• Registration
    • Registration: IC&SR Building
    • Inaguration function: IC&SR Auditorium
      Convener: Prof. Prafulla Behera (Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IN))
    • 10:00 AM
      Tea Break (IC&SR Dining Hall)
    • Pleanry1: IC&SR Auditorium
      Convener: James Libby (Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IN))
    • 12:30 PM
      Lunch break (IC&SR Dining Hall)
      Convener: Vipin Bhatnagar (Panjab University (IN))
      • 4
        Charge Threshold study of a glass RPC in avalanche model
        Speaker: Anup Kumar Sikdar (Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IN))
      • 5
        A multi-hit TDC for INO experiment
        Speaker: Ms Chithra Chithra
      • 6
        Study of RPC performance on graphite coating resistivity for INO-ICAL experiment
        Speaker: Ankit Gaur (University of Delhi)
      • 7
        Muon momentum spectra with mini-ICAL
        Speaker: Mr apoorva Bhatt
      • 8
        Deep learning technique for track reconstruction for miniICAL detector
        Speaker: Dr Deepak Samuel
      • 9
        RPC and CLS for mini-ICAL detector
        Speaker: Mr Ravindra R Shinde
      Convener: Raghunath Sahoo (Indian Institute of Technology Indore (IN))
      • 10
        Mini-Review talk
        Speaker: Sonja Kabana (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR))
      • 11
        An insight into strangeness with φ(1020) production from small to large collision systems with ALICE at the LHC
        Speaker: Mr Sushanta Tripathy (Indian Institute of Technology Indore (IN))
      • 12
        Heavy quark energy loss and heavy meson spectra in heavy ion collisions at LHC energies
        Speaker: Mr Kapil Saraswat (Banaras Hindu University Varanasi)
      • 13
        Intriguing similarities between high-p T particle production in pp and A-A collisions
        Speaker: Dr Aditya Nath Mishra (ICN-UNAM)
      • 14
        φ and K ∗0 production in p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions with ALICE at the LHC
        Speaker: Mr Sandeep Dudi (Panjab University (IN))
      Convener: Dr Jyotsna Singh
      • 15
        Recent theoretical developments in atmospheric neutrinos
        Speaker: Prof. MATHI Indu
      • 16
        Sterile Neutrino Hypothesis in Long-baseline Experiments
        Speaker: Prof. Raj Gandhi (HRI Allhabad)
      • 17
        NOvA's Short-baseline Joint Muon-neutrino Disappearance and Tau-neutrino Appearance Search
        Speaker: Mr Rijeesh Keloth
      • 18
        Nuclear Effects and CP Sensitivity at DUNE
        Speaker: Mr Srishti Nagu
      • 19
        Effect of sterile neutrino on degeneracy resolution capacities of NOvA and DUNE
        Speaker: Mr Akshay Chatla
      Convener: Probir Roy
      • 20
        Recent topics in flavour phenomenology
        Speaker: Prof. Soumitra Nandi (IIT Guwahati)
      • 21
        Flavour tagged time dependent angular analysis of the Bs → J/ψψ decay channel, measurement of the ∆Γs and the weak phase Φs
        Speaker: Muhammad Alibordi (Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IN))
      • 22
        Search for Y(4260) in B→Y(4260)K decay mode with Belle detector at KEK B-factory
        Speaker: Renu Garg
      • 23
        Study of charmless decays B +- to KS0KS0K +- and B +- to KS0KS0pi +- at Belle
        Speaker: Mr Abdul Basith (IIT Madras)
      • 24
        Study of rare annihilation decay Bd to ccbar gamma at Belle
        Speaker: Rajiv Kumar
    • 3:30 PM
      Tea Break
      Convener: Vipin Bhatnagar (Panjab University (IN))
      • 25
        Calibration of the CMS Hadron Calorimeter using Isolated Muons from Collision Data
        Speaker: Ms Amandeep Kaur (Panjab University (IN))
      • 26
        Aging study for Resistive Plate Chambers (RPC) of the CMS muon detector for HL-LHC
        Speaker: Priyanka Kumari (Panjab University (IN))
      • 27
        32Si and 32 P background estimate in CDMS II Silicon detectorsc
        Speaker: Mr Rik Bhattacharyya
      • 28
        HARDROC2B: A readout ASIC for INO-ICAL RPCs
      Convener: Raghunath Sahoo (Indian Institute of Technology Indore (IN))
      • 29
        Study of compatibility of Parton Distribution Functions provided by different theory groups at high-x using ep collision data collected bythe ZEUS detector
        Speaker: Dr Ritu Aggarwal (SPPU, Pune )
      • 30
        Heavy quark transport coefficients in a non trivial Polyakov loop background
        Speaker: Mr Balbeer Singh (PRL, Ahmedabad)
      • 31
        Chiral symmetry breaking, color superconductivity and equation of state for magnetised strange quark matter
