi Arash Yunesi Mr Arash Yunesi (Florida State University)   (G-28)
3:45 PM Domain Wall Standard Model - Mr Desmond Villalba (University of Alabama)   (G-28)
2:15 PM
Top (until 4:00 PM) (G-27)
2:15 PM Top quark pair production cross-section measurements and measurements of ttbar+X with the ATLAS detector - Michael James Fenton (University of Glasgow (GB))   (G-27)
2:30 PM Deep-learned top taggers using Lorentz invariance - Michael Russell (Heidelberg University)   (G-27)
2:45 PM Searches for New Physics with Energetic Tops with the ATLAS detector - Timothy Robert Andeen (University of Texas at Austin (US))   (G-27)
3:00 PM Single Top quark production cross-section measurements using the ATLAS detector at the LHC - Mr Javier Jimenez Pena (Univ. of Valencia and CSIC (ES))   (G-27)
3:15 PM Precision determination of the Wtb coupling in single top production - Tobias Neumann (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)   (G-27)
3:30 PM Transverse Momentum Resummation for single top quark production at the LHC - Dr Bin Yan (Michigan State University)   (G-27)
3:45 PM Lightening Top Partner at the LHC - Haider Alhazmi   (G-27)
4:00 PM --- Coffee Break ---
4:30 PM
BSM II (until 6:30 PM) (G-26)
4:30 PM CWoLa hunting - Jack Collins (University of Maryland, and Johns Hopkins University)   (G-26)
4:45 PM Search for new resonances coupling to third generation quarks at CMS - Sheila Silva Do Amaral (Purdue University Northwest)   (G-26)
5:00 PM Searches for vector-like quarks at CMS - Dalath Mendis (Kansas State University (US)) Mr Dalath Rachitha Mendis (Kansas State University)   (G-26)
5:15 PM Searches for new heavy resonances in final states with leptons, photons, and jets at CMS - Tyler Wang (Texas Tech University (US))   (G-26)
5:30 PM New Physics in Old Data? Localized 4-Sigma and 5-Sigma Dijet Mass Excesses in ALEPH LEP2 Four-Jet Events - Jennifer Kile (Northwestern University) Jennifer Kile (Brookhaven National Lab) Dr Jennifer Kile   (G-26)
5:45 PM Searches for non-resonant new phenomena in final states with leptons, photons, and jets at CMS - Conor Henderson (University of Alabama (US))   (G-26)
6:00 PM Bottom-quark Forward-Backward Asymmetry, Dark Matter and the LHC - Xiaoping Wang (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz) Wang Xiaoping (Argonne National Lab)   (G-26)
6:15 PM Search prospects for b-associated Z' in the dimuon final state - Dr Denis Rathjens (Texas A & M University (US))   (G-26)
4:30 PM
DM II (until 6:30 PM) (G-30)
4:30 PM SU(5)$\times$U(1)$_X$ Grand Unification with Minimal Seesaw and Z′-portal Dark Matter - Prof. Nobuchika Okada   (G-30)
4:45 PM J-factors for Velocity-Dependent Dark Matter Annihilation - Jason Kumar (University of Hawaii)   (G-30)
5:00 PM GeV-Mass Thermal WIMPs: Not Even Slightly Dead - Rebecca Leane (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   (G-30)
5:15 PM Thermal Dark Matter Through the Dirac Neutrino Portal - Barmak Shams Es Haghi (University of Pittsburgh)   (G-30)
5:30 PM Upgoing ANITA events as evidence of a heavy dark matter component in the Earth's interior - Luis Anchordoqui (Lehman College, City University of New York) Luis Anchordoqui (Lehman College, CUNY)   (G-30)
5:45 PM Annihilation rates of wino dark matter from an effective field theory approach - Evan Johnson (Ohio State University)   (G-30)
