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13th HL-LHC Collaboration Meeting, Vancouver (Canada), 25-28 September 2023

The Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue (Simon Fraser University)

The Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue

Simon Fraser University

580 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1L6, Canada. Enter via Seymour Street courtyard entrance.

Following the success of the 12th HL-LHC Collaboration Meeting in September 2022, held as the first in-person event of the project since the pandemic, the 13th HL-LHC Collaboration Meeting will take place again as an in-person meeting, jointly organized by TRIUMF and CERN in Vancouver, Canada, from 25th to 28th September 2023.

Based on the traditional programme with plenary and work package parallel sessions, this meeting will serve as a technical update forum for the 7th Cost and Schedule Review, scheduled for 13th to 17th November 2023, kick-off the Canadian contribution to the Crab Cavity cryomodule production and provide the framework for additional collaborative meetings between the project partners.

The main objectives will be to update all HiLumi collaborators on the advancement of the series production of components for the project, to highlight the progress made in the transition from prototype validation to series production, to showcase the status of the IT String test stand installation at CERN and to update all collaborators on the latest schedule changes. As in previous editions, the meeting will include a restricted session for the 13th HL-LHC Collaboration Board in the afternoon of Tuesday, 26th September 2023.

This annual meeting foresees a common banquet on Monday 25th September and a visit to the TRIUMF facilities in the morning of Tuesday 26th September.

Participation in the meeting is by invitation only, and registration is mandatory and without fee.

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  • Akira Yamamoto
  • Alessandra Pampaloni
  • Alessandro Ratti
  • Alex Castilla
  • Amalia Ballarino
  • Amelia Edwards
  • Andy Blackett-May
  • Anis Ben Yahia
  • Arnaud Devred
  • Arnaud Pascal Foussat
  • Ben Matheson
  • Bhalwinder Waraich
  • Carla Martins Jardim
  • Cecile Noels
  • Charles Orozco
  • Chiara Bracco
  • Daniel Cheng
  • Daniel Wollmann
  • Devon Lang
  • Dobrin Kaltchev
  • Dylan Baillard
  • Edward Stephen Jordan
  • Eric Montesinos
  • Ezio Todesco
  • Fernando Toral
  • Francois-Xavier Nuiry
  • Frank Gerigk
  • Gerard Willering
  • Giorgio Ambrosio
  • Giorgio Apollinari
  • Giovanna Vandoni
  • Guido Sterbini
  • Guram Chlachidze
  • Hector Garcia Gavela
  • Helene Mainaud Durand
  • Helga Timko
  • Irene Garcia Obrero
  • Jaime Perez Espinos
  • James Bourne
  • James Keir
  • Jamie Blowers
  • Jean Delayen
  • Jens Steckert
  • Joseph DiMarco
  • Juan Carlos Perez
  • Katarzyna Turaj
  • Lars Jensen
  • Laurent Jean Tavian
  • Leonardo Ristori
  • Lorenzo Giacomel
  • Lotta Mether
  • Lucio Fiscarelli
  • Manuele Narduzzi
  • Marco Garlasche
  • Marco Marchetto
  • Marco Statera
  • Maria Barberan Marin
  • Markus Zerlauth
  • Marta Bajko
  • Marta Sabate Gilarte
  • Matteo Solfaroli Camillocci
  • Michal Krupa
  • Michele Modena
  • Mike Barnes
  • Mike Lamont
  • Mirko Pojer
  • Naeem Huque
  • Nicolas Mounet
  • Niklas Templeton
  • Nuria Valverde Alonso
  • Ofelia Capatina
  • Oliver Boettcher
  • Oliver Bruning
  • Oliver Kester
  • Oliver Law
  • Oliver Poynton
  • Paolo Berrutti
  • Philip Nicholas Burrows
  • Philippe Belanger
  • Piyush Joshi
  • Qingjin Xu
  • Rama Calaga
  • Raymond Veness
  • Rhodri Jones
  • Ricardo Lopez
  • Rick Baartman
  • Robert Laxdal
  • Rogelio Tomas Garcia
  • Ruben Carcagno
  • Said Atieh
  • Samer Yammine
  • Sandor Feher
  • Sandrine Le Naour
  • Simon Barrière
  • Soren Prestemon
  • Stefano Redaelli
  • Subashini De Silva
  • Susana Izquierdo Bermudez
  • Tatsushi Nakamoto
  • Teddy Capelli
  • Tom Levens
  • Toru Ogitsu
  • Valeria Perez Reale
  • Vanessa Gahier
  • Vincent Baglin
  • Vivien Rude
  • Wolfgang Hofle
  • Yann Leclercq
  • Yannis Papaphilippou
  • Yingzhe Wang
  • Zenghai Li
  • Zhongyuan Yao