        Speaker: Mr Aman Abhishek (PRL Ahmedabad)
      • 32
        Dilepton production rate from magnetized QGP
        Speaker: Ms Snigdha Ghosh (IIT Gandhinagar )
      Convener: Dr Jyotsna singh
      • 33
        Phenomenological study of two zero textures of neutrino mass matrices in minimal extended seesaw model
        Speaker: Priyanka Kumari (Panjab University (IN))
      • 34
        Probing the effects of sterile neutrino on the possible ultrahigh energy neutrino signals at a km 2 detector in the framework of 4-flavour neutrino oscillation and unparticle decay
        Speaker: Ms Madhurima Pandey
      • 35
        Extracting Neutrino Oscillation Parameters using a Simultaneous Fit of the v​ e​ Appearance and v mu Disappearance Data in the NOvA Experiment
        Speaker: Prabhjot Singh (University of Delhi)
      • 36
        Consequences of mixed μτ -flavored twisted Friedberg-Lee invariance for neutrinos
        Speaker: Ms Roopam Sinha
      • 37
        Using A4 to ameliorate popular lepton mixings: A model for realistic neutrino masses and mixing based on see-saw
        Speaker: Soumita Pramanick
      • 38
        Invisible neutrino decay in the light of NOvA and T2K data
        Speaker: Mr Dipyaman Pramanik
      • 39
        Measurement of CKM angle φ3 using B D(KS0π+π-π0)K decays at Belle
        Speaker: Ms Resmi P K (IIT Madras)
      • 40
        Measurement of the top quark mass in single top events at 13 TeV
        Speaker: Raveendrababu Karanam (IIT Madras)
      • 41
        Rediscoveries from the first data at Belle II
        Speaker: Ms Niharika Rout (IIT Madras)
      • 42
        Search for lepton flavor and baryon number violating tau decay τ → pμμ in Belle
        Speaker: Mr Debashis Sahoo (TIFR, Mumbai)
      • 43
        Mass spectra for higher excited D-wave charm meson family
        Speaker: Pallavi Gupta
    • Registration: IC&SR Building
    • Pleanry 2: IC&SR Auditorium
      Convener: Kajari Mazumdar (Tata Inst. of Fundamental Research (IN))
      • 44
        Recent results from neutrino experiments
        Speaker: Brajesh Choudhary (University of Delhi (IN))
      • 45
        Recent Directions in Neutrino Theory and Phenomenology
        Speaker: Prof. Raj Gandhi (HRI)
    • 10:20 AM
      Tea Break
    • Pleanry 3: IC&SR Auditorium
      Convener: Rahul Sinha (The Institute of Mathematical Sciences)
    • 1:00 PM
      Lunch break (IC&SR Dining Hall)
      Convener: Vairavelu Ravindran
      • 49
        Mini-Review talk
        Speaker: Aruna Nayak (National Institute of Science Education and Research (IN))
      • 50
        Fermionic Dark Matter In leptoquark Portal
        Speaker: Mr Rusa Mandal
      • 51
        Search for Dark Matter in the mono-W/Z(qq') channel at the ATLAS experiment
        Speaker: Bibhuti Parida (Tomsk State University (RU))
      • 52
        Long-lived stau, sneutrino dark matter and right-slepton spectrum
        Speaker: Mr Avirup Ghosh
      • 53
        Probing new signature using Jet substructure at the LHC
        Speaker: Ms Akanksha Bhardwaj
      Convener: Raghavan Rangarajan
      • 54
        Mini-Review talk
      • 55
        Updated Bounds on Sum of Neutrino Masses in Various Cosmological Scenarios
        Speaker: Mr shouvikroy choudhury (HRI)
      • 56
        Late time cosmology with viscous self interacting dark matter
        Speaker: Mr Arvind Kumar Mishra (PRL)
      • 57
        Probing relic neutrino radiative decays with 21 cm cosmology
        Speaker: Rome Samanta (University of Southampton)
      • 58
        Interplay of Scalar and Fermionic Components in a Multi-component Dark Matter Scenario
        Speaker: Ms Sreemanti Chakraborti (IIT Guwahati)
      Convener: Md Naimuddin (University of Delhi (IN))
      • 59
        Highlights of development and deployment of RPC detectors in India
        Speaker: Satyanarayana Bheesette
      • 60
        Simulation studies for a shallow depth ICAL and planned cosmic muon veto detector for mini-ICAL
        Speaker: Ms Neha Panchal (TIFR)
      • 61
        Performance study of real-size CBM-MUCH triple GEM prototype in heavy ion collisions at CERN SPS
        Speaker: Mr Ajit Kumar (Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre)
      • 62
        Performance studies of the Belle II Silicon Vertex Detector with commissioning data
        Speaker: Kavita Lalwani (Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur)
      • 63
        Design and assembly of water cooled coil for prototype mini ICAL magnet at Madurai for INO project.
