Initial Stages 2021

from Sunday, 10 January 2021 (08:00) to Friday, 15 January 2021 (20:00)
Weizmann Institute of Science (The David Lopatie Conference Center)

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10 Jan 2021
11 Jan 2021
12 Jan 2021
13 Jan 2021
14 Jan 2021
15 Jan 2021
14:00 --- Get together at the virtual David Lopatie Conference Center ---
Plenary -Prof. Itzhak Tserruya (Weizmann Institute of Science (IL)) (until 16:45) (Kimmel Auditorium)
15:30 Review of Low-x and CGC Physics - Alexander Kovner   (Kimmel Auditorium)
16:05 Overview of the LHCb results - Samuel Belin (Universita e INFN, Cagliari (IT))   (Kimmel Auditorium)
16:25 Overview of the PHENIX results - Mate Csanad (Eotvos University, Budapest)   (Kimmel Auditorium)
16:45 --- Coffee ---
Plenary - Federico Antinori (Universita e INFN, Padova (IT)) (until 18:15) (Kimmel Auditorium)
17:00 Overview of the STAR results - Prithwish Tribedy (Brookhaven National Lab)   (Kimmel Auditorium)
17:25 Overview of the ALICE results - Nima Zardoshti (CERN)   (Kimmel Auditorium)
17:50 Recent heavy-ion results from ATLAS - Sebastian Tapia Araya (Univ. Illinois at Urbana Champaign (US))   (Kimmel Auditorium)
18:15 --- Coffee ---
Plenary - William Zajc (Columbia University) (until 19:45) (Kimmel Auditorium)
18:30 Overview of the CMS results - Yi Chen (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (US))   (Kimmel Auditorium)
18:55 Connections between the CGC and Transverse Momentum Distributions - Dr Pieter Taels (Ecole Polytechnique)   (Kimmel Auditorium)
19:20 Connections Between Hydrodynamics and Spin Physics - Nora Weickgenannt (Goethe University Frankfurt)   (Kimmel Auditorium)
Poster (until 21:15) (Patio)
19:45 Heavy Flavor Capabilities of the sPHENIX experiment - Zhaozhong Shi (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (US))   (Patio)
19:45 Prospects of exploring nucleon and nucleus structures in hadronic collisions with the STAR experiment in 2022 and beyond - Mr David Kapukchyan (University of California, Riverside)   (Patio)
19:45 Upgrade of Monitored Drift Tube detector of the Muon spectrometer during LHC LS2 - Ali El Moussaouy (Universite Hassan II, Ain Chock (MA))   (Patio)
Poster (until 21:15) (Patio)
19:45 Emergence of slow modes: the governing degrees of freedom in rapidly-expanding quark--gluon plasma - Jasmine Therese Brewer (CERN)   (Patio)
19:45 In medium partial decay width of \psi(4008) state decaying to $D \bar{D}$ - rahul chhabra (Junior Research Fellow, Physics Department of NIT Jalandhar, Punjab India)   (Patio)
19:45 Novel relaxation time approximation to the relativistic Boltzmann equation - Gabriel Denicol (Universidade Federal Fluminense)   (Patio)
19:45 Spectator induced electromagnetic effects in heavy-ion collisions and space-time-momentum conditions for pion emission - Vitalii Ozvenchuk (IFJ PAN) Dr Vitalii Ozvenchuk (IFJ PAN)   (Patio)
Poster (until 21:15) (Patio)
19:45 Beam-energy and system-size dependence of the high-$pT$ azimuthal anisotropy with the STAR experiment - Dr Niseem Abdelrahman (University of Illinois at Chicago)   (Patio)
19:45 Measurement of the jet-particle $v_{2}$ in p--Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm NN}}=5.02$~TeV with ALICE at the LHC - Siyu Tang (Central China Normal University CCNU (CN))   (Patio)
19:45 Measurement of the sensitivity of two particle correlations in $pp$ collisions at $\sqrt{s}=13$~TeV to the presence of jets with the ATLAS detector - Pengqi Yin (Columbia University (US))   (Patio)
19:45 Non-equilibrium attractor in high-temperature QCD plasmas - Dekrayat Almaalol   (Patio)
Poster (until 21:15) (Patio)
19:45 Finding $\alpha$-clustering in ultrarelativistc heavy-ion collisions - Christopher Plumberg   (Patio)
19:45 Photon emission in initial and hydrodynamic stages of nuclear collisions - Akihiko Monnai (Japan Women's University)   (Patio)
19:45 Quarkonia production and excited state suppression in pp and p-Pb with ALICE - Yanchun Ding (Central China Normal University CCNU (CN))   (Patio)
19:45 The effect of the equation of state on $\eta/s$ of strongly interacting matter - Jussi Auvinen (Institute of Physics Belgrade)   (Patio)
Poster (until 21:15) (Patio)
19:45 Apparent modification of the jet-like yield in proton-proton collisions with large underlying event - Gyula Bencedi (Universidad Nacional Autonoma (MX))   (Patio)
19:45 Probing the partonic degree of freedom in high multiplicity p-Pb at 5.02 TeV collisions. - Wenbin Zhao (Peking University)   (Patio)
19:45 Study of Underlying Event activity in pp and p-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{ NN}}=5.02$ TeV with ALICE. - Ahsan Mehmood Khan (Central China Normal University CCNU (CN))   (Patio)
