Phenomenology 2016 Symposium

from Monday, 9 May 2016 (05:00) to Wednesday, 11 May 2016 (13:30)
University of Pittsburgh

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9 May 2016
10 May 2016
11 May 2016
07:45 --- Registration and Breakfast ---
Plenary - Elizabeth Simmons (Michigan State University) (until 10:30) (7th Floor Auditorium)
08:40 Welcome - Adam Leibovich (University of Pittsburgh)   (7th Floor Auditorium)
08:45 Standard Model Physics at the LHC - Albert De Roeck (CERN) Albert De Roeck (CERN)   (7th Floor Auditorium)
09:20 BSM Searches at the LHC - John Alison (University of Chicago (US))   (7th Floor Auditorium)
09:55 Higgs Physics: Now and Future - Carlos E.M. Wagner (University of Chicago)   (7th Floor Auditorium)
10:30 --- Coffee Break ---
Plenary - R. Sekhar Chivukula (Michigan State University) (until 12:45) (7th Floor Auditorium)
11:00 New Dynamics in the Electroweak Sector - Alex Pomarol Clotet (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (ES)) Alex Pomarol (Universidad de Barcelona) Alex Pomarol (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona & IFAE)   (7th Floor Auditorium)
11:35 Physics from LHCb - Yuanning Gao (Tsinghua University (CN)) YUANNING GAO (Tsinghua University)   (7th Floor Auditorium)
12:10 Flavor Physics in the LHC Era - AMARJIT Soni (BNL)   (7th Floor Auditorium)
08:00 --- Breakfast ---
Plenary - Al Goshaw (Duke University (US)) (until 10:30) (7th Floor Auditorium)
08:45 Observation of Gravitational Waves by LIGO - Barry Barish (Caltech)   (7th Floor Auditorium)
09:20 Particle Physics Perspectives on Gravity - Ira Rothstein   (7th Floor Auditorium)
09:55 Perspectives on Astroparticle Physics - Francis Halzen (IceCube/WIPAC)   (7th Floor Auditorium)
10:30 --- Coffee Break ---
Plenary - Stephen Martin (Northern Illinois University) (until 12:45) (7th Floor Auditorium)
11:00 The Earthbound Quest for Galactic WIMP Recoils: LUX and Beyond - Matthew Szydagis (University at Albany)   (7th Floor Auditorium)
11:35 Dark Matter Theory and Searches - Mariangela Lisanti (Stanford University)   (7th Floor Auditorium)
12:10 Cosmology Theory - rachel Bean   (7th Floor Auditorium)
08:00 --- Breakfast ---
Plenary - Kaladi Babu (Oklahoma State University) (until 10:30) (7th Floor Auditorium)
08:45 Perspectives on Neutrino Physics - Ryan Patterson (Caltech)   (7th Floor Auditorium)
09:20 Theories for Baryon and Lepton Number Violation - Pavel Fileviez Perez (MPIK)   (7th Floor Auditorium)
09:55 New Developments in Perturbative QCD - Ciaran Williams (Niels Bohr Institute)   (7th Floor Auditorium)
10:30 --- Symposium Photon & Coffee Break ---
Plenary - Keith Dienes (University of Arizona) (until 12:45) (7th Floor Auditorium)
11:00 Naturalness of the Electroweak Scale - Nathaniel Craig (UC Santa Barbara)   (7th Floor Auditorium)
11:35 Physics at the International Linear Collider - Maxim Perelstein (Cornell)   (7th Floor Auditorium)
12:10 HEP: Future Perspectives - Hitoshi Murayama (University of California Berkeley (US))   (7th Floor Auditorium)
12:45 --- Lunch ---
BSM I (until 16:00) (G29)
14:00 A link between $\mu \to e \gamma$ and $\mu$-e conversion from a model of neutrino masses - Trinh Le (University of Virginia)   (G29)
14:15 LHC constraints on Lμ − Lτ interactions - Fatemeh Elahi (University of Notre Dame)   (G29)
14:30 Radiative Lepton Masses with Dark Matter - Mr Mohammadreza Zakeri (University of California, Riverside)   (G29)
14:45 Minimal Models of Loop-Induced Higgs Lepton Flavor Violation - Carlos Alvarado (University of Notre Dame)   (G29)