        Speaker: Mr S. K. Thakur (VECC Kolkata)
      Convener: Rajiv Gavai (TIFR)
      • 64
        Mini-Review talk
        Speaker: Prof. Suresh Govindarajan (IIT Madras)
      • 65
        Connecting LQG and String Theory: From Quantum Geometry to the Nambu-Goto Action
        Speaker: Mr Deepak Vaid
      • 66
        Vector Mesons Fragmentation - A Brief Review
        Speaker: Saveetha Hari
      • 67
        Perspectives on Supersymmetry and U(1)Lmu-Ltau
        Speaker: Mr Heerak Banerjee
    • 3:30 PM
      Tea Break
      Convener: Shrihari Gopalakrishna
      • 68
        Search for vector boson fusion production of a massive resonance decaying to a pair of Higgs bosons in the four b quark final state at the HL-LHC using the CMS Phase-2 detector
        Speaker: Lata Panwar (Indian Institute of science (IN))
      • 69
        Alignment in A4 symmetric three-Higgs-doublet model
        Speaker: Soumita Pramanick
      • 70
        Search for new scalar resonance decaying to a pair of Z bosons in pp collisions at center of mass energy 13 TeV by the CMS experiment at the LHC
        Speaker: Sumit Keshri (University of Delhi (IN))
      • 71
        Light Higgsinos at LHC with Right-Sneutrino LSP
        Speaker: Ms Juhi Dutta
      • 72
        Hidden sector fermionic dark matter in the light of positron-fraction excess measured by AMS-02
        Speaker: Sayan Ghosh
      • 73
        Probing Heavy Charged Higgs Boson at the LHC
        Speaker: Aravind Vijay
      Convener: Raghavan Rangarajan
      • 74
        Infrared finiteness of theories with bino-like dark matter at T = 0
        Speaker: Mr Pritam Sen (IMSC, Chennai)
      • 75
        A Study in the non-canonical domain of Goldstone inflaton
        Speaker: Ms Sukannya .Bhattacharya (SINP)
      • 76
        Dark matter, neutrino mass and R K (∗) anomalies in L μ − L τ model
        Speaker: Mr Shivaramakrishna Singirala
      • 77
        Constraints on the parameters of warm inflationary models
        Speaker: Ms Richa Arya (PRL)
      • 78
        A Global ILC Approach in Pixel Space using CMB Covariance Matrix
        Speaker: Vipin sudevan
      Convener: Rajiv Gavai (TIFR)
      • 79
        The QCD Equation of state at finite density from lattice
        Speaker: Sayantan Sharma
      • 80
        Infrared finiteness of theories with bino-like dark matter at finite temperature
        Speaker: Mr Pritam Sen (IMSC)
      • 81
        On the throttling process of the AdS black hole with a global monopole
        Speaker: Mr Naveena Kumara
      • 82
        Probing the scale of non-commutativity of space
        Speaker: Rajiv Gavai (TIFR)
      • 83
        MExGlue De-Mess-ed (or M-Theory Exotic Scalar Glueball Decays to Mesons at Finite Coupling)
        Speaker: Mr Vikas Yadav (IITR)
      Convener: Raghunath Sahoo (Indian Institute of Technology Indore (IN))
      • 84
        Thermodynamics of a gas of hadrons with interaction using S-matrix formalism
        Speaker: Ashutosh Dash
      • 85
        Nonlinear Effects in Singlet Quark Distribution predicted by GLR-MQ Evolution Equation
        Speaker: Mayuri Devee
      • 86
        Study of charge separation effect in Pb-Pb collisions using AMPT
        Speaker: Sonia Parmar (Panjab University (IN))
      • 87