19:45 The singlet, triplet and octet axial-vector form factors of the decuplet baryons in the chiral quark constituent model - Dr Harleen Dahiya (Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology)   (Patio)
Poster (until 21:15) (Patio)
19:45 Exploring the magnetic field in heavy-ion collisions through spin alignment measurements at ALICE - Dukhishyam Mallick (National Institute of Science Education and Research (IN))   (Patio)
19:45 In-medium properties of $\eta$ mesons - Rajesh Kumar   (Patio)
19:45 Searching for the chiral magnetic effect with the sliding dumbbell method in Pb-Pb collisions at √sNN = 2.76 TeV with ALICE - Ms Anjali Sharma (Panjab University (IN))   (Patio)
19:45 The geometry of isobaric collisions as a precision probe of the structure of atomic nuclei - Jiangyong Jia (Stony Brook University (US)) Giuliano Giacalone (Université Paris-Saclay)   (Patio)
14:00 --- Continuation of poster session from previous day ---
Plenary - Jurgen Schukraft (University of Copenhagen (DK)) (until 16:45) (Kimmel Auditorium)
15:30 Matching Conditions Across Time Evolution Stages of the Collision - Jean-Francois Paquet (Duke University)   (Kimmel Auditorium)
15:55 Charge Conservation in Initial Conditions and Hydrodynamics - Gabriel Denicol (Universidade Federal Fluminense)   (Kimmel Auditorium)
16:20 Hard probes as Initial Stage Probes - Gian Michele Innocenti (CERN)   (Kimmel Auditorium)
16:45 --- Coffee ---
CGC - Michael Lublinsky (until 18:05) (Andrea’s room 3)
17:00 Invited: Experimental observables of CGC - Marco Van Leeuwen (Nikhef National institute for subatomic physics (NL))   (Andrea’s room 3)
17:25 Study of open heavy-flavour production and anisotropy in p-Pb collisions with ALICE - Jaime Norman (University of Liverpool (GB))   (Andrea’s room 3)
17:45 Completing the first saturation correction to single inclusive gluon production in high energy pA collisions - Ming Li (North Carolina State University)   (Andrea’s room 3)
IS - Andrea Dainese (INFN - Padova (IT)) (until 18:05) (Andrea's room 2)
17:00 Invited: Electroweak probes of the initial stages - Yeonju Go (University of Colorado Boulder (US))   (Andrea's room 2)
17:25 Quarkonia as probe of the initial stages of the pp, pPb and PbPb collisions with ALICE - Ophelie Bugnon (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (FR))   (Andrea's room 2)
17:45 Nuclear suppression in inelastic nucleon-nucleon cross section - Dr Ilkka Helenius (University of Jyväskylä)   (Andrea's room 2)
NT - Nestor Armesto Perez (until 18:05) (Andrea's room 1)
17:00 Invited: New theoretical developments - Michael Strickland (Kent State University)   (Andrea's room 1)
17:25 Quantum simulations for heavy ion physics - Yukari Yamauchi   (Andrea's room 1)
17:45 The renormalization of sound and viscosity from non-equilibrium effective field theory - Pak Hang Lau (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   (Andrea's room 1)
18:05 --- Coffee ---
CGC -Prof. Tuomas Lappi (University of Jyväskylä) (until 19:40) (Andrea’s room 3)
18:20 Full next-to-eikonal quark propagator in the CGC and applications - Guillaume Beuf   (Andrea’s room 3)
18:40 Two-particle azimuthal correlations in photo-nuclear ultra-peripheral Pb+Pb collisions at 5.02~TeV with ATLAS - Blair Daniel Seidlitz (University of Colorado Boulder (US))   (Andrea’s room 3)
19:00 Structure functions for inclusive and diffractive DIS at future EICs - Dagmar Bendova (Czech Technical University in Prague (FNSPE))   (Andrea’s room 3)
19:20 Search for azimuthal anisotropies in $gamma$p interactions within ultra-peripheral pPb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 8.16 TeV - Quan Wang (The University of Kansas (US))   (Andrea’s room 3)
IS - James Lawrence Nagle (University of Colorado Boulder) (until 19:40) (Andrea's room 2)
18:20 Recent heavy-flavor and quarkonium measurements with the ATLAS detector - Alexandre Lebedev (Iowa State University (US))   (Andrea's room 2)
18:40 Constraining the initial state through many-body observables - Matthew Heffernan (McGill University)   (Andrea's room 2)
19:00 Probe the initial stages of the QGP and final state interactions with heavy flavor meson spectra and DDbar correlations in PbPb collisions - Jing Wang (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (US))   (Andrea's room 2)
19:20 Emergence of prescaling in far-from-equilibrium quark-gluon plasma - Bruno Sebastian Scheihing Hitschfeld (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   (Andrea's room 2)
NT - Jacquelyn Noronha-Hostler (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign) (until 19:40) (Andrea's room 1)