15:00 The Effects of Sterile Neutrinos in the Presence of a Gauged Flavour Symmetry - Ryan Plestid (McMaster University)   (G29)
15:15 Distinguished LHC signatures of EW scale right-handed ‘Fertile’ neutrinos - Dr Shreyashi Chakdar (University of Virginia) Shreyashi Chakdar (oklahoma state university)   (G29)
15:30 Phenomenology of the Model of Fertile Right-handed Neutrinos at Electroweak Scale - vinh hoang (university of virginia)   (G29)
15:45 How to Model Heavy Neutrino Production Mechanisms at Hadron Colliders (and with fully automated QCD corrections!) - Richard Ruiz   (G29)
Cosmology & Astroparticle (until 16:00) (G26)
14:00 Inflection-Point B-L Higgs Inflation - Mr Digesh Raut (University of Alabama)   (G26)
14:15 Scale Invariant Primordial Helical Magnetic Fields and the Duration of Inflation - Tina Kahniashvili (Carnegie Mellon University (USA) & Ilia State University (Georgia))   (G26)
14:30 Initial condition of inflationary fluctuations - Ms Siyi Zhou (HKUST)   (G26)
14:45 High-Scale Axions without Isocurvature from Inflationary Dynamics - Nicholas Orlofsky (University of Michigan)   (G26)
15:00 Bounds on Axion Stars from Stability and Decay - Joshua Eby (University of Cincinnati)   (G26)
15:15 Dense Axion Stars - Abhishek Mohapatra (The Ohio State University)   (G26)
15:30 Cosmic ray air showers from sphalerons - Peter Paul Ronald Schichtel (University of Durham (GB))   (G26)
15:45 Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Ray Nuclei from Dead Quasars - Rafael Colon (Lehman College CUNY , American Museum of Natural History)   (G26)
Dark Matter I (until 16:00) (G28)
14:00 A liquid xenon bubble chamber for Dark Matter detection - Cecilia Levy (University at Albany)   (G28)
14:15 Dark matter velocity spectroscopy: a speed test for dark matter - Kenny Chun Yu Ng (Ohio State University)   (G28)
14:30 Low energy neutrinos from dark matter annihilation to hadrons in the Sun - David Yaylali (University of Arizona)   (G28)
14:45 p-wave Annihilating Dark Matter from a Decaying Predecessor and the Galactic Center Excess - Jonathan Cornell (McGill University)   (G28)
15:00 Dark Forces in the Sky: Signals from Z' and the Dark Higgs - Rebecca Leane   (G28)
15:15 Mixed Dark Matter in Left-Right Symmetric models - Mr Mohlabeng Gopolang (Fermilab/ University of Kansas)   (G28)
15:30 Dark Matter with Composite Mediators - Alexander Wijangco (Triumf)   (G28)
15:45 --- . ---
Higgs (until 16:00) (157)
14:00 Higgs production and decays into bosons at 13 TeV in CMS - Yacine Haddad (Durham University /Imperial College London)   (157)
14:15 ttH production studies at 13 TeV with CMS - Francesco Romeo (Chinese Academy of Sciences (CN))   (157)
14:30 Searches for non-resonant di-Higgs production with CMS - Badder Marzocchi (Universita & INFN, Milano-Bicocca (IT))   (157)
14:45 On the analytic two-loop corrections to the double Higgs production in the SM' - Pier Paolo Giardino   (157)
15:00 NLO QCD Corrections to Electroweak Higgs Boson Production in Association with Three Jets at the LHC - Terrance Maynard Figy (Wichita State University)   (157)
15:15 Resummation of High Order Corrections in Higgs Boson Plus Jet Production at the LHC - Dr peng sun (Michigan State University)   (157)
15:30 Soft Gluon Resummation for associated $t\bar{t}H$ Production at the LHC - Vincent Theeuwes (SUNY, Buffalo)   (157)
15:45 Recent results for the 125 GeV Higgs boson by the ATLAS collaboration - Cong Peng (Chinese Academy of Sciences (CN))   (157)
SUSY I (until 16:00) (G30)
14:00 SUSY confronts the LHC - Xerxes Tata (University of Hawaii)   (G30)