        Effects of magnetic field on plasma evolution in relativistic heavy-ion collisions
        Speaker: Shreyansh S. Dave
      • 88
        J/ψ production as a function of charged-particle √multiplicity in pp collisions at s = 5.02 TeV with ALICE
        Speaker: Anisa Khatun (Aligarh Muslim University (IN))
      • 89
        Effect of inverse magnetic catalysis on conserved charge fluctuations in hadron resonance gas model
        Speaker: Ms Ranjitha K. Mahapatra
      • 90
        Infrared effective dual QCD at finite temperatures and densities
        Speaker: H C Chandola
      • 91
        Mini-Review talk
        Speaker: Sonja Kabana (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR))
    • Registration: IC&SR Building
    • Pleanry 4: IC&SR Auditorium
      Convener: Prof. Suresh Govindarajan (IIT Madras)
      • 92
        Recent development in Latice QCD
        Speaker: Nilmani Mathur
      • 93
        Development on Standard Model
        Speaker: Anirban Kundu
    • 10:20 AM
      Tea Break (IC&SR Dining Hall)
      Convener: Prof. V RAVINDRAN
      • 94
        Exotic leptonic solutions to observed anomalies in lepton universality observables and more
        Speaker: Mr Lobsang Dhargyal
      • 95
        Naturalness and two Higgs doublet models
        Speaker: Ms Ambalika Biswas
      • 96
        Search for dark matter with CMS in final state with missing ET and a single photon
        Speaker: Shamik Ghosh (Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (IN))
      • 97
        Investigating the scalar sector of left-right symmetric models with leptonic probes
        Speaker: Mr Debasish Borah
      • 98
        Stop-pair production search in di-tau final state at sqrt(s) = 1 3 TeV at the CMS experiment
        Speaker: Soham Bhattacharya (Tata Inst. of Fundamental Research (IN))
      • 99
        Search for Supersymmetry with a compressed mass spectrum in the vector boson fusion topology with single hadronic tau channel in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 13 TeV
        Speaker: Priyanka Kumari (Panjab University (IN))
      • 100
        Non-SUSY BSM and Dark Matter
        Speaker: Prof. Shrihari Gopalakrishna (IMSc)
      • 101
        Inflation with an antisymmetric tensor field
        Speaker: Abhilash Padhy
      • 102
        Heavy hadron spectrum on lattice using NRQCD
        Speaker: Mr Protick Mohanta
      • 103
        Positive geometry of quartic interactions : Stokes polytope
        Speaker: Pinaki Banerjee
      • 104
        recent findings on exotic tetraquark states
        Speaker: Parikshit Junnarkar
      • 105
        Perturbativity constraints on gauge couplings in U(1) extended SM and Left-Right models
        Speaker: Garv Chauhan
      • 106
        Fragmentation of Pseudoscalar Mesons
        Speaker: H Saveetha
      • 107
        Two loop Splitting function and Cross-Sections in N=4 SYM
        Speaker: Amlan Chakraborty
      Convener: Nita Sinha
      • 108
        Consequences of mixed μτ -flavored twisted Friedberg-Lee invariance for neutrinos
        Speaker: Roopam Sinha
      • 109
        Probing leptonic delta CP with low energy atmospheric neutrinos
        Speaker: Lakshmi .S. Mohan
      • 110
        TeV Scale Seesaw Mechanism, Scalar Dark Matter and Electroweak Vacuum Stability
        Speaker: Vishnudath K. N.