6:00 PM Gravity-Mediated Dark Matter Annihilation in the Randall-Sundrum Model - Thomas Rueter (Stanford University)   (G-30)
6:15 PM Collider & Astrophysical Phenomenology of Massive Spin-2 Mediated WIMP Dark Matter - Dennis Foren (Michigan State University)   (G-30)
4:30 PM
Flavor I (until 6:30 PM) (G-27)
4:30 PM Recent CMS results on B hadrons and quarkonia: production and properties. - Ivan Heredia De La Cruz (Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del IPN (MX))   (G-27)
4:45 PM Scalar leptoquarks in the light of R(D) anomaly and electroweak precision measurements. - Saurabh Bansal (University of Notre Dame)   (G-27)
5:00 PM New physics in inclusive $B \to X_c \tau \bar{\nu}$ decay in light of R(D^{(*)}) measurements - Saeed Kamali (University of Mississippi)   (G-27)
5:15 PM Wino contribution to ${R_{K^{(*)}}}$ with $R$-parity violation - Kevin Earl (Carleton University)   (G-27)
5:30 PM Search for Decay $B_s \to \eta^\prime$ $K_s$ in Belle Data - Mr Tong Pang (University of Pittsburgh)   (G-27)
5:45 PM Momentum Distributions for the $D^0\bar{D}^0\pi^0$ and $D^0\bar{D}^0\gamma$ decay modes of the X(3872) resonance - Liping He (Ohio State University)   (G-27)
6:00 PM Natural Alignment of Quark Flavors and Radiatively Induced Quark Mixings - Mr Abhish Dev (University of Maryland)   (G-27)
6:15 PM Quantum Critical Higgs Models in gg —> ZZ —> 4l Chanel - Ali Shayegan (UC Davis)   (G-27)
4:30 PM
Higgs I (until 6:30 PM) (G-31)
4:30 PM Measurements of Higgs couplings at CMS - Vincenzo Ciriolo (Università degli Studi e INFN Milano (IT))   (G-31)
4:45 PM Measurement of cross sections and couplings of the Higgs Boson in bosonic decay channels with the ATLAS detector - Stefano Manzoni (INFN Milano (IT))   (G-31)
5:00 PM Probing the Higgs sector through the offshell region - Dr Zhuoni Qian (IBS)   (G-31)
5:15 PM Scale of New Physics from the Higgs observables with Effective Dimension-6 Operators - Prof. Satyanarayan Nandi (Oklahoma State University)   (G-31)
5:30 PM Higgs to ZZ and Z$\gamma$ in the SMEFT at NLO - Dr Pier Paolo Giardino (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   (G-31)
5:45 PM Constraining certain Higgs EFT couplings at the HL-LHC and beyond - Shankha Banerjee (University of Durham (GB))   (G-31)
6:00 PM Contribution of Real Scalar Singlet and Dimension 5 operator in Higgs Physics - Shekhar Adhikari (The University of Kansas) Shekhar Adhikari   (G-31)
6:15 PM New physics implication of Higgs and Z-pole Precision - wei su   (G-31)
4:30 PM
Neutrinos I (until 6:30 PM) (G-28)
4:30 PM Natural and Dynamical Neutrino Mass Mechanism at the LHC - Pedro Machado (Fermilab)   (G-28)
4:45 PM Displaced vertex signature of type-I seesaw - Digesh Raut (University of Alabama)   (G-28)
5:00 PM Accelerator and reactor complementarity in coherent neutrino-nucleus scattering - Shu Liao (Texas A&M University)   (G-28)
5:15 PM Parameter Reconstruction and Estimation of Widths in Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering Experiments. - Andrew Loewes (Sam Houston State University) Andre Guimaraes (Sam Houston State University)   (G-28)
5:30 PM EFT of Non-Standard neutrino Interactions - Michele Tammaro Michele Tammaro (University of Cincinnati)   (G-28)
5:45 PM Fuzzy dark matter and nonstandard neutrino interactions - Dr Jia Liu (University of Chicago)   (G-28)
6:00 PM What Neutrino Wavepackets? - Andrew Kobach (UC San Diego)   (G-28)
6:15 PM Leptophilic Z's in neutrino scattering - Matheus Hostert (Durham University)   (G-28)
4:30 PM
SUSY II (until 6:30 PM) (G-29)
4:30 PM Searches for electroweak production of supersymmetric gauginos and sleptons with the ATLAS detector - Sonia Carra (Università degli Studi e INFN Milano (IT))   (G-29)
4:45 PM Charged Higgs bosons in supersymmetric extended Higgs sectors at the LHC - Dr Priyotosh Bandyopadhyay (Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad)   (G-29)
5:00 PM Searches for supersymmetry in R-parity violating and long-lived signatures with the ATLAS detector - Ms Veronika Magerl (Albert Ludwigs Universitaet Freiburg (DE))   (G-29)
5:15 PM Timing the pulses of BSM signals - Zhen Liu (Fermilab)   (G-29)
5:30 PM Probing baryogenesis with displaced vertices at the LHC - Aniket Joglekar   (G-29)
5:45 PM Searches for supersymmetry in final states with photons in CMS - Marius Teroerde (Rheinisch Westfaelische Tech. Hoch. (DE))   (G-29)
6:00 PM Supergravity Models with heavy scalars, SUSY Discovery at the LHC and HE-LHC and Gravitino Decay Constraints - Mr Amin Aboubrahim (Northeastern University)   (G-29)
6:15 PM Bayesian analysis and naturalness of (Next-to-)Minimal Supersymmetric Models - Dr Dylan Harries (Charles University Prague)   (G-29)
12:45 PM --- Lunch ---
2:00 PM
BSM III (until 4:00 PM) (G-29)
2:00 PM Monte Carlo Techniques for New Physics at NLO and Beyond - Richard Ruiz   (G-29)
2:30 PM Improving limits on a simplified model of dark matter - Kirtimaan Mohan (Michigan State University)   (G-29)
2:45 PM Gluonic Operators and Lepton Flavor Violation at the LHC - James Osborne (Wayne State University)   (G-29)
3:00 PM Signatures of composite right-handed singlets in gauge-Higgs unification models - Jong Min Yoon (SLAC / Stanford University)   (G-29)
3:15 PM FASER - Felix Kling (University of California, Irvine)   (G-29)
3:30 PM Georgi-Machacek Model Beyond Tree Level - Prof. Cheng-Wei Chiang (National Taiwan University)   (G-29)
3:45 PM Ghosts- and Tachyon-Free Regions of the Randall-Sundrum Model Parameter Space - Mr George Wojcik (SLAC)   (G-29)
2:00 PM
Cosmology I (until 4:00 PM) (G-31)
2:00 PM Anisotropies in the Gravitational Wave Background from Cosmological Phase Transitions - Yuhsin Tsai (University of Maryland)   (G-31)
2:15 PM Characterization of gravitational waves generated by hydromagnetic turbulence from the electroweak phase transition - Alberto Roper Pol   (G-31)
2:30 PM Muti-messenger Probes of New Physics: Dark Matter - Yu-Dai Tsai (Cornell University)   (G-31)
2:45 PM Neutron Star Mergers Chirp About Vacuum Energy - Gabriele Rigo (Syracuse University)   (G-31)
3:00 PM leptogenesis in cosmological relaxation with particle production - Minho Son (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KR)) Dr Minho SON (KAIST)   (G-31)
3:15 PM Electroweak Sphaleron with dimension-six operators - Xucheng Gan (University of Chicago)   (G-31)
3:30 PM Cosmological Quantum Backreaction - Fernando Zago   (G-31)
3:45 PM The Light Radion Window - Jun Seok Lee (UC Davis)   (G-31)
2:00 PM
DM III (until 4:00 PM) (G-30)
2:00 PM Detecting Boosted Dark Matter with Large Volume Neutrino Detectors - Joshua Berger (University of Wisconsin-Madison)   (G-30)
2:15 PM Boosted dark matter search at Xenon1T and ProtoDUNE - Dr Seodong Shin (University of Chicago & Yonsei University)   (G-30)
2:30 PM Multiscatter Frontier of Dark Matter Direct Detection: To the Planck Mass and Beyond - Nirmal Raj (University of Notre Dame)   (G-30)
2:45 PM White Dwarfs as Dark Matter Detectors - Mr Vijay Narayan (UC Berkeley)   (G-30)
3:00 PM Stellar Wakes from Dark Matter Subhalos - Dr Malte Buschmann (University of Michigan)   (G-30)
3:15 PM Novel Macroscopic Dark Matter (Macro) Detection Schemes - Jagjit Singh Sidhu (CWRU)   (G-30)
3:30 PM Dark Photons from Captured Dark Matter Annihilation - Jordan Smolinsky (UC Irvine) Jordan Smolinsky (UC Irvine)   (G-30)
3:45 PM DP Mu g-2 - Dr Gopolang Mohlabeng (Brookhaven National Lab)   (G-30)
2:00 PM
Higgs II (until 4:00 PM) (G-26)
2:00 PM ttH production studies with CMS - Andrea Beschi (Universita & INFN, Milano-Bicocca (IT))   (G-26)
2:15 PM Higgs Boson fermionic production and decay modes with the ATLAS detector - Giacinto Piacquadio (State University of New York (US))   (G-26)
2:30 PM Searches for HH production at CMS - Petar Maksimovic (Johns Hopkins University (US))   (G-26)
2:45 PM Measuring the Higgs Trilinear Coupling at an HE-LHC - Samuel Homiller (YITP, Stony Brook)   (G-26)
3:00 PM Resonant Di-Higgs Production in the bbWW channel: Probing the Electroweak Phase Transition at the LHC - Luca Pernie (Texas A&M University)   (G-26)
3:15 PM Testing the Twin Higgs mechanism at colliders - Prof. Can Kilic (University of Texas, Austin)   (G-26)
3:30 PM Self-Organized Higgs Criticality - Mr Cem Eröncel (Syracuse University)   (G-26)
3:45 PM Test Naturalness - Li Huang   (G-26)
2:00 PM
Neutrinos II (until 4:00 PM) (G-28)
2:00 PM A new theorem for lepton number conservation in seesaw models - Cedric Weiland (IPPP Durham)   (G-28)
2:15 PM Clockwork Neutrino Models - Gowri Kurup (Cornell University)   (G-28)
2:30 PM Hybrid seesaw leptogenesis and TeV singlets (I) - Peizhi Du   (G-28)
2:45 PM Hybrid seesaw leptogenesis and TeV singlets (II) - Majid Ekhterachian (University of Maryland College Park)   (G-28)
3:00 PM Left-Right Symmetry: Minimal Model and Radiative Neutrino Masses - Anil Thapa   (G-28)
3:15 PM Galactic Dark Matter Population as the Source of Neutrino Masses - Matthew Sullivan (University of Kansas)   (G-28)
3:30 PM DUNE as the next-generation solar neutrino experiment - Guanying Zhu (The Ohio State University)   (G-28)
3:45 PM Study atmospheric neutrinos for the DSNB detection in Super-Kamiokande and SK-Gd - Bei Zhou (CCAPP, The Ohio State University)   (G-28)
2:00 PM
QCD & EW I (until 4:00 PM) (G-27)
2:00 PM CTEQ-TEA parton distributions, LHC constraints, and LHC predictions - Pavel Nadolsky (Southern Methodist University)   (G-27)
2:15 PM The NNLO QCD soft function for 1-jettiness - Roberto Mondini   (G-27)
2:30 PM Power jets: a new framework for QCD radiation - Keith Pedersen (Illinois Institute of Technology)   (G-27)
2:45 PM Probing QCD with Photons and Jets produced in proton-proton collisions with the ATLAS Detector - Josu Cantero Garcia (Oklahoma State University (US))   (G-27)
3:00 PM Heavy Quark Jet Fragmentation - Lin Dai (University of Pittsburgh)   (G-27)
3:15 PM Eikonal fit and Comprehensive fit to high energy data for $\sigma$, $\rho$, and $B$: An Update - Phuoc Ha (Towson University) Dr Phuoc Ha (Towson University)   (G-27)
3:30 PM Lightcone resummation in H -> J/Psi + gamma to O(v^4) - Wai Kin Lai (TUM)   (G-27)
3:45 PM Charmed Baryon to Strange Baryon Decay using QCD Sum Rules - Mr Bijit Singha (Carnegie Mellon University)   (G-27)
4:00 PM --- Coffee Break ---
4:30 PM
Cosmology II (until 6:30 PM) (G-31)
4:30 PM Variation of $\alpha$ from a Dark Matter Force - Dr Hooman Davoudiasl (BNL)   (G-31)
4:45 PM Heavy-Lifting of Gauge Theories by Cosmic Inflation - Soubhik Kumar (University of Maryland)   (G-31)
5:00 PM The Higgs Boson can delay Reheating - Dr Patrick Stengel (Stockholm University)   (G-31)
5:15 PM The Inflaton portal to PeV-EeV dark matter - Dr Lucien Heurtier (University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, USA)   (G-31)
5:30 PM 21cm Limits on Decaying Dark Matter and Primordial Black Holes - Steven Clark (Texas A&M University - College Station)   (G-31)
5:45 PM Implications of an Improved Neutron-Antineutron Oscillation Search for Baryogenesis - Zhengkang Zhang (University of Michigan)   (G-31)
6:00 PM Sub-MeV Dark Matter Interactions with Electrons: Cosmological Constraints and Detection Prospects - Benjamin Lehmann (UC Santa Cruz)   (G-31)
6:15 PM Statistical Properties of Helical Magnetic Fields and their Cosmological Application - Sayan Mandal (Carnegie Mellon University)   (G-31)
4:30 PM
DM IV (until 6:45 PM) (G-30)
4:30 PM Dynamical Dark Matter from Thermal Freeze-Out - Brooks Thomas (Lafayette College)   (G-30)
4:45 PM Bremsstrahlung in Direct Detection - Prof. James Dent (Sam Houston State University)   (G-30)
5:00 PM Self-Destructing Dark Matter - Ofri Telem   (G-30)
5:15 PM Partially Cannibalistic Dark Matter - Manuel Buen-Abad (Boston University)   (G-30)
5:30 PM A Combined Astrophysical and Dark Matter Interpretation of the IceCube HESE and Throughgoing Muon Events - Yicong Sui (Washington University in Saint Louis)   (G-30)
5:45 PM Freeze-in dark matter from Clockwork constructions.   (G-30)
6:00 PM Spontaneous Leptogenesis in Continuum-Clockwork Axion Models - Dr Jeff Kost (IBS-CTPU)   (G-30)
6:15 PM Dark matters, massive graviton, galaxy cluster and extended standard model - Dr Jae-kwang Hwang (JJJ Physics Laboratory)   (G-30)
4:30 PM
Flavor II (until 6:30 PM) (G-29)
4:30 PM Leptonic decays of the Higgs boson in the Left-Right Symmetric Model - Kaladi Babu (Oklahoma State University)   (G-29)
4:45 PM LU…anomalies, naturalness, new physics & more - Amarjit Soni (BNL-HET)   (G-29)
5:00 PM Doubly-charged scalars at high-energy and high-precision experiments   (G-29)
5:15 PM Cosmology of Weakly Coupled Flavons - Benjamin Lillard (University of California, Irvine)   (G-29)
5:30 PM The new Muon g-2 experiment at Fermilab - Dr Jimin George (University of Texas at Austin, Muon g-2 Collaboration)   (G-29)
5:45 PM Testing Parity Violation using muon beam experiments - Chien-Yi Chen (Carnegie Mellon University) Chien-Yi Chen (Brookhaven National Laboratory) Dr Chien-Yi Chen (Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Victoria;Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics)   (G-29)
6:00 PM Lepton flavor violation induced by a neutral scalar at future lepton colliders - Dr Yongchao Zhang   (G-29)
6:15 PM On the Origin of a Two-Loop Neutrino Mass Model from a Renormalizable SU(5) Grand Unified Theory - shaikh saad (oklahoma state university)   (G-29)
4:30 PM
Higgs III (until 6:30 PM) (G-26)
4:30 PM Search for neutral and charged BSM Higgs Bosons with the ATLAS detector - Gabriel Palacino (Indiana University (US))   (G-26)
4:45 PM Symmetric Two Higgs Doublet Model - Dr Shreyashi Chakdar (University of Virginia) Dr Shreyashi Chakdar   (G-26)
5:00 PM Flavorful 2 Higgs Doublet Models with a Twist - Brian Maddock   (G-26)
5:15 PM CP Violation 2HDM : from Collider to EDM - Haolin Li (University of Massachusetts Amherst) Haolin Li (University of Massachusetts Amherst) Mr Haolin Li (Department of Physics University of Massachusetts Amherst)   (G-26)
5:30 PM $\mathbf{\textit{Zh}}$ and $\mathbf{\textit{hh}}$ Resonances : Hinting for The 2HDM ! - SUDIP JANA (OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY)   (G-26)
5:45 PM Prospects of Exotic Higgs Decays in 2HDM at 100 TeV Collider - Huayang Song   (G-26)
6:00 PM Search for rare and exotic Higgs Boson decay modes and Higgs boson pair production with the ATLAS detector - Tony Tong (Harvard University (US))   (G-26)
6:15 PM Flavor Changing Heavy Higgs Interactions with Leptons at Hadron Colliders - Rishabh Jain (University Of Oklahoma) Mr Rishabh Jain (University Of Oklahoma)   (G-26)
4:30 PM
QCD & EW II (until 6:30 PM) (G-27)
4:30 PM LHC bounds on triple gauge boson couplings - Prof. Oscar Eboli (Universidade de São Paulo)   (G-27)
4:45 PM Tests of the Standard Model with Multi boson final states at the ATLAS Detector - Giulia Gonella (Albert Ludwigs Universitaet Freiburg (DE))   (G-27)
5:00 PM Measurements of the Vector boson production with the ATLAS Detector - Stephen Weber (Carleton University (CA))   (G-27)
5:15 PM Electroweak precision measurements with the ATLAS Detector - Rebecca Linck (Indiana University (US))   (G-27)
5:30 PM Electroweak and QCD aspects in V+jets - Dan Arcaro (Boston University (US))   (G-27)
5:45 PM Interpretation of Angular Distributions of $Z$-boson Production at Colliders - Jen-Chieh Peng (University of Illinois)   (G-27)
6:00 PM Scaling Behavior of QCD Vertex Functions in Universal Extra Dimensions - Daniel Wiegand (PittPacc)   (G-27)
6:15 PM Jet SIFT-ing - Joel Wesley Walker (Texas A & M University (US))   (G-27)
4:30 PM
SUSY III (until 6:30 PM) (G-28)
4:30 PM Quasifixed points from scalar sequestering and the little hierarchy problem in supersymmetry - Stephen Martin (Northern Illinois University)   (G-28)
4:45 PM Singlet Scalar Top Partners from Accidental Supersymmetry - Lingfeng Li Li (University of California, Davis)   (G-28)
5:00 PM The Supersymmetric Georgi-Machacek Model - Keping Xie (Southern Methodist University)   (G-28)
5:15 PM Partial Compositeness and The Fermion/Sfermion Mass Hierarchy - Yusuf Buyukdag (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities) Yusuf Buyukdag   (G-28)
5:30 PM Exploring the supersymmetric U(1)$_{B-L} \times$ U(1)$_{R}$ model with dark matter, muon $g-2$ and $Z^\prime$ mass limits - Mr Ozer Ozdal (Concordia University)   (G-28)
5:45 PM Mass scale of vectorlike matter and superpartners from IR fixed point predictions of gauge and top Yukawa couplings - Navin McGinnis (Indiana University)   (G-28)
6:00 PM Anomaly Cancellation in Effective Supergravity Theories from the Heterotic String: Two Simple Examples - Jacob Leedom (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   (G-28)
6:15 PM Rare and Eccentric SUSY Signatures - Linda Carpenter (Ohio State University)   (G-28)
6:45 PM --- Pheno Banquet ---