14:30 Inclusive searches for squarks and gluinos with the ATLAS detector - Tova Ray Holmes (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (US))   (G30)
14:45 SUSY searches in single lepton and opposite-sign dilepton final state with the CMS detector - Christian Schomakers (Rheinisch-Westfaelische Tech. Hoch. (DE))   (G30)
15:00 SUSY searches in same-sign dilepton and multi-lepton final state with the CMS detector - Jesus Manuel Vizan Garcia (Universidad de Oviedo (ES))   (G30)
15:15 Left sneutrino LSP and same-sign trileptons at the LHC - Prof. Biswarup Mukhopadhyaya (Harish-Chandra Research Institute)   (G30)
15:30 SUSY searches in all hadronic final states with the CMS detector - Dr Stefano Casasso (Imperial College Sci., Tech. & Med. (GB))   (G30)
15:45 SUSY searches in photon final states with the CMS detector - Maximilian Knut Kiesel (Rheinisch-Westfaelische Tech. Hoch. (DE))   (G30)
Top (until 16:00) (G31)
14:00 Top Quark Mass Measurements - Prof. Stephen Wimpenny (University of California - Riverside) Steve Wimpenny (University of California Riverside (US))   (G31)
14:15 Top quark properties and mass measurements with the ATLAS detector - Elizabeth Caitlin Brost (Northern Illinois University (US))   (G31)
14:30 Top-quark pole mass in the tadpole-free MSbar scheme - Stephen Martin (Northern Illinois University)   (G31)
14:45 Top quark pair production cross-section measurements and measurements of ttbar+X with the ATLAS detector - Reda Tafirout (TRIUMF (CA))   (G31)
15:00 Top quark production cross section - Aran Garcia-Bellido (University of Rochester (US))   (G31)
15:15 Single Top-Quark Production Cross-Section Measurements Using the ATLAS Detector at the LHC - Oliver Maria Kind (Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin (DE))   (G31)
15:30 Into this furnace: A heat-proof top charge asymmetry for the LHC - Susanne Westhoff (Heidelberg University)   (G31)
15:45 Probing top-Higgs interactions at NLO accuracy - Cen Zhang (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   (G31)
16:00 --- Coffee Break ---
BSM Higgs I (until 18:30) (G31)
16:30 Search for 2HDM high mass scalar bosons at 13 TeV by the ATLAS collaboration - Robert Harrington (University of Edinburgh)   (G31)
16:45 Searches for extended Higgs sectors with CMS - Dr Luca Pernie (Texas A&M University)   (G31)
17:00 Searching for Additional Higgs Bosons via Higgs Cascades - Yang Gao (UC Davis)   (G31)
17:15 Vectorlike lepton in Higgs cascade decays: Episode I - The Three Resonances - Dr Seodong Shin (Indiana University)   (G31)
17:30 Pushing Higgs Effective Theory to its Limits - Mr Johann Brehmer (University of Heidelberg)   (G31)
17:45 The Gauge-Higgs Legacy of the LHC - Anja Butter   (G31)
18:00 --- . ---
18:15 --- . ---
BSM II (until 18:30) (B29)
16:30 Search for high-mass resonances at CMS - Simranjit Singh Chhibra (Universita e INFN, Bologna (IT))   (B29)
16:45 Searches for new phenomena in high-pT lepton final states with and without jets using the ATLAS detector - Ines Ochoa (Columbia University (US))   (B29)
17:00 Simplified Collider Limits on New Interactions - R. Sekhar Chivukula (Michigan State University)   (B29)
17:15 Search for heavy resonances decaying to dibosons at CMS - Zijun Xu (Peking University (CN))   (B29)
17:30 Searches for new resonances decaying into bosons with the ATLAS detector - Samuel Ross Meehan (University of Washington (US))   (B29)
17:45 Search for high mass scalar resonances in diboson decay modes at 13 TeV by the ATLAS collaboration. - Ben Pearson (University of Oklahoma (US))   (B29)