18:20 Simulating real-time dynamics of hard probes in nuclear matter on a quantum computer - James Mulligan (University of California, Berkeley (US)) Felix Ringer (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Xiaojun Yao (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   (Andrea's room 1)
18:40 Using machine learning to understand the properties of the QCD critical point - Debora Mroczek (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)   (Andrea's room 1)
19:00 Chromoelectric Distribution Function of Nuclear Matter Probed by Quarkonium - Dr Xiaojun Yao (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   (Andrea's room 1)
19:20 A New Approach to First-Order Relativistic Hydrodynamics - Prof. Jorge Noronha (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)   (Andrea's room 1)
Poster (until 21:10) (Patio)
19:40 Decoupling the rates of charmonium dissociation and recombination reactions in heavy-ion collisions at LHC energy - Abdulla Abdulsalam   (Patio)
19:40 Machine Learning and Multi-Parton Interactions in pp collisions from RHIC to LHC energies - Erik Alfredo Zepeda Garcia (Universidad Nacional Autonoma (MX))   (Patio)
19:40 Search for jet quenching effects in small collision systems in ALICE - Artem Kotliarov (Czech Academy of Sciences (CZ))   (Patio)
19:40 Studies of light-flavor hadron production in pp, pA and AA collisions with ALICE at the LHC - Alessandro Balbino (Politecnico di Torino (IT))   (Patio)
Poster (until 21:10) (Patio)
19:40 Dimuon production from two-photon scattering in ultra peripheral Pb+Pb collisions with the ATLAS detector - Peter Alan Steinberg (Brookhaven National Laboratory (US))   (Patio)
19:40 Evolution of energy density correlations in the Glasma - Pablo Guerrero Rodríguez (University of Jyväskylä)   (Patio)
19:40 Non-perturbative renormalization of the average color charge and multi-point correlators of color charge from a non-Gaussian small-x action - André Giannini   (Patio)
19:40 The dipole picture and the non-relativistic expansion - Miguel Ángel Escobedo Espinosa (Instituto Galego de Física de Altas Enerxías)   (Patio)
Poster (until 21:10) (Patio)
19:40 Bayesian analysis of the Trajectum framework - Govert Nijs (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   (Patio)
19:40 Exploration of shape deformation in Uranium nuclei via flow transverse-momentum correlation from STAR - Chunjian Zhang (stony brook university )   (Patio)
19:40 Kinematic dependence of the v2 measured in small collision systems at PHENIX - Dr Takahito Todoroki (RIKEN BNL Research Center)   (Patio)
19:40 Multiparticle correlations from direct calculation of cumulants using the particle azimuthal angles - Shengquan Tuo (Vanderbilt University (US))   (Patio)
Poster (until 21:10) (Patio)
19:40 Investigating the pion source function in heavy-ion collisions with the EPOS model - Dániel Kincses (Eötvös Loránd University)   (Patio)
19:40 Measurements of longitudinal decorrelation of anisotropic flow in 27, 54.4 and 200 GeV Au+Au collisions from STAR - Maowu Nie (Shandong University (SDU))   (Patio)
19:40 Multi-particle quantum-statistical correlation functions in a Hubble-expanding hadron gas - Ayon Mukherjee   (Patio)
19:40 Multivariate cumulants in flow analyses: The Next Generation - Ante Bilandzic (Technische Universitaet Muenchen (DE))   (Patio)
Poster (until 21:10) (Patio)
19:40 A collision geometry-based 3D initial condition for relativistic heavy-ion collisions - Mrs Sahr Alzhrani (Wayne State University)   (Patio)
19:40 Dielectron production in pp and p-Pb collisions at sqrt(s_NN) = 5.02 TeV - Horst Sebastian Scheid (Goethe University Frankfurt (DE))   (Patio)
19:40 Fluctuations of energy density in ultra-central collisions - Liner Santos (Universidade de São Paulo)   (Patio)
19:40 Jet Substructure for heavy ion collisions - varun vaidya   (Patio)
Poster (until 21:10) (Patio)
19:40 Exploring the QCD phase diagram within a microscopic transport approach - Dr Pierre Moreau (Duke University)   (Patio)
19:40 Hydrodynamic attractors, initial state energy and particle production in relativistic nuclear collisions - Prof. Soeren Schlichting (Universität Bielefeld)   (Patio)
19:40 Search for the Chiral Magnetic Wave using the ALICE detector in Pb-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}} =$ 5.02 TeV - Prottay Das (National Institute of Science Education and Research (IN))   (Patio)
14:00 --- Continuation of poster session from previous day ---
Plenary - Raju Venugopalan (Brookhaven National Laboratory) (until 16:45) (Kimmel Auditorium)
15:30 Attribution of Fluctuations in Azimuthal Anisotropies - Giuliano Giacalone (Université Paris-Saclay)   (Kimmel Auditorium)
