Light Cone 2021: Physics of Hadrons on the Light Front

Emerald Hall (Jeju Boooyoung Hotel)

Emerald Hall

Jeju Boooyoung Hotel

222 Jungmun-gwangwang-ro, Seogwipo, Jeju-do 63547, Korea
Yongseok Oh (Kyungpook National University) , Chueng Ji (North Carolina State University) , Ho-Meoyng Choi (Kyungpook National University) , Hyon-Suk Jo (Kyungpook National University) , Kyungseon Joo (University of Connecticut)

Welcome to LC 2021!

Because of the covid-19 pandemic, LC 2020 was moved to LC 2021.

Light Cone 2021 is the latest in the series of conferences that, beginning in 1991, have played an important role in promoting research towards a rigorous description of hadrons and nuclei based on quantisation methods in the front form.

As with earlier conferences in the series, the aim of this meeting will be to create a scientific program that will stimulate developments at the forefront of nuclear, hadron and particle physics research. In particular, Light Cone 2021 will focus on the following physics topics and approaches:

Physics Topics

  • hadron structure and parton physics
  • meson and baryon (N*) resonances
  • XYZ and exotic hadrons
  • quarkonia
  • the physics of B factories
  • finite temperature and density QCD
  • nuclear structure and nuclear matter
  • hypernuclei
  • few- and many-body physics
  • electroweak scatterings with nuclear targets
  • neutrino physics
  • spin physics
  • physics of electron-ion colliders
  • high-energy experiments

Theoretical and Experimental Tools

  • light-front field theories
  • lattice field theory
  • effective field theories
  • phenomenological models
  • coupled channels models
  • present and future facilities

We look forward to welcoming you at Jeju island in Korea (Nov. 29 - Dec. 4, 2021) !

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