18:00 Testing the 2-TeV Resonance with Trileptons - Arindam Das (University of Alabama)   (B29)
18:15 The Di-Boson Menagerie - Linda Carpenter (Ohio State University)   (B29)
BSM III (until 18:30) (G28)
16:30 ShiP: Experiment and Physics - Albert De Roeck (CERN)   (G28)
16:45 Dark Photon Search at LHCb - Wei Xue (MIT)   (G28)
17:00 Correlated Signals from Nonabelian Kinetic Mixing - Gregory Barello (University of Oregon)   (G28)
17:15 Future sensitivity to dark matter from the Z boson width - Anthony DiFranzo (UC Irvine)   (G28)
17:30 Implications of a Light ``Dark Higgs" Solution to the muon g-2 Discrepancy - Chien-Yi Chen (U. of Victoria / Perimeter Institute)   (G28)
17:45 The Hunt for Milli-Charged Particles at the Large Hadron Collider - Mr Gabriel Magill (Perimeter Institute / McMaster University)   (G28)
18:00 Exotic Prompt and Non-Prompt Leptonic Decays as a Window to the Dark Sector with ATLAS - Heather Russell (University of Washington (US))   (G28)
18:15 Lepton Jets from Radiating Dark Matter - Malte Buschmann (JGU Mainz)   (G28)
Diphoton I (until 18:30) (157)
16:30 Diphoton Resonance as Evidence for an Extended Color Sector - Elizabeth Simmons (Michigan State University)   (157)
16:45 X(750) from photon fusion - Luis A Anchordoqui   (157)
17:00 E6 AND A 750 GEV DIPHOTON RESONANCE - Aniket Joglekar (The University of Chciago)   (157)
17:15 Hidden Gauged U(1) Symmetry and 750 GeV Diphoton Signature - Dr Jiang-Hao Yu (UMass Amherst) Jianghao Yu (Univ. of Texas at Austin)   (157)
17:30 Episode Diphoton 750 GeV: A New Force Awakens - Doojin Kim (University of Florida)   (157)
17:45 New Forces and the 750 GeV Higgs - Juri Smirnov (Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics)   (157)
18:00 Minimal Dilaton model and the Diphoton excess - Bakul Agarwal (Michigan State University)   (157)
18:15 Gauged Two Higgs Doublet Model and The LHC 750 GeV Diphoton Anomaly - Wei-Chih Huang (Technische Universität Dortmund)   (157)
Neutrinos (until 18:30) (G26)
16:30 Compact Perturbative Expressions For Neutrino Oscillations in Matter - Peter Denton   (G26)
16:45 Sensitivity to Z-prime, neutrino magnetic moment, and oscillation with a sterile fourth generation neutrino from ultra-low threshold neutrino-nucleus coherent scattering. - Joel Wesley Walker (Sam Houston State University (US))   (G26)
17:00 Model-independent determination of the axial mass parameter in quasielastic antineutrino-nucleon scattering - Gil Paz (Wayne State University)   (G26)
17:15 A new method to constrain flavor ratio of astrophysical neutrinos - Shirley Li (The Ohio State University)   (G26)
17:30 Hints for leptonic CP violation or New Physics? - Dr David Vanegas Forero (Virginia Tech)   (G26)
17:45 A Bottom-Up Approach to Lepton Flavor and Generalized CP Symmetries - Alexander Stuart   (G26)
18:00 Three Twin Neutrinos: Evidence from LSND and MiniBooNE - Benjamin Stefanek (University of Wisconsin Madison)   (G26)
18:15 Right-handed neutrinos and T-violating, P-conserving interactions - Chien Yeah Seng (University of Massachusetts Amherst)   (G26)
SUSY II (until 18:30) (G30)
16:30 A search for supersymmetry at CMS with two photons and missing transverse energy at sqrt{s}=13 TeV - Arka Santra (Florida State University (US))   (G30)
16:45 Extending RPV stops coverage via resonant production - Angelo Monteux (Rutgers University)   (G30)
17:00 SUSY searches for stops/sbottoms with the CMS detector - Aran Garcia-Bellido (University of Rochester (US))   (G30)