      • 111
        Study of atmospheric neutrino oscillation parameters at the INO-ICAL detector using electron neutrino events
        Speaker: Aleena Chacko
      • 112
        Improving mass hierarchy and octant sensitivity of proposed ESSνSB experiment using synergies with accelerator and atmospheric experiments
        Speaker: Chandan Gupta
      • 113
        Consequences of CP transformed mixed \nuµ\nutau antisymmetry
        Speaker: Probir Roy
      • 114
        Baryogenesis via leptogenesis from asymmetric dark matter and radiatively generated neutrino mass
        Speaker: Dr Sudhanwa Patra
      • 115
        Identification of cosmic primaries in UHECR using the lateral profile of muons
        Speaker: Dr Moon Moon Devi
      Convener: Vipin Bhatnagar (Panjab University (IN))
      • 116
        Mini-Review talk
        Speaker: Arantza Oyanguren (IFIC)
      • 117
        Physics Potential of High Luminosity LHC
        Speaker: Kajari Mazumdar (Tata Inst. of Fundamental Research (IN))
      • 118
        Search for SM Higgs boson production in association with top quark pairs at CMS
        Speaker: Ram Krishna Dewanjee (National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics (EE))
      • 119
        First measurement of single top quark production cross-section in association with W boson at $\sqrt{s} = 13$ TeV with CMS detector[1]
        Speaker: Priyanka Priyanka (University of Delhi (IN))
      • 120
        Study for Z boson production in association with b-jets in proton-proton collision at 13 TeV
        Speaker: Meena Meena (Panjab University (IN))
      • 121
        Search for Higgs boson pair production in the 4W channel with 3l + 2j final state at √s = 13 TeV with CMS detector
        Speaker: Siddhesh Sawant (IIT-Bombay, India)
      • 122
        Search for anomalous electroweak production of WW/WZ/ZZ boson pairs in association with two jets in p-p collision at 13 TeV
        Speaker: Mr Ram Krishna Sharma (University of Delhi (IN))
    • 1:00 PM
      Lunch break
    • Poster Exposition: IC&SR Building
    • 3:30 PM
      Tea Break (IC&SR Dining Hall)
    • General Body Meeting: HSB-209
    • Cultural Program: SAC Building
    • Social Dinner: IC&SR Dining Hall
    • Registration: IC&SR Building
    • Pleanry 5: IC&SR Auditorium
      Convener: Jasbir Singh (Panjab University (IN))
      • 123
        Measurement of Higgs at LHC
        Speaker: Soeren Andre Prell (Iowa State University (US))
      • 124
        How high sensitivity detectors can lead to unexpected discoveries
        Speaker: Prof. Sunil Gupta
    • 10:20 AM
      Tea Break
    • Pleanry 6: IC&SR Auditorium
      Convener: Manjit Lal (Panjab University (IN))
      • 125
        Recent topics in flavour phenomenology
        Speaker: AMARJIT Soni (BNL)
      • 126
        Statistical issues in HEP data analysis
        Speaker: Francisco Matorras (Instituto de Fisica de Cantabria, Santander, IFCA (ES))
    • Rahul Basu Thesis Award: IC&SR Auditorium
    • 1:00 PM
      Lunch break
      Convener: Prof. Shrihari Gopalakrishna
      • 131
        Modified Higgs Couplings in Minimal Composite Higgs Model and Beyond
        Speaker: Avik Banerjee
      • 132
        NSI in Electrophilic v2HDM
        Speaker: Soumya Sadhukhan
      • 133
        Can SKA-Phase 1 go much beyond the LHC in supersymmetry search?
        Speaker: Arpan Kar
      • 134
        lavor violation at LHC in events with two opposite sign leptons and a b-jet
        Speaker: Nilanjana Kumar
      • 135
        Searching for light wino-like dark matter in the MSSM at the LHC
        Speaker: W Abdallah
      Convener: Dr Dawood Kothawala
      • 136
        Cosmological Time Crystal: Cyclic Universe with a small Λ in a toy model approach
        Speaker: Mr Praloy Das
      • 137
        Constraints on light DM fermions from relic density consideration, SN1987A cooling and the role of Tsallis statistics
        Speaker: Mr Atanu Guha
      • 138
        Neutron Star Cooling via Axion Emission by Nucleon-Nucleon Axion Bremsstrahlung
        Speaker: Avik Paul
      • 139
        Confronting Kähler moduli inflation with CMB data
        Speaker: Mayukh Raj Gangopadhyay
      • 140
        Probing Fermi-Arcs with massive scalar field
        Speaker: Mr Wadbor Wahlang
      Convener: Vipin Bhatnagar (Panjab University (IN))
      • 141
        Mini-Review talk
        Speaker: Ashok Kumar (University of Delhi (IN))
      • 142
        Measurement of azimuthal dependence of Cosmic ray muon flux using 2m x 2m RPC stack at IICHEP Madurai
        Speaker: Mr Pethuraj S
      • 143
        GEM GE1/1 Detector System and its Performance for the CMS Muon Endcap
        Speaker: Aashaq Hussain Shah (University of Delhi (IN))
      • 144
        Experimental and Numerical studies on the efficiency of gaseous detectors.