15:55 Review of Flow, Non-flow, and Decorrelation Observables - Qipeng Hu (Lawrence Livermore Nat. Laboratory (US))   (Kimmel Auditorium)
16:20 Collectivity in small systems in experiment - Ron Belmont (University of Colorado Boulder)   (Kimmel Auditorium)
16:45 --- Coffee ---
CD - Sergey Voloshin (Wayne State University (US)) (until 18:05) (Andrea’s room 1)
17:00 Characterizing system dynamics with short- and long-range correlations in pp, p-Pb, and Pb-Pb collisions at ALICE - Junlee Kim (Jeonbuk National University (KR))   (Andrea’s room 1)
17:20 On the way to collectivity in rarely interacting systems - Nina Kersting (Bielefeld University)   (Andrea’s room 1)
17:40 Recent ATLAS measurements of correlations from small to large collision systems - Soumya Mohapatra (Columbia University (US))   (Andrea’s room 1)
CGC - Vladimir Skokov (Brookhaven national laboratory) (until 18:05) (Andrea’s room 3)
17:00 Color Glass Condensate at next-to-leading order meets HERA data - Henri Hänninen (University of Jyväskylä)   (Andrea’s room 3)
17:20 First measurement of the forward rapidity gap distribution in pPb collisions at 8 TeV - Katerina Kuznetsova (NRC Kurchatov Institute PNPI (RU))   (Andrea’s room 3)
17:40 Particle production beyond eikonal accuracy in dilute-dense CGC framework - Pedro Augusto Agostini Infante (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela)   (Andrea’s room 3)
IS - Mateusz Ploskon (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (US)) (until 18:05) (Andrea's room 2)
17:00 Preequilibrium dilepton production: concepts, estimates and feasibility - Maurice Louis Coquet (Université Paris-Saclay (FR))   (Andrea's room 2)
17:20 Directed, elliptic and triangular flow of D mesons in ALICE - Grazia Luparello (Universita e INFN Trieste (IT))   (Andrea's room 2)
17:40 Towards fully 3-D simulations of heavy-ion collisions in the IP-Glasma Initial State - Sangyong Jeon (McGill University)   (Andrea's room 2)
18:05 --- Coffee ---
CD - Jean-Yves Ollitrault (CNRS) (until 19:40) (Andrea’s room 1)
18:20 A global analysis of Heavy Ion Collisions with transverse momentum dependence - Wilke Van Der Schee (MIT)   (Andrea’s room 1)
18:40 Measurements of $v_2$ and $v_3$ in $p$Au, $d$Au and $^3$HeAu collisions at RHIC energy from STAR - Shengli Huang (Stony Brook University)   (Andrea’s room 1)
19:00 Linearized kinetic description of non-equilibrium dynamics in pp and pA collisions - Clemens Werthmann (University of Bielefeld)   (Andrea’s room 1)
19:20 Probing quantum entanglement and collectivity effects in DIS and photo-production e+p collisions at HERA - Chuan Sun (Shadong University)   (Andrea’s room 1)
CGC - Alexander Kovner (University of Connecticut) (until 19:40) (Andrea’s room 3)
18:20 Two particle correlations in pA collisions from the CGC - Tolga Altinoluk (National Centre for Nuclear Research)   (Andrea’s room 3)
18:40 Di-hadron correlations in p+p, p+Au and p+Al collisions at STAR - Xiaoxuan Chu (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   (Andrea’s room 3)
19:00 Entanglement, partial set of measurements, and diagonality of the density matrix in the parton model - Haowu Duan   (Andrea’s room 3)
19:20 Saturation and forward jets in proton-lead collisions at the LHC - Dr Heikki Mäntysaari (University of Jyväskylä)   (Andrea’s room 3)
IS - Peter Alan Steinberg (Brookhaven National Laboratory (US)) (until 19:40) (Andrea's room 2)
18:20 Accessing the initial stages of heavy ion collisions with photons - Bjoern Schenke (Brookhaven National Lab)   (Andrea's room 2)
18:40 Beam-energy and collision-system size dependence of the anisotropic flow measurements from STAR - Maria Stefaniak (Warsaw University of Technology / Subatech)   (Andrea's room 2)
19:00 Correlations between flow and transverse momentum in Pb+Pb and Xe+Xe collisions with ATLAS - Arabinda Behera (Stony Brook University (US))   (Andrea's room 2)
19:20 Heavy quark diffusion in an overoccupied gluon plasma - Jarkko Peuron (ECT*)   (Andrea's room 2)
Poster (until 21:10) (Patio)
19:40 Exclusive and inclusive dijet production in electron-proton and electron-nucleus collisions at small-x - Farid Salazar (Stony Brook University)   (Patio)
19:40 Hot spots and gluon field fluctuations as causes of eccentricity in small systems - Sami Demirci (University of Jyväskylä)   (Patio)
19:40 Initial Motion of Nuclei After High Energy Collisions - Stephen Robicheaux (Texas A&M University)   (Patio)
19:40 Longitudinal structure of the initial state from 3+1D CGC simulations - Pragya Singh (University of Bielefeld)   (Patio)
Poster (until 21:10) (Patio)