17:15 Searches for direct pair production of third generation squarks and long lived particles with the ATLAS detector - Calum Michael Macdonald (University of Sheffield (GB))   (G30)
17:30 Stop search in the compressed region via semileptonic decays - LINGFENG LI (UC Davis)   (G30)
17:45 The impact of discovering a Z' with LHC-14 on stops searches - Rodolfo Capdevilla (University of Notre Dame)   (G30)
18:00 Dark Matter and the Higgs in Natural SUSY - Sebastian Macaluso (Rutgers University)   (G30)
18:15 Signatures of sneutrino dark matter in an extension of the CMSSM - Shankha Banerjee (Unite Reseaux du CNRS (FR))   (G30)
12:45 --- Lunch ---
BSM Higgs II (until 16:00) (G31)
14:00 Double Higgs Production in Singlet Extended SM - Ian Lewis (The University of Kansas)   (G31)
14:15 New Physics in Higgs pair production - Ramona Groeber (INFN)   (G31)
14:30 Searches for resonant di-Higgs production with CMS - Luca Cadamuro (LLR - Ecole Polytechnique)   (G31)
14:45 Search for di-Higgs final states and rare or exotic decays of the Higgs boson by the ATLAS collaboration - Benjamin Eric Kaplan (New York University (US))   (G31)
15:00 The spontaneous Z2 breaking Twin Higgs - Hugues Beauchesne (Carleton University)   (G31)
15:15 Model Agnostic limits on Colored Naturalness - Harikrishnan Ramani (Yang Institute Of Theoretical Physics)   (G31)
15:30 --- . ---
15:45 --- . ---
BSM IV (until 16:00) (G30)
14:00 Search for heavy resonances coupling to third generation quarks at CMS - Thomas Peiffer (Hamburg University (DE))   (G30)
14:15 Search for ttbar resonances and vector-like quarks with the ATLAS detector - Takuya Tashiro (Kyoto University (JP))   (G30)
14:30 Challenges and opportunities of ttbar resonance search at the LHC - Zhen Liu (Fermilab)   (G30)
14:45 Search for heavy top or bottom fermionic partners at CMS - Daniel Gonzalez Vazquez (Hamburg University (DE))   (G30)
15:00 Probing the interplay between TeV scale heavy vector resonances and top partners at the LHC - BIthika Jain (KIAS) Bithika Jain (Syracuse University) bithika jain Bithika Jain (Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Unknown-Unknown)   (G30)
15:15 Direct Search Implications for a Custodially-Embedded Composite Top - Dennis Foren (Michigan State University)   (G30)
15:30 Probing $H^{\pm}$ with the $\mu_x^{}$ boosted bottom-jet tag - Keith Pedersen (Illinois Institute of Technology)   (G30)
15:45 QCD Resummation Effects on W' -> tb - Joshua Isaacson (Michigan State University)   (G30)
Dark Matter II (until 16:00) (G28)
14:00 Respect the ELDERs - Yu-Dai Tsai (Cornell University)   (G28)
14:15 Co-decaying dark matter - Jeff Dror (Cornell University)   (G28)
14:30 Shared Asymmetry of the Dark Sector - Lina Necib (MIT)   (G28)
14:45 Forbidden WIMPs (Aren't) - Nirmal Raj (Notre Dame)   (G28)
15:00 Reconciling Large And Small-Scale Structure in Twin-Higgs Models - Ms Valentina Prilepina (Physics Department, University of California, Davis)   (G28)
15:15 Dynamical Dark Matter from Strongly-Coupled Dark Sectors - Fei Huang (University of Arizona)   (G28)
15:30 Randomness in the Dark Sector and Emergent Mass Spectra - Prof. Brooks Thomas (Colorado College)   (G28)
15:45 Surprises in Non-Minimal Cosmologies - Jeff Kost (University of Arizona)   (G28)
Extra Dimensions (until 16:00) (G26)
14:00 Search for high-mass non-resonant signals at CMS - Tobias Pook (Rheinisch-Westfaelische Tech. Hoch. (DE))   (G26)
14:15 Search for quark contact interactions and extra spatial dimensions with dijet angular distributions in proton proton collisions at 13 TeV - Jingyu Zhang (University of Illinois at Chicago (US))   (G26)