        Speaker: Promita Roy (Saha Institute Of Nuclear Physics)
      • 145
        Event Reconstruction Efficiency and Purity Studies for Charged Pion Semi-Inclusive Neutrino Charged-Current Cross Section in NOvA
        Speaker: Jyoti Tripathi
      Convener: Ravindran Kothenath Chirayil Kalam (Tata Inst. of Fundamental Research (IN))
      • 146
        Three loop QCD corrections to heavy quark form factors
        Speaker: Dr Narayan Rana (DESY)
      • 147
        Second order QCD-QED corrections to inclusive Higgs boson production through bb̄ annihilation
        Speaker: A H Ajjath
      • 148
        Speaker: Ashish Sharma (Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IN))
      • 149
        Two-loop massless QCD corrections to the b + b̄ → H + H four-point amplitude
        Speaker: Pooja Mukherjee
      • 150
        Underlying Event Measurements using CMS Detector at LHC
        Speaker: Manisha Manisha (Panjab University (IN))
      • 151
        Rare Weak Decays of Bc∗ and Bs∗ Meson
        Speaker: R Padmapriya R
    • 3:30 PM
      Tea Break
      Convener: Raghavan Rangarajan
      • 152
        Starobinsky Cosmological model in extended gravity with hybrid scale factor
        Speaker: Fakhereh MD. Esmaeili
      • 153
        One-Loop Effective Action for Nonminimal Natural Inflation Model
        Speaker: Sandeep Aashish
      • 154
        Mixing dynamics of Dim-5 interactions (Scalar/pseudoscalar-photon) in Magnetised medium.
        Speaker: Ankur Chaubey
      • 155
        TeV Scale Leptogenesis with Inflaton Dark Matter in Scotogenic Model
        Speaker: Abhass Kumar
      Convener: Vipin Bhatnagar (Panjab University (IN))
      • 156
        Optical Communication for RPCDAQ
        Speaker: Ms Abinaya Abinaya (IIT Madras)
      • 157
        MicroTCA Data Acquisition System
        Speaker: Mandakini Ravindra Patil (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR))
      • 158
        Prototype tests Electromagnetic Calorimeter, FOCAL, at CERN-SPS using large dynamic range readout electronics
        Speaker: Sanjib Muhuri (Department of Atomic Energy (IN))
      • 159
        Efficiency measurement of triple GEM chamber using β-source & FPGA based readout
        Speaker: Ajit Kumar (Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre)
      • 160
        Density-scaling of lateral distributions of electrons and muons in EAS
        Speaker: Mr Rajat K Dey
      Convener: Bedangadas Mohanty (National Institute of Science Education and Research (IN))
      • 161
        Role of multipartonic interaction on multiplicity dependence study of J/ψ production at the LHC
        Speaker: Dhananjaya Thakur (Indian Institute of Technology Indore (IN))
      • 162
        Detailed studies of prompt J/$\psi$ and $\psi(2S)$ production in pp, pPb and PbPb collisions at sqrt(s) = 5.02 TeV
        Speaker: Prashant Shukla (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (IN))
      • 163
        Revisiting oder of Quark-Gluon Plasma(QGP) phase transition under a model density of states for Quarks and Gluons in a QGP droplet
        Speaker: Agam K. Jha
      • 164
        Deconfinement to Confinement as PT phase transition
        Speaker: Haresh Raval
      Convener: Ravindran Kothenath Chirayil Kalam (Tata Inst. of Fundamental Research (IN))
      • 165
        Probing new physics in Bs to (K, K*)rv and B to pirv decays
        Speaker: Rajeev N
      • 166
        Predictions of Angular Observables for $\bar{B}_s\to K^{\ast}\ell\ell$ and $\bar{B}\to \rho\ell\ell$ in Standard Model
        Speaker: Bharti Kindra
      • 167
        Search of New Physics with Bs^0 to l plus l minus
        Speaker: Swagata Biswas
      • 168
        Study of X(3872) and X(3915) in B to (J/ψω)K at Belle.