19:40 Forward-backward multiplicity correlations with strongly intensive observables in pp collisions with ALICE - Andrey Erokhin (St Petersburg State University (RU))   (Patio)
19:40 Measurement of $\gamma\gamma \rightarrow \mu^{+}\mu^{-}$ pairs in non-ultra peripheral Pb+Pb collisions with the ATLAS detector - Benjamin Jacob Gilbert (Columbia University (US))   (Patio)
19:40 Study of nuclei deformation effect on fluctuations and correlations to geometry response mapping with AMPT - Dr Chunjian Zhang (stony brook university)   (Patio)
19:40 Transverse momentum broadening of jets in the weak field limit of the glasma - Daniel Schuh (Vienna University of Technology)   (Patio)
Poster (until 21:10) (Patio)
19:40 Dynamical evolution of eletromagnetic field in out-of-equilibrium Quark-Gluon Plasma - Li Yan (Fudan University)   (Patio)
19:40 Heavy quarks traversing glasma - Alina Czajka (National Centre for Nuclear Research)   (Patio)
19:40 Initializing BSQ Across System Size With Open Source ICCING - Patrick Carzon (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)   (Patio)
19:40 Spin Polarization in QGP - Mr Rajeev Singh (Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences)   (Patio)
Poster (until 21:10) (Patio)
19:40 A comparison of thermodynamical properties in high multiplicity pp and heavy ion collision - Rohit Gupta   (Patio)
19:40 Comparison for initial density fluctuations in relativistic heavy ion collisions - Mr Kianusch Yousefnia (University of Munich) Stefan Floerchinger (Heidelberg University) Eduardo Grossi (Stony Brook University)   (Patio)
19:40 Searching for the chiral magnetic effect in heavy-ion collisions with the sliding dumbbell method - Madan Mohan Aggarwal (Panjab University (IN))   (Patio)
19:40 Study of global and local polarization of $\Lambda$ and $\bar{\Lambda}$ hyperons in Pb-Pb collisions at ALICE - Mr Debojit Sarkar (Wayne State University (US))   (Patio)
Poster (until 21:10) (Patio)
19:40 In-medium effects on kaons and antikaons observables in nucleus-nucleus collisions - Ms Nisha Chahal (Dr. B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology Jalandhar)   (Patio)
19:40 Light-by-light scattering in ultra-peripheral Pb+Pb collisions in the ATLAS experiment - Agnieszka Ewa Ogrodnik (AGH University of Science and Technology (PL))   (Patio)
19:40 Thermalization time constrained by high-pt QGP tomography - Mr Stefan Stojku (Institute of Physics Belgrade)   (Patio)
Poster (until 21:10) (Patio)
19:40 Flow and transverse momentum correlations in Pb+Pb and Xe+Xe collisions with ATLAS - Somadutta Bhatta (Stony Brook University (US))   (Patio)
19:40 Measurement of non-prompt J/ψ at midrapidity in Pb–Pb collisions at √sNN = 5.02 TeV with ALICE detector at the LHC - Mr Himanshu Sharma (Polish Academy of Sciences (PL))   (Patio)
19:40 Probing the neutron skin with ultrarelativistic isobaric collisions - Dr Haojie Xu (Huzhou University)   (Patio)
19:40 X(3872) production in pp with particle multiplicity - Eliane Epple (Los Alamos National Laboratory (US))   (Patio)
14:00 --- Continuation of poster session from previous day ---
CD - Michael Andreas Winn (Université Paris-Saclay (FR)) (until 16:50) (Andrea’s room 1)
15:30 Discovering partonic rescattering in light nucleus collisions - Eero Aleksi Kurkela (University of Stavanger (NO))   (Andrea’s room 1)
15:50 Recent results of charmonium and bottomonia in pp, pPb, and PbPb collisions with the CMS detector - Yongsun Kim (Sejong University (KR))   (Andrea’s room 1)
16:10 Inferring properties of quark-gluon plasma - Derek Everett (Ohio State University)   (Andrea’s room 1)
16:30 Linear and non-linear flow coefficients from transport theory - Urs Wiedemann (CERN)   (Andrea’s room 1)
CGC - Wojciech Florkowski (Institute of nuclear Physics, Krakow) (until 16:50) (Andrea’s room 3)
15:30 Relativistic corrections to the vector meson light front wave function - Jani Penttala (University of Jyväskylä (FI))   (Andrea’s room 3)
15:50 Charged- and neutral-particle production in proton-lead collisions at 5.02 and 8.16 TeV with ALICE - Abhi Modak (Bose Institute (IN))   (Andrea’s room 3)
16:10 Finite Nc corrections in the Balitsky-Kovchegov equation at next-to-leading order - Andrecia Ramnath (University of Jyvaskyla)   (Andrea’s room 3)
16:30 Color charge correlations in the proton - Adrian Dumitru (Baruch College, City University of New York)   (Andrea’s room 3)
IS -Prof. Dinesh Srivastava (National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bengaluru) (until 16:50) (Andrea's room 2)
15:30 Distribution of Nuclear Matter and Radiation in the Target Fragmentation Region - Mawande Lushozi (University of Washington)   (Andrea's room 2)