14:30 Soft-Wall Light Dilatons - Don Bunk (Hamilton College)   (G26)
14:45 125 GeV Higgs boson mass from 5D gauge-Higgs unification - Prof. Nobuchika Okada (University of Alabama)   (G26)
15:00 Warped Seesaw is Physically Inverted - Mr Sungwoo Hong (University of Maryland)   (G26)
15:15 Signals for heavy singlet neutrinos in natural warped seesaw and beyond - Peizhi Du (University of Maryland College Park)   (G26)
15:30 --- . ---
15:45 --- . ---
Future Colliders (until 16:00) (157)
14:00 Physics at future colliders - Shufang Su (University of Arizona)   (157)
14:30 Physics prospects at the LHC luminosity upgrade of LHC with the ATLAS detector - Daniel Dobos (CERN)   (157)
14:45 probe the electroweak phase transition at future colliders - Peisi Huang (University of Chicago/ANL)   (157)
15:00 Searches for The Double Higgs Bosons at The Future Colliders - NING CHEN (University of Science and Technology of China)   (157)
15:15 Measuring the Top Yukawa Coupling at 100 TeV - Torben Schell (Heidelberg University)   (157)
15:30 --- . ---
15:45 --- . ---
QCD & Electroweak (until 16:00) (G29)
14:00 Recent QCD Results from ATLAS - Pekka Sinervo (University of Toronto (CA))   (G29)
14:15 Analytic control of jet substructure - Laís Sarem Schunk (IPhT, CEA - Saclay)   (G29)
14:30 Hadron Resonances from Lattice QCD - Andrew Hanlon (University of Pittsburgh)   (G29)
14:45 Resolving the Proton Radius Puzzle Using QED-NRQED Effective Field Theory - Steven Dye (Wayne State University)   (G29)
15:00 Effective field theories vs. oblique parameters in precision electroweak analyses - Zhengkang Zhang (University of Michigan)   (G29)
15:15 Recent electroweak results from ATLAS - Prof. Al Goshaw (Duke University)   (G29)
15:30 ATLAS measurements of vector boson production - Chiara Debenedetti (University of California,Santa Cruz (US))   (G29)
15:45 --- . ---
16:00 --- Coffee Break ---
BSM V (until 18:30) (G29)
16:30 Radiative Electroweak Symmetry Breaking in Standard Model Extensions - K.S. Babu (Oklahoma State University)   (G29)
16:45 Classically Conformal Left-Right Model and the Higgs Vacuum Stability - Desmond Villalba (University of Alabama)   (G29)
17:00 Radiative Models of Neutrino Mass, Dark Matter, and Related Phenomena - Oleg Popov (UC Riverside)   (G29)
17:15 Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay and High-Scale Baryogenesis - Lukas Graf   (G29)
17:30 Aspects of CP violation in electroweak baryogenesis - Dr Kaori Fuyuto (Saga)   (G29)
17:45 B, L, and Operator Dimension in the SM - Dr Andrew Kobach (UC San Diego)   (G29)
18:00 Glue to light signal of a new particle - Tae Hyun Jung (Seoul National University)   (G29)
18:15 --- . ---
Dark Matter III (until 18:30) (G28)
16:30 Searches for New Physics with the ATLAS Detector using Jets - Karol Krizka (University of Chicago (US))   (G28)
16:45 Dark Matter Searches at CMS - Yutaro Iiyama (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (US))   (G28)
17:00 Simplified DM models with the full SM gauge symmetry - Alexander Natale (Korea Institute for Advanced Study)   (G28)
17:15 Perturbative Unitarity and Bound States in the Dark Sector - William Shepherd (University of Copenhagen)   (G28)
17:30 Towards the Final Word on Neutralino Dark Matter - Nishita Dattatray Desai (ITP, Heidelberg University)   (G28)
17:45 MSSM4G: Reviving Bino Dark Matter with Vector-like 4th Generation Particles - Mohammad Abdullah (University of California , Irvine)   (G28)
18:00 $Z^\prime_{BL}$ portal dark matter and LHC Run-2 results - Ms Satomi Okada (Yamagata University)   (G28)