        Speaker: Saurav Patra
      • 169
        Search for 2 leptons (opposite sign) and 1tau channel in tt̅H decay analysis using BDT XGboost algorithm
        Speaker: Murli Kartik Maurya
      Convener: V Ravindran
      • 170
        Extended Scalar sectors, effective operators and observed data
        Speaker: Atri Dey
      • 171
        Search for associated production of dark matter with a Higgs boson decaying to a pair of bottom quarks at 13 TeV with CMS detector
        Speaker: Mr Deepak Kumar (Indian Institute of science (IN))
      • 172
        A search for Higgs boson decaying to a pair of new light bosons in the final state with pair of muons and b-quarks at sqrt(s) = 13 TeV
        Speaker: Aashaq Hussain Shah (University of Delhi (IN))
      • 173
        Stability in the Minimal Type-III Seesaw Model
        Speaker: Najimuddin Khan
      • 174
        Vector-like dark matter and flavor anomalies with leptoquarks
        Speaker: Ms Suchismita Sahoo
      • 175
        Reappraisal of constraints on Z' models from unitarity and direct searches at the LHC
        Speaker: Triparno Bandyopadhyay
      • 176
        The High Level Trigger performance of the CMS in LHC Run-II
        Speaker: Sumit Keshri (University of Delhi (IN))
      • 177
        Tau Identification performance at CMS experiment
        Speaker: Mr Vinaya Krishnan MB
      • 178
        Performace of Silicon modules for CMS High Granularity EndCap Calorimeter in beam tests
        Speaker: Shubham Pandey (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IN))
      • 179
        CMS Pixel Tracker Upgrade in Fast Simulation
        Speaker: Angira Rastogi (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IN))
      • 180
        Modeling neutron damage in silicon detectors for high energy physics experiments
        Speaker: Chakresh Jain (University of Delhi (IN))
      • 181
        A portable Cosmic Muon Tracker using Resistive Plate Chambers (RPCs) for outreach activities
        Speaker: E Yuvaraj
      Convener: Prabhat Ranjan Pujahari (Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IN))
      • 182
        Mini-Review talk
        Speaker: Indranil Das (Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (IN))
      • 183
        Spin alignment measurements of K* 0 vector mesons in ALICE at the LHC
        Speaker: Sourav Kundu
      • 184
        Measurement of azimuthal angular correlations of heavy-flavour hadron decay electrons with charged particles in p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions at √s NN = 5.02 TeV with ALICE at the LHC
        Speaker: Bharati Naik (IIT- Indian Institute of Technology (IN))
      • 185
        Study of Volume Scaling of two-flavour Quark matter in finite volume
        Speaker: Tamal Mukherjee (Visva-Bharati)
      • 186
        Bottomonium Suppression in p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions at the CERN Large Hadron Collider: Centrality and transverse momentum dependence
        Speaker: Dr Madhukar Mishra (Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani, Pilani)
      Convener: Soeren Andre Prell (Iowa State University (US))
      • 187
        b to sll at Belle
        Speaker: Ms Seema Choudhury
      • 188
        Magnetic moments and the decay properties of D*(2007)0 and D*(2010)± meson
        Speaker: Mr Ajay K Rai
      • 189
        Semileptonic decays of Charmed mesons
        Speaker: N. R Soni
      • 190
        Model Independent analysis of 𝐵̅∗→P l 𝜈𝑙̅ decay processes
        Speaker: Ms Atasi Ray
      • 191
        Impact of nonleptonic BB d, s decay modes on RK*,Φ , R ρ anomalies
        Speaker: Mr Manas K Mohapatra
      • 192
        Lepton polarization asymmetry in purely leptonic 𝑩∗ decays
        Speaker: Suman Kumbhakar
    • 10:30 AM
      Tea Break
      • 193
        Performace of the Phase-2 CMS Tracker detector modules under Beam tests
        Speaker: Mr Gourab Saha (Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (IN))
      • 194
        ALICE Inner Tracking System upgrade at the LHC
        Speaker: Dr Nirbhay Kumar Behera (Inha University (KR))
      • 195
        Transient Current Technique (TCT) Measurements & Simulations on silicon pad detectors
        Speaker: Geetika Jain (University of Delhi (IN))
      • 196
        Characterisation of metal by GEM detector using Ion Beam Facility at IOP
        Speaker: Ms Alekhika Tripathy
      • 197
        Development of a Cooling setup for Muon Chamber (MUCH) electronics for mini CBM experiment
        Speaker: Chandrasekhar Ghosh (VECC Kolkata)
      • 198
        Cut-Based Photon ID tuning of CMS using Genetic Algorithm
        Speaker: Debabrata Bhowmik (Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (IN))
      • 199
        Development of an Extended Air Shower array at Darjeeling
        Speaker: Shreya Roy