15:50 Dimuons from photon-photon fusion in ultraperipheral and hadronic Pb+Pb collisions with ATLAS - Peter Alan Steinberg (Brookhaven National Laboratory (US))   (Andrea's room 2)
16:10 Direct photon interferometry as tool to probe the space-time evolution of heavy-ion collisions - Oscar Garcia-Montero (FIAS, Goethe Universität Frankfurt)   (Andrea's room 2)
16:30 Pre-hydrodynamic evolution and conformal symmetry in small systems - Prof. Tiago Jose Nunes da Silva (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina)   (Andrea's room 2)
16:50 --- Coffee ---
CD - Soumya Mohapatra (Columbia University (US)) (until 18:30) (Andrea’s room 1)
17:05 Invited: Correlations and HF - Émilien Chapon (Chinese Academy of Sciences (CN))   (Andrea’s room 1)
17:30 Collectivity of strange, charm, and bottom hadrons in pPb and PbPb with CMS - Mr Raghunath Pradhan (Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IN))   (Andrea’s room 1)
17:50 Fluctuations and correlations of flow in heavy-ion collisions measured by ALICE - Emil Gorm Nielsen (University of Copenhagen (DK))   (Andrea’s room 1)
18:10 One fluid might not rule them all - Huichao Song   (Andrea’s room 1)
IS - Roberta Arnaldi (Universita e INFN Torino (IT)) (until 18:30) (Andrea's room 2)
17:05 Invited: Recent developments in UPC - Brian Cole (Columbia University (US))   (Andrea's room 2)
17:30 Low-mass dielectron measurements with ALICE at the LHC - Elisa Meninno (Stefan-Meyer-Institut für subatomare Physik, Vienna)   (Andrea's room 2)
17:50 Observation of impact parameter dependence of $\mu^{+}\mu^{-}$ acoplanarity in ultra-peripheral PbPb collisions - Shuai Yang (Rice University)   (Andrea's room 2)
18:10 Dynamical initialization of hydrodynamics for heavy-ion collisions at Beam Energy Scan energies - Lipei Du (The Ohio State University)   (Andrea's room 2)
MPI - Guilherme Milhano (LIP-Lisbon & CERN TH) (until 18:30) (Andrea's room 3)
17:05 Exploring strangeness enhancement through strange-hadron correlation studies at ALICE - Chiara De Martin (Universita e INFN Trieste (IT))   (Andrea's room 3)
17:25 D-meson duos in p-p and p-Pb collisions - Hannu Paukkunen (University of Jyväskylä)   (Andrea's room 3)
17:45 Very forward energy emission as a function of particle production at midrapidity in pp and p-Pb collisions with the Zero Degree Calorimeters of ALICE - Chiara Oppedisano (Universita e INFN Torino (IT))   (Andrea's room 3)
18:05 Invited: MPI in HI - Jonathan Richard Gaunt   (Andrea's room 3)
18:30 --- Coffee ---
CD - Roy Lacey (Stony Brook University) (until 19:45) (Andrea’s room 1)
18:45 First measurements of genuine three-harmonic correlations in Pb-Pb collisions with ALICE - Cindy Mordasini (Technische Universitaet Muenchen (DE))   (Andrea’s room 1)
19:05 Probing heavy quark dynamics via multiparticle azimuthal correlations of D0 mesons in PbPb collisions at 5.02 TeV - Liuyao Zhang (Rice University (US))   (Andrea’s room 1)
19:25 Dynamical modeling of the initial energy-momentum and baryon charge distributions for heavy-ion collisions at RHIC Beam Energy Scan energies - Dr Chun Shen (Wayne State University)   (Andrea’s room 1)
IS - Ralf Averbeck (GSI - Helmholtzzentrum fur Schwerionenforschung GmbH (DE)) (until 19:45) (Andrea's room 2)
18:45 Nonperturbative properties of overoccupied gluonic plasmas - Kirill Boguslavski (Vienna University of Technology (AT))   (Andrea's room 2)
19:05 Probing the initial stages of heavy ion collisions with direct photons at PHENIX - Dr Roli Esha (Center for Frontiers in Nuclear Science, Stony Brook University)   (Andrea's room 2)
19:25 Rapidity evolution of collision geometry from the improved TRENTo-3D model - Weiyao Ke (University of California, Berkeley; Lawrence-Berkeley National )   (Andrea's room 2)
PDF - Carlos Albert Salgado Lopez (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (ES)) (until 19:45) (Andrea's room 3)
18:45 Low-$p_T$ $e^+e^{-}$ pair production in Au+Au collisions and exclusive $J/\psi$ production in d+Au collisions at STAR - Xiaofeng Wang (Shandong University)   (Andrea's room 3)
19:05 Hard probes production in pPb collisions at LHCb - Mr Yiheng Luo (Tsinghua University (CN))   (Andrea's room 3)
19:25 Probing the nucleus with linearly polarized photons - Dr James Brandenburg (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   (Andrea's room 3)
Poster (until 21:15) (Patio)
19:45 A novel formulation of the unintegrated gluon distribution for DIS - Dr Yacine Mehtar-Tani (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   (Patio)
19:45 Toward full result for next-to-leading order dijet production in proton-nucleus collisions - Yair Mulian   (Patio)
19:45 Using PYTHIA as an initial condition generator for hydrodynamics - Luiza Lober (Instituto de Física Gleb Wataghin/Unicamp)   (Patio)
Poster (until 21:15) (Patio)
19:45 Flavor dependent parton cascades in expanding media - Mr Souvik Priyam Adhya (Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University)   (Patio)
19:45 Fluctuations of anisotropic flow in transport - Hendrik Roch (University Bielefeld)   (Patio)
19:45 The wake of jets from linearized hydrodynamics - Dr Xiaojun Yao (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)   (Patio)
19:45 Towards the discovery of primordial momentum anisotropies in nuclear collisions - Giuliano Giacalone (Université Paris-Saclay \ Heidelberg University)   (Patio)
Poster (until 21:15) (Patio)
19:45 Characterizing system dynamics with two-particle transverse momentum correlations in pp, p-Pb, and Pb-Pb collisions at ALICE - Mr Victor Gonzalez (Wayne State University (US))   (Patio)
19:45 Probing quark-gluon plasma at “mesoscopic scale” via jet-medium interaction - Yi Yin (IMP)   (Patio)
19:45 Properties of the strongly intensve observable Σ in high energy pp collisions in a string fusion model - Vladimir Vechernin (St Petersburg State University (RU))   (Patio)
Poster (until 21:15) (Patio)
19:45 $I_{\rm AA}$ in pp, p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions as a function of the Underlying Event activity with ALICE - Sushanta Tripathy (Universidad Nacional Autonoma (MX))   (Patio)
19:45 Influence of fluctuating initial-state shape deformations in ultra-central collisions - Peifeng Liu (Stony Brook University)   (Patio)
19:45 Spinodal instability with varying criticality in holography - Maximilian Attems (CERN)   (Patio)
Poster (until 21:15) (Patio)
19:45 Jet momentum broadening in real-time lattice simulations of the glasma - David Mueller (Vienna University of Technology)   (Patio)
19:45 Monte Carlo for initial energy density with correlated fluctuations - Mr Rodrigo Franco (Universidade de São Paulo)   (Patio)
19:45 Multiplicity dependence of charged jet properties in pp collisions at √s = 13 TeV with ALICE - Ms Debjani Banerjee (Bose Institute (IN))   (Patio)
19:45 Sensitivity of jet quenching to the initial geometry in Pb+Pb collisions with ATLAS - Timothy Thomas Rinn (University of Illinois)   (Patio)
Poster (until 21:15) (Patio)
19:45 Characterizing the initial stages of a heavy-ion collision for determining final state evolution: including conserved charges, momentum, and stress. - Mr Jefferson Arthur Dias Sousa (Universidade de São Paulo)   (Patio)
19:45 Non-equilibrium attractors of QCD kinetic theory at zero and finite density - Xiaojian Du (Universität Bielefeld)   (Patio)
19:45 Polarization in heavy-ion collisions via local initial energy deposition - Willian M. Serenone (Universidade Estadual de Campinas)   (Patio)
19:45 Pre-equilibrium dynamics of heavy ion collisions based on hadronic transport - Dr Sangwook Ryu (Wayne State University)   (Patio)
14:00 --- Continuation of poster session from previous day ---
FE - Silvia Masciocchi (GSI - Helmholtzzentrum fur Schwerionenforschung GmbH (DE)) (until 16:55) (Andrea's room 1)
15:30 Invited: Theory questions to FE - Anna Stasto (Penn State)   (Andrea's room 1)
15:55 The sPHENIX experiment at RHIC - Stefan Bathe (Baruch College, CUNY)   (Andrea's room 1)
16:15 Heavy flavor and jet studies for the future Electron-Ion Collider - Xuan Li (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   (Andrea's room 1)
16:35 STAR Heavy Ion and Cold QCD programs for 2021+ runs - Dr Ting Lin (Texas A & M University)   (Andrea's room 1)
IS - Christian Bierlich (Lund University (SE)) (until 16:55) (Andrea's room 2)
15:30 Invited: Matter-Antimatter collective flows as a signature of strong initial electromagnetic fields - Vincenzo Greco (University of Catania)   (Andrea's room 2)
15:55 Search for the chiral magnetic effect with spectator and participant planes in STAR - Dr Jie Zhao (Purdue University)   (Andrea's room 2)
16:15 Far-From-Equilibrium Initial Conditions and the Search for the QCD Critical Point - Travis Dore (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)   (Andrea's room 2)
16:35 Study of nuclear deformation effects in Au+Au and U+U collisions from STAR experiment - Jiangyong Jia (Stony Brook University (US))   (Andrea's room 2)
PDF - Michael Klasen (until 16:55) (Andrea's room 3)
15:30 Invited: Status of nPDF. - Prof. Martha Constantinou (Temple University)   (Andrea's room 3)
15:55 Heavy gauge boson and photon production for initial state constraints with ALICE - Sizar Aziz (Université Paris-Saclay (FR))   (Andrea's room 3)
16:15 PHENIX Results on $J/\psi$ production in small systems - John Matthew Durham (Los Alamos National Laboratory)   (Andrea's room 3)
16:35 Charmonia photo-production in ultra-peripheral and peripheral PbPb collisions with LHCb - Roman Litvinov (Universita e INFN, Cagliari (IT))   (Andrea's room 3)
16:55 --- Coffee ---
FE - Christine Aidala (until 18:10) (Andrea's room 1)
17:10 Prospects for the NA60+ experiment at the CERN SPS - Francesco Prino (Universita e INFN Torino (IT))   (Andrea's room 1)
17:30 Probing gluon saturation via semi-inclusive deep inelastic scattering at the EIC - Dr Dionysis Triantafyllopoulos (ECT* Trento)   (Andrea's room 1)
17:50 Probing small-x gluons with the ALICE Forward Calorimeter upgrade - Norbert Novitzky (University of Tsukuba (JP))   (Andrea's room 1)
IS - Helen Caines (Yale University (US)) (until 18:10) (Andrea's room 2)
17:10 Production of $W$, $Z$, and charged hadrons in Pb+Pb collisions with the ATLAS detector - Iwona Grabowska-Bold (AGH University of Science and Technology (PL))   (Andrea's room 2)
17:30 Fixing the nuclear charge density with finite nucleons - Mauricio Hippert (University of Campinas UNICAMP (BR))   (Andrea's room 2)
17:50 Onset of deconfinement and critical point searches in NA61/SHINE experiment at SPS - Damian Pszczel (National Centre for Nuclear Research; Uppsala University)   (Andrea's room 2)
PDF - Julia Velkovska (Vanderbilt University (US)) (until 18:10) (Andrea's room 3)
17:10 New results on ultra-peripheral collisions with ALICE - Roman Lavicka (Czech Technical University in Prague (CZ))   (Andrea's room 3)
17:30 Heavy Quark Energy Loss and Angular Distribution of the Radiation in the Moller Theory - Boris Blok (Physics Department)   (Andrea's room 3)
17:50 Measurement of initial stages via color neutral probes in pPb and PbPb with the CMS detector - Austin Alan Baty (Rice University (US))   (Andrea's room 3)
18:10 --- Tea ---
Discussion - Christian Weiss (Jefferson Lab) Prof. Christine Aidala Yen-Jie Lee (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (US)) (until 19:30) (Andrea’s room 1)
18:20 Light ions and future experiments: Panelist Inputs - James Lawrence Nagle (University of Colorado Boulder) Gian Michele Innocenti (CERN) Jiayin Sun (Universita e INFN, Cagliari) Jasmine Therese Brewer (CERN) Christian Weiss (Jefferson Lab)   (Andrea’s room 1)
18:40 Light ions and future experiments: Discussion - Yen-Jie Lee (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (US)) Christine Aidala   (Andrea’s room 1)
Discussion -Prof. Yuri Kovchegov Thomas Ullrich (Yale University (US)) Tuomas Lappi (University of Jyvaskyla) (until 19:30) (Andrea’s room 3)
19:30 --- Coffee ---
Discussion - Katarina Krizkova Gajdosova (Czech Technical University in Prague (CZ)) Eero Aleksi Kurkela (CERN) (until 20:55) (Kimmel Auditorium)
Discussion - Urs Wiedemann (CERN) Mateusz Ploskon (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. (US)) James Lawrence Nagle (University of Copenhagen (DK)) (until 16:45) (Kimmel Auditorium)
16:45 --- Coffee ---
Plenary - Gunther Roland (Massachusetts Inst. of Technology (US)) (until 18:10) (Kimmel Auditorium)
16:55 New developments in QCD-based kinetic transport theory - Dekrayat Almaalol   (Kimmel Auditorium)
17:20 Influence of Initial Conditions with Sub-Structure in Small Systems - Dr Alba Soto Ontoso (IPhT)   (Kimmel Auditorium)
17:45 Adiabatic hydrodynamization - Jasmine Therese Brewer (CERN)   (Kimmel Auditorium)
18:10 --- Coffee ---
Plenary - Berndt Mueller (Brookhaven National Laboratory) (until 19:40) (Kimmel Auditorium)
18:25 Flash-1: Measurement of $\gamma\gamma \rightarrow \mu^{+}\mu^{-}$ pairs in non-ultra peripheral Pb+Pb collisions with the ATLAS detector - Benjamin Jacob Gilbert (Columbia University (US))   (Kimmel Auditorium)
18:30 Flash-2: X(3872) production in pp with particle multiplicity - Eliane Epple (Los Alamos National Laboratory (US))   (Kimmel Auditorium)
18:35 Flash-3: Monte Carlo for initial energy density with correlated fluctuations - Rodrigo Franco (Universidade de São Paulo)   (Kimmel Auditorium)
18:40 Flash-4: Longitudinal structure of the initial state from 3+1D CGC simulations - Pragya Singh (University of Bielefeld)   (Kimmel Auditorium)
18:45 Flash-5: Novel relaxation time approximation to the relativistic Boltzmann equation - Mr Gabriel Soares Rocha (Universidade Federal Fluminense)   (Kimmel Auditorium)
18:50 What have we learned and what do we still need to learn about nPDF? - Petja Paakkinen (IGFAE - Universidade de Santiago de Compostela)   (Kimmel Auditorium)
19:15 What do we learn from small systems about the physics of heavy ion collisions? - Dr Aleksas Mazeliauskas (CERN)   (Kimmel Auditorium)