18:15 Constraints on Light Dark Matter from Single-Photon Decays of Heavy Quarkonium - Patrick Stengel (University of Hawaii)   (G28)
Diphoton II (until 18:30) (157)
16:30 Novel kinematics from a custodially protected diphoton resonance - Salvator Lombardo (Cornell University)   (157)
16:45 Implications of unitarity for the di-photon resonance at 750 GeV - Dr Luca Di Luzio (University of Genoa)   (157)
17:00 A Chiral Composite Model for the 750 GeV Diphoton Resonance - James Osborne (University of Wisconsin - Madison)   (157)
17:15 Resonance-continuum interference in 750GeV diphoton excess: signal enhancement and peak shift - Sunghoon Jung   (157)
17:30 A hidden sector and the 750-GeV diphoton resonance - Prof. Cheng-Wei Chiang (National Central University)   (157)
17:45 Indirect search for dark matter with the 750 GeV diphoton resonance - Jong-Chul Park   (157)
18:00 The 750 GeV diphoton excess in unified left-right symmetric models from noncommutative geometry - Chen Sun (Virginia Tech)   (157)
18:15 750 GeV Diphoton Resonance and Electric Dipole Moments - Doh Young Mo (IBS)   (157)
Heavy Flavor (until 18:30) (G31)
16:30 Tests of Lepton Flavour Universality with b-hadron decays at LHCb - Federico Betti (Universita e INFN, Bologna (IT))   (G31)
16:45 Probes of CP-violation and rare decays with the ATLAS detector - Maria Smizanska (Lancaster University (GB))   (G31)
17:00 Heavy flavour production and spectroscopy at ATLAS - David Edwin Bertsche (University of Oklahoma (US))   (G31)
17:15 Exotic spectroscopy at LHCb - Giovanni Cavallero (Universita e INFN Genova (IT))   (G31)
17:30 Fragmentation of Heavy Mesons and Quarkonia in Jets - Mr Lin Dai (PITT PACC)   (G31)
17:45 The electromagnetic decays of $B_c(2S)$ - Guoli Wang (Harbin Institute of Technology)   (G31)
18:00 The weak production and strong decays of D-wave charmonia - Dr Tianhong Wang (Harbin Institute of Technology)   (G31)
18:15 --- . ---
SUSY III (until 18:30) (G30)
16:30 Lighting up Collider Searches for Electroweak States - Ahmed Ismail (Argonne National Laboratory/University of Illinois at Chicago)   (G30)
16:45 Edge Detecting New Physics the Voronoi Way - Ms Dipsikha Debnath (University of Florida)   (G30)
17:00 Mass Reconstruction for High Multiplicity Final States Using the Boundary of Phase Space - Matthew Klimek (University of Texas)   (G30)
17:15 Weighing the Gluino - James Gainer (University of Florida (US))   (G30)
17:30 Superworld without supersymmetry - Prof. Satyanarayan Nandi (Oklahoma State University)   (G30)
17:45 Split Coupling SUSY - Dr Yue Zhao (University of Michigan)   (G30)
18:00 Micro-Split Supersymmetry - Christopher Verhaaren (University of Maryland, College Park)   (G30)
18:15 A supersymmetric two-field relaxion model - Natsumi Nagata   (G30)
Tools & QFT (until 18:30) (G26)
16:30 NLO/MC tools - Nicolas Greiner (University of Zurich) nicolas greiner Nicolas Greiner (University of Zurich) Nicolas Greiner   (G26)
17:00 Mastering One-loop Feynman Integrals with Package-X - Hiren Patel (Max Planck Institute)   (G26)
17:15 Higgs plus Jets with Herwig 7 - Peter Paul Ronald Schichtel (University of Durham (GB))   (G26)
17:30 Mad-Maximizing Higgs Pair Analyses - Felix Kling (University of Arizona)   (G26)
17:45 Use of Monte Carlo Event Generators for the study of 13 TeV pp collisions by ATLAS - Paul Thompson (University of Birmingham (GB))   (G26)
18:00 Classification of 4d rank 1 N=2 SCFTs - Matteo Lotito (University of Cincinnati)   (G26)
18:15 --- . ---
18:45 --- Pheno Banquet ---