      • 200
        Electronics and DAQ for the magnetized mini-ICAL detector at IICHEP
        Speaker: Mr Mandar Saraf (TIFR)
      Convener: Prabhat Ranjan Pujahari (Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IN))
      • 201
        Electrical conductivity of Hot and Dense QCD matter: A Color String Percolation Approach
        Speaker: Pragati Sahoo (Indian Institute of Technology Indore (IN))
      • 202
        Dynamical Restoration of Z_N symmetry in SU(N)+Higgs Theories
        Speaker: Minati Biswal
      • 203
        Effects of baryon-antibaryon annihilation on the anti-hyperon to anti-proton ratio in relativistic nucleus-nucleus collisions
        Speaker: Ekata Nandy
      • 204
        Measurement of open heavy flavour production in small and large systems with ALICE
        Speaker: Renu Bala (University of Jammu (IN))
      • 205
        Formation and evolution of quarkonia in presence of rapidly varying strong magnetic field
        Speaker: Partha Bagchi
      • 206
        Measurement of higher moments of Net-Charge distributions in Au+Au Collisions at √S= 54.4 GeV
        Speaker: Ashish Pandav
      • 207
        Mesonic excitations in a magnetic field at finite temperature in the NJL model
        Speaker: Nilanjan Chaudhuri
      • 208
        Fireball Tomography with heavy flavor flow
        Speaker: Sandeep Chatterjee
      Convener: G Rajasekaran
      • 209
        Current Status of the Inclusive Neutral Current pi0 Production Cross section Measurement with the NOvA Near Detector
        Speaker: Ms Daisy Kalra
      • 210
        Compatibility of A4 Flavour Symmetric Minimal Extended Seesaw with (3 + 1) Neutrino Data
        Speaker: Neelakshi Sarma
      • 211
        Sensitivity of DUNE to neutrino mass and octant degeneracy at Lepontic CP phase delta CP =3pi/2
        Speaker: Ankur Nath
      • 212
        Constraints on Millicharged Particles and Test of Beyond Standard Model Scenarios with sub-keV Germanium Detectors at Kuo-Sheng Reactor Neutrino Laboratory
        Speaker: Lakhwinder Singh
      • 213
        Testing partial mu-tau Reflection Symmetry at DUNE and Hyper-Kamiokande
        Speaker: K N Deepthi K N
      • 214
        Study of neutrino oscillation parameters INO-ICAL detector using event by event reconstruction
        Speaker: Karaparambil Rajan Rebin
      • 215
        Physics potential of long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiments in presence of sterile neutrino
        Speaker: Rudra Majhi
      • 216
        Long Base-line Sterile Neutrino Searches in NOvA Experiment
        Speaker: Sijith Edayath
      Convener: Soeren Andre Prell (Iowa State University (US))
      • 217
        Angularity Distributions Next-to-Leading Order
        Speaker: Ms Ankita Budhraja
      • 218
        Mass spectra for higher excited D-wave charm meson family
        Speaker: Ms Pallavi Gupta
      • 219
        Investigation of lepton nonuniversality puzzles in B decays (FL)
        Speaker: Soram Robertson Singh
      • 220
        Jet substructure as a tool to study Double parton scatterings in V + jets processes at the LHC
        Speaker: Dr Ramandeep Kumar (Panjab University (IN))
      • 221
        Measurement of strong phase difference between D0 and D0→KS0K+K- using quantum correlated decays at BESIII
        Speaker: Krishnakumar Ravindran
      • 222
        Double parton scattering measurements at CMS
        Speaker: Rajat Gupta (Panjab University (IN))
      • 223
        Flavor signature of anomalous tcZ coupling
        Speaker: Ms Jyoti Saini
    • 1:00 PM
      Lunch break
    • Promotional Talks: IC&SR Auditorium
      Convener: James Libby (Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IN))
      • 224
        Speaker: James Libby (Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IN))
      • 225
        Fermion Singlet Dark Matter in Scotogenic B − L Model
        Speaker: Nimmala Narenda
      • 226
        Unintegrated gluon distribution at small transverse momentum
        Speaker: Mariah Siddiqah
      • 227
        Effect of Variation of Surface Resistivity of Graphite layer in RPC
        Speaker: Anil Kumar
      • 228
        Predictions for Transverse Momentum spectra and Elliptic Flow of identified particles in Xe-Xe collisions at √s NN =5.44 TeV using a multi-phase transport model (AMPT)
        Speaker: Sushanta Tripathy
      • 229
        T-odd correlation effects and top-pair production at the LHC
        Speaker: Apurba Tiwari
    • 3:00 PM
      Tea Break
    • Symposium Summary: IC&SR Auditorium
      • 230
        Summary of theoretical results of symposium
        Speaker: Prof. Gautam Bhattacharyya (Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics)
      • 231
        Summary of Experimental results of symposium
        Speaker: Jasbir Singh (Panjab